12 Best Hospitality Maintenance App(s) In 2024

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April 5, 2024
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Hospitality maintenance involves taking care of all necessary tasks to keep the hotel facilities in excellent condition. It is necessary for guest satisfaction, making them recurring customers. Also, It helps in getting positive reviews on platforms like Yelp.

Similar to building maintenance, hotel maintenance focuses on key aspects such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. 

However, It also has specific maintenance needs tied to reputation management and safety. Items like hotel mattresses, elevators, swimming pools, and gym equipment play a crucial role in shaping guest experiences.     

In this post, we will tell you some best tips for hotel maintenance management and the 7 best hospitality maintenance apps in 2024. 

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12 Best Hospitality Maintenance Apps in 2024

Let's take a quick look at some of the best hospitality maintenance apps that'll potentially help you to streamline all kinds of back-end operations.

1. Xenia - Over all Best Hospitality Maintenance App For Multi-Location Businesses

As one of the best hospitality maintenance app(s), Xenia stands out as a budget-friendly solution for frontline teams in the hospitality sector.

The program comes with feature-centric solutions for hotel and restaurant businesses to help managers streamline their back-of-house & preventive maintenance activities.

Hotel managers benefit from a comprehensive template builder and a public template library featuring checklists, SOPs, inspections, forms, logs, surveys, and meeting agendas.

These templates can be used as-is or customized to meet specific operational needs, and they can be seamlessly attached to work orders, allowing for scheduling, assignment, completion, and tracking within a secure, cloud-based system.

The mobile-first solution empowers frontline technicians and staff in hotels to view and complete tasks, attach photos, fulfill checklists and logs, and collaborate with teammates using the integrated chat functionality. 

Xenia also simplifies everything from hotel housekeeping to preventive maintenance and work order management through scheduled and recurring tasks. These tasks are conveniently displayed in a built-in calendar and can be easily filtered and organized based on categories, priorities, assignees, status, and more.

Key Features

  • Work Order Management: Setup dedicated work orders for any numbner of hospitality maintenance activities through a dedicated dashboard.
  • Preventive Maintenance Calendars: Plan and schedule preventive hospitality maintenance operations to avoid near misses.
  • Safety and Quality Inspections: Perform in depth safety and inspection audits and keep line managers up to date every step of the way!
  • Housekeeping Management: Create hotel housekeeping work orders in Xenia from scratch, or tailor ready-made templates to suit your requirements.
  • Custom Template Builder: Access our repository of online templates for any number of activities, taking full control of any range of hotel maintenance operations in a hassle free manner.
  • Multi-Location & Multi Unit Operations: Location customization for tasks delgation at rooms and public areas. Conduct simultaneous operations across multiple hotel branches through one app!
  • Robust Collaboration: Use in-app chat feature for task specific update & monitoring, or get in touch with hotel preventive maintenance teams through global chat rooms. The possibilities are endless!


  • Free Forever: Free trial for up to 5 users with access to basic features
  • Starter: $99 / month for 15 users
  • Premium: $199 / month for 15 users with unlimited access to all the core features
  • Custom: Need something tailored to your organization?

Feel free to Book a Free Demo today.

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. MS Shift

Up next on our best hospitality maintenance list, we've got MS SHIFT.

The program serves as an asset tracking with a straightforward feature-set for departments that require asset tracking, including electronic devices, heavy equipment, appliances, tools, and more. 

The hospitality maintenance app from MS SHIFT helps in managing the costs associated with missing and unreturned equipment by addressing inefficiencies. 

The system lets you tag things as broken or missing, so you can easily see what's happening with your items. It helps you know when someone borrowed something, find out who has it, and keep an eye on when it should be returned

Key Features

  • Asset Preservation
  • Inspections & Checklists
  • Messaging & Communication
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Analytics & Reporting


  • The pricing plan is not available. Get in touch with the vendor for more details. 

3. Quore

Quore is yet another best hospitality maintenance app with a slew of perks that can reportedly smooth preventive maintenance operational activities.

The set of engineering tools is designed to save you time and enhance your team's daily management efficiency. 

It allows you to easily create and oversee preventive maintenance checklists and work orders, record and measure pool and spa readings, and ensure compliance with quality assurance and brand standards.

Their products ensure that everyone at your hotel remains focused on the tasks essential to maintaining the smooth operation of your property.

Key Features

  • Management of Work Orders
  • Calendars for Preventive Maintenance
  • Inspections for Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Logs for Meters and Operations
  • Housekeeping Oversight
  • Tools for Budgeting and Capital Expenditures (CapEx)
  • Reporting Dashboards


  • Take advantage of a 30-day free trial for evaluation purposes.
  • Paid plans start at $135 per month.
  • Public pricing is not available; however, reports indicate that the paid plan begins with a flat subscription fee starting at $300.

4. Hotelkit

Hotelkit is another best hospitality maintenance apps.

With Hotelkit, you can list and categorize your assets, incorporating personalized technical details. 

The platform allows you to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of your assets from a centralized location. 

You can plan and automate maintenance service cycles in alignment with brand standards, assigning Preventive Planned Maintenance (PPM) tasks to maintenance teams, and easily documenting and tracking them through NFC technology. 

This comprehensive approach leads to a reduction in equipment failures, more effective distribution of workloads, transparent documentation of maintenance history, and lowered operating and room costs through routine maintenance checks.

Key Features

  • Management of Work Orders
  • Inspections for Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Utilization of Checklists and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Calendar for Scheduling Preventive Maintenance and Meetings
  • Feed for News and Announcements
  • Tailorable Training Handbook
  • Reporting of Data and Dashboards


  • Hotelkit provides a 30-day free trial program for new users. Pricing details are not publicly disclosed and can be obtained upon contacting the company.

5. Optii Solutions

Optii Maintenance serves as your gateway to achieving operational excellence. 

Packed with advanced features such as automated job and task assignments, precise tracking capabilities, and the ability to effortlessly manage multiple properties, it stands as the ultimate solution for optimizing your operations.

Revolutionize your task management, ensuring smooth and precise operations, all through a single, user-friendly platform.

Key Features

  • Superior labor management capabilities 
  • Predictive clean-time technology 
  • Smart scheduling 
  • Best-in-class data analytics 


  • A pricing plan is not available, you can request a calculated plan and demo. 

6. Flexkeeping

Flexkeeping stands out as the most extensive software for hotel housekeeping and staff collaboration. 

This tool streamlines various daily hotel operations, including team communication, preventive maintenance, and guest service delivery. 

It efficiently manages daily tasks, checklists, and housekeeping schedules, leading to a remarkable optimization of day-to-day operations by as much as 70%. 

Recognized for its comprehensive set of housekeeping automation tools, excellent user interface, and robust management reporting system, Flexkeeping is a top choice in the industry.

Key Features

  • Housekeeping Automation
  • Team Communication Enhancement
  • Checklists & SOP Management
  • Analytical Insights
  • Maintenance Efficiency


  • Flexkeeping price starts from $1.70. 

7. Transcendent by Actabl

Lastly, we have Actabl on our list as one of the best hospitality maintanenace apps to date.

It is a leading provider of software for hotels that helps them manage their business better. They offer tools for understanding data, managing staff, and overseeing hotel operations. 

Actabl combines four powerful solutions to help hotel operators maximize their profits. 

With a team of over 300 employees worldwide, boasting more than 1,000 years of combined hospitality experience, Actabl serves the technology needs of over 12,000 properties in hospitality markets globally.

Transcendent offers the hospitality industry advanced and highly adaptable asset preservation software, catering to some of the globe's most prominent hotel enterprises. 

The software empowers property executives and facility managers to monitor and safeguard their assets and documents effectively.

It streamlines maintenance operations, ensures workforce safety and accountability, and facilitates informed capital planning decisions through the utilization of asset-specific data. 

Backed by top-notch customer service, we are dedicated to assisting hotels in prolonging the lifespan and reliability of their assets, optimizing maintenance processes, and enhancing their overall reputation.

Key Features

  • Business intelligence technology
  • Labor optimization
  • Hotel operations management
  • Asset management
  • Preventive Maintenance 


  • A pricing plan is not available, you can request a quote. 

8. Mirage

Mirage Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2024

The hotel management software Mirage is well-known for its intuitive interface and solid reputation in the hospitality sector.

Mirage lives true to its reputation as an easy-to-use and efficient system by streamlining the many processes involved in running a hotel.

The real-time booking engine and powerful customer relationship management system are two of Mirage's strongest featues, since they both contribute to an improved visitor experience and simplify online booking procedures. 

Given the ever-changing nature of the hotel sector, the tool's mobile app is essential for property managers who need to be able to access their data from anywhere. 

To provide a unified system for managing hotels, Mirage touts connectivity with important platforms such as AirBnB, Expedia, and even point-of-sale systems.

Key Features

  • Integrated Yield Management
  • GDS Interface
  • Expedia Interface
  • Web Reservations
  • Export Reports to PDF or Excel
  • Direct E-Mailing
  • USB Back-ups
  • Group Reservations


  • Contact the vendor for pricing

9. Hotel Maintenance

25 Best Hotel Maintenance Software For Better Operations In 2024 - The Hotel  GM

The smooth operation of any hotel or resort depends on its hotel maintenance software. If you work in the hospitality sector, you know how important it is to maintain a clean and clutter-free business. 

Enhance productivity, boost visitor pleasure, and maximize resource consumption by transforming your maintenance operations with Maintenance Care's hospitality CMMS software. 

Give first-rate service to its guests and keep up its impeccable maintenance standards with the help of the capabilities supplied by the system, which included optimized preventive maintenance, mobile accessibility, asset management and tracking, and simplified work order administration.

Key Features

  • Work Orders
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Parts & Inventory
  • Reports
  • Mobile App


  • Contact the vendor for pricing

10. GoAudits

GoAudits Software - 2024 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

Hotel quality control inspection software includes GoAudits. 

Companies in the hospitality industry utilize it to check the quality of their services at each of their sites. Reputable hotel chains including Radisson, Hilton, Rosewood, and Marriott are among the customers.

Everything you need to manage your locations, including corrective action plans, complete visibility, and real-time follow-up, is in one compact platform.

Key Features

  • Mobile Auditing
  • Instant Reports
  • Tasks & Workflows
  • Smart Dashboards
  • Template Library


  • Starter: $10/user/month (Annual Billing)
  • Enterprise: $30/user/month (Annual Billing)

11. SnapFix

Snapfix - Northern Ireland Hotels Federation

Snapfix empowers your housekeeping and maintenance teams to operate at peak efficiency, ensuring a smooth operation and happy guests.

Snapfix simplifies the creation, assignment, and tracking of work orders.  From housekeeping requests to urgent repairs,  all issues are documented and addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and guest inconvenience.

Key Features

  • Work OrdersWork Orders & Tasks
  • Fire Safety and InspectionsFire Safety & Inspection
  • Lost & FoundLost & Found
  • GuestRequestsGuest Requests
  • DashboardReportsDashboard & Reports


  • Free Trial: FREE
  • Snapfix Pro: $99 per month or $999 per year
  • Enterprise: From $199 per month or $1999 per year

12. Hello Shift

HelloShift - Modern Messaging for Hotels - YouTube

Keeping your hotel running smoothly requires a well-oiled maintenance machine. Hello Shift isn't designed specifically for work orders, but it excels in the area that maintenance teams often struggle with communication and collaboration.

Personalize property inspection forms and checklists to best suit your needs. Put checklists and regular inspections on the calendar. Verify that your hotel is prepared for the inspection. 

Key Features

  • Staff Collaboration
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Hotel Management



  • Monthly: $50/mo
  • Annual: $1.25 per room per month


  • Monthly: $160/mo
  • Annual: $5 per room per month ($4 per room per month with all-in-one bundle discount)


  • Custom

7 Tips For Better Hospitality Maintenance & Management Operations

  1. Follow Standard Operating Procedures

In hospitality maintenance, using standard operating procedures (SOPs) offers several benefits.

SOPs give clear, step-by-step instructions for task completion. It reduces the chance of missing important steps and ensures tasks are done effectively. 

Following SOPs helps maintain a consistent level of quality in maintenance work. Not only does it promote efficiency, but also builds a higher level of professionalism among maintenance teams. 

Digital solutions, such as Xenia come with robust checklists, SOPs, forms, and spreadsheet tools to empower hospitality teams. 

  1. Use Hospitality Maintenance Software

Hospitality maintenance software provides multiple benefits. It facilitates tracking of assets, scheduling preventive maintenance, and managing inventory and work orders.

This software plays a key role in helping hotels meet safety and regulatory requirements. It allows for the scheduling and tracking of safety inspections to ensure compliance with regulations. 

Hospitality maintenance software like Xenia streamlines operations reduces manual errors, and improves overall service quality. Not only it improve the guest experience, but also helps you minimize costs on several tasks. 

  1. Check Daily Maintenance

The satisfaction of checking off completed items on the list is exciting, right?

For hotels without an automated system, having a daily maintenance checklist is necessary. The checklist acts as a thorough record of crucial tasks, making it easier to complete tasks on time. 

Keeping all logs updated is equally important to prevent any oversight in maintenance. It also helps hotels stay organized.

  1. Focus on Preventive Maintenance

Keeping your hotel in tip-top condition is very important, and preventive maintenance is a key strategy for that. 

Let’s understand this concept with an example. One of your hotel bathrooms has old water pipes, that should be replaced, but for some reason, it keeps getting delayed.

As fate would have it, the pipe eventually breaks down and floods the whole bathroom.


Now you have to pay extra costs for not only pipes, floor and other distractions that happened and you’ll also keep that floor closed due to maintenance that will surely impact your bookings.

You see, preventive maintenance is much more important than reactive maintenance. 

Investing in preventive maintenance ensures that your hotel assets receive regular repairs, preventing unexpected breakdowns. This proactive approach helps avoid disruptions in operations, providing a seamless experience for guests.

  1. Hire the Right People

For hospitality maintenance, it's important to hire skilled staff with expertise in both preventive and reactive maintenance. Untrained staff can unintentionally cause problems. 

To establish and uphold high standards, define Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and provide necessary training. Regularly assess your maintenance staff's performance to ensure consistent adherence to standards. 

A well-trained maintenance staff, guided by clear SOPs and ongoing evaluation, is needed to maintain your hotel's standards. 

  1. Communicate Effectively

Smooth hotel operations rely on clear and open communication. When a guest reports an issue, like a faulty faucet, to the receptionist, it's crucial to quickly communicate this to the housekeeping team. Failing to do so may lead to delayed resolution and a negative guest perception.

  1. Consider Outsourcing Maintenance

Outsourcing maintenance services can significantly improve hotel maintenance management

It's necessary to research thoroughly to find the right fit for your hotel among the many agencies offering outsourced servicing. 


Choosing the right maintenance management software is crucial for making sure hotels run smoothly and guests have a great experience.

However, it is not that easy when you are on the hunt for these digital solutions. To the naked eye, all these programs seem to have the necessary" features to help business owners streamline hospitality maintenance activities.

The safe and right approach would be to go on a trialing spree and sign up for free hospitality maintenance app accounts to see what each solution has to offer.

If it meets your requirements, you can always upgrade to a paid plan.

Good luck!

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