"Xenia seamlessly facilitates daily operating processes and maintenance management, upholding brand standards across all restaurant locations."

Prince Street Pizza has revolutionized daily operations management and multi-location benchmarking with Xenia, achieving unparalleled efficiency and consistency across their expanding brand.
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Daily manager operations Reactive & preventative maintenance management Multi-location work requests, repairs, & approval workflows
Before Xenia


Lack of Digital Record Keeping: There was no digital system to track issues or associate costs with work orders efficiently.
Disorganized Request Management: Work orders were managed through various communication channels without a centralized system, leading to inefficiencies.
Inconsistent Maintenance Schedules: Preventative maintenance was difficult to track and manage without a unified system, risking equipment longevity.
After Xenia


Centralized Digital Record Keeping: Instant digital logs of issue reporting and oustanding work orders are now available across devices, enhancing tracking, completion rates, and accountability.
Streamlined Cost Management: Costs are now easily associated with work orders, and data can be gathered efficiently, even remotely.
Enhanced Preventative Maintenance: QR-code based systems allow detailed historical tracking and maintenance, ensuring equipment longevity and reliability.

Our Story

Prince Street Pizza has rapidly expanded to a thriving restaurant chain. What began as a single pizzeria serving up authentic New York-style slices has blossomed into a beloved culinary institution, attracting locals and tourists alike with its mouthwatering pies and vibrant atmosphere.

As the popularity of Prince Street Pizza grew, so too did the complexity of its operations. With each new restaurant added to the fold, the challenge of maintaining consistent service quality and managing equipment across multiple venues became increasingly daunting. From ensuring that each slice served lived up to the pizzeria's reputation for excellence to keeping track of maintenance schedules for ovens and other essential equipment, the need for a scalable solution became evident.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining the high standards that had made Prince Street Pizza a success, the team set out to find a solution that could streamline operations and provide real-time visibility into every aspect of the business. After careful consideration, they turned to Xenia, a leading provider of restaurant management software, to help them meet their growing needs.

Searching for Solutions

The need for a robust, scalable system that could integrate all operational aspects—from work order management to preventative maintenance—became critical. Prince Street Pizza sought a platform that could consolidate disparate processes into a single, user-friendly interface that all employees could adapt to, regardless of their tech proficiency.

Xenia Impact

Xenia's implementation has transformed daily operations at Prince Street Pizza. The platform's mobile-first approach and comprehensive dashboards have enabled real-time management of tasks and enhanced decision-making based on accurate, up-to-date information. The ability to track every detail, from service requests to equipment maintenance, within a single system has significantly improved operational efficiency.

40% Faster Resolution: Work order resolutions are now 40% faster, enhancing operational uptime.
100% Adoption Rate: Achieved complete adoption across all staff and locations, indicating high usability and approval of the platform.
50% Improvement in Reporting Accuracy: The transition to image-based reporting has led to a 50% increase in the accuracy and clarity of maintenance reports.

"Xenia has not only simplified our daily operations but has also brought unparalleled consistency and control across all our locations. It's been a game-changer for managing our growth seamlessly."

Director of Facilities
Manager and operator of multiple restaurants

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