12 Best MeazureUp Alternatives: Elevate Your Restaurant Operations Management

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February 28, 2024
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According to the latest global restaurant industry statistics, the worldwide restaurant market is projected to grow by 5.4% through 2026.

People sometimes say they wish to open restaurants so others can taste their dishes or because they like providing a social setting where people can enjoy good food. 

In most cases, their "why" is unrelated to the discipline of restaurant management.

The back-office functions of an organization, including inventory management, accounting, and invoicing, are essential to its survival.

You've come to the correct spot if you're having trouble running the operations of your own restaurant. We'll walk you through how to make this important aspect of managing your business go more smoothly by utilizing the best MeazureUp alternatives.

In particular, you may expect to gain knowledge about some of the most important aspects of this program.

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What is Restaurant Operations Management?

The term "restaurant operations management" describes the systems put in place to keep a business that serves food running smoothly.

Typical back-office tasks that fall under the purview of operations management include accounting, personnel, payroll, inventory, and invoicing. 

Regularly reviewed by 68% of restaurant professionals are sales reports, while labor reports are regularly reviewed by 45%. Menu reports, on the other hand, are regularly reviewed by 32% of professionals. Notably, 17% admitted to not regularly checking any of these reports.

To keep your company running smoothly, you need an effective operations management approach to make sure everything is working in sync. For instance, you probably have a system in place that uses automation technology to make counting corn tortillas faster and more precise than if you had to do it by hand every time. 

When it comes to improving internal processes, automating back-office duties may be a game-changer.In order to run their business professionally, restaurant owners and managers must be well-versed in all applicable legislation. If you're looking to specialize, some areas to consider are:

  • Labour Laws: The rights of workers are safeguarded by regulations enacted by jurisdictions worldwide. Payroll, taxes, and the employment of minors are all areas of regulation that you should be familiar with.
  • Food Health and Safety Standards: The topic of food safety is regulated by stringent legislation all around the globe. Specialties include maintaining one's cleanliness, safely handling food, and preventing bug infestations.
  • Alcohol Service: To legally serve alcohol, your venue must comply with the regulations of most jurisdictions. There are further regulations concerning the serving of alcoholic beverages, such as the qualifications of employees who are allowed to serve it and the age or degree of intoxication of clients who are allowed to receive it.
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12 Best MeazureUp Alternatives

Let's take a detailed look at some of the best MeazureUp alternatives to help you potentially scale your restaurant operations.

Later on, we'll take a detailed look into some important aspects of MeazureUp that you need to know as a new business owner, or someone who's potentially looking to scale their business online.

1. Xenia - #1 MeazureUp Alternative Online

Xenia, one of the best MeazureUp alternatives integrates food and beverage operations by providing tools for every team, asset, and facility to monitor, measure, and standardize work.

For round-the-clock monitoring, set up automatic humidity and temperature sensors in essential appliances like refrigerators and freezers. Assist with compliance by making use of pre-made food safety inspection forms and keeping meticulous data reports. 

Build work orders that include the following details: team, asset, location, priority, category, and due date.

Stay up-to-date on the status of each work order, communicate with your teams in real-time, and enhance your operations by reviewing the submitted templates, photographs, and comments.

With a customizable option, users can turn off responses that are perfect for certain situations, like fixing things after an inspection fails or alerting management right away when meter readings are outside of the acceptable range.


  • Checklists & SOPs: With Xenia's checklists, restaurant staff can systematically ensure that all essential tasks are completed to perfection, from prepping ingredients to executing service with finesse. SOPs provide clear guidelines and protocols for each operational aspect, ensuring consistency and adherence to best practices throughout the restaurant.
  • Minimized Equipment Downtime: Teams can centralize asset maintenance using Xenia's work order management and preventative maintenance schedules, ensuring every problem is either avoided or fixed quickly. Teams save thousands of dollars annually in repair expenses that could have been avoided.
  • Smart Inspection Workflows: There is conditional logic embedded into every stage of Xenia's operations template builder. With this feature, you can set up responses from forms to do things like create a fix for an unsuccessful inspection step, notify management when meter readings are outside of the acceptable range, and a whole lot more.
  • Compliance Reports: Keep tabs on job progress, staff output, template submissions, and more with real-time dashboard summary. Simplify compliance management by filtering, organizing, and exporting reports to PDF and Excel formats.


  • Free Forever: Free trial for up to 5 users with access to basic features
  • Starter: $99 / month for 15 users
  • Premium: $199 / month for 15 users with unlimited access to all the core features
  • Custom: Need something tailored to your organization?

Feel free to Book a Free Demo today.

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. Posist Restaurant POS

Posist is a B4B (Business-for-Business) company that uses its restaurant technology platform to help multinational restaurant chains modernize their digital operations. More than 10,000 restaurants across the world use Posist. 

It paves the way for large-scale restaurant owners to enhance growth, boost efficiency, and provide a consistent experience for their guests.

The FOH, BOH, Out of House/Integrations, Analytics, and CRM processes of restaurants are all made easier with Posist's integrated technology platform.


  • Inventory Management: Equipment for keeping tabs on food stock so that eateries can make informed purchases and keep perishables from going bad. 
  • Employee Scheduling: Resources to help you plan your staff' work schedules.
  • Accounting: Monitoring spending and income on the platform. 


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

3. Restaurant365

If you own a restaurant, you need Restaurant365, a comprehensive restaurant management system that can help you run your business more efficiently.

Streamline your restaurant operations with Restaurant365, a comprehensive platform that automates accounting, financial management, inventory monitoring, and labor scheduling. 

Their technology assists finance and operations professionals in making educated choices, which in turn reduces costs and improves overall efficiency, by offering real-time insights and data. Every restaurant, from mom-and-pop shops to chain restaurants, can benefit from Restaurant365's ability to simplify operations and boost profits.


  • R365 Accounting: Automatically generate daily journal entries for your general ledger based on detailed sales and labor data obtained straight from your point-of-sale system. Get more done in less time while maximizing precision and efficiency. 
  • R365 Store Operations: Monitor the stock, staff, and schedule of your restaurant with the use of powerful monitoring tools. Features like intraday polling allow operators to see performance as it happens.
  • R365 Workforce: Solutions for recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and benefits can streamline administrative tasks throughout the employee lifecycle. 


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

4. Jolt

Jolt is more of a household name in the restaurant industry whenever it comes to the best MeazureUp alternatives.

It is an all-inclusive digital operations platform that can be accessed on mobile devices. J

olt assists organizations in the food service, retail, and hospitality industries in establishing responsibility, improving compliance with food safety regulations, and increasing staff productivity. 

Jolt was created to assist companies that use remote workers. Restaurants, amusement parks, hotels, zoos and aquariums, car washes, medical offices, shops, and more all fall under this category.


  • Streamlined Scheduling: Users can simply construct efficient work plans using Jolt's sophisticated yet user-friendly UI. By centrally controlling them, you have complete freedom over the work schedules of several locations.
  • Efficient Time Tracking: The integrated time clock feature allows all employees the flexibility to clock in from anywhere, at any time, using a number of devices, including mobile apps. 
  • Simplified Compliance Management: Personalized audits and inspections are a breeze to create using Jolt's Forms and Inspections tool. Food safety records, CLIA compliance checklists, equipment audits, and comparable inspections can all be easily created using this program, making it simpler to comply with industry regulations.


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

5. Trail

Up next on our best Meazureup alternatives list, we've got Trail.

It's an all-inclusive & equally intuitive restaurant management software, which you can easily use to integrate all aspects of managing restaurant operations, ensuring that no detail is missed. 

In addition to keeping everything in complete order, Trail simplifies paperwork, timetables, and inventory while guaranteeing the cleanliness and safety of food.

With the checklist and data easily accessible to all team members, daily tasks may be assigned and completed more effectively. Keep your mind free to focus on running your company smoothly by avoiding paperwork.


  • Record Logs: Maintaining an exhaustive digital record will lessen the need for human data entry. Quicker and more reliable than paper.
  • Alerts & Notifications: Find out when things are done or when problems arise with your projects.
  • Checklists: The checklists are very quick, allowing staff to quickly return to client service.


  • Free Trial
  • Solo Plan: £14 per month
  • Team Plan: £38 per month/site
  • Standard Plan: £75 per month/site

6. Fourth

No matter where you are or what device you're using, Fourth's restaurant management software makes it easy to track store productivity, assign tasks, and improve food and safety compliance.

You can enhance operations and grow your business with the help of Fourth's digital logbook. Our intuitive task management software gives you insight into your business and opens up lines of contact with your employees. 

You will also find food safety documents, which will help you pass any health inspections that can come your way in the future.

The operations management system from Fourth will keep you and your team apprised of who did what and when. 


  • Mobile-First: Get your SOPs and to-do lists up and running in no time at all.
  • Store Logs and Staff Journals: Make sure that manager-to-manager communication is simplified and monitored during the shift. Use the simple search option to quickly get your shift notes at a later time.
  • Library and Contacts: Include warranty information and store-vendor contact details in the document. Keep all of the store's training materials, including paperwork on food safety, in one convenient location.


  • Ask the vendor for a quote

7. MasterControl Quality Management System

Regulatory businesses can benefit from MasterControl Inc.'s quality management system (QMS) software solutions, which speed product development, lower production costs, and boost internal efficiency.

MasterControl ensures the safekeeping of vital corporate data from start to finish of a product's lifetime.


  • Quality in the Cloud: By moving all data and documentation to the cloud, the cloud QMS software eliminates the need for paper records and allows for more regular software upgrades, which in turn improves quality and compliance procedures.
  • Automated Regulatory Compliance: Automating important quality activities including document, training, quality event, supplier, and quality audit management in a single end-to-end system removes the compliance load and improves product quality.
  • Connected QMS Platform: Digitizing, collecting, and integrating high-quality data makes it a commodity for the whole company, able to affect change and improvement across the product life cycle.


  • Ask the vendor for a quote

8. SafetyChain

With SafetyChain's food safety and quality management solutions, businesses can lessen their exposure to risk, keep expenses in check, and be audit ready.

Not only that, as one of the best Meazureup alternatives, the tool offers the following key features.


  • Configurable Forms: Operators and supervisors must be instructed to document specific data, photos, context of the fundamental cause, and feedback while production is underway.
  • Real-Time Dashboards: Using data and task visualization, you can keep track of the number of records that pass requirements and quickly identify and fix any problems that are causing checks to fail.
  • Verifications: Make sure you are aware of which records need your approval and evaluate all relevant information on quality and sanitation checks promptly.
  • Tasks & Notifications: Eliminate uncertainty and promote responsibility by outlining procedures and setting reminders to communicate when things are due.


  • Ask the vendor for a quote

9. FranchiseBlast

FranchiseBlast is an auditing and franchise management tool for small to big organizations that is hosted in the cloud.

Storing data securely, scorecarding, monitoring key performance indicators, creating checklists, and collecting feedback and surveys are all important elements.

The app's benchmarking section lets franchisors monitor their franchisees' progress according to a number of KPIs, including sales, purchase history, loyalty programs, and more. 


  • Performance Tools: Several modules are available in FranchiseBlast for the goal of analyzing your key performance indicators.
  • Franchisee Self-Assessments: Our franchisees have access to our field audit and polling apps, which they may utilize for self-audits.
  • Restaurant Line Check App: Line checks and food safety records are maintained consistently in restaurants.


  • Ask the vendor for a quote

10. FreshCheq

The next software to be a part of our best Meazureup alternatives list is FreshChecq.

Here's the cool thing about it.

Muti-sized restaurants can benefit from FreshCheq - and that too, over a cloud-based restaurant task management solution.

Other than that, kitchen management, a franchise intranet, quality control, and monitoring of percent-compete are just a few of the features.

You can personalize your brand with FreshCheq, get real-time updates, and use the app on your iOS or Android smartphone.


  • Real-Time Alerts: Get instantaneous insights into what’s happening across all store locations. Push notifications will alert you when your logs aren’t completed on time so you can immediately follow up with your staff.
  • Compliance Tracking: Inspecting with Eco-Sure, Steritech, or your health inspector will be a breeze with the digital records you can offer. Auditors will adore them.
  • Level-Up Processes: Motivate your staff to do better by recognizing and praising their efforts and establishing routines that they can keep to. 


  • Monthly: $60
  • 1 Year: $629

11. Squadle

Up next on our Meazureup alternatives list is none other than Squadle.

When it comes to managing problems, compliance, inspections, maintenance, pre-shift checks, and more with digital checklists, Squadle is the workflow automation platform for multi-unit operators, restaurants, convenience shops, and supermarket companies.

Admins can track compliance and store activity in real-time with the use of customized dashboards.

Alerts by text message, health checks, shift management, and custom triggers for remedial action are some of Squadle's most important features.

Through the use of daily emails, real-time data, and mobile apps, the system enables firms in the foodservice sector to monitor items from pre-shift and maintenance checklists. 


  • Customized Real-Time Alerts and Corrective Action Triggers: Transparent and instantaneous food safety compliance with real-time notifications for necessary corrections.
  • Checklists For Your Entire Operation: Digitize tracking of tasks from pre-shift checklists, shift notes, safety checks, and more.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: You will be the first to know the moment a temperature-sensitive area goes above the permitted limit thanks to real-time warnings. 


  • Ask the vendor for a quote

12. Qualtrax

Moving on with our best Meazureup alternatives list, we've got Qualtrax.

It is a tool for quality and compliance that can regulate and manage documents, automate important business operations, simplify training management, handle audits (both internal and external), and make sure most important industry requirements are followed instantly.

When it comes to industries that are heavily regulated and must adhere to standards like ISO 17025 and 17020, 13485 and 9001, TNI and GFSI, FDA and FQS, Qualtrax is an invaluable tool.


  • Automate Audit Preparation: Collect data effortlessly and be prepared for audits. Stay compliant with important industry standards and efficiently manage your suppliers and internal audits.
  • Protect Your Reputation: Retain the satisfaction of consumers as well as retailers while avoiding the negative publicity that can come from food fraud, adulterations, and recalls.
  • One Place For Your Data: Eliminate duplication of effort and establish a single point of truth by standardizing your procedures. Make self-inspection checklists and supplier certification monitoring automated.


  • Ask the vendor for a quote

Goals of Operations Management in a Restaurant

Efficient and well-managed day-to-day operations lead to improved financial results for restaurants. In order to show how these objectives of restaurant operations management can be met, consider the following:

  • Smooth Operations: Payroll for your restaurant may be easily handled with direct deposit, saving you the trouble of collecting cash, writing checks, or postponing payday.
  • Efficiency: By using an inventory management system, you can eliminate the need for manual counting by having inventory amounts subtracted immediately whenever a client puts an order.
  • Stronger Financial Outcomes: You can stay on top of your expenditures and never lose a receipt again by scanning them and having them sent to a special email address, your accounting software, or your accountant. This way, you can also access your receipts whenever you need them. The ability to see where your money is going can help you plan for the future of your company and make more accurate profit projections.

What is MeazureUp?

Streamline audits, keep tabs on inspections, and get valuable insights into your establishment's performance with MeazureUp, an assessment platform that's cloud-based. 

The developers of this software had multi-unit businesses like hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and shops in mind when they were making it. Administrators can improve the efficacy of inspections using MeazureUp by monitoring them, taking photographs, and giving comments. 

In addition to enhancing operational performance and standards worldwide, the platform's user-friendly, adaptable interface helps save time.

To help assist avoid legal issues, MeazureUp has automatic report production that time-stamped and permanently preserved documents every day. Additionally, it could gather signatures for the sake of accountability.

The software streamlines decision-making across all corporate locations by consolidating data into one app that is readily available in real-time. It also helps to address concerns before they escalate by generating reports.


  • Add Photos, Comments, and Corrective Actions: Giving out helpful advice and assigning cleanup jobs is a snap with the mobile-friendly design.
  • Online Dashboard Pulls It All Together: You can access the checklist and save the inspection results for each location, or you can use reports that compile all the data to discover trends.
  • Real Time Reporting Keeps Everyone Informed: All employees have immediate access to the recorded findings of your inspections after you've finished them.
  • Every Entry Is Geolocated and Time Stamped: Give up trying to figure out who did what when or where. For every entry, these particulars are automatically stored.

Key Benefits of Using MeazureUp

  • Through the use of inspection monitoring, picture capture, and commentary, MeazureUp enhances the efficacy of inspections.
  • Immediate report generation, action plan creation, signature collection, and stakeholder notification could assist you identify issues before they get out of hand.
  • Daily time stamping, documentation, and archiving of all evaluation reports is essential for avoiding legal issues.
  • Kitchen inspections, opening and closing checklists, COVID safety protocols, staff temperature checks, and kitchen temperature records are typical applications.
  • Locate sites that are or aren't following brand processes with the use of real-time automated quality checks.
  • Restaurants can enhance the precision of their health inspections by using Bluetooth thermometers that are compatible with Cooper Atkins Blue2.


If you've been constantly wondering how to improve restaurant operations, start implementing the tips we have listed above. If you do it consistently, everything will start falling in place. Gradually, you eliminate all the weaknesses in the restaurant operations model.

You do not have to execute everything in this restaurant operations improvement guide. Instead, focus on the sensitive areas that are affecting your business negatively.

For those looking for MeazureUp alternatives, consider exploring our recommended best MeazureUp alternatives, free MeazureUp alternatives, or other options available. Finding the right alternative can help streamline your operations and address specific needs more effectively.

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