Hotel Maintenance Work Order Software Guide for Small Business Owners

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January 2, 2024
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Most of the time, if a guest leaves the hotel satisfied and says they liked their stay while noting that "nothing went wrong," the hotel's preventive maintenance system is to be commended.

Of course, you might diagree and lean in favor of amenities, housekeeping, overall services etc. But then again, if everything, except for maintenance is going well, how long would you be able to stick with that 5-star rating as a hotel guest?

Sooner or later, you're going to have to use some kind of facility, air conditioning, warm water, and if it isn't working, the rest of the stuff won't matter to you.

Hotel preventive maintenance keeps the cogs up and running; it's a well oiled machine that ensures that the entire facility is performing at optimal level, while attributing to the remainder of the services that are more front ended.

This post highlights different aspects of hotel maintenance work order software, and the digitized aspec of "preventive hotel maintenance," activities to bring its overall importance to your attention.

This way, you'll have a better idea of why preventative operations are just as much important as front-ended customer satisfaction activtities.

So, let's get into it.

Read on...

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Preventative maintenance is the difference between a well-maintained HVAC and a premature HVAC replacement.

Why pay for just-in-time repairs, as-needed repairs, last-minute repairs, and premature replacement?

Why deal with unforeseen non-budget expenditures when proactive maintenance may detect them?

An air filter that has not been replaced in four months may result in a 10% decrease in the efficiency of your HVAC system.

The standard PM plan can help the hotel eliminate costly emergencies and ultimately save your staff time.

Furthermore, it is typically safer, cleaner, and, in many cases, a brand standard.

While the ability to ensure the efficiency of maintenance and repairs on the hotel is critical to customer happiness, hotel Maintenance Work Order Software, an advanced yet simple-to-use application lets you maintain that all-important control.

The hotel's maintenance software is built with a work order management module to handle the operational activities of facilities teams' maintenance and repair operations. 

What are Common Preventive Maintenance Activities in a Hotel?

Maintenance professionals are well aware that a well-rounded maintenance and cleaning staff makes an astounding impact on the everyday running of a business. Getting down to business, let’s look at the multiple overlapping areas of what your hotel's maintenance crew does

The first is maintaining significant building systems, such as your plumbing, and venting system, the electrical system also requires the internet and HVAC.

Next is housekeeping maintenance. It entails cleaning rooms and hotel public areas, and adjusting guest room amenities, but also collects dirty linens and monitors anything that requires maintenance intervention.

Furthermore, more in-depth and customized maintenance must include elevators, refrigeration systems, and kitchen appliances for the enhancement of both the hotel and the client experience.

Technical equipment must also be kept in optimal condition so that it can run quietly yet correctly. Your maintenance crew is responsible for ensuring that phones and televisions are operational, as well as keeping the Wi-Fi system and PCs in good working order.

There should be end-to-end maintenance of the hotel interior. Beginning with the furnishings in a room, there is more to in-depth repairs such as furniture to carpentry, including floor repairs and small paint tasks. Your staff is in charge of the in-room experience.

Finally, but not least, the look of the hotel exterior and the surrounding scenery must be maintained. This is your hotel’s initial impression, as well as the last image that guests will remember.

Why Hotel Maintenance Work Order Software are Important?

Maintenance software for hotels allows hotels to remain on top of key maintenance and facilities tasks while also implementing a Preventative Maintenance Strategy, which will assist in decreasing maintenance expenses and hotel downtime. 

Nevertheless, it does not stop here. Scheduling tools and systems eliminate confusion and save operational time, which are key priorities for every hotel. A software-based scheduling solution enables hoteliers to efficiently develop and publish work schedules based on team availability and hotel requirements.

The hospitality business is working hard to improve environmental standards by introducing new procedures and investing in technology. An automated Hotel maintenance work order checklist might help in ensuring compliance. Hotels are predicted to have workforce shortages until 2025 when the industry is expected to make an adjusted complete recovery. 

These stats emphasize the importance of hotel maintenance software in boosting operational efficiency, enabling simplified operations, supporting preventative maintenance planning, providing remote monitoring, and aiding data-driven decision-making.

Finally, not only are the guests satisfied, but they are also referring your resort or hotel to all of their social circle and planning to return next year.

Key Criteria for Choosing Software for Maintenance Work Orders for Hotels

When evaluating hotel maintenance software, it's essential to determine if it meets specific requirements.

  1. Features and Functionality

A hotel maintenance software should have a variety of functions, including the ability to be user-friendly.

As a result, workers should be able to pick up and learn how to use the system without being scared off by unnecessarily complex software. The software should also assist you in organizing your tasks, assets, and maintenance schedules so that you know what has to be done, who is in charge, and when projects must be performed.

  1. Work Order Management 

Work order management is an essential element of efficient maintenance operations. The ideal hotel maintenance work order software would enable you to create work orders and allocate them to the right individual to accomplish the task. It will include the task's requirements and specifics, as well as the priority and any deadlines. You should also be able to track the progress of each work so that you can make any required changes and guarantee that the task is done on time.

  1. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling 

Unexpected breakdowns can bring a hotel to a halt. Downtime can cost a lot of money as well. Hotel maintenance software will provide you with a preventive maintenance scheduling tool that will allow you to plan and schedule recurring inspections and maintenance for all of the assets in your hotel. This feature will increase the life of your equipment and save you money over time by allowing you to avoid costly emergency repairs.

  1. Asset Management

The ability to properly manage and maintain assets is of the utmost significance since hotels are replete with them, and digital tools provide hotel maintenance work order checklists for managing all assets ranging from HVAC modules to kitchen appliances. The most challenging difficulty, according to 39.9% of maintenance managers, is maintaining equipment reliability.  Evaluate whether the system can catalog the asset, including its many models, serial numbers, and so on, as well as monitor its location and state (whether it is in use, under repair, lost, or whatever). It should ideally also analyze usage and preserve a history of maintenance, as well as note the cost associated with an item throughout its lifecycle.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

 Data is valuable in and of itself, and the software should enable you to use it to make informed judgments. Maintenance work orders for hotel software should have advanced reporting and analytics tools that allow you to gain insight into maintenance performance, overall operational efficiency, asset health, and so on. This data-driven strategy will allow you to discover patterns, more efficiently manage resources, and make strategic decisions to improve the visitor experience.

Top 7 Hotel Maintenance Management Software Solutions

Having elaborated some of the concepts associated with hotel maintenance management software, it's time to review some of the digital platforms.

This way, you'll be able to make an informed decision and select a software that can help you to streamline all your hotel maintenance activities through a centralized app.

1. Xenia- Overall No. 1 Best Hotel Maintenance Work Order Software

Xenia Hotel Operations Software
Xenia Hotel Operations Software

Whatever your organization's size or level of complexity, Xenia offers a full range of work order functionality to meet your needs.

On-location or asset-based work orders, plus preventive maintenance scheduling, requests and approvals, inspection checklists, and the practical use of QR codes – Xenia is the answer for all your hotel maintenance work order software needs.

The Mobile-first application transforms the work operated by a wide varirty of hotel maintenance technicians.

These guys will find their job assignments by room number or floor repair issues by asset capture critical data all with a user-friendly interface - the way our work order app meant it to be used.

The result?

Decreased time to resolve and controlled asset and equipment costs.

To standardize procedures, an AI-powered SOP writer with built-in templates allows you to easily create standard workflows and inspections on a step-by-step basis, so your maintenance staff knows precisely what to do and can do it quickly. The mobile work order software isn't only for your staff; it also provides Maintenance Managers with useful analytics. You will be able to begin tracking the time spent on the work order request.

For good reason, Xenia App is considered the best hotel maintenance work order software.

One of these is the extensive public template library dedicated to preventive maintenance operations in the hospitality industry, which is created exclusively for hotel maintenance teams.

With just a few clicks, you will have instant access to already-created templates for your needs. 

Key Features

  • Tasks and Work Orders: Easily create maintenance work orders using both the online and mobile app interfaces. Furthermore, you can take and attach videos and images directly to work orders.
  • Inspections & Audits: Conduct any range of inspection audits by directly creating work orders for your frontline hotel maintenance teams. Avoid near misses as critical inspection processes go through multiple completion phases in real time!
  • Preventive Hotel Maintenance Checklists: Grab your hotel preventive maintenance checklists from Xenia's repository of template library. Customize checklists to your requirements, and get started rightaway!
  • Scheduled Work: Schedule regular upkeep tasks for your hotel's equipment, assets, and particular locations.
  • Chats: Xenia's chat function allows maintenance team members and other departments to communicate in real-time.
  • AI-Powered Writer & SOP: Use an AI-powered writer to generate maintenance operating procedures and policies, allowing you to easily develop clear and comprehensive SOPs.
  • Multi-Unit Operations: Provides a centralized platform for managing daily operations across each team, department, and location.


  • Free: for up to 5 users with access to all of our basic features. 
  • Starter: $99/month for up to 15 users - access to all essential features. 
  • Premium Plan: $199/month for up to 15 users - access to an unlimited number of core features
  • Custom: Need something tailored to your hospitality business platform requirements?

Feel Free to Book a Demo today.


The versatile and flexible program is available in two versions: Lite and Professional, making it a compatible option for ideal hotel maintenance work order Software. The program focuses on preventive maintenance as a top priority while also improving asset and inventory management.

Maintenance professionals can customize the system and its features to properly meet the needs of their applications.

Key Features 

  • Use email work requests to streamline communication. For effective scheduling, use a calendar interface.
  • Use systematic paths to improve asset performance. Maintain a thorough database of equipment for convenient asset tracking.
  • Track assets understand their history, and plan maintenance successfully using location tracking and maintenance histories.
  • Improve inventory management by streamlining equipment location monitoring.
  • Simplify the procurement process by creating simple requests. Simplify the receiving process and properly handle invoices.
  • Over 50 Report Types to Access a wide range of studies for in-depth analysis.
  • For advanced analytics, use a built-in Business Intelligence tool.


  • Starting from $30

3. Coba CMMS 

Coba CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) efficiently combines mobility and efficiency to operate on the leading Hotel expert.

This cloud-hosted system is intended to assist hotels with work scheduling, work order tracking, preventative maintenance, room inspections, and other tasks.

Key Features

  • Automatic preventive maintenance scheduling ensures that assets are constantly assessed and optimized for performance, while also providing a single platform for efficient monitoring and resupply.
  • Removes the guesswork from maintenance plans by automatically scheduling preventative maintenance to address potential issues before they occur.
  • Access to data-driven analytics enables hotel management to make informed choices, allowing them to optimize operations for the greatest guest experience.
  • This user-friendly software easily creates maintenance requests that promote open communication among staff members.
  • Mobile accessibility guarantees that your maintenance and cleaning workers can access the system at any time and from any location, allowing them to respond to duties quickly.
  • Stay up to date with real-time updates, which allow for excellent communication and collaboration among team members.


  • Contact Vendor


INFRASPEAK advertises itself as the Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP) that defies the category.

This hotel maintenance work order form solution allows users to construct their maintenance management systems by combining our wide range of native apps, providing them with a unique type of cutting-edge integration.

Key Features 

  • The platform streamlines the reactive maintenance process from issue detection to resolution for quick and efficient outcomes.
  • Access real-time data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Make data-driven decisions, and constantly improve your maintenance techniques.
  • ensure that information flows smoothly across all aspects of your facility's upkeep.
  • The procurement tool streamlines the procurement lifecycle, making it a smooth and structured element of your entire operations.
  • With Field Service Management features, you may get a birds-eye perspective of your operations. 
  • Track, manage, and optimize your assets' whole lifespan with simplicity, whether you're at your desk or on the move with your smartphone.


  • Contact Vendor 

5. Quore 

Quore is the hotel industry's innovator of cloud-based, intuitive software that provides hotel workers with a package of tools and capabilities to help them traverse various elements of their property such as guest services, cleaning, maintenance, and communication.

With a proactive Hotel maintenance work order checklist, the tool provides hotel workers with an easy-to-use, feature-rich platform that makes hotel management easier and more productive, resulting in satisfied guests and teams.

Key Features

  • Task Management offers a single platform for hotel workers to easily manage and track their operations. 
  • The messaging and collaboration features enable smooth communication among hotel workers 
  • Escalations and alerts, ensure that serious issues are brought to the forefront as soon as possible. 
  • comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling insights into numerous elements of hotel operations. Whether it's monitoring maintenance efficiency or analyzing guest service effectiveness,
  • Hotel workers can focus on more strategic and guest-centric parts of their employment by automating tedious operations.


  • Contact Vendor 


Up next on our list of hotel maintenance work order software, we've got ALICE.

The prrogram ensures effective work, avoiding guessing.

It is designed to empower hotel workers with accuracy and efficiency. ALICE breaks down the chaos and complexity that frequently accompany hotel operations through real-time communication, task management, and operational analytics.

Key Features 

  • Maintenance management to address problems as they arise 
  • The scheduling tool allows hotels to methodically plan and perform maintenance activities, while data and analytics estimate possible maintenance needs, enabling a proactive approach to facility care.
  • Effective vendor management, enabling smooth communication and collaboration for timely and efficient services.
  • The platform guarantees that the proper activities are assigned to the right teams by automating and structuring work orders, eliminating delays, and boosting efficiency.
  • provides powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, providing insights for decision-making 


  • Contact Vendor

7. MaintainceCare

MaintainceCare is a hotel maintenance work order checklist Software that helps track equipment maintenance, maintenance schedules, and equipment leases for Hotels and Resorts.

It is an excellent option for hotels that recognize the importance of providing value to their customers. The program serves as a full hotel back-office system, including a PMS + CMMS interface and much more.

Key Features 

  • Use the mobile app and internet app to create work orders, and receive real-time notifications and emails.
  • Create and manage preventative maintenance periodic maintenance programs. 
  • Set re-order minimums and keep track of equipment supply and part counts. 
  •  Analyze trends by asset, equipment, or room number using historical work order records. 
  • Using the mobile app, you can track jobs on the move, capture problems, and fulfill work orders.
  • Control guests and guest rooms with hotel reservations.
  • Maintain a record of daily cleanings by room and area.


  • Free
  • Work-Order Edition - $100/month
  • Enterprise -$200/month

Future Trends in Hotel Maintenance Management Software

As we peer into the future, several key trends are likely to reshape the way hotels handle their management strategies. These tools have evolved into vital assets for hotels, altering operations and the visitor experience.

AI and Machine Learning Automation 

AI-Powered Automation: When hotel managers include AI technology in their hotel management software, they will be shocked at how much easier it is to run a profitable hotel.

Suddenly, all of your maintenance work will be done automatically, visitors will get the best experience while managers can have useful data. It’s not just about what's going on right now; it's about forecasting what's going to happen next, giving you a strategic advantage in the volatile hospitality market.

One example of AI is chatbots, which have grown in popularity recently.

These are virtual assistants that not only answer visitor questions but also help them make reservations and recommend things to do while they are in town. Consider delivering customized service 24 hours a day, seven days a week while minimizing your company's staffing costs. Important chatbots can also boost worker productivity.

IoT and Smart Devices Advancements

IoT integration with smart sensors monitors everything in the room from temperature to lighting, allowing the visitor experience to be measured.

The result?  lower energy costs, more sustainable solutions, and a better visitor experience.

The more data hotels can collect about their guests, the more customized and tailored their experiences can be. Hotels are increasingly able to spot trends within this guest data, allowing guests to experience a more personalized stay as a consequence. Guest data will serve to improve the hotel's service proposition, personalize guest experiences, and potentially increase F&B and total income.

Enhanced Mobile Capabilities

By 2023, the number of mobile internet users is predicted to surpass 295 million. Mobile capabilities will play an increasingly larger part in hotel maintenance management in the future.

Maintenance professionals and hotel staff will increasingly rely on mobile apps. Considerably, more apps will be used in hotel maintenance to get work orders, report issues, and access important data on the go.

This increased mobility will allow them to deliver much faster service, improve contact with other departments, and increase overall efficiency. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) elements in your mobile devices via mobile apps, might someday allow a technician to learn how to solve a problem quickly in real-time.

The Bottom Line 

Given the variety of software available, choosing software for hotel maintenance work orders can be a difficult task. 

Trying different software is essential in determining which software is best suited for your team because each team has unique requirements.

Organizations must prioritize work order management to ensure easy identification of task assignments and the execution of maintenance activities, inspections, and checklists.

The Xenia interface is simple to use, and the software's free trial is freely available.

This is an efficient approach for clients to test out the many unique features that Xenia has to offer. Take advantage of this chance to explore how Xenia might improve your maintenance procedures.

Hotel Maintenance Work Order Software - FAQs

What is the significance of employing hotel work order software in the hospitality industry?

Hotel work order software is critical for optimizing maintenance operations, increasing productivity, and improving the overall guest experience. It enables systematic task management, real-time collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.

How can hotel managers evaluate the efficacy of various work order software before committing?

Hotel managers can assess the efficacy of various work order software systems by utilizing free trials and scheduling demonstrations. Before making a choice, they can explore the software's capabilities, evaluate its usability, and see how well it fits with their existing hotel management systems.

Which is the best hotel work order software?

The mobile-first work order software from Xenia has an easy-to-use interface that allows maintenance personnel to quickly discover task assignments, report difficulties, and collect data in the field. The platform is intended to reduce time to resolve while also controlling asset and equipment expenses.

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