Back of House

Back of House (BOH) is the portion of hotel operations that does not interact with guests directly.

What Is Back of House?

Defining the Back of House 

"Back of the House" refers to positions within the organization that do not directly interact with guests. The back of the house supports operations in many crucial ways and face different challenges than the front of the house. The back of house staff usually work during normal business hours in an office on or off site, depending on the role. It is important for the back of the house to understand their role in the organization and how their work directly contributes to the customer facing goal of a premier guest experience.

What positions make up the Back of House 

  • Engineering & Maintenance: Engineers take care of hotel preventive maintenance and respond to work orders that arise on the property.
  • Housekeeping: Housekeeping maintains a property by cleaning rooms, public areas, linens and towels for guests.
  • Finance: The hotels finance team oversees cost controls, revenue forecasts and identifying business risks.
  • Sales and Marketing: The sales and marketing team is responsible for growing the hotel relationships and maintaining the hotel's brand.
  • Chef and Cooks:  Chef and cooks curate and execute the restaurant menu for guests

Resources for Back of House Operations

A successful back of house leads to a thriving front of house and an overall positive guest experience. Managers of back of the house operations can pick up resources and information that help empower teams to provide better service. Here are a few that may be of interest:

Research Articles:

Checklists, Logs and Calendars: