Bacari has eliminated communication gaps and the need for multiple tools like Excel, document storage, chats, and email, streamlining their workflow for enhanced operational oversight.

Bacari Restaurants has enhanced efficiency with Xenia by standardizing BOH checklists, FOH daily procedures, and storing critical details such as menu items and food preparation guidelines. Employees can access and update this information on-the-go via their mobile & tablet devices, ensuring operational consistency and quality across all restaurant locations.
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Daily restaurant opening & closing operations Food safety and temperature monitoring SOPs, document storage, & employee training
Before Xenia


Difficulty in centralizing end-of-day shift reporting across multiple locations, leading to inconsistencies and delays in reporting critical operational data.
Lack of transparency regarding the completion and quality of daily operational processes, making it challenging to ensure consistent standards across all restaurants.
Utilization of multiple communication channels for issues, work orders, and food safety concerns, resulting in fragmented information and difficulties in tracking and managing these tasks effectively.
After Xenia


Centralized end-of-day shift reporting, ensuring consistent and timely reporting of operational data across all locations.
Enhanced transparency and accountability in daily operational processes, enabling precise tracking of task completion and adherence to quality standards.
Streamlined communication and management of issues, work orders, and food safety protocols through a unified platform, improving efficiency and reducing operational errors.

Our Story

Bacari Restaurants, known for their vibrant culinary experiences, specialize in offering a unique blend of small plates and wine in a cozy, inviting atmosphere. With multiple locations across Los Angeles, Bacari curates a menu that celebrates fresh, seasonal ingredients and innovative flavors inspired by Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. Each restaurant exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance, perfect for both intimate gatherings and casual dining. Bacari prides itself on creating a communal dining experience where guests can explore a diverse array of dishes, expertly paired with a curated selection of wines and craft cocktails. Their commitment to quality, creativity, and hospitality has made Bacari a beloved destination for food enthusiasts seeking memorable dining adventures in the heart of Los Angeles.

Searching for Solutions

Bacari Restaurants sought a comprehensive solution to streamline their operational processes across multiple locations, aiming to consolidate and share crucial documents like menus, seating charts, dish preparation guides, and employee handbooks. They needed a standardized approach for opening and closing checks, food quality assessments, and training new hires efficiently to uphold consistent service standards. Additionally, Bacari aimed to enhance workflow management by centralizing equipment repairs, work orders, and approval processes, while gaining insights into task completion rates and outstanding issues.

Xenia emerged as the ideal solution, providing a unified platform that catered to the needs of Deputy Directors of Operations, frontline staff members accessing information on-the-go, individual GMs and managers at each restaurant location, and senior leadership requiring advanced reporting capabilities. This centralized tool not only facilitated seamless communication and task management but also empowered Bacari to maintain operational excellence and deliver exceptional guest experiences across their diverse dining establishments.

Xenia Impact

Since integrating Xenia, Bacari Restaurants have experienced significant operational improvements across their establishments. The platform's robust reporting capabilities have enabled Bacari to track and analyze operational metrics with precision, providing insights that drive informed decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives. Accessible processes and guidelines stored within Xenia have streamlined employee training, ensuring new hires quickly grasp and adhere to Bacari's brand standards and operational protocols.

By centralizing tasks such as opening and closing checks, food quality assessments, and equipment repairs through Xenia's intuitive interface, Bacari has enhanced efficiency and transparency throughout their operations. This comprehensive solution has not only optimized daily workflows but also fostered a culture of accountability and excellence, positioning Bacari Restaurants as leaders in delivering exceptional dining experiences consistently.

100% Compliance with Daily Operating Checklists: Bacari Restaurants achieve full adherence to daily operational protocols using Xenia's standardized checklists.
Centralized Communication Channels: Xenia consolidates all communication channels, eliminating fragmentation and ensuring seamless information flow across Bacari's multiple locations.
Enhanced Training Efficiency: Xenia facilitates rapid onboarding and training of new employees, ensuring consistent delivery of Bacari's service standards across the team.

"Xenia has revolutionized how we operate at Bacari Restaurants, seamlessly integrating every aspect from daily checklists to training and equipment management. It's not just a tool; it's our recipe for maintaining excellence across all our locations."

Deputy Director of Operations, Bacari Restaurants
Deputy Direction of Operations

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