5 Best HotSOS Alternatives To Use In 2023

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February 24, 2023
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February 24, 2023
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For anyone in the hotel management industry, HotSOS is a well known software. It is a web-based hospitality tool for streamlining day-to-day operations and maintenance.

Despite a strong market share in hotel ops, HotSOS does have a few shortcomings. For many it’s the price while for others it is the user interface that drives exploration of HotSOS alternatives.

This post will break down the reported benefits and complaints of HotSOS and provide a list of HotSOS alternatives to help you with your search.

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What Is HotSOS?

HotSOS is a service optimization software suite from Amadeus Hospitality. This product has been around for decades, helping hoteliers manage maintenance, inspections, guest requests, housekeeping and more.

HotSOS helps hotels to standardize procedures, complete and track work across hotel teams. Their reports help optimize core services that drive revenue and protect brand image.

Due to the longevity of the product in market, most hotel managers are well aware of Hotsos and use it as the measuring stick of any other hotel workforce management platform.

In 2023, HotSOS is still a powerful platform and has many hotel specific tools but for many teams the user interface and lack of frontline friendly mobile app make it hard to justify the high price point.

Let's start by breaking down why hotel customers love and hate HotSOS, and then look at some HotSOS alternatives to consider.

4 Things Customers Reportedly Like About HotSOS

HotSOS offers a blend of hotel management system capabilities, and some explicit features that makes it easier for front desk management to streamline their operations.


A relevant example, on latter note, would be the integrated guest calling and management feature. Known as HotSOS IVR, the feature helps hotel workers to connect HotSOS with the facility’s very own call system. This way, these workers, or hospitality managers, can check in on guests, their individual requirements and wellbeing on the go.

2. Historic Data Maintenance

If there are repeat visitors from VIP category, hotel front desk workers can retrieve the guest info to get all the detailed information on the person’s previous stay history. Whatever a VIP guest likes, their check in and check out timings, food preferences and menu order history as long as past stay information is concerned, can be pulled up via HotSOS.

3. Multi Lingual Support

Back in 2007, according to ‘Hospitality Net’, HotSOS went global with the announcement of multi language support sprawling over Russian, Chinese, Japanese and French. By now, the support library has increased drastically, which shows the extent of robustness that HotSOS devs have put into making the software easier to use for people all over the world.

4. Cloud Based Support & Data Protection

Like other popular HotSOS alternatives in the hotel, compliance and facility management realm, HotSOS operates in the cloud.

It means that you don’t have to download a package installer to install the software.

Cloud support also translates to 24/7 data retrieval and remote access for hotel and facility employees, regardless of their mobility and location.

4 HotSOS Complaints and Shortfalls to Consider

1. High Price Point

HotSOS gained traction in the hotel market when properties were used to paying insane enterprise technology fees for half-decent software. Times have changed. Development has improved to allow other products to outperform HotSOS in the core functionality at a much lower price point and a friendlier user interface.

2. Outdated User Interface

Some people believe that HotSOS is falling behind in innovating the experience to suit an improved user interface. There are many reports that the interface can be slow and laggy when switching between screens. According to one verified user who used HotSOS for over 2 years as a general manager in a hospitality company with over 10,000 employees:

This software hasn't received updates and redesigns of its competitors resulting in an experience which feels outdated.

3. Lack of Focus on Mobile App

HotSOS is not known for their easy to use, intuitive user interface. They are known because of their first mover advantage and longstanding relationships with properties, as well as their ability to integrate with other legacy systems such as Opera. This means that the mobile app experience of HotSOS leaves much to be improved upon. In the end, the lack of improvement to the frontline usability is the biggest reason why competitors have been able to steal market share.

4. Difficult to Use

HotSOS was built in a time where software varied greatly between programs and thus takes a lot of education to learn how to use all the features. Blair, a front desk manager and HotSOS user for 2+ years states that:

It takes time and training for someone to get used to all the features of HotSOS. There are so many symbols.

another front office manager, Johana believes HotSOS is a great back up for hospitality but states that HotSOS lacks the training and customer support necessary to be able to effectively apply all the tools that HotSOS provides.

5 Best HotSOS Alternatives You Should Check Out Today

For anyone looking to extensively use a long term hotel management solution for the year 2023 and beyond, here’s a list of handy HotSOS alternatives to consider using.

Xenia: Checklists & Workforce Task Management Interface

1. Xenia

As one of the best HotSOS alternatives available in the market right now, Xenia is a facilities and frontline work management SaaS solution. It is a newer, user friendly, lightweight Hotsos alternative that is also used in senior living, facility management, higher education, and construction.

Xenia combines a ready-to-use tool library and robust in-app template builder for checklists, standard operating procedures, forms and logs to help you formalize operations across all teams. Every tool can be attached to tasks, assigned to teams and individuals, and tracked in real time.

On the mobile app, employees can see and complete all tasks, attach photos, complete checklists and logs, looping in teammates as needed with integrated chat. For management, all tasks are saved and easily organized for reporting and analysis. Xenia makes everything from housekeeping to preventive maintenance and work order management easy with scheduled and recurring tasks, visible in a built in calendar and organizable based on category, priority, assignee, status and more.

When comparing Xenia to HotSOS, the biggest advantage is the price point. HotSOS charges $900+ for a license, whereas an annual membership to Xenia costs $10 per user, per month. For many hotels, this price break is a game changer for their bottom line.

Also, with HotSOS, the cost of software training, data migration and customization can cost thousands while Xenia is intuitive enough to be learned in a day. With an internal technology advocate, most hotels are fully self onboarded within a month sign up.

Besides competitive pricing and ease of onboarding, Xenia has the look, feel and speed of a modern software company across desktop and mobile.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use platform across desktop and mobile
  • Public toolbox library with checklists, SOPs and Logs
  • Custom template builder to power inspections, maintenance and operations
  • Location customization for task assignment to rooms and public areas
  • Create custom teams for work assignment and reporting
  • Task features such as photo attachments, priority, start and due time
  • Calendar view and recurring work orders for easy preventive maintenance
  • Completion history of every submitted checklist, SOP or log
  • Internal chat that is integrated with tasks for teamwork and accountability


  • Xenia offers a free trial period to get familiar with the system. After trial, Xenia costs $15 per user per month when on a monthly contract and $10 per user per month on an annual contract.

2. Alice

Operational analytics is known for reducing the chaotic complexity of daily hotel operations. That's where Alice comes in as one of the best HotSOS alternatives in the market right now.

To that effect, a combination of robust tools achieves operational excellence in Alice software. Meaningful hotel experience for guests is driven by analyzing the hotel's operations on the users' end.

For instance, in-built task management modules, scheduling and sending SMS to hotel maintenance and operations staff, multiple filter options, customer confirmations, and other features make it easier for people to streamline the entire workflow.

Key Features:

  • Robust task management enables preventive maintenance activities, inspections-related work, and task prioritization
  • Remote access is available on a wide range of mobile devices
  • Service-related operations can be escalated, and alerts can be set up for on-site task assignees
  • Old records maintenance, custom reports and analytics, and an overall powerful dashboard
  • Active customer support to resolve technical issues in Alice software


The company offers a free trial plan. However, you will have to connect with their support team to book a demo and get additional information on pricing according to your hotel business's requirements.

3. Quore

Quore is a cloud-based hotel management software that provides a comprehensive solution for hotel operations. Founded in 2012, the software has over 30+ tools to offer active collaboration between hotel staff, management, frontline workers, and guests. It is a potential alternative to Hotsos due to their wide range of features including housekeeping management, maintenance management, guest engagement, budget planning and reporting. It also integrates with various third-party systems to enhance the overall efficiency of hotel operations.

Quore has a desktop and mobile app with many modules to help with tracking cleaning, compliance, guest complaints, budgets, and guest SMS.  Furthermore, housekeeping and inspection operations can be delegated to people directly responsible for handling such activities. With Quore, you can track assets, record meter readings, create preventive maintenance schedules and manage work orders.

Key Features:

  • Real-time task tracking through a dedicated task management system
  • Dedicated preventive maintenance and inspections module
  • Frontline workers, hotel staff, and managers can collaborate through a message-routing system
  • Log books and to dos• Guest SMS Messaging
  • Staff and Vendor Directory


  • Get a 30-day free trial for evaluation purposes
  • Paid plan starts at a $100 flat subscription with other plans available on request

4. Flexkeeping (Hotel Operations Platform)

Moving on, Flexkeeping comes as another highly recommended HotSOS alternative.

The program is specially developed to streamline hotel housekeeping activities, general operational workflow, and staff communication. On latter note, Flexkeeping has empowered over 20,000 staff members to help them deliver an outstanding hospitality experience to respective customers from all over.

That being said, Flexkeeping maintains its bevy of features through dedicated modules or sub-category products. Flexkeeping Room Service, Flexkeeping Maintenance, and Flexkeeping Housekeeping are products maintained on the company's official platform.

In that regard, the pricing plan ranges as per your business's exact nature of operations and general requirements.

Key Features:

• Multi-format file support ranging over images, documents, and videos for better streamlining inspections and hotel operations

• Timely resolution of guest issues handled via the case management module

• Perform preventive maintenance activities through an in-built task manager

• Guest items lost and found tracker

• Virtual log book to combat on-site pencil whipping activities


  • Freemium plan available to hotel business owners for a 30-day trial and evaluation purposes
  • Aside from an implementation fee of $1,000, or less, paid plans start at $3, to $6 per room, per month

5. Knowcross

Also known as 'KnowCross Housekeeping' and 'KNOW Housekeeping,' the software is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to manage housekeeping operations and maintenance.

Knowcross's features guarantee a higher guest satisfaction rate, a massive reduction in paper trail, and an overall increase in hotel staff's productivity.

Some of the best-known program's features are listed below.

Key Features:

  • Perform housekeeping operations through custom inspections checklists, preventive maintenance task manager, and much more
  • Drag and drop assignments at room level
  • Automatic task notifications directly sent to task assignees
  • Set custom rules and priority levels for Knowcross users easily
  • Dedicated Android and iOS apps


Knowcross doesn't have a disclosed price plan. You need to contact their customer support for additional information.


There you have it!

We hope that our list of the best HotSOS alternatives is more than enough to fulfill your future-ended business requirements. If you need more information on software that aren’t mentioned on this list, feel free to reach out to us.

Alternatively, you can also book a free demo to get started with everything that Xenia has in store for your hotel management business. We’re just a few clicks away.

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