FACILITY Maintenance

Centralized Facility Maintenance Management

Xenia provides a single source of truth for all of your maintenance needs—so you can streamline maintenance across your operations without paperwork, clipboards, or radios.

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Track, assign, and complete maintenance on the go.

With Xenia, your frontline team always has access to the latest maintenance needs and process details—so work orders and requests never slip through the cracks.
Visualize work order details, complete tasks anywhere
Receive maintenance requests instantly
Assign work orders and individual tasks
Include photos, documents, and notes for clarity

Transparently maintain quality and brand standards.

Xenia allows you to improve operational consistency and team accountability by providing a simple way to distribute and manage procedures and inspection requirements in one place.
Create and manage inspection checklists
Improve adherence to brand and quality standards
Automatically log process details for data insights
Empower your team with accessible procedures

Track facility asset health and improve risk prevention.

Preventative maintenance helps to increase the longevity of facility assets and maintain quality standards across your operation—that’s why Xenia provides tools to simplify PM processes.
Keep assets pristine with maintenance checklists
Visualize asset health and property maintenance status
Catch maintenance issues and patterns quickly
Save money and time with data insights

Fully embrace the power of analytics.

Xenia’s customizable analytics suite allows you to dive deeper into maintenance insights so you can plan for maintenance needs, improve process flow, understand asset health, and more.
Filter reports to glean detailed maintenance insights
Improve process times and spot patterns
Quickly identify areas of improvement
Reduce unexpected costs and asset breakdowns

Track asset details and understand maintenance needs.

Xenia provides you with asset tracking features that keep you in the know about the health and maintenance history of your facility’s assets.
Track asset health with clear data insights
Quickly identify patterns around asset maintenance
Improve your understanding of budgetary needs
Better anticipate asset replacement or service

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