Safety & Quality Assurance

Safety & quality assurance for on-the-go teams.

Don’t scramble for compliance checks right before an audit. Run regular inspections, document SOPs, and track audits every day with Xenia’s mobile-first inspection software.

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Gain confidence in keeping your workplace safe

Workplace accidents happen all the time. Reduce incident reports with digital inspections that help every worker follow SOPs and best practices via their mobile devices.
Create custom inspections or pick from our extensive template library
Assign to employees & track progress
Schedule recurring inspections with ease 
Maintain audit trails for each inspection 

Never compromise on quality

Run thorough inspections so all issues are quickly identified and nipped in the bud. Follow industry regulations and keep your SOPs updated with them. 
Run routine audits & inspections
Access failed items in easy to read reports
Monitor scores to track quality
Use public templates or create custom forms

Collaborate on audits and inspections on-the-go

Workplace safety and quality assurance are always a team effort. Collaborate with team members on the go with instant messages and ensure everyone makes quality a priority.
Send instant messages via mobile devices
Share digital attachments and files
Mention team members on inspection tasks
Create collaborative group chats

Access key insights from shareable inspection reports

Identify key trends and monitor productivity with Xenia’s data-rich dashboards. Become better at forecasting business needs with the right numbers at hand. 
Access task & inspection reports
Personalize & filter your dashboards
Download CSV & PDF reports
Gain visibility into overdue inspections

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