Streamlining Rental Inspections: A Comprehensive Guide to Rental Inspection Apps

Property Management
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February 9, 2024
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The ultimate dream for many people is to own an investment property that generates a steady stream of income.

And if you know what you're doing when it comes to property management, you can reap tremendous rewards.

There are, however, certain responsibilities that come with property ownership and management. Regular inspections are one of those.

Just imagine how much work there is involved in overseeing all of your rental properties. Landlord responsibilities include but are not limited to, screening prospective tenants, inspecting properties, keeping tabs on rent payments, and doing routine repairs.

As part of property management, it is essential to examine rental properties through a rental inspection app. The reason for this is that keeping the home in good shape is crucial, as it is the investment.

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What is Rental Property Inspection?

As highlighted by Bigger Pockets, the crucial practice of conducting "move-in" and "move-out" inspections at the commencement and conclusion of a lease agreement can determine whether you, as the landlord, retain the entire security deposit as compensation for damages or risk forfeiting a portion of it.

One of the things you should do as a property manager is to check the property. You could suffer legal consequences if your renter has an injury as a result of a defectively maintained element of the property. 

One-eighth of the property owners discovered an electrical problem. 18.4% discovered issues with the windows of the house. Problems with the water heater were found by 12.2% of homeowners and with the plumbing systems by 13.6%.

You can take a proactive approach to house repairs and provide detailed documentation by using rental inspection app to organize inspections.

4 Types of Rental Property Inspections

For the maximum benefit from routine inspections of your properties and units, familiarity with these several "types" of inspections is essential.

Let's dissect each one:

1. Move-in (walkthroughs)

The majority of inspections are walkthroughs or move-ins, but you shouldn't rely on them too much.

This kind of inspection is carried out immediately after the signing and completion of a lease, soon before a new tenant moves into their newly rented house.

Like other inspections, this one requires you to utilize a checklist to keep track of details as you go through each area, making sure to tick things like:

  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • Electric outlets and appliances
  • Flooring, paint, walls, and ceiling
  • Windows and doors, along with any other essential information.

A copy of the checklist is then preserved with the lease as proof of the property's condition prior to the tenant's move-in.

2. Move-out

As one would think, a move-out inspection is done shortly before or immediately after a tenant moves out of a property and should include the renter.

The goal of this inspection is to certify the unit's condition and any damages that must be compensated for.

You will need to document these goods so that you can properly claim them from the tenant's security deposit, so be thorough.

If you don't, the renter might always argue that the losses were not their responsibility, leaving you to foot the bill for damages you shouldn't have to pay.

Keep in mind that you'll need to have completed your move-in inspection for the unit and maintained clean records to have something to compare to.

3. Bi-Annual / Quarterly

Some landlords fail to conduct inspections, which they should do.

It's easy to get into the habit of examining your apartments before to the move-in and then sitting back and relaxing.

After all, it's a tempting thought that all you have to do is move your new renter in and collect rent each month.

However, to maximize and, more importantly, sustain your investment, you or the business you employ must actively manage the property.

Therefore, it is recommended that you arrange for all of your units to be inspected at least twice a year. Whether you want to undertake annual, semiannual, or quarterly inspections is entirely up to you.

If you do routine inspections of your property and units, you can ward off any problems before they ever start.

Also, your renters will know that you value their cooperation in keeping the property in good repair, which will motivate them to do the same.

4. Drive-by

The so-called "drive-by" inspection is another uncommon but helpful kind of inspection.

This is more of a fast check than a formal inspection, often for items you wouldn't be able to record on an inspection checklist.

As long as you won't be seeing the tenant or going to enter the premises, this form of inspection, which focuses on examining the exterior of the unit, usually doesn't need prior notification.

Be careful not to intrude on the tenant's privacy in any kind when doing this sort of brief examination.

What Are Rental Property Inspection Apps?

A landlord's maintenance duties are many and time-consuming, especially when it comes to inspecting rental properties. Manually doing even the most basic inspections and maintenance might take days.

This task becomes much easier with the help of a rental inspection app, which provides automated and configurable examinations. 

Inspecting a rental property doesn't have to take all day anymore thanks to the best inspection apps that capture digital data quickly. 

In a single app, you can create and improve your maintenance checklist, snap pictures and make fast notes, get material loaded automatically, and get in touch with the right experts. Without ever having to leave your phone. 

One way that inspection management software helps streamline the process is by letting tenants check out their own rental homes. 

All relevant parties are in real-time notified of the storage and categorization of this information. Fast, efficient, and powerful—that's what it is. 

Note: Having the renter there is beneficial for two reasons: first, they can alert you of any problems with the apartment, and second, you can inform them to keep an eye out for any future problems you see.

Why are Rental Property Inspections Important?

The investment is the property itself. If the property's condition deteriorates, your investment will also lose value.

For that reason, it's crucial to have a professional assess the property. 99% of real estate agents in the United States recommended that their clients have a home inspection.

You could prevent thousands of dollars in repairs by having plumbing and electrical problems caught early with routine inspections.

Like an accountant overseeing a company's finances or an accountant working for an investment firm.

Properly managing your property helps you to keep tabs on not just the cash flow (cash in) but also the cash outflow and the general financial health, which is crucial since your largest financial asset is the property itself.

Tenants will appreciate the improved living circumstances and know that you value their comfort if you keep the property in good repair.

This results in happy, long-term renters.

How Often Should I Conduct An Inspection?

At the very least, you should check in on the property twice a year to make sure the renter is keeping it in good repair.

There are three primary considerations when deciding how often to examine a rental property: the reason for the inspection, the professionalism of the landlord, and the tenant's right to privacy.

A rental inspection apps goals should include verifying the property's continued excellent condition, ensuring the renter hasn't caused any damage, and identifying any urgent repair needs.

This usually entails minor chores like checking for leaks in the kitchen and bathroom and changing the batteries in the fire alarm.

On the other hand, landlords shouldn't be too pushy with their renters during inspections. If you examine your rental property too often, you risk infringing on your tenants' right to privacy and causing friction. 

The most important thing for landlords to do is to act professionally and schedule inspections regularly. For instance, they could commit to conducting inspections on a yearly or semiannual basis. The best way to keep renters and landlords on the same page during rental inspections is to keep them informed and up-to-date.

Key Property & Rentral Inspection App Features

Find property inspection software that can help you in performing your duties while you're on the job. You can save both time and money with a flexible and integrated rental inspection app. Inquire about the following features in your mobile inspection app:

  • Personalized forms that let you record all the details you need
  • The ability to visually chronicle events on your property via the use of photographs
  • Your inspections can be used to manage maintenance thanks to the integration with work orders and invoices.
  • You can keep tabs on property data thanks to the integration with custom reports.

Why Use Rental Inspection Apps For Property?

Give Residents A Better Experience

One of the several advantages of maintaining a happy community is the positive effect it has on property treatment and retention rates. 

But how exactly might a rental inspection app be of use here? 

Improving the living circumstances of your residents is an expected outcome of streamlining the inspection process. People living there will be more content, stick around for longer, and do their best to uphold the standards you establish. 

Residents are also not going to be concerned about rent hikes since they know their money is going toward worthwhile causes. 

Save Time, Money, and Effort

Effort, time, and money can be saved using the automated capabilities of a rental property inspection app. 

You have the option to plan inspections, analyze the data to determine how often to inspect and adjust the frequency of checks to correspond with the length of your lease. Customers who use Xenia save an average of thirty hours each month and one hour every inspection. 

There will be unforeseen cost savings from digitizing the inspection process as well. Minimal checks no longer need the expenditure of time and money on expert services. 

Last but not least, there is an effort. Inspection management software has made it possible for all parties involved—owners, residents, and business partners—to see and analyze the same data simultaneously. Stop wasting time on tedious tasks like filling out inspection checklists by hand. 

Customize Inspection Reports

Everything from inspection schedules to lease cycles can be customized using inspection software. You can customize inspection schedules to your specific requirements by using the rental property inspection app's data-driven insights.

Users can readily access and finish bespoke inspections that property owners have created using Xenia.  

Streamline Communication

With the help of inspection software, sending and receiving emails and push alerts is effortless.

This streamlines communication between owners and tenants, allowing them to keep informed about inspections and any other maintenance issues. 

Owners and residents can work together openly and honestly, eliminating arguments that lead to frustration and unnecessary spending. 

Spot Inconsistencies

Using a rental inspection app to record, organize, and access information about your property inspections is an easy and efficient solution. Looking into inspection patterns from the past, comparing them to the present ones, and using this to get useful insights in a snap. 

You make it easier to discover inspection irregularities with features like our side-by-side reports. Keep conflicts over security deposits and other matters from escalating into major maintenance or resident difficulties. 

Set Reminders

Forget about missing an inspection ever again. Use your phone as a handy reminder system to notify you when your inspections are due. 

Xenia goes above and above by setting up automated reminders for when inspections are due. These reminders can be sent to owners and residents by email, text message, or push notification.

Make Property Management Easier with Xenia

Let’s talk about Xenia! It's like the go-to app for rental property inspections these days.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features tailored to property managers and inspectors, Xenia revolutionizes the management of rental properties on both a monthly and contract-end basis. 

Our innovative mobile-based inspection management software simplifies and streamlines the inspection process for all stakeholders involved. But what sets Xenia apart from the competition? 

The answer is quite simple: its comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities is designed to address a wide range of concerns that may arise with rental properties, from minor maintenance issues to major repairs. 

By centralizing tasks such as work orders, property inspection checklists, and standard operating procedures, Xenia provides frontline managers and teams with a seamless digital solution for property management and maintenance. 

Moreover, Xenia's highly configurable environment empowers users to track on-site operations in real time, access full asset work histories, and analyze the status of pending tasks versus completed work. 

Ready for Rental Inspection App?

Integrating property inspections with other data about your properties can streamline the inspection process. 

The inspection management software from Xenia is the best option when you need a flexible inspection on the go.

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