Exploring the 6 Best Whale Alternatives In 2024

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May 10, 2024
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A study revealed that nearly one-third of new hires feel unprepared and unsupported in their roles after onboarding. 

However, employees, who had an outstanding onboarding experience, have a 70% chance of liking their job and are much more likely to be very satisfied with their work environment. They are also more likely to stay loyal to the company.

New hires are more likely to feel welcome when you proactively train new employees. An effective training program helps new employees feel welcomed and gives a headstart at climbing the ladder to improved productivity.

When employees stay with an organization for at least three years, their tenure enables them to be more productive in their roles. Great onboarding sets the stage for great performance. 

Whale is a training platform that helps businesses with under 100 employees centralize onboarding and training.

We understand that Whale is not for everyone, so we have rounded up the best whale alternative apps that will work for you. Choose the one that best suits you to enhance to deliver a rewarding experience for your team.

But before that, let’s see some of the best Whale.io alternatives to help you scale your ongoing processes and teams’ performance.

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6 Best Whale Alternatives

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Whale.io alternatives that you can potentially use to streamline everything in one go. Read on…

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1. Xenia - Overall Best Whale Alternative

If you’re in the market for the best Whale alternative, you would be remiss not to check Xenia. 

One of the  key competencies of this tool is the technology for onboarding new team members, enabling them to get into the workflow process a lot quicker. 

Due to digitized processes and a bit of robust automation on the side, “onboarding” team members merely feels like a transition to a new work environment.

On top of that, Xenia is also a workflow management tool. 

The workflow that it manages is typically a process or any number of jobs in process that you, as a department head, or a manager can easily plan, execute and monitor in real time - and that too, through one centralized dashboard. 

What more could you ask for?

As a mobile-first solution to help modern businesses simplify tedious managerial tasks, the platform does a lot more than onboarding.

Think of digital checklists, workflow operation templates and A.I-powered SOPs that you can create on a whim, fully customize them and share within and outside your team through a variety of share options.

That's not all.

Speaking of workflows, Xenia has a robust out-of-the-box work order management system. You can also call it task management. Each individual task that you create, can be digitally assigned to team members. Whether these individuals are on-site, or working from the office, Xenia’s mobile app keeps everyone engaged, helping to avoid near misses and getting things done in real-time.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best features of this What alternative tool.

Key Features 

  • Task and Work Order Management: Easily assign onboarding tasks to people or teams, including task location, priority, start date, and due date.
  • Task and Work Order Scheduling: Create recurring tasks, work orders, and activities to ensure prompt completion and responsibility.
  • Integrated Messaging & Chat System: Make internal staff communication and company-wide conversations easier, allowing seamless cooperation and coordination.
  • Form Template Library and Builder: Use pre-made templates or create custom forms from scratch, digital checklists, and inspection lists to meet your company's needs. 
  • Reports & Analytics: Detailed analytics provide significant insights into employee performance, allowing for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement activities.


  • Free Forever: Free trial for up to 5 people, with access to all basic features. 
  • Starter: $99 per month for the first 15 users, giving unlimited access to core features. 
  • Premium(*Best Value): $199 per month for the first 15 users, including unrestricted access to all the key features & advanced functionality. 
  • Custom: Do you require anything specifically customized to your organization?

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. Sweet Process

Aside from Xenia, another potential whale alternative that you can count on is SweetProcess. 

The tool specializes in business process documentation and makes for technical solutions to SweetProcess users. In other words, SweetProcess focuses specifically on process documentation, understanding, and implementation for people in all kite-to-unlimited hundred-person organizations.

SweetProcess is simple and intuitive, designed to help you and your team get up and running quickly.SweetProcess allows you to quickly get your team members on board and begin documenting the processes with ease. Its user interface is intuitive and straightforward to navigate, allowing you to easily assign tasks and permissions and quickly implement process-based workflows.

For new signups, there is a welcoming guide to help get started and they have access to YouTube training videos and other comprehensive help resources to make the process easy. Managers can create teams and add members, making it easy for their organization to collaborate and communicate on different projects and tasks.

Key Features 

  • You can easily track and manage tasks within established procedures, guaranteeing clarity and responsibility throughout the workflow. 
  •  Provide tools for team members to share ideas, feedback, and project updates. 
  • Document and standardize processes to guarantee that tasks are completed consistently and efficiently. 
  • Centralize critical information and resources so that team members may readily access them for reference and training. 
  • Visualize and map processes to uncover inefficiencies, simplify workflows, and promote continuous improvement.


  • $20 - For 20 users
  • $5 - For each additional user

3. Gluu

Continuing from our whale alternatives discussions, Gluu gives you a simple process platform that blurs the boundaries between company manuals, process management systems, and task management systems.

The tool has a different and unique approach to offering a more fine-tuned personalized task management system and operational platform solution.

SOP task management allows users to see any relevant instructions, text, or multimedia exactly when they need it. The operating procedure tasks are dynamically compiled which means following a sequence of these tasks is very simple for the end user. This makes executing these complex operating procedures effortless.

Gluu further surpasses its best-in-class user experience by providing extremely intuitive navigation, responsive design, and quick and direct communication features. By consolidating task details, and instructions within a user-friendly interface, Gluu expedites organizational communications and team collaboration, fostering a culture of efficiency and productivity.

Key Features 

  • Personalized interface for each user, putting them in the center of the process. 
  • The just-in-time SOP task management system provides prompt access to necessary instructions and information.
  • Exceptional user experience, with straightforward navigation and simplified communication channels. 
  • The extensive knowledge base gives access to useful materials and insights to assist activities and responsibilities.


  • Starts at $11 and onward. Contact vendor for more details.

4. Trainual

If you are looking for the best Whale alternative focused specifically on onboarding, Trainual seems to be another good fit.

Trainual specializes in creating a smooth onboarding and training structure, creating, executing, and measuring all aspects of your new employee orientation.

Trainual’s core strength is the SOP and process documentation that is specific to hiring and onboarding. If a company needs onboarding processes and materials that will ensure that all new members of the team have the information and the appropriate training for their new roles.

With Trainual, all the key information that can be used in navigating through environments is consolidated in one platform. This means that you don’t have to go through much hassle to get the information you need to succeed both as an individual and a company from the consolidated platform. Information will include, Employee name, roles, Processes, and other relevant details.

Key Features 

  • specializes in SOP and process documentation for hiring and onboarding, ensuring that training materials are clear and consistent. 
  • The Reports section gives precise insights into training status, allowing administrators to properly manage progress and analyze training program impact. 
  • centralized storage and organizing of documents, making it easier to retrieve and reference critical information. 
  • Use configurable workflows to streamline the orientation process and ensure that recruits have an organized and complete onboarding experience. 
  • Plan, assign, and track training activities to ensure that personnel have the skills and information they need to succeed in their positions.


  • Small Busines - $300
  • Growth Bussiness - $500
  • Unlimited - Custom packages available on request

5. iAuditor

Taking a deeper dive into some more whale alternatives, next up is iAuditor. 

Also known as SafetyCulture, this tool is one of the best Whale alternatives to date.

iAuditor stands out as a key tool for performing inspections, finding issues, and implementing effective strategies to mitigate risks.

The program reportedly increases the availability and usefulness of the platform. 

Teams can access inspection and audit checklists easily with customizable forms on their smartphones or other mobile device. Makes the ability to respond to issues easy on-site at clients or in the field with a friendly interface. 

Another feature of iAuditor is the extensive library of industry-specific auditing SOP templates. Many organizations need to standardize their audit or inspection process. For that reason, the tool provides the user with an extensive list of already professionally pre-designed templates.

Key Features 

  • specializes in standard operating procedures and process documentation for inspections and audits. 
  • Provide industry-specific auditing SOP templates for different areas. 
  • The mobile-first strategy simplifies information gathering and sharing, while also offering exceptional customer service and support. 
  • Ensures compliance and risk reduction through simplified inspection methods


  • Free
  • Premium - $29
  • Enterprise - Custom 

6. ProcessMaker

Our next best whale alternative, ProcessMaker differentiates itself as a strong process documentation solution, offering powerful customization through low-code implementation. 

This tool empowers business users to design and execute workflows with limited coding experience, making it a great option for businesses that want something a little more flexible with room to grow.

ProcessMaker can easily be customized using low code which gives power to your business units and departments to create and run all of their workflows themselves without having any extensive coding knowledge. By embedding processes within applications, ProcessMaker allows organizations to design processes to best suit organizational requirements and objectives, which in turn makes your business more efficient and productive.

Key Features 

  • Efficiently manage user access and permissions to ensure that only the relevant people have access to workflows and documents. 
  • Access and use ProcessMaker's API to customize and expand functionality, allowing for easy connection with other programs and services. 
  • Gain insights into process performance and status with configurable dashboards, which provide crucial visibility and transparency.
  • Workflows may be easily designed, deployed, and monitored, allowing for ongoing business process optimization and improvement.


  • Contact the vendor for more details

About Whale

Also known as Whale.io, the software is used by businesses to simplify their onboarding process and orientation. 

The platform centralizes your training materials and makes sure everyone knows what each personnel employee needs to know in their role. Ideal for most small to medium-sized companies that need to make sure new hires are adequately trained while providing a professionally developed orientation into the business with well-developed training modules and testing.

Furthermore, Whale has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and designed to empower the administrators to create, review, and maintain a repository of company knowledge. 

This includes policies, procedures, and processes that are essential in creating a smooth working atmosphere. 

Moreover, Whale addresses the particular learning needs of staff. By issuing skill-specific assignments, administrators can identify areas that require further training, and can subsequently structure learning to fulfill these requirements. 

Consequently, Whale’s customized approach promotes individual progression, and organization-wide productivity, as users will be armed with the know-how to optimize their roles.

Whale boasts an impressive range of functionality, including a full set of features from assignment creation to in-editor WYSIWYG module – there’s a suite of tools to help make the training process as easy as possible. 

Why Look for Whale Alternative(s)?

Good question!

Whale's ability to make training and keeping track of documents easy seems to be the selling point for their product. 

Despite many pros of having Whale software, many cons are important to address when using Whale software.

A notable limitation of Whale is the limited customization capabilities. 

For example, with Whale.io, users are not able to fully customize the platform to match their brand identity. 

Even though Whale does allow the user to change the brand color and add a logo, that feature is only available for the Growth and Scale plans which are the higher-priced plans. In addition to that, Whale does not have a hex color selector which makes it difficult for organizations to match their brand colors exactly which could throw off the whole brand experience.

On a more technical side, the integrations offered by Whale, while quite extensive, are mostly done using Zapier. This allows for access to over 1,000 integrations, however, due to the reliance on another tool, this can increase complexity and additional costs may occur especially if a company needs a more robust integration solution.

The pricing structure of the platform is another factor why organizations can look for Whale alternatives. Whale’s cost model is on a per-seat basis. 

This model may work for a smaller business that may be using Whale simply as a document repository. However, larger enterprise-level companies with heavy training needs may find the cost to become prohibitive. The lack of role-based pricing means that all users are priced at the same rate, regardless of the role or level of access they require. 

So, Which is the Best Whale Alternative for you?

Ensuring that any new employee has comprehensive onboarding and training is vital for any business.  An efficient onboarding strategy increases retention of fresh staff members by 82%. 

Utilizing Whale software streamlines your onboarding process and eliminates the stress surrounding it. Companies must be confident before a new employee is ever hired that they will have the training and resources available to them to do their job. 

Whale.io  has many features to help you achieve key deliverables. 

However, as companies grow and require more advanced solutions to run their business, it becomes important to look at other options that offer more in terms of capabilities, features, and customization options - especially if you have enterprise level requirements that ordinary tools cannot fulfill.

If it’s your first time switching to a Whale.io alternative, we recommend signing up for a free plan on any software of your choice. This will give you enough wiggle room to test the waters without spending anything. 

Once you’re comfy with the said program’s advertised features vs. your business requirements, feel free to jump to a paid plan.

Good luck out there champ!

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