Deeper insights, smarter operations.

Xenia’s reports allow you to get deep insights into overall processes, tasks, assignments, asset health and more, so you can better anticipate operational needs. Our customizable analytics suite provides you with both high-level and in-depth details. Spot patterns quickly and make improvements over time for streamlined operations management.


Deeper insights, smarter operations.

Get deep insights into work history, team performance, asset health and more, so you can make better decisions and anticipate operational needs.

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Embrace the power of custom analytics

Dive deeper into your operational insights to better anticipate and plan for employee, maintenance, and process needs—and reduce unexpected costs.

Filter reports to glean data insights about tasks, assignments, and more

Reduce unexpected costs around asset maintenance and process times

Spot patterns with asset health, procedure adherence, and assignees

Understand productivity at a deeper level and increase accountability

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View the full story behind your processes.

Your work processes tell a story. Analytics provides you with the details of that story—so you can make edits where necessary and improve operational processes over time.

Identify how often your frontline team is meeting markers of success

Increase employee accountability and set new goals and benchmarks

Aid in risk prevention and risk assessment across your operation

Provide clear maintenance KPIs to your staff and leadership team

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Steer clear of unexpected maintenance costs.

Maintenance can be one of the most expensive budgetary areas of your operation. But Xenia allows you to better plan for maintenance costs with a clearer visualization and detailed reporting around your asset maintenance history.

Spot maintenance patterns to better anticipate maintenance needs

Track asset details such as make, model, installation times, and more

Visualize process and work order details for clearer

Plan for large maintenance costs, asset replacement, and more

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Customizable work order tracking for every use case

Xenia allows you to customize how you track work orders and tasks, so you can set up your digital processes specifically for your team. Whether you’re a hotel looking to keep track of guest-initiated maintenance requests, a group of facilities aiming to track machine maintenance tasks, or a construction team working to assign installations and fixes from afar, we have a digital solution for every operation.

Simplify work orders

Empower employees

Save time & money

Analyze & improve

Increase clarity

Streamline workflow

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