36 Good Review Restaurant Examples For Long-Term Strategic Success

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June 14, 2024
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It takes only one positive review to significantly improve your restaurant's online presence and boost foot traffic.

But getting those kinds of reviews is no easy task. Sometimes asking your customers for reviews can feel like borderline harassment. But it doesn’t have to!

It might be difficult to persuade customers to give feedback that emphasizes every positive feature of your service.  To get past this small obstacle, all restaurant managers must have a strategy for review retrieval and management.

According to recent research by Birdeye, most customers (73%) prefer to patronize locally owned establishments while dining out. According to the report, customers typically read two to five reviews before making a decision based on any company.

Reviews are more influential than ever before in today's hyper-connected community where everyone's thoughts can be expressed at the touch of a button.

Online reviews have grown in importance to the point that 95% of customers read them, with 88% placing equal or more trust in them than personal recommendations.

Nevertheless, getting these gold nuggets of advocacy might sometimes seem as intimidating as striking gold. So, how can you encourage happy customers to write glowing reviews about your business?

Here we will provide you with some actual instances of favorable evaluations from actual customers. You can use these good restaurant reviews examples to enhance your online reputation and propel your organization to new heights by praising your wonderful interactions with customers.

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What is a Restaurant Review?

Customers post reviews to express their opinions on a business, product, or service.

In general, they've dealt with this business in some capacity, such as via a purchase, use, or interaction with their customer support agents.

Customers often discuss the product quality, the company's treatment of them, their experience, and whether or not they would suggest this business in their reviews.

Businesses solicit client input on a regular basis and publish evaluations on their websites. Customers can additionally post reviews on websites dedicated to gathering reviews.

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Why are Positive Restaurant Reviews Important?

People are more likely to dine at your restaurant if you have a lot of positive reviews. People look to them as evidence of a restaurant's quality, authenticity, and consistency.

Customers who have read favorable reviews are better able to decide if a restaurant canticle their fancy. How? By offering insightful details on the standard of food and services.

You're doing more than merely developing your brand with every glowing review you get. When you build a community of happy consumers, you are essentially building brand advocates who will be more than happy to tell others about their great experiences.

But bear in mind, that a five-star rating won't make your business stand out from the crowd when it comes to generating online buzz.

Without a detailed, well-document highlighting the best parts of the experience from the diner, no star rating—no matter how high—will do you good.

That’s because constitutes a "good review" extends beyond simple star ratings. 

Review quality is determined by the degree to which it is authentic, comprehensive, and helpful. It gives prospective customers an accurate and transparent idea of what they can expect. 

Offering more than just praise for a product or service, providing a balanced perspective is crucial. This allows others to make well-informed decisions.

A restaurant's reputation can be significantly improved by favorable reviews. They boost sales by drawing in more visitors, who are more likely to dine. If businesses want to tap into the power of customer reviews, they need to know what makes them tick.

Here are some reasons why positive reviews are crucial for businesses.

  1. Builds Trust and Credibility

Building trust and credibility with customers is essential for any business-customer relationship to succeed.

People are faced with an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to eating out. Positive feedback serves as a trustworthy gauge. They lead people in search of good food to such establishments.

Positive word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients serve as tangible evidence that a business is reliable and fulfills its promises. Furthermore, within a competitive market, amassing a substantial number of favorable comments can set a food business apart, cementing its reputation as a dependable and trustworthy choice.

  1. Influences Purchase Decisions

People are far more likely to purchase after reading a positive review. A whopping 81% of consumers nowadays prefer to look up a business online before buying anything. 

Review sites are a great resource for prospective buyers looking for information about a product or service's reliability and value.

People who are on the fence about making a purchase might feel more at ease with this kind of social evidence.  Every review represents an individual's word of recommendation. With more satisfied consumers coming in via word of mouth, the business's potential to grow is significantly enhanced.

  1. Improves Online Visibility and SEO

Customers aren't the only ones that benefit from positive ratings. Additionally, they boost a company's online visibility. Google and other search engines factor in the quantity and quality of reviews when determining a website's search engine rating.

Search engines make sure that a business is relevant and trustworthy when there is a consistent flow of favorable reviews.

This can improve its ranking in search engines. as well Customers are more likely to find businesses with better ratings online due to this increased exposure.

Moreover, incorporating relevant review keywords can enhance a company's search engine rankings for specific queries. Positive comments serve as one of the most impactful SEO strategies.

  1. Enhances Customer Engagement

One important part of any successful restaurant strategy is actively engaging with customers via reviews.

When consumers publicly praise a restaurant in a review, it boosts its brand image and encourages other people to do the same.

Customers, both existing and potential, can see that a business cares about their opinions and is dedicated to excellence through this kind of engagement. 

Most importantly, this kind of interaction has the potential to bring and build an entire community behind a brand, which in turn strengthens relationships with customers and drives loyalty. Positive review engagement therefore not only boosts customer satisfaction but also deepens the connection between businesses and their customers.

  1. Provides Valuable Feedback and Insights

Despite the widespread perception that good reviews just serve as endorsements, they actually provide insightful criticism and analysis.

Reviews can help businesses learn what customers appreciate most and what they should improve upon by providing both positive and negative feedback.

You can use this information to make your food, service, and customer experiences even better. Businesses can uncover a lot about their strengths and USPs by looking at trends based on favorable reviews. 

This also makes for great marketing collateral, as they can highlight these in their advertising campaigns. 

  1. Increases Sales

It is impossible to overstate the direct effect that positive reviews have on sales. As previously pointed out, favorable reviews serve as social evidence. They have a major impact on consumers' choices regarding what to purchase. 

An increase in sales revenue correlates directly with an enhancement in the average rating. Positive evaluations not only attract additional clients but also stimulate increased spending. Consequently, this directly influences a restaurant's bottom line.

  1. Strengthens Brand Reputation

Consistent positive feedback plays a pivotal role in solidifying a business's reputation. In today's fiercely competitive landscape, a restaurant's reputation serves as a potent differentiator.

Positive customer experiences form the bedrock of a strong brand reputation. Loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth all stem from a single positive review.

Moreover, in the event of negative feedback, a robust foundation of positive reviews acts as a buffer, mitigating potential damage by reflecting the goodwill of customers.

Also, see how to improve restaurant operations.

What Makes a Good Review?

What constitutes a good review? Let's get that out of the way first before we discuss some good restaurant reviews examples and suggestions on how to respond to them strategically. 

A "good review" is when a customer gives your business a rating of 5 stars, which may seem like a no-brainer. The truth is that there is much more to a "good review" than just a star rating. 

Here are a few good restaurant reviews examples of key phrases that are often used in favorable reviews:

  • “I highly recommend this restaurant”
  • “The food and service quality was truly exceptional, I can’t wait to come back”
  • “The X item was particularly my favourite, good ambiance and customer service.”

But here’s what makes a “good review” a great one:

1. Goes Beyond The Stars

Make sure your positive reviews are thorough. A five-star rating is great, but a lengthy review will show people just why the customer loved your service. This clarifies to potential customers how your business differs from others. 

2. Describes the Customer Experience

For a review to be considered very good, it has to cover a lot of ground. Was the level of service that the customer received exceptional? Did a customer offer a name for a particularly helpful staff in the review? 

Was there anything more about the food that the customer wanted to highlight, such as how fresh it was? Not only can these specifics pique the interest of potential customers, but they will also show you where your company excels. 

3. Adds Photos or Videos

A review is effective if it answers all of the questions. Reviews should clearly outline the business's offerings, including their products and services, and customer service specifics. These intricacies are often hard to put into words. Customers who provide favorable evaluations and provide evidence in the form of images and videos gain bonus points for their thoroughness and legitimacy. 

Aesthetics, presentation, and visual appeal are of utmost importance in the hospitality sector, thus this is particularly crucial. You can persuade anyone to go to this restaurant just by reading this lengthy and honest review, which includes actual photos taken by the customer. 

4. Mentions a Staff Member By Name

When responding to customer reviews, a lot of businesses find it difficult to show any character or humanize the business. Customers may feel more connected to the restaurant when reviews identify specific employees, it could be the chef, the server, or the bartender. This increases the likelihood that they will choose to revisit the eatery.

You can also use employee evaluation forms to get the information you need.

5. Talks of a Long-Term Experience 

Customers seeking recommendations on review sites are seeking more than just positive remarks about your service. They want to know how your customers really feel about you, so ask for more details. The review will be much more valuable if the customer says they have been dealing with you on a frequent basis.

6. Mentions the Location 

The offices' location and the convenience it offers to diners are two of the most important factors for customers. To get the most out of your review, make sure to include the restaurant's location, particularly if it's in an attractive area. 

A simple positive review template that works best for restaurants is: 

"I recently ate at [Restaurant Name]. The reservation was simple to arrange, and the staff was exceedingly helpful in addressing our unique needs. The overall ambiance was excellent, and the cuisine more than met my expectations. We tried the house recommendations, and if you go to the restaurant, you should too. This is a must-try if you're searching for a great, intimate dinner place.”

A great positive review looks like this one:

Nobu is a revered Japanese restaurant chain, cherished as a rare delight among food enthusiasts. Renowned for its unique menus and incomparable dining atmosphere, it stands as a example of culinary excellence.

Why it’s a good review restaurant examples

  • The reviewer draws attention to the sophisticated setting and cozy lighting. They succeed in capturing the atmosphere of the restaurant in great detail.
  • This example of a 5-star rating implies that the cuisine is prepared by experienced chefs using premium products.
  • The restaurant's attention to hygienic practices is evident from the mention of spotless toilets, tables, and seats.

How to Write a Good Review

You need to be able to identify quality reviews to ensure that your company's review section is up to par.

These are some suggestions for your customers to consider if they are having trouble writing interesting, positive reviews.

Provide Specifics

In the review, be sure to include all the important aspects of the experience. Reviews that go into detail about the food and the service are highly valued by customers. Include details about the service or product and any correspondence with staff.

Share Your Preferences

Share your thoughts on a particular aspect of the service or menu item that you liked or disliked. Your thoughts add authenticity to the review and aid prospective buyers in determining its quality.

Be Honest and Respectful

Never exaggerate a review; no matter how much you dislike something, you should always be respectful and honest. You can make your review more useful and trustworthy by being polite and genuine.

Offer Suggestions For Improvement

Just because you didn't like something doesn't mean you can't provide suggestions for improvement. Consistently offering helpful criticism demonstrates your want to see the business succeed.

36 Good Restaurant Reviews Examples 

  1. Good Restaurant Reviews Examples of Great Food
  • "The food is really outstanding! Every meal we had was full of flavor and cooked to perfection. I really suggest the [enter dish name] and [insert dish name]."
  • "Hands down, some of the most delicious food I've eaten lately! They utilize only the freshest ingredients and ensure that each dish is properly prepared. The [insert food item] was very memorable. "Must try!" 
  • "I am still fantasizing about my lunch at [insert restaurant name]! Each mouthful was delicious, and the presentation just blew us away. Don't miss out on trying their signature dish."
  • "From appetizers to sweets, this restaurant well surpassed our expectations! Our family really liked the appetizers, the selection of sweets, and the hand-churned ice cream! The [dessert name] was quite popular! "Highly recommended." 
  • "If you're a cheeses connoisseur like me, you'll like this spot!" The menu offers an excellent assortment of foods, and we like everything we had. We only received positive feedback regarding the food. I can't wait to come back!"
  • "The menu has an extensive variety of options, and everything we tried was great. I really enjoyed the creative takes on traditional foods."
  1. Good Restaurant Reviews Examples of Excellent Service
  • "The service at [insert restaurant name] is excellent!" The staff is polite and attentive, going above and beyond to provide a wonderful eating experience. Congratulations to the whole team!"
  • "I was really impressed by the service at [enter restaurant name]. The staff members were very knowledgable about the food and provided fantastic suggestions. Truly excellent service!"
  • "The service here is exceptional. Our server was attentive, yet not intrusive. The whole team worked together to provide a flawless eating experience. We never had to ask anything twice!" 
  • "I can't say enough positive things about the service at this establishment. The staff is very tolerant of small alterations and goes above and beyond to assure visitors' satisfaction. Bravo!"
  • "The staff here genuinely cares about their guests. They were attentive, courteous, and pleasant. They made us feel like VIPs."
  • "The service was perfect from beginning to end. Our waitress was courteous and helpful, ensuring that our whole meal experience was flawless. We would come back only for the service."
  1. Good Restaurant Reviews Examples of Great Ambiance
  • "The atmosphere at this restaurant is absolutely great! "The cozy atmosphere, soft lighting, and elegant decor make the ideal setting for any special occasion."
  • "This restaurant has the best ambiance. Whether eating inside or outside, you will be surrounded by beauty and charm. It's the ideal place to relax and dine in luxury. Fine meal, indeed!"
  • "This restaurant hits the ideal combination of modern and cozy. The atmosphere is modern but inviting, making it great for both private meals and exuberant groups."
  • "The environment of this restaurant is quite beautiful and intimate. It's the ideal setting for a romantic evening."
  • "I like the ambiance of this restaurant! It finds the optimum mix between stylish and easygoing, making it appropriate for any occasion.
  • "Whether you're sitting inside or on the terrace, the vibe at this restaurant is always delightful. The ambiance enhances the whole eating experience. [Restaurant name] is an absolute hidden treasure."
  • "This restaurant offers a colorful environment. "The energy is contagious and always puts me in a good mood."
  • "The atmosphere is simply so Instagrammable. Every photo you take here would look great on social media, from the cuisine to the whole environment. Overall, wonderful work, and the location is a must-see." 
  1. Good Restaurant Reviews Examples of Overall Experience
  • “Overall, eating at this restaurant was a pleasure from beginning to end. The wonderful cuisine, amazing service, and attractive atmosphere created a memorable experience."
  • "My experience at this restaurant was nothing short of outstanding. From the minute I arrived until I departed, the cuisine and service made me feel welcome and pampered. "I highly recommend it!"
  • "From the time we came in, we knew we were in for a treat. The whole experience was fantastic, from the delectable cuisine to the attentive service to the quaint setting."
  • "We greatly enjoyed dinner at [enter restaurant name]. Everything was handled really nicely from the minute we arrived until we departed. I thank the crew for putting together such a positive experience. I am already looking forward to my next visit."
  • "I've gone to a lot of similar eateries, but this one really sticks out. The attention to detail and devotion to guest service distinguishes it from the competition."
  • "This restaurant surpassed all of my expectations. You don't frequently discover a setting where everything fits together so well. I'll suggest it to everyone of my friends and family.
  1. Good Restaurant Reviews Examples with Personalized Staff Mentions
  • "I want to thank [waiter's name] for making our dinner experience very unforgettable. Their attention and kind approach complemented the meal and made us feel like valued guests."
  • "Many thanks to [waiter's name] for giving excellent service during our lunch. Their menu expertise and attention to detail resulted in a perfect eating experience.
  • "I can't thank [waiter's name] enough for the excellent service we got. Their expertise and kindness brought a personal touch to our evening, and we departed very happy."
  • "I'd want to thank [waiter's name] for going above and beyond to ensure that our dinner experience was exceptional. Their sincere welcome and excellent service made all the difference."
  • "Our server, [Waiter's Name], was just fantastic. They understood the cuisine, made excellent suggestions, and valued guest comments. We'll inquire the next time we come."
  • "I cannot thank [Waiter's Name] enough for their excellent service. They went out of their way to fulfill our wishes and treated us like VIPs. We will be returning, thanks to them!"
  1. Good Restaurant Reviews Examples of Food Trends/Dietary Requirements
  • "As someone with severe nut allergies, going out can be difficult, but this restaurant was really accommodating. They took my allergy concerns seriously and went above and beyond to make sure I had a safe and pleasant lunch."
  • "I just became vegan and am constantly looking for eateries that have delicious plant-based choices. This restaurant surpassed my expectations with its inventive and delectable vegan cuisine. I will be back!"
  • "As a gluten-free diner, I'm accustomed to having fewer selections at restaurants, but this establishment featured an excellent assortment of gluten-free options. It's great to discover a restaurant that takes dietary restrictions seriously."
  • "I was pleasantly impressed by this restaurant's vegan selection. From appetizers to meals, there was something for every taste. It's fantastic to see a restaurant that caters to plant-based eating.
  • "Finding eateries that provide gluten-free food without losing taste may be difficult, but this one nailed it. Their gluten-free meals were as delicious as their usual menu items."
  • "I like how seriously this restaurant treats food sensitivities. As someone with a nut allergy, I felt perfectly comfortable eating here. Furthermore, their gluten-free and vegan alternatives were a welcome surprise. Highly recommended for those with dietary limitations!"

The Do's and Don't's of Review Replies For Restaurants


1. Personalize Your Responses

Use the reviewer's name and provide specific points from their criticism. It demonstrates that you respect their feedback and are not depending merely on generic responses.

2. Express Gratitude

No matter how harsh the criticism, you should always appreciate the reviewer. Your dedication to client satisfaction is evident when you acknowledge their effort to post a review.

3. Address Specific Concerns

Respond specifically to any concerns raised in the evaluation. Proactively seeking ways to improve reassures both the reviewer and future consumers.

4. Invite Further Interaction

Tell unhappy reviewers they can reach out to you offline if they want to talk about it further or get their problems fixed. Going above and above demonstrates your willingness to do so.

5. Use AI Tools Wisely

When it comes to coming up with answers to typical questions, a review response generator is a great tool to have at your disposal. But make sure it's all human-powered in the end by tailoring AI recommendations to your brand's tone and personality.


1. Don't Ignore Negative Feedback

Your reputation might take a hit if you respond only to good reviews. Being receptive to feedback demonstrates that you are willing to improve and appreciate feedback from all customers.

2. Avoid Generic Responses

Personal replies are considerably more beneficial in creating connections with customers, though using a one-size-fits-all reply is appealing. but not always the best.

3. Never Escalate An Argument

Remain professional while responding to reviews, even if they seem overwhelmingly negative or unjust. Instead of becoming defensive, try to concentrate on providing solutions

4. Don't Delay Your Responses

Get there on time. Your attentiveness and concern for your clients' experiences are shown by your rapid response.

5. Refrain from Over-Promising

Make no promises you cannot fulfill, even if it is essential to address concerns. Establish reasonable goals for the resolutions.

How to Collect Reviews from Customers

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

  • Encourage Team Involvement: Create a space where all team members understand the importance of listening to customer input.

Educate your employees on why and how to request evaluations. Saying something as basic as, "We'd love your feedback on your experience," after a pleasant conversation or a transaction, may have considerable impact.

  • Lead by Example: Demonstrate to your staff the relevance of reviews. Give an example of a favorable one and talk about how it helps the business succeed. Because of this, they are more likely to include requests for reviews into their communications with customers.

Streamlining the Review Process

  • Automate Requests: Send out automatic review requests using email or text message campaigns.

As soon as the transaction or service is finished, send them. This may be facilitated by using tools such as Google My Business, Yelp, or platforms that are tailored to the business.

  • Simplify the Process: Make sure the review procedure is easy to understand. Make it easy for clients to provide feedback by providing clear instructions and links. Customers are more likely to leave a review if there are fewer steps to do it.

Personalizing Review Requests

  • Timing and Personalization: Take advantage of the customer's recent experience to send review requests.

They need enough time to evaluate your service or goods, nevertheless. Customize communications based on the customer's past interactions with your business. This shows how much you value their business.

  • Choosing the Right Channels: Consider the preferred method of communication with the customer. Choosing the right channel can boost the response rate. Sending an email, text message, or posting on a social media site is all that's needed to do this.

Incentivizing Customer Reviews

  • Offer Ethical Incentives: Follow the rules set down by the platform.

They often prohibit any special incentives for favorable reviews. However, there are still broad incentives businesses may give to promote feedback.

Customers might be motivated by offering them discounts on future purchases, contest entries, or modest gifts. They can be certain that their input will remain uncompromised.

  • Communicate Clearly: Ensure that the incentive is clear to customers. Give them the rundown on how to claim it after they've left a review. Customers have a better experience with your business when you communicate clearly with them.

5 Most Popular Platforms for Online Reviews

1. Google

Not surprisingly, with over 8.5 billion searches done daily, Google leads the world in both internet traffic and engagement. It makes perfect sense to list your restaurant on Google My Business.

Where do you look first when looking for a good or service? It's simple; just use Google. It follows that Google is the greatest website for online reviews.

If your company is local, Google is very important, so make sure you take the time to set up your Google Business page and improve your company's discoverability.

You can do this for free. Once listed, there's an even greater possibility that your business will show up in relevant search results, which can increase traffic. 

At least three relevant business entries will appear at the top of the search engine results page when someone searches for, say, "best Thai food in Denver," according to Google.

To be included as one of those three will be largely dependent on the quantity and kind of reviews your restaurant has received.

Are you the owner of more than one restaurant? In order for the user's search to be relevant to their location, make sure that every address appears in Google.

You should be concerned about ensuring customers can read reviews of the place they want to visit.  

2. Facebook

With 2.9 billion monthly visits, it's no wonder Facebook made the list. Your business needs to be active on Facebook, the world's biggest social media network.  

Facebook is quickly rising to the top of the popularity rankings due to its massive user base. Because most users already have accounts, it's also easy for them to submit evaluations on Facebook.

This implies that users won't have to register for an account or log in every time they come, in contrast to other websites.

Facebook is a great tool for restaurant reviews since it allows you to promote future sales and events and interact with reviewers directly.

Utilize Facebook Business's features to create a Page that has all the details you need, including your location, contact details, website link, images, reservation widgets, and more. It becomes a one-stop shop for establishing your restaurant's identity and attracting new clients with complete information inputs.

3. TripAdvisor

When planning a trip, most individuals head to this location.

Thus, you should be aware of TripAdvisor if you own a restaurant, motel, or other establishment that serves customers. Since visitors provide reviews, comments, and photos, the guidance is mostly trustworthy and well-respected.

Among the most popular keywords directing people to their website are "food near me" and "restaurants near me."

Travelers from all around the globe submit restaurant reviews to Tripadvisor. They furthermore provide internet reservation booking and restaurant rating. By using their platform to take control of your company, you may alter restaurant data, pictures, reviews, and more.

Due of its worldwide reach, Tripadvisor is a valuable resource for both customers and business owners.

Tripadvisor allows you to reach out to prospective diners who may be traveling from a long distance.

Make sure that your food—and your brand—are prominently featured on your Tripadvisor page. More clicks and reviews will result from a polished, well-curated appearance and feel, and maybe

4. Yelp

There's a good reason why Yelp dominates the restaurant review market. It has 33 million monthly unique visits.

The more authority you have over your Yelp listing, the more adept you will be at handling and reacting to all comments, good and bad.

This attracts those who are looking for something fresh and helps you maintain the loyalty of your present clientele. This degree of involvement demonstrates your sincere interest in a high-quality item or service.

Having a presence on Yelp is particularly beneficial for bigger companies since the platform works with businesses who have several locations to increase traffic to those restaurants via a tool called Seasonal Spotlight Ads. 

5. Zomato

Zomato attracts about 32.1 million unique visitors each month and is ranked #1,066 in the world for online engagement. 

It was once known as Urbanspoon and is one of the top local restaurant and bar directories.

They gather reviews from various sources, including food bloggers, reviewers, and your clientele. The restaurant directory website's restaurant pages further provide menus, photographs, and contact details.

Final Thoughts

In the restaurant industry, where success stories are crafted through the passion and dedication of visionary entrepreneurs, creativity, innovation, and culinary talent converge to create a melting pot. 

From humble beginnings to global empires, these restaurants demonstrate that with determination, boldness, and a clear vision, one can turn culinary ambitions into prosperous realities. 

If you ever contemplate opening a restaurant of your own, let these good review restaurant examples be the tales of triumph that inspire you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should a 5-Star Review Say?

For a review to get five stars, it has to be an honest reflection of the reviewer's experience. It ought to emphasize how happy the reviewer was with the service or product. Furthermore, a review deserving of five stars should be brief, error-free, and written in English.

How Do You Comment on a Positive Review?

Expressing gratitude to the reviewer is the most polite approach to respond to a favorable review. Another option is to express your gratitude for their comments and how delighted you are to have them as your customer. Feel free to answer any particular points they brought up in their response if you so want. Expressing gratitude and showing appreciation for the reviewer's perspective is always a great idea.

How Do You Write a Positive Review Response Example?

Assuming you'd want a reply to a positive review you saw online:

“It means a lot to me that you were so complimentary. We're happy to have you as a client and more happier that our service or product was able to make you happy. Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any suggestions on how we may better serve you. I am grateful for your support.”

How Do I Respond to a Google 5-Star Review?

I am, or we are,grateful for the five-star rating. Thank you for your satisfaction with our service.

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