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With Xenia, you get:

Customizable, shareable task checklists, inspections and templates.

Robust task and work order management tools to power all your use cases.

Integrated messaging tools for your entire workforce.

Web and app access to the platform for all users.

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Getting your entire workforce on a new platform can be challenging. We get it.

That’s why we’ve made onboarding as easy as it gets. No back and forth, no complicated configuration.

Easy to use

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Will all my employees be able to use the software easily?
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What support is provided as part of our subscription?
What if I want to decrease or increase the number of users during my subscription?
What are the payment options?
Is the software available in any other languages for different employees?
What devices are supported by your app?
What integrations do you offer?
Can I change plans at any time?
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Run a connected, productive organization.

Gain visibility and control over your operations, with a flexible app that fits all of your use cases.

Deskless workers
Perform better at your jobs with clarity about work orders and tasks.
Stay ‘in-the-know’, and get recognized for stellar performances.
Never miss a step and learn from documented processes.
Engage your workforce and unlock your team’s potential.
Manage all tasks and work orders with efficiency and clear communication.
Automate time intensive procedures and inspections.
GMs, Owners, and Groups
Enhance visibility into the operations with a centralized system of record.
Gain transparency into leadership and managerial effectiveness across regions and locations.
Boost productivity and profitability at your facility.