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Standardize, schedule, track and measure work across every department, asset and location with inspections, work orders, checklists, logs, chats and reports— all in one place.

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Trusted by Operational Leaders Across the Globe

Transparent task management for every operation.

Empower your frontline workers and gain complete visibility into your operations with Xenia’s flexible digital task tracking.

One robust checklist solution for every use case.

Ditch the clipboards and binders and digitize your procedures for more accessibility and better operational compliance.

Increase operational clarity, boost accountability.

Assign, track, and manage your team from your desk or on the go with customizable accountability tools for every industry.

Reduce the work it takes for work orders.

Submit and complete work orders with simple yet robust tracking features for every last-minute fix or technical request, every time.

Simplify audits and inspections.

Complete and manage inspection and audit procedures to streamline quality assurance and maintain compliance.

Simplify every area of your maintenance operations.

Anticipate maintenance needs and improve processes over time with digital tracking and maintenance reports.

Centralize communication for your frontline. 

Boost collaboration and increase communication with digital messaging that keeps your team connected regardless of location.

Easily manage employee information.

Find the staff info you need, whenever you need it, with employee directory features that keep staff details organized and accessible.

Streamline operations with deeper insights.

Dive deeper into team processes, maintenance procedures, task details, assignments, and more with our robust analytics suite

Use Cases

Run your whole operation, facility, or deskless team with one easy-to-use app
  • Whether you’re a single facility or a deskless workforce spread across the globe, our solutions empower your frontline and team managers
  • Manage tasks, checklists & procedures and keep your team accountable via web and mobile
  • Increase visibility into day to day operations through robust reporting and analytics
Facility Maintenance
  • The simplest CMMS you’ll ever use, powering teams of all sizes
  • Track, schedule, monitor and report on all work orders
  • Build preventative maintenance calendars to extend asset lifespan
  • Conduct thorough inspections with customizable punch and snag lists
  • Generate reports any way you like and export via PDF and CSV formats
Team Communication
  • Increase accountability and process accessibility using a digital operations solution purpose-built for frontline teams
  • Boost collaboration and transparency
  • Avoid breakdowns in communication
  • Keep your teams connected regardless of location