Operational Execution

One operations app for every use case.

Xenia streamlines operations and connects your entire team, whether you’re working from a single facility, a multi-location chain or a deskless workforce spread across the globe.

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Operational Execution

Make Daily Operations Smooth and Efficient

Choose an Operation

Create Brand Standards for Every Team and Process

With Xenia's Operations Template Builder, you can quickly create:
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Checklists
  • Inspections
  • Data Logs
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Incident Reports
Our operations templates have advanced features such as:
  • If/Then Logic
  • Sharable Public URL
  • Live Progress Tracking
  • Time Stamps
  • Image & Note Attachments
  • Automated Notifications

Ensure Daily Tasks Get Done

Assign, track and measure work across teams for tasks such as:
  • Opening & Closings
  • Scheduled Cleanings
  • Safety Inspections
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Compliance Audits
  • Staff Duties
Xenia enables accountability for your teams with:
  • Time Tracking in Tasks
  • Template Step Time Stamps
  • Image & Note Attachments
  • Mobile Notifications
  • Work Audit Trails
  • Team Chats

Create Data Logs for Any Purpose

Easily create log books to collect operational data including:
  • Equipment Meters
  • Temperature Readings
  • Lost and Found
  • Shift Hand Offs
  • Incident Reports
  • Hazard Reports
These logs go beyond data collection, enabling your team to identify and take action when necesssary:
  • Custom Permissions
  • Mobile Data Logging
  • Conditional If/Then Logic
  • Corrective Actions
  • Photos & Notes
  • Report Exports

Collect Crucial Feedback From Employees or Customers

Leverage Xenia to collect feedback for:
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Complaints
  • After Action Reports
  • Training Feedback
  • Skills Evaluations
  • Employee Activities
Xenia provides flexible data collection and analysis:
  • Non-User Submission Links
  • Submission Activity Log
  • Photo Attachments
  • Individual Submission Exports
  • Full Survey Submission Exports

Connect Your Staff With Team Chats & Announcements

Xenia helps teams stay connected, no matter the distance:
  • Individual Chats
  • Team & Department Chats
  • Company-wide Announcements
  • In-Task Messaging
With these tools, teams can quickly:
  • Ask Questions
  • Stay Informed
  • Solve Problems
  • Report Emergencies

Measure Your Operations and Make Informed Decisions

All work in Xenia is securely stored in the cloud for fast, reliable reporting. Xenia has pre-built analytics dashboards for:
  • Task Summary
  • Employee Productivity
  • Completed Work
  • Template Submissions
In addition, you can export reports to PDF and Excel for:
  • Work Order Summaries
  • Template Submissions
  • Data Logs
  • Compliance Reports

See Xenia in Action

Explore the Task Management and learn how to use its features interactively.

Cross-Platform Workflows

Assign, Monitor, and Complete Work Anywhere, on Any Device

Distribute tasks to teams or employees with ease
Document every task with images, notes, and chats
Get notified of assignments and complete work on mobile
Complete checklists, inspections and logs
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Operational Forms

Standardize Work and Operationalize Improvement

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Develop customized operating procedures to standardize work processes
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Design safety and quality inspections to maintain the highest standards
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Create data logs to track meters, measurements and temperatures
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Start from scratch or customize a pre-built public template
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Task Management

Eliminate excuses, pencil-whipping and subpar work standards

Provide employees with detailed instruction on every task
Track time spent on tasks and compare over time
Require images, notes and template submissions
Track progress in real time with analytics dashboards
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Smart Inspections

Elevate Inspections with Automation Workflows

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Build if/then logic into inspection steps
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Automate corrective task creation from failed steps
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Trigger follow-up questions, images and notifications
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Deploy with public URLs, QR codes or task assignment
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Requests and Approvals

Approve and Assign Work Requests in Seconds

Manage maintenance work order requests, tenant repairs, IT tickets and more.
Notify requester of approval status, work order progress, and relevant communications
Get notified of inbound requests, approve and assign work orders in minutes
Track and measure costs and resources associated with each request
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Team Chats

Ditch Radio and Email for Integrated Chats

Instantly message any team member for quick chats
Send company-wide announcements, ensuring team alignment
Form groups, share updates, and foster collaboration
Mention users in tasks for efficient teamwork
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Analytics Reports

Gain Insights on Teams, Assets, and Locations to Drive Performance

Leverage detailed analytics for work and staff performance
Export to PDF and Excel for flexible data management
Use advanced filters to quickly generate custom reports
Monitor asset health and access historical work logs
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"Implementing Xenia has seamlessly knit together our multiple locations, boosting operational standards to ensure every guest experiences our Demos and PDK excellence."

"Xenia streamlined our digital operations, eliminating the constant chatter over email and text messages while centralizing our standard operating procedures & alerts.”

Demos' Restaurant
President & Owner• Food & Beverage
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“I use Xenia all the time. I love it... For instance, I have a three-step estimating process... it works really well. Our use of Xenia's automations has made the process much easier.”

"Safety and operating procedures are absolutely critical for us. Xenia makes it extremely easy to use with as much flexibility as you could ever need."

Power Works Electrical
General Manager / Senior Estimator • Hospitality
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"There's more getting done. That's what we wanted. The managers are occupied, Xenia acts as a second set of eyes in the store, with its recurring tasks and digital audit trail.”

“Getting all of our employees across multiple locations to adhere to daily processes has been a challenge. Xenia’s checklist scheduling features have essentially eliminated that concern.”

Owner • Retail
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"Xenia's inspection and audit tools have revolutionized our approach to compliance and safety. With Xenia, we've seen increased adherence to company policies reducing compliance-related issues and incidents.”

“The gamechanger for us was how quickly our employees were able to start using the solution; we all feel empowered by the speed of reporting an issue or completing an inspection right from the Mobile App.”

SVP of Operations • Nonprofit
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“Xenia enabled us to document our daily processes digitally, making the deployment of consistent operating processes & checklists across our restaurants instantaneous.”

"Xenia has been pivotal in optimizing our daily operations, ensuring each location upholds our high standards of service and safety.”

Tipsy Putt
Chef / Operator • Hospitality

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Find our FAQs here. If your question hasn't been answered here, contact us.

How does an operations app benefit businesses in various industries, regardless of their size or location?

An operations app offers versatility and scalability, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes and locations.

Whether you operate from a single facility, manage a multi-location chain, or oversee a deskless workforce spread across the globe, the app provides a centralized platform for managing tasks, communication, and collaboration.

Its overall flexibility allows for customization to meet specific use cases, ensuring that businesses can streamline operations and enhance efficiency regardless of their industry or geographic location.

What are some key features of an operations management software that contribute to improved operational efficiency?

An operations management software typically includes features such as task management, real-time communication, document sharing, and reporting capabilities.

In that order, these features enable teams to streamline workflows, collaborate more effectively, and track progress on tasks and projects.

On top of that, you should also know that by providing a centralized hub for accessing information and coordinating activities, these programs enhance visibility, accountability, and productivity, ultimately driving improved accountability across the organization.

What are some best practices for implementing an operations management software to maximize its effectiveness within an organization?

Successful implementation of an operations management online software requires careful planning, effective communication, and user training.

Organizations should clearly define their objectives and use cases for the app, involve key stakeholders in the selection process, and customize the app to meet their specific needs and workflows.

On top of that, through frequent training and support sessions delegated to users, ensures adoption and utilization of the app across the organization.