8 Best Hotel Maintenance Tracking Software In 2024

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March 22, 2024
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Effective Hotel Maintenance is an essential factor in the profitability of your business. Don’t believe us? 

According to one study, customers' evaluations of a hotel's facilities influence overall satisfaction.

Those individuals, who were more satisfied, rated an overall encouraging and positive feedback. It can only be concluded that maintaining higher-quality hotel facilities leads to greater client pleasure.

Having said that to provide exceptional service to customers, hotels must maintain effective maintenance. One approach to achieve that is through organized data., and a centralized manner of completing processes.

As with data, continuous maintenance investment has a favorable impact on the state of the hotel's equipment and amenities, as well as visitor satisfaction.

That’s where Hotel maintenance tracking software assists hotel managers. By implementation of a system that organizes such data for you, it allows for a seamless method of tracking data. But that's not all. In this post, we are going to emphasize how a hotel maintenance tracking software can save your life as a hotel owner or manager.

Moving on, hotel maintenance is tied to both the financial and physical condition of the hotels, as well as a positive outcome.

Higher availability of well-maintained rooms equals more revenue and an increasing number of satisfied clients. Machinery breakdowns can lead to severe problems with hotel operations affecting guest satisfaction. Investing in facility maintenance can also lessen the danger of such a breakdown, as well as the medium and long-term costs.

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Top 8 Hotel Maintenance Management Tracking Software Solutions

Before we discuss some of the most pivotal concepts associated with hotel maintenance management operations, it's important to look at some of the software solutions that are available online.

Doing so will help you to understand how each hotel maintenance management tracking software pans against real life use-cases.

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
FT maintenance
General purpose maintenance management solution
Good for small to medium platforms

1. Xenia –Overall No. 1 Best Hotel Maintenance Management Software

Xenia Hotel Operations Software
Xenia Hotel Operations Software

Xenia, the top-notch hotel maintenance tracking software has several features tailored exclusively to the hotel industry.

The platform offers improved safety, smart insertions and work order management, streamlined asset inspections, and regulatory compliance.

With digital processes that gather, categorize, and report information from your systems all through the tool, Xenia reduces the potential of any human risk element that might otherwise jeopardize your systems.

This intuitive platform allows users to swiftly schedule and undertake frequent maintenance inspections, develop entirely configurable cleaning and hygiene checklists, easily track outcomes, and generate truly remarkable reports – all from their desktop or mobile device.

That being said, Xenia handles every crucial aspect of your guests' comfort and security, from major building systems to in-room fittings - and too for multi unit hospitaliry businesses with diferent locations.

Use the AI-powered SOP writer to swiftly establish standard processes and inspections with professional templates for each step, so your maintenance team knows precisely what to do and can do it efficiently - stacking and sorting. 

Providing data-driven analytics aids your employees, but it also benefits you as a Maintenance Manager. This data allows you to measure how much time your team spends on work order requests.

Key Features

  • Work Order Management: Makes it easier to allocate, track, and complete maintenance tasks.
  • Smart Inspections: Optimize inspection audits by creating work orders that are performed on time and within project timeframes.
  • Inventory Management: Monitoring meter and operation logs aids in spotting patterns, forecasting repair needs, and improving equipment performance.
  • Preventive Maintenance Checklists: Xenia's repository of multiple template libraries is solely for hotel maintenance, customize your checklists to your specific needs, and start your maintenance operations right away.
  • Housekeeping Management: Create checklists for room cleanliness and amenities to provide a hospitable atmosphere for guests and customers.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Automated tracking will keep your hotel proactive in meeting the highest safety requirements. Attach photos for evidence of process completion, or vice versa, videos, or notes for better understanding
  • Multi-location Operations: Tailoring tasks to specific places ensures that maintenance efforts are focused and relevant to the unique demands of various room settings.
  • Integrated Chats for Teamwork: Streamline your maintenance team communication to foster collaboration, rapid problem resolution, and a collaborative approach.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Managers can get useful data about how to optimize maintenance programs by employing Xenia's reporting capabilities. 


  • Free Forever Plan: For up to 5 users, with unlimited access to all the basic features
  • Starter: Starting at $99/month for first 15 users with access to core features
  • Premium: Starting at $199/month for first 15 users with unlimited access to advanced and core features!
  • Custom: Do you want something matching the exact needs of your organization?

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. FT Maintenance

Dedicated to the optimization of hotel facilities with the intent of ensuring that guests receive the best service possible, FTMaintenance is designed with the purpose of planning, implementing, tracking, and reporting the never-ending process of hotel maintenance.

FTMaintenance's preventative maintenance features enable you to easily organize and arrange your routine maintenance.

This means that the program encompasses everything from safety and fire prevention equipment inspections to the upkeep of your property, landscaping, and seasonal maintenance items. Work requests serve as your eyes and ears in the field, informing you of any further maintenance that may be required.

Key Features 

  • Regularly inspect Fire Prevention devices, Carbon Monoxide detectors, and secured door locks to ensure your guests' safety and security.
  • Increase your ability to respond quickly to essential maintenance requests by letting your Guest Services, Housekeeping, and other staff enter work orders directly into your maintenance department.
  • Reduce capital expenses by prolonging the life and enhancing the performance of each asset with a customized preventive maintenance plan.
  • Maintenance reports can efficiently enable repair prioritization and resource allocation in the correct spot. 
  • Workforce mobility and productivity can be increased by making the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) mobile-compatible on your mobile devices.


  • The tool offers 4 pricing plans. Contact FTMaintaince for customized pricing quotations

3. MaxPanda

As a hotel manager or owner, you will require multifaceted free preventative maintenance software.

The 'Maxpanda' web-based CMMS is one such promising entity that adheres to your provided standards for a successful maintenance logistic strategy.

Maxpanda claims to provide you with just what you need because of its persistent security, easy use, and clear accessibility. The result is the customized system you've been looking for to fix all of your maintenance program disruptions.

Key Features

  • The program is effective at promptly identifying and addressing possible maintenance issues, preventing them from growing into larger concerns.
  • Stay on top of rising issues by sending automatic notifications to your maintenance crew.
  • Maxpanda goes beyond basic functionality by helping you detect patterns and identify areas that may provide issues, allowing you to plan proactive maintenance.
  • Integration of an electronic calendar with completed service recovery work orders enables a well-organized and recorded approach to your maintenance programs.
  • The tool helps to keep clean rooms and an efficient timetable, which are vital for guest happiness and operational excellence.
  • Organize your planned preventative maintenance with simplicity, allowing you to keep ahead of any difficulties before they disrupt your operations.


  • Starting from $118

4. FaultFixers

FaultFixers is the ideal hotel maintenance tracking softwares for managers looking for a comprehensive solution for both preventative and reactive maintenance. 

The program will put you back in charge of all your maintenance needs; not only can you schedule and track your preventative maintenance tasks, but you can also guarantee that your reactive maintenance is always managed appropriately, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your hotel's maintenance requirements.

FaultFixers has been specially developed to satisfy the ever-changing needs of your hotel maintenance operations; from forecasting breakdowns to quickly resolving reactive maintenance tasks, FaultFixers offers the whole solution.

Key Features

  • With proactive, predictive preventive maintenance, you can avoid costly breakdowns, allowing your hotel assets to endure longer.
  • FaultFixers enables your employees to respond swiftly to unscheduled repairs by using easy problem reporting. 
  • Your staff can instantly report defects using location QR codes and mobile phones, allowing for a speedy response and remedy.
  • Streamline and organize asset management to maximize asset performance. This, in turn, helps to lower total maintenance expenses.
  • With FaultFixers' real-time maintenance KPI dashboard, you can gain rapid insight into your hotel's maintenance chores. This unified view enables you to quickly track and manage maintenance activities, keeping you informed and in control at all times.


  • Starter - £ 35/user
  • Professional -£ 50/user
  • Enterprise- Contact Team 

5. VAL-PM Solution

With its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and commitment to lowering shortcomings, VAL-PM is poised to convert your maintenance management into a proactive, profit-driven element of your organization.

With Hotel maintenance tracking software's free download, you can easily get VAL-PM, an innovative web-based platform developed to redefine how businesses schedule and track their maintenance operations.

Key Features

  • Develop a daily maintenance job calendar, offering a systematic and organized approach to your maintenance operations. efficiently assigns maintenance work to individuals, guaranteeing clear accountability within your maintenance team.
  • Plan ahead of time using VAL-PM's feature for future maintenance planning, which helps organizations stay proactive and prepared.
  • Receive immediate alerts on defects via SMS and email notifications, allowing for faster reaction times and minimizing potential interruptions.
  • VAL-PM tracks reoccurring errors, allowing managers to spot patterns and successfully apply preventative actions.
  • Prioritize problems based on their urgency and criticality to ensure that your maintenance crew responds to the most serious issues as soon as possible.


Contact Vendors for customized pricing quotation 

6. Snapfix

Snapfix is a mobile and web-based platform that lets teams keep track of their work using the power of photos, videos, and messages.

This hotel maintenance tracking software is designed to be multi-usability and easy to use for your task.

You can also see your issues getting worked on and reassign them to a different person if you wish. 

Capture and report damages, faults, or insurance claims and assign specific repairs or simply report shortfalls in the execution of their day-to-day tasks to visually communicate directly with a colleague or for visual audits of the site which can be fielded from anywhere.

Snapfix is specifically created for the environment and built environment management sectors, and it may be used for practically any requirement or condition. Furthermore, Snapfix is available for personal use for free, demonstrating its versatility.

Key Features

  • Snapfix employs the global language of photographs, texts, and traffic signals, allowing team members to communicate effectively using their mobile phones.
  • Ensure that equipment maintenance, health and safety checks, and cleaning routines are completed on schedule. 
  • Snapfix facilitates a well-organized Lost & Found procedure, which contributes to increased visitor satisfaction. Keep track of discovered things using photographs so that visitors and staff may easily identify them.
  • Simplify issue reporting using a web form that supports QR codes. Anyone with a smartphone can scan the code, and access the form facilitating a quick and easy reporting procedure.
  • Get real-time insights into all work done, allowing you to track the status of each maintenance task, piece of equipment, and safety check. 
  • Snapfix delivers a complete audit trail, which ensures responsibility and transparency in your maintenance and operating procedures.


  • Free 
  • Per user -$9.99
  • Snapfix pro -$99
  • Enterprise - $199


eSSETS is a go-to hotel maintenance tracking software for maintenance and asset management that caters to organizations of all sizes in industries as diverse as hotels, banking, education, and more.

This adaptable platform is designed to simplify asset and facility lifecycle management by offering a full collection of tools and services.

Key Features

  • Create and issue work orders on the fly, ensuring that maintenance needs are met as soon as possible.
  •  streamlines the warranty tracking process, allowing you to remain up to date on the status of your assets and make educated decisions.
  • Maintain a consolidated list of preferred suppliers and contractors. 
  • The tool modernizes facilities management reporting by condensing large amounts of data into concise reports. 
  •  allows for easy asset responsibility monitoring, allowing for smooth transfers as your business develops and changes.
  • Organize and save guides, repair records, and financial information in one place for easy access. The tool offers a simple platform for document storage and search, ensuring that critical information is always at hand.


  • Contact Vendor for customized pricing quotation 

8. Hotel Service Pro

The preventative maintenance program from Hotel Service Pro guarantees that your hotel maintenance and equipment are always in top condition.

This approach reduces downtime and unplanned malfunctions, making for a flawless and continuous guest experience.

Key Features 

  • Easily conduct detailed inspections to provide guests a guarantee of quality and safety, encouraging positive reviews and return business.
  • Asset management allows you to optimize the lifespan and use of your assets while streamlining your operations by keeping track of their state and condition.
  • Make use of operational checklists to reduce mistakes and promote a smooth, effective process.
  • Makes it easier to plan, monitor, and maximize your capital investments via effective capital expenditure (Cap Ex) management.


  • Contact Vendor for tailored pricing quotation

What is Hotel Maintenance Tracking Software?

Maintenance tracking software does more than just schedule routine maintenance for your hotel; it identifies potential issues at your hotel that require attention before they become severe, allowing you to take preventive action.

When a preventative maintenance policy is in place, hotels can minimize failure, increase total cost, and boost overall visitor happiness. Maintenance tracking software in the hospitality industry is used for 

  • Managing people and process 
  • Reducing downtime
  • Coordinating preventive maintenance 
  • Organizing information
  • Maintaining a safe and compliant place
  • Controlling Maintenance Cost 

How to Choose Hotel Maintenance Software

  1. Critical Features and Functionality

When looking for the best hotel maintenance software, seek fundamental qualities and features that can streamline your business.

Work order management is an important component of our maintenance management software, and it automates the process so you don't have to rely on paper, whiteboards, and spreadsheets.

As a hotel manager, you need software for  Creating, managing, and prioritizing work orders easily.

Furthermore, it should be accessible at any time and from any location. your maintenance software allows you to have immediate access to old work orders, attach photographs, and make task lists helps guarantee that your business runs smoothly, and eliminates accidental downtime, which can be quite costly.

  1. Asset Management

A complete asset history is required to effectively understand an asset's performance. An excellent hotel maintenance tracking program should allow you to record any historical issues, inspections, and remedies, as well as all associated notes, photographs, and root cause analysis. 

This information helps future maintenance crews to deal with recurring issues more swiftly and efficiently, reducing downtime sooner.

  1. Preventive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance planning can be simplified by the preventive maintenance feature of your Free hotel preventive maintenance software.

This efficient procedure for improving your maintenance strategy includes scheduling maintenance, providing notifications to maintenance staff, and making information on scheduled chores easily accessible.

At any given moment, 2% of the rooms in all hotels/motels in the United States are occupied. There is certainly a significant demand for software that would enable hotels to run much more efficiently, manage their resources more effectively, and provide a well-maintained, secure environment for guests.

A CMMS must have the ability to attach Checklists to each step in the maintenance process. Checklists ensure that maintenance is done correctly and completely.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

Facilities managers must evaluate the collected data on assets to make strategic decisions.

Your hotel maintenance software should be able to record information from work orders and PMs on asset performance, labor, expenses, and more, making it simpler to recognize patterns, find inefficiencies, and discover opportunities to save money. 

Moreover, look for custom templates in conjunction with automatic reports to maintenance reporting easy and quick.

Considerations When Choosing Hotel Maintenance Management Software

  1. Scalability

Make sure your software is scalable enough to keep up with your hotel's growth. This implies that it can manage additional rooms, amenities, and maintenance difficulties. Look for software with modular functionality that allows you to add or remove features as your needs change.

  1. Integrations 

When looking for compatibility, check if the maintenance management software is compatible with your existing systems, such as your property management systems, accounting software, and so on.

Check the API support as well, since the majority of new tools and apps are greatly enhancing this aspect to seamlessly connect the products you already use.

  1. Use Friendliness

The interface is a key factor when selecting software. The program will be useless if the interface is difficult to browse and comprehend.

We recommend software that is not too tech savvy, efficient, and has an interface that meets the demands of your business.

  1. Support and Training 

Support and training are critical components of any software investment. Evaluate how accessible and responsive is customer service.

You want to be able to troubleshoot your problems and resolve them as soon as possible. What kind of training materials does the software provide in terms of training resources? Is there any documentation available for the software? Are there video tutorials available? Is on-site training provided by the company?

Try Xenia, or Try Them All  to Make the Best Decision for Your Hotel

The essential hotel maintenance monitoring software is required to ensure that the hotel is running efficiently and clients are satisfied. 

The user-friendly design, wide library of templates, and artificial intelligence capabilities make Xenia a valuable tool for all hotel owners in the domain of maintenance management. Xenia covers all aspects of preventative and reactive maintenance while also encouraging a proactive approach to hotel operations.

To begin with, Xenia offers a free trial that is very useful for testing out their robust feature to enhance your operational efficiency. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this Guide!

Best Hotel Maintenance Management Software- FAQs

  1. What is the primary function of hotel maintenance tracking software?

Hotel maintenance monitoring software is intended to simplify and organize the handling of maintenance jobs within a hotel. It aids in the effective assignment, monitoring, and completion of maintenance operations to ensure the seamless running of facilities and promote visitor satisfaction.

  1. What is the Best Hotel Maintenance Tracking Management Software?

Xenia is the best software for hotel maintenance programs because of its broad feature set, which includes work order automation, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset monitoring, and customized templates. Its efficient maintenance management and user-friendly interface are specially designed with the hotel industry in mind.

  1. How does preventative maintenance vary from reactive maintenance of hotel management?

Preventive maintenance entails planned tasks and inspections aimed at preventing equipment breakdowns and limiting downtime. Reactive maintenance, on the other hand, entails dealing with difficulties as they emerge. Hotel maintenance tracking software frequently aids both preventative and reactive maintenance techniques.

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