Transparent task management for every operation.

Empower your frontline workers with Xenia’s flexible digital task tracking. Gain complete visibility into operations from top to bottom. Create, assign, and complete work items on a single platform. Put the power of visualization and clarity in the palm of your hand.

Task Management

Transparent task management for every operation.

Create, assign, and complete work items on a single platform complete with priority, category, location, asset for complete visibility into operations.

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Increase clarity, reduce miscommunication.

Automate recurring tasks and execute schedules

Clarify procedure details

Increase staff accountability and have a digital audit trail

Receive real-time task notifications

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Collaborate on work in real time.

Access work details, anytime, anywhere

Reach team members about tasks instantly via digital message

Attach checklists and documents to tasks for added clarity

Set task deadlines to clearly communicate goals

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Save time with task automation.

Search or filter tasks by date, keyword, tags, and status.

Track task completion status and identify roadblocks quickly.

Receive notifications for key task events to stay informed.

Automate recurring tasks and job scheduling by cadence.

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Digital task tracking for every team.

Xenia’s tracking and automation is simple enough to adopt quickly, powerful enough to improve work processes, and flexible enough to work for every team, every industry—every use case.

Team work orders, daily checklists and more

Maintenance and cleaning processes

Safety and risk assessment tasks

Quality assurance and inspections protocols

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to prioritize process steps in the office or robust digital tracking to manage the day-to-day operations of a widespread deskless workforce, Xenia has you covered.

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