Xenia has empowered Shucking Good Hospitality to maintain rigorous standards in our seafood operations, from kitchen management, manager walkthroughs, to guest services, enhancing both productivity and guest satisfaction.

Shucking Good Hospitality, operator of Blue Island Oyster Bar and Seafood, relies on Xenia to streamline operations across its multiple seafood restaurants, ensuring consistent service quality and operational efficiency.
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Daily restaurant operations Sanitiation & routine inspections / facility checks Maintenance & brand standard adherence
Before Xenia


Manual and decentralized operations: Standards set by restaurant managers were getting lost in translation. Clipboards & spreadsheets weren't cutting it.
Inconsistent restroom cleanliness: Routine scheduling of restroom cleanings was difficult, and tracking if restroom tasks were getting done required in-person oversight.
Lack of real-time visibility and tracking: Gaining insights into store performance and tasking point completion was an administrative nightmare.
After Xenia


Improved operational efficiency: Transitioned from manual to automated processes for kitchen management, daily operational tasks, and maintenance requests.
Advanced location insights: Easily track and analyze operational data across multiple locations using Xenia's reporting and analytics capabilities.
Streamlined restroom cleaining & maintenance: Achieved consistent and timely restroom cleanliness across all locations by implementing automated checklists and task assignments through Xenia

Our Story

The Beginning

At Blue Island Oyster Bar and Seafood, ensuring exceptional dining experiences was more than just a goal—it was a passion deeply rooted in their commitment to seafood excellence. Yet, managing multiple locations meant facing challenges in maintaining consistency and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Before Xenia, each restaurant operated somewhat independently, relying on manual processes for everything from kitchen management to guest service requests. This decentralized approach led to inconsistencies in food quality checks, maintenance tasks, and guest satisfaction across their seafood establishments.

Searching for Solutions

Discovering Xenia

Seeking a solution that could unify their operations while enhancing guest experiences, Shucking Good Hospitality turned to Xenia. With its promise of streamlining daily operations and improving service standards, Xenia became the backbone of their operational strategy.

The Transformation

With Xenia onboard, Blue Island Oyster Bar and Seafood revolutionized how they managed their kitchens, streamlined daily tasks, and ensured adherence to their high standards. Automated checklists for food quality inspections and real-time tracking of maintenance requests empowered their teams to focus more on delivering memorable dining experiences and less on administrative tasks.

Xenia Impact

The Impact

Today, thanks to Xenia, Shucking Good Hospitality achieves a 90%+ completion rate on daily operational checklists, maintains centralized communication channels for all service requests, and responds to guest feedback with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This transformation not only elevated their operational efficiency but also bolstered guest satisfaction, making each dining experience at Blue Island Oyster Bar and Seafood truly exceptional.

Looking Ahead

As they continue to grow, Shucking Good Hospitality remains committed to leveraging Xenia's innovative tools to uphold their reputation as a leader in seafood dining. By embracing technology that supports their passion for excellence, they envision expanding their footprint while maintaining the personalized touch that guests love.

90%+ Checklist Completion: Ensures standards and procedures across all locations.
25% Productivity Boost: Centralized task management enhances focus on dining experiences.
50% Faster Response: Real-time task assignment cuts maintenance response times.

"Xenia has truly transformed our operations at Blue Island Oyster Bar, enabling us to maintain impeccable standards across multiple locations effortlessly. From streamlining tasks to enhancing guest satisfaction, Xenia empowers us to deliver exceptional dining experiences with precision and ease."

Director of Operations
Shucking Good Hospitality

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