What’s The Best Maintenance Solution for Hotels + 5 Free Maintenance Software for Hotels In 2024

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January 9, 2024
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Hotel maintenance includes all the maintenance activities and repairs required to maintain the highest standards for the hotel's amenities.

You must maintain your asset if you want to maintain it and encourage satisfied consumers to submit positive feedback for your hotel.

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Why is Hotel Maintenance Important?

Maintaining a high level of client satisfaction is fundamental to any profitable hotel chain. In the interconnected world, a single negative internet review can have a ripple effect. In the hotel business, the two main factors influencing customer happiness are the standards of the rooms (24%) and the hotel's general amenities (19%).

Whether it's a burned-out light in the corridor or a malfunctioning air conditioner in the room, guests will notice and complain if something is off. This is the point at which hotel maintenance saves your life.

However, effective maintenance is important for more than just customer happiness. It ensures

  • The avoidance of unexpected downtime,
  • prompt attention to emergency repair,
  • the safety features that clean hotels maintain are a few of these benefits.
  • Preventing costly repairs and
  • safeguarding the hotel against financial loss may be achieved by
  • maintaining equipment well 
  • The longevity of assets is greatly increased by routine maintenance,
  •  Protecting the hotel's capital expenditures on furnishings and other amenities.

Maintenance work at hotels can sometimes get a bit hectic. Identifying the best way to improve hotel maintenance's daily operations efficiency is a pertinent issue.

The key to overcoming the challenges of keeping track of routine preventive maintenance, and figuring out how to read and send data to one another is to implement an automated maintenance management system or CMMS. 

What is Maintenance Software for Hotels?

Powerful hotel management greatly assists you. It handles bookings, guest check-in, and check-out, plus a ton of additional tasks.

And if we talked about digital preventive hotel maintenace software, they further simplify all of your administrative work, making it super convenient to manage a bed and breakfast, hotel, or inn.  What does this mean? You can concentrate on what truly counts: giving your visitors an incredible experience.

From the time a guest makes their initial online reservation until the end of their stay, your HMS affects their experience as well.

Your HMS's smooth booking procedure, quick and simple check-in procedure, and individualized guest services all contribute to your guests' positive opinion, which encourages their loyalty and recommendations.

The fact that 53% of businesses spend more than 30 hours per week on maintenance highlights the significant time commitment required to manage and handle maintenance demands.

This emphasizes the crucial need for preventative maintenance software.

Furthermore, these tools are useful for identifying any problems early on and resolving them before they negatively affect the visitor experience.

Preventive maintenance software for hotels plays a critical role in ensuring that maintenance operations are smoothly coordinated with the entire hotel management plan, from handling routine preventative duties to enhancing team communication.

How to Choose Proactive Maintenance Software for Hotels?

As a hotel manager, you are aware of the public's ongoing expectations for hygienic accommodations and well-maintained spaces.

You are also aware that poor maintenance of the buildings, guest rooms, and grounds by hotel workers may quickly damage the business.

When going over the hotel maintenance software options in your, refer to the mentioned checklist. Best maintenance software can make all the difference.

The incorrect one might cause you to stress, headaches, and additional labor.

Features and Functionality

When evaluating proactive maintenance software for hotels, the most significant aspect to look for is whether or not it will fulfill your needs.

To achieve this baseline standard, the software must provide seamless integration with your latest process and provide interfaces that your maintenance staff can utilize.

Look for software that avoids complexity and streamlines your systems and procedures above everything else. Instead, of making task management more difficult, the goal is to make it more effective.

Work Order Management 

One of the pillars of effective maintenance is work order management.

With a robust feature centric preventive maintenance software for hotels, assigning and monitoring work orders should be simple.

What would you do if a guest complains about the faucet leaking or that the air conditioner not properly working? Without a system to assign and monitor tasks, there would be no way to guarantee that their request is processed in a systematic manner, which could cause delays or even result in items falling through the cracks and leaving the guest unsatisfied.

The core of your maintenance software for hotels is how well work orders are managed.

Scheduling Maintenance 

Predicting equipment breakdown and scheduling accordingly is necessary.

Such programs for hotel facility maintenance should also enable you to plan and maintain the space for a while before it breaks and poses a danger of having guests experience unpleasant mechanical failures in the rooms.

Asset Management 

The various hotel assets that are under your supervision are extremely varied, including HVAC systems, furnishings, and computers.

Managing assets well involves more than just keeping track of them; it also involves the organization as a whole and the capacity to optimize short- and long-term asset returns.

Making decisions on whether to replace, maintain, and improve your assets requires the assistance of a management system that provides you with a readily available and clear picture of them.

Reporting and Analytics 

The Economist's experts' claim that data has surpassed oil as the world's most valuable resource emphasizes the significant significance of information in the modern landscape.

More than simply documenting maintenance tasks, your maintenance software should convert that information into useful insights. You can improve your maintenance plans, distribute resources efficiently, and make well-informed decisions by using reporting and analytics. It's about using a data-driven strategy to greatly increase the effectiveness of your maintenance operations.

With that in mind, let’s explore the 5 Best maintenance software for hotels that provide these vitally essential functions to guarantee your business is operating at maximum capacity every single day!

5 Best Maintenance Software for Hotels In 2024

Maintenance software for hotels are dime a dozen these days. However, not all of them are worth the price tag! Here's a quick run down on the best available solutions that you could possibly use right now!

1. Xenia -Overall No. 1 Best Maintenance Software for Hotel

Xenia Hotel Operations Software

Xenia as the best maintenance software for hotels is more of a unified hub for maintenance management consolidation, increases operational efficiency, and advances customer happiness!

Work orders that are based on location and assets might help you monitor specific areas inside your hotel, particularly if you have a variety of property kinds. The scheduler for preventive maintenance in this tool enables you to organize and complete tasks before your visitors notice them.

As a hotel manager, you can utilize online requests to submit maintenance or management requests when something needs to be done.

Another efficient feature of Xenia is its checklist function.

To guarantee the best quality maintenance standards and upkeep factor in any number of hotel rooms, you can use customized checklists. These checklists are mintained in the platform's online repository with tons of personalization options to suit any range of use cases.

Alternatively, hotel managers can create checklists from scratch, should they feel like doing it. The possibilities are endless.

Any asset, from hotel roofs to sewers and everything in between, can be thoroughly inspected by using the checklists. Quick Response Codes streamline the management of your maintenance and asset-tracking tasks.

Field technicians alongside frontline hotel teams can quickly and easily locate the work assignment they need to do in a room number or by tfollowing word orders specific to that location.

They can also report issues using the asset number and provide the required data while they're on the move. The app is created using native mobile platforms, which offer access anywhere, reduce resolution times, and allow asset and equipment expenses to be managed.

Managers can create detailed protocols using Xenia's  AI-powered SOP writer tool, ensuring that all of their maintenance technicians adhere to the same policy at all times.

The mobile work order app allows users to clock in and out of work order requests, allowing you to precisely track how much time was spent on each work order request. This provides maintenance managers with extremely useful analytics in addition to enabling them to carry work orders and SOPs around in their pockets.

Key Features

  • Tasks & Work Orders: Easily create, oversee, and monitor maintenance work orders.
  • Corrective Actions: Develop procedures addressing problems found in maintenance inspections.
  • Plan and schedule preventative maintenance for sites, assets, and equipment.
  • Chats: Help your departments and maintenance crew communicate with one another about work order assignments and visitor requests.
  • Operations Templates: Create your customized forms, checklists, and logs, or use Xenia's collection of the mobile-first work order and maintenance checklists.
  • SOP & AI-Powered Writer: Use AI-powered writer to quickly and easily create maintenance operating procedures and policies.
  • Multi-Unit Operations: To manage daily operations across every team, department, and location, centralize tasks, inspections, SOPs, and conversations.
  • Smart Inspections & Audits: To identify problems and instantly trigger corrective action 
  • Asset Management: Operational data to predict when an asset could decline


  • Free Forever: Start for free with support for up to 5 users, and access to all the basic features.
  • Starter Plan: $99 for up to 15 users with advanced features.
  • Premium Plan: $199 for up to 15 users with unlimited access to all the core features.
  • Custom: Need a special plan tailored to your hotel maintenance?

Book a free demo today!

2. Hotelkit 

Hotelkit is a proactive hotel maintenance software that improves data organization, collaboration, and cleaning services along with optimizing maintenance activities.

By allocating tasks automatically for essential processes, including room cleanings and inspections. hotelkit's Property Management System (PMS) integration reduces the risk of overlapping procedures and saves a lot of time. This allows for a more efficient and seamless workflow.

Key Features

  • Optimize the process of creating, assigning, and monitoring maintenance work orders with ease.
  • Maintain high standards for quality control and compliance with current safety rules in all areas of your restaurant by conducting comprehensive inspections.
  • Establish and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Checklists to ensure organization and adherence at all times.
  • To increase the service life of your equipment, schedule your preventative maintenance duties and keep track of important team meetings.
  • Facilitate open communication by providing your staff with up-to-date information, announcements, and changes.
  • To obtain an in-depth knowledge of your restaurant's performance and make well-informed decisions, you can look at analytical data reports and dashboards.


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3. UpKeep

UpKeep is an enterprise asset management and mobile preventive maintenance management software that is transforming the hospitality business.

This tool aims to offer specialized and effective maintenance features to enable teams in charge of reliability, operations, and maintenance to enhance daily task execution.

Hotel staff members can access their maintenance and repair tickets and data via the Upkeep mobile app on their phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, or any other device with network connectivity, at any time and from any location.

Key Features

  •  You can start repairs on time by creating and managing work orders using UpKeep's CMMS from any location.
  • Be informed immediately when tasks are modified, enabling you to respond quickly to changes or pressing problems.
  • Manage your assets with notifications that come from the app. This way, you'll know as soon as an asset fails and can avoid any possible disturbances to your restaurant's operations.
  • For maximum durability and efficiency, manage and maintain the equipment in your restaurant.
  • Creating and overseeing service schedules can help to guarantee that preventative maintenance is completed on time.
  • Keep tabs on and record maintenance operations to gain important insights into how well the equipment is working.


  • Starter - $30
  • Professional-$48

4. Flexkeeping 

Hotel managers can swiftly add and track maintenance orders with the help of Flexkeeping's work order management system powerful tool for maintenance duties.

Take pictures and make notes on maintenance issues to ensure proper documentation and communication.

Furthermore, the tool offers monitoring maintenance supplies to Make sure your hotel is prepared for any maintenance work by keeping a careful check on your maintenance supplies to avoid shortages.

Key Features

  • create checklists that are compatible with smartphones to increase client happiness and responsibility.
  • Effectively oversee requests from customers and room service provided by restaurants to improve their entire stay.
  • Organize digital SOPs with images and videos to give your employees a thorough resource. Easily control accessibility and access.
  • Ensure quick and clear communication for efficient operations by communicating with ease across all of your staff.
  • Maintain a record of missing and found items for visitors, offering a dependable method to handle and recover personal property.


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5. Optii

Optii is a cutting-edge solution that goes above and beyond typical methods by utilizing predictive technology to improve service delivery, strengthen team communication, and rethink room attendant patterns.

Optii's artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology replaces traditional methods, removing paper-based boards and reports and saving over 90 minutes every day.

Apart from room type, Optii also takes into account tailored guest profiles and forecasts cleaning schedules to guarantee customized and prompt service upon each arrival.

With a 20% increase in productivity, attendees prioritize assignments based on daily corporate priorities, ensuring efficient resource usage.

Supervisors are in charge of guest room conditions, room attendant duties, and real-time PMS (Property Management System) changes.

Key Features 

  • Maintain the highest standards of quality and cleanliness by making checklists and conducting in-depth inspections.
  • Make sure your maintenance chores are in perfect sync with your daily business demands by optimizing schedules based on predicted information.
  • To improve overall productivity, streamline your maintenance workflows by automating repetitive operations.
  • Encourage collaboration within your maintenance staff to provide a unified and knowledgeable approach to assignments.
  • Get reports and insights based on data that will provide you with a clear picture of how well your maintenance activities are performing.


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The Bottom Line 

Every assignment and task counts in hotel management, and an essential step toward operational excellence is having reliable hotel preventive maintenance software.

Hotel solutions such as Xenia, prove to be the end-all solution for streamlining basic preventive maintenance, data inputting suggestions, tracking worker efficiency, and even assist you in developing an after-hours strategy that will be essential to your hotel's long-term success.

Maintenance Software for Hotels - FAQs

How can a preventive maintenance hotel solution benefit hotel managers?

Software for preventive maintenance streamlines tasks including work order management, asset monitoring, and routine maintenance scheduling.

Since potential issues are addressed before they become serious ones, hotels benefit from enhanced productivity, less downtime, and cost savings.

Could software for preventative maintenance be tailored to a hotel's unique requirements?

Yes, software like Xenia offers customization choices available for preventative maintenance software.

By taking into account asset kinds, and particular maintenance requirements, hotels can customize the program to meet their demands.

Can HACCP be used outside of the kitchen or food preparation areas of a hotel?

HACCP is applicable outside of the kitchen in a variety of settings, including housekeeping, swimming pools, and any other location where there may be a danger.

A comprehensive approach to guest safety and well-being may be ensured by implementing HACCP in many hotel areas.

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