FACILITY Maintenance

Centralized Facility Maintenance Management

Xenia provides a single source of truth for all of your maintenance needs—so you can streamline maintenance across your operations without paperwork, clipboards, or radios.

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Maintenance Management

Ensure Uptime with Streamlined Maintenance

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Create Work Orders with Complete Detail

Xenia's work orders include crucial data including:
  • Description
  • Priority
  • Category
  • Asset or Sub-Asset
  • Location or Sub-Location
  • Template Attachments
  • Images or Videos
  • Due Date
All work order data is saved in the cloud, with details like:
  • Live Progress Tracking
  • Time Spent
  • Image & Note Attachments
  • Work Order Communication

Centralize Preventive Maintenance in a Single Calendar

Create weekly and monthly schedules to complete:
  • Asset Inspections
  • Oiling and Tightenings
  • Part Replacements
  • Asset Cleanings
  • Meter Readings
  • Asset Testing
All PPMs are enables with powerful features including:
  • Attach Operations Templates
  • Detailed Asset Work History
  • Time and Cost Tracking
  • Mobile Notifications
  • Live Progress Tracking
  • Analytics Dashboards

Streamline Work Requests and Approvals

Create Work Requester permissions with access to:
  • Submit work order requests
  • View progress of requests
  • Chat with management
Work Requesters have no view into any other work orders, templates or data.
Managers have a Work Requests dashboard to:
  • Review inbound requests
  • Approve or deny requests
  • Assign requests to teams
  • Track associated costs
  • Communicate with requester
  • Analyze request data

Create Smart Inspections with Conditional Logic

Build inspections with steps that trigger actions based on:
Pass / Fail
Response indicates a failed step
Multiple Choice
Response is a set value
Response is equal to, greater or less than, or between a value range
Response is or is not a set value
Box is or is not checked
Once triggered, you can automate next steps such as:
  • Require Image Capture
  • Send Notification
  • Ask Follow-Up Questions
  • Require Corrective Task

Leverage QR Codes for Quick Access to Assets and Templates

With Xenia, you can operationalize QR codes for:
Tag equipment with QR codes for fast work order assignment and completion in the field
Tag locations with QR codes to log cleanings, maintenance or other services rendered
Operations Templates
Generate Public Template URL Links attached to QR codes for endless data collection possibilities

Measure Maintenance and Make Informed Decisions

All work in Xenia is securely stored in the cloud for fast, reliable reporting.

Xenia has pre-built analytics dashboards for:
  • Task Summary
  • Employee Productivity
  • Asset Work History
  • Template Submissions
In addition, you can export reports to PDF and Excel for:
  • Work Order Summaries
  • Template Submissions
  • Data Logs
  • Compliance Reports

See Xenia in Action

Explore the Task Management and learn how to use its features interactively.

Work Order Management

Efficiently Assign, Track, and Analyze Work Orders

View availability and assign tasks to teams or individuals
Monitor task progression in real-time across devices
Attach inspections, SOPs, logs, and checklists to standardize work
Generate insightful reports to evaluate team efficiency and tenant satisfaction
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Preventive Maintenance

Plan Ahead with Maintenance, Task, and Meeting Calendars

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Set recurring work orders, meetings, inspections or PPM tasks
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Automatic employee notification when work is to be completed
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Enrich tasks with templates, images, associated assets and locations
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Monitor progress in real-time on any device, staying on top of all operations
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Operations Template Builder

Build Inspections, Logs, SOPs and Checklists in Minutes

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Design detailed templates with unlimited steps and diverse response types
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Monitor each submission in real time with checklist scores, images, and notes
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Add image and note attachments to each step for better instruction clarity
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Export detailed reports and share with property owners, promoting transparency
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Procedure Template Library

Enhance Speed and Quality with Ready-to-Use Templates

Access a free public library with 100s of templates
Save to library to customize, attach images and notes
Assign to teams with live progress tracking and checklist scoring
View every entry in full detail, export reports to PDF & Excel
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Mobile Inspections

Ensure Safety and Security for Staff and Customers

Conduct equipment and facility inspections from any device
Regularly inspect emergency systems, ensuring readiness
Comply with OSHA, ADA and other regulatory standards
Perform hazard and risk assessments, log issues for correction
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Corrective Actions

Ensure every issue is addressed and resolved

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Review template submissions, evaluating failed steps
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View employee availability and assign or schedule for completion
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Create work orders from failed steps to address issue
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Review corrective action progress and export reports to PDF or Excel
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Asset Work History

Maintain Detailed Records for Optimal Asset Health

Access comprehensive asset work history complete with all associated work
Monitor asset health over time, identifying patterns and predicting future needs
Export reports in PDF and Excel formats for analysis and sharing
Stay updated with automated emails & push notifications
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Team Chats

Ditch Radio and Email for Integrated Chats

Instantly message any team member for quick chats
Send company-wide announcements, ensuring team alignment
Form groups, share updates, and foster collaboration
Mention users in tasks for efficient teamwork
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Analytics Reports

Analyze work for every team, asset and location

Gain insights from analytic summaries on every property, asset and team
Filter and organize reports by category, asset, location, and assignee
View charts to identify trends, potential issues, and growth opportunities
Export reports in PDF or Excel for easy sharing and analysis
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"Implementing Xenia has seamlessly knit together our multiple locations, boosting operational standards to ensure every guest experiences our Demos and PDK excellence."

"Xenia streamlined our digital operations, eliminating the constant chatter over email and text messages while centralizing our standard operating procedures & alerts.”

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President & Owner• Food & Beverage
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“I use Xenia all the time. I love it... For instance, I have a three-step estimating process... it works really well. Our use of Xenia's automations has made the process much easier.”

"Safety and operating procedures are absolutely critical for us. Xenia makes it extremely easy to use with as much flexibility as you could ever need."

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General Manager / Senior Estimator • Hospitality
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"There's more getting done. That's what we wanted. The managers are occupied, Xenia acts as a second set of eyes in the store, with its recurring tasks and digital audit trail.”

“Getting all of our employees across multiple locations to adhere to daily processes has been a challenge. Xenia’s checklist scheduling features have essentially eliminated that concern.”

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"Xenia's inspection and audit tools have revolutionized our approach to compliance and safety. With Xenia, we've seen increased adherence to company policies reducing compliance-related issues and incidents.”

“The gamechanger for us was how quickly our employees were able to start using the solution; we all feel empowered by the speed of reporting an issue or completing an inspection right from the Mobile App.”

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“Xenia enabled us to document our daily processes digitally, making the deployment of consistent operating processes & checklists across our restaurants instantaneous.”

"Xenia has been pivotal in optimizing our daily operations, ensuring each location upholds our high standards of service and safety.”

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Chef / Operator • Hospitality