Operations Management

One operations app for every use case.

Xenia streamlines operations and connects your entire team, whether you’re working from a single facility or you’re a deskless workforce spread across the globe.

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Track and complete tasks on the go.

A smarter way to get work done. Manage and execute all general and maintenance jobs around the facility.
Track task status for real-time updates
Prioritize work processes, stay on track
Log historical task data, recognize wins
Visualize procedural steps, understand workflow

Checklists for every procedure and process.

Ensure organizational compliance around quality and safety standards across your operation using Xenia’s robust checklist features.
Easily work through inspections, maintenance, and audits
Empower employees to follow procedures
Create, assign, and organize digital checklists
Add signatures, images, and notes for clarity

Increase team accountability and improve employee independence.

Keep your team accountable by putting all the tools they need in the palm of their hands with Xenia’s robust work tracking, messaging, and status updates.
Instantly message individuals and groups
Receive real-time status updates
Identify and resolve issues faster
Increase accountability with better task visibility

Enhance operational clarity with real-time communication.

Xenia lets you easily visualize who’s actively accessible with the ability to see real-time employee availability status and share instant updates across departments and locations.
Quickly identify available employees, keep work flowing
Share news, updates, and initiatives company wide
Create message groups for consistent communication
Get insights into employee details and assignments

Clear insights and analytics for every datapoint.

Effortlessly visualize details around operational procedures and tasks to keep work flowing and make any necessary improvements over time with Xenia’s data tracking and analytics.
Gain deeper work insights with filtered analytics
Automatically log process data for task analysis
Easily search specific task or checklist information
Understand process times, spot patterns, improve operations

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