"Xenia streamlines Tempstop's multi-unit management through a digital, easy-to-use tool, enhancing daily operations and compliance."

Tempstop streamlines operations with Xenia, enhancing safety, efficiency, and satisfaction across its convenience stores, setting a new standard in retail excellence.
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Mutli-unit process management Staff task tracking Multi-store maintenance & issue tracking
Before Xenia


Variability in completing daily safety and security tasks, especially during off-peak seasons.
Managing and tracking the maintenance tasks efficiently, given the variation in store setups (above vs. below-ground tanks).
Limited ability to ensure consistency and accountability without a centralized digital solution.
After Xenia


Ensure that vital maintenance and safety checks are performed reliably across all Tempstop locations.
Improved operational consistency and efficiency, with managers reporting more tasks getting done.
Streamlined management of maintenance tasks with tailored checklists for each store's specific needs.

Our Story

Tempstop has grown into a notable convenience store chain, serving communities with over 10 locations. Founded on the principles of convenience and quality, Tempstop has established itself as a central hub for daily essentials, quick meals, and fuel, catering to the needs of local residents and travelers alike. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, Terry sought innovative solutions to enhance store operations and management across multiple locations. The adoption of Xenia was a strategic move to streamline daily tasks, ensure compliance with safety protocols, and improve overall store management through digital transformation, marking a significant leap forward in Tempstop's journey towards operational excellence and customer service.

Searching for Solutions

Tempstop experiences a seasonal variance in customer foot traffic, with some stores seeing up to a 30% downturn in winter. This variance, combined with the need for rigorous safety protocols and equipment maintenance across diverse store layouts, pushed Tempstop to look for a comprehensive digital solution. Xenia provided the necessary tools to not only streamline task management but also to adapt to the unique requirements of each location, enhancing overall operational efficiency and safety compliance.

Xenia Impact

Xenia’s implementation at Tempstop has markedly improved the execution of daily tasks and safety checks, bringing a new level of operational efficiency and consistency across the chain. Through the Operations Templates Multi-Location Logic Feature, Tempstop can now easily customize and disseminate tasks specific to each store’s needs, improving maintenance routines and ensuring that essential inspections are completed thoroughly and on time. This digital transformation has enabled Tempstop to maintain high standards of safety and service quality, even in the face of seasonal business fluctuations.

25% increase in the consistency of safety and security task completion.
20% improvement in the efficiency of maintenance inspections and reporting.
30% increase in on-time task completion rates

"There's more getting done. That's what we wanted. The managers are occupied, Xenia acts as a second set of eyes in the store, with its recurring tasks and digital audit trail."

Operator of 10 store locations

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