7 Quality Assurance Memes Your Team Will Love

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August 18, 2023
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A quality assurance meme is the perfect way to brighten a tough work day. If you’re a facility manager, you can understand why a QA team might need a little positivity. So, how can a quality assurance meme set the stage for company-wide success? It’s simple; they’re fun!

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Recent studies prove that fun increases job satisfaction, loyalty, innovation, social atmosphere, job retention, and productivity. At the same time, fun from management decreases absenteeism, emotional exhaustion, and burnout. 

The fun of a quality assurance meme doesn’t have to be frivolous; it can also relate to your team's struggles. It’s not always easy to find motivation and engagement within quality-related activities. 

Benefits of Memes

But as the respected academic, engineer, author, and business consultant Dr. W. Edwards Deming stated, “Quality is everyone’s responsibility.” Therefore, all members of your facility must understand and be on board with quality assurance initiatives.

Let’s take a look at what a quality assurance meme is and how to make it relatable.

What is a Quality Assurance Meme?

If you've ever been on the internet, you've probably encountered memes. But what exactly is a meme? 

A meme is a piece of content used to express an opinion about something lightheartedly. It can be text, audio, or visual—and it can be anything from a photo of a cat to an animated GIF. Memes typically feature an image from a popular movie, such as "Star Wars" or "The Office.”

They're often used to poke fun at common problems but can also help us remember important lessons. Therefore, memes can be entertaining and educational—especially if you're a manager looking to communicate better with your team!

Cost of disengaged employees per year

For example, when someone asks an insightful question on a forum or group chat and no one knows the answer, they may repost it with a funny picture to show that they understand the situation and don't take it too seriously. This can help others feel more comfortable asking questions as well!

Memes provide a great way to break the ice, share some laughs, and help your team bond. They also spread like wildfire and are great ways to share important information.

Quality assurance memes will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level, giving them insight into what your day-to-day life looks like and how you feel about it.

The spread of this information can help reduce errors in testing processes, reducing downtime and increasing output.

1) Quality Assurance Importance

As the market tightens and the global competition continues to climb, a company's branding efforts are more critical than ever. Quality assurance has become a crucial part of branding for most companies, allowing them to stand out from the competition by providing confidence in their products.

Poor quality costs the majority of companies about 10-15% of their total revenue. QA teams help manufacturers fix problems faster, thereby reducing repair costs. They also help manufacturers save money by identifying issues early on when these issues are less expensive to fix than if they were left unattended until later stages of production. Or worse, when they are in the hands of customers.

The job of a quality assurance team member cannot be taken lightly. You might not be the most popular employee, but then again, in the manufacturing industry, who is? It’s still critical to validate your significance in the company's success!

Quality Assurance Importance Meme
Quality Assurance Importance Meme

2) Busy Day QA Motivation

Start your day off right with a quality assurance meme.

We all know that feeling. You're in the middle of a big project, and everything is going great—until it isn't. And then, suddenly, you're knee-deep in a mire of stress, panic, and self-doubt that can only be solved by eating an entire box of donuts while binge-watching Netflix.

But what if we told you there was another way? A way to make sure your days are always filled with success? A way to feel like you're doing your job well without stepping on anyone else's toes (or face)? A way to create a happy workplace?

It’s simple - make them laugh.

Stanford GSB professor Jennifer Aaker argues for humor's place in the workplace, suggesting that it resonates with confidence while cultivating trust.

Quality Assurance Testing Meme
Quality Assurance Testing Meme

3) QA Memes Only QA Teams Understand

When working in a team, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of your job and forget that you're not alone.

Connecting with other team members can help you stay grounded and focused on what matters most.

Three main reasons why it's essential for people in teams to communicate over work stresses:

  1. Well Being
  2. Resiliency
  3. Productivity

And these numbers don’t lie. According to Mclean & Company, disengaged employees cost approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 annual salary due to lost productivity. Luckily, quality assurance memes can bridge these gaps and encourage employee comradery!

Quality Assurance Bug Meme
Quality Assurance Bug Meme

4) QA Colleague Laughs

Most companies have a long and arduous quality assurance process that they've followed for years. If you wait until after mass production has begun, then any issues will become harder (and more expensive) to fix. 

You'll also have less time and resources available to solve problems with your product, which could mean less profit or even total failure of your business if things go wrong.

We all get excited about new products and want to see that finished product or simply want to solve a problem and call it a day. QA is there to hold managers and frontline workers accountable, which can sometimes be challenging. 

A quality assurance meme is a perfect way to tackle uncomfortable situations with superiors.

5) QA Lighthearted Disagreements

We all have disagreements on the job, but constant criticism can be disheartening. When offering employees and coworkers advice, it’s vital to be constructive.

Fortunately, QA is mainly based on sound mathematical evidence. That can’t leave much room for error, right? Wrong. 

Humans are still the ones operating these machines. Nasa explains that humans are responsible for 60%-80% of failures in high-risk industries like manufacturing. This amounts to billions of dollars lost to this industry.

So, how do you correct a colleague with grace? Make it lighthearted and avoid sounding authoritative with a quality assurance meme.

6) QA Meme Instructions

QA teams are often on the receiving end of production's frustration. They’re asked to do more with less and must deal with much pushback when they say that their testing is vital.

So how can you help your QA team teach production that their work is critical? Create a deeper connection with your colleagues. Humor is a great way to humanize QA work and build a bond.

Know your audience - making a relatable quality assurance meme will ensure that it is funny enough to share and remember. Therefore, doing the majority of the work for you!

7) QA Paperwork Meme

Have you ever wondered why QA teams are known for being angry and sarcastic?

The answer is simple: they must deal with much paperwork.

There's the bug report and its corresponding test cases, the task list, its dependencies, the test script itself, the test execution results… And that's just for one bug! When you consider that there are hundreds of bugs in an average project, it's easy to see why QA teams get frustrated.

But what if there was a way to make all that paperwork more fun? What if it could be transformed from an endless stream of frustrating tasks into something that made your team feel happy and productive?

A meme is a great way to laugh off the stress!

How to Make Your Own Quality Assurance Meme

Making your own Quality Assurance Meme is easy. Here's how to do it.

How to Make Your Own Quality Assurance Meme

First, know your audience and act appropriately! Then choose an image of someone who looks like they are experiencing something funny or silly about quality assurance. You can use any image on the internet or make one using a photo editing tool like Photoshop or Gimp.

Next, write text on the image that describes what the person in the image is doing. Make sure you use words that relate to QA teams and don't say anything negative about them (or anyone else).

Finally, share your meme with your team!

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