6 Best Restaurant Management Software To Complete Back Of House Operations

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February 26, 2024
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Are you grappling to manage the back-of-house operations of your restaurant?

The seamless coordination between the front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) activities is critical for your business growth.

As a restaurant manager, you certainly have your hands full, with everything from food safety to order delivery to be overseen.

The number of tasks to be manually handled in the dynamic setting is just daunting, not to mention, time-consuming and often error-prone.

For that reason, today we’ll discuss 6 restaurant management applications to help you improve and streamline your back-of-house operations.

These apps give you a digitized way to review your important daily checks in place of having to deal with manual ones, saving you time and providing a more precise and effective approach.

And to further emphasize the need, Here are some striking statistics: According to 71% of food organizations, digital transformation is more important for business agility than empowered teams (27%), quick decision and learning cycles (50%), and entrepreneurial culture (20%).

Moving on, optimizing your BOH operations using restaurant operation management software can help you increase your overall performance and efficiency in several ways, including scheduling, staff training, inventory management optimization, and kitchen process simplification. But, how do you choose the best restaurant staff management software? Let’s break it down 

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6 Best Restaurant Management Software

Before we delve into different aspects of restaurant operations management, let's take a quick, but detailed, look at some of the best restaurant operation management software.

This'll help you with getting the overall idea, and see firsthand account of how these applications improve overall accountability factor.

Later on, we'll talk about different areas of restaurant management that'll eventually help you to understand everything more effectively.

1. Xenia - Overall No. 1 Best & Free Restaurant Management Software

For anyone dealing with the challenges of restaurant inspections, regulatory compliance, and the ever-changing environment of commercial food and beverage operations.

Xenia, our top choice for the best restaurant management software, will improve your back-of-house processes.

The tool ensures that essential processes are never overlooked by providing consistent protocols, screening, and tracking.

Xenia's unique selling point is its wide sense of adaptability, customization and tons of feature-centric tools that improve overall restaurant process & business accountability.

The program works with both Apple and Android devices and enables your whole team to do HACCP checks and ISO audits with coordinated efficiency.

Aside from the free basic package, the platform offers the three top-tier paid plans, transforming auditing procedures digitally for multi-sized; multi-location businesses from all over!

Key Features

  • Checklists and SOPs: Using multi-step processes, media attachments, and conditional logic, you can easily conduct digital audits in Xenia.

From an operations and accountability improvement perspective, this approach allows for a thorough overview of operational efficiency ensuring that nothing is ignored.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be saved and utilized as a helpful training tool as well as a repository for all of your corporate processes.

  • Task Management: Create, assign, and track work orders or tasks with ease in just a few seconds. Whether the work is a one-time assignment or a recurrent one, Xenia's app guarantees easy management.
  • Real-Time Updates and Collaboration:  Xenia lets managers collaborate with them without worrying about overwriting important data.
  • Preventive Maintenance: keeping proper asset maintenance records, whether for fryers, freezers, or refrigerators. Xenia as one of the best inventory management software allows you to easily monitor your equipment.
  • Inspections: One of this robust tool’s strengths is the auditing feature. Optimize security, and improve quality control to keep your boh operation smooth.
  • Corrective Actions: A seamless workflow requires effective management of corrective actions. Xenia employs Smart Logic to automatically generate corrective actions based on audit responses. Managers can regulate all corrective actions from a user-friendly dashboard with ease.
  • Reporting: The tool offers pre-configured reporting dashboards, and these reports can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Recognize patterns, and identify development opportunities to keep your restaurant ahead of competitors.


  • Free Forever Plan: Free for up to 5 users, with access to all the basic features!
  • Starter Plan: $99 per month (for up to 15 users)
  • Premium Plan: $199 per month (for up to 15 people)
  • Custom Plan: Unlimited users, work orders, increased file storage capacity and a slew of customized features!

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. BevSpot

Up next on our best restaurant management software list, we've got BevSpot is another tool that's designed to transform your back-of-house operations and make restaurant management easy for you.

BevSpot is much more than a solution. It may make your life easier by easily simplifying your inventory.

You can simply track inventories and place orders with just a few clicks on any device. BevSpot doesn't end there; it also provides you with sales performance data, allowing you to make smart purchase decisions and increase your profit margins.

Key Features

  • BevSpot provides a quick and effective procedure, allowing you more time to focus on what matters most.
  • BevSpot streamlines the ordering process, creating a streamlined experience that corresponds to the fast-paced nature of the food and beverage sector.
  • Moreover, it helps you keep your recipes organized and accessible to ensure consistency and quality in every dish
  • Data is power and this restaurant management software provides you with powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to get vital insights into your operations. 


  • Free 
  • Standard -$249/month(billed annually)
  • Pro -$349/month(billed annually)

3. HotSchedules

Moving on with our best restaurant management software recommendations, we've got HotSchedules on the list.

It is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly restaurant operation management software that provides solutions to scheduling and workforce management issues.

It not only simplifies the planning and sharing of work schedules, but it also adds to considerable labor cost savings of up to 2%, according to the app. 

Key Features 

  • HotSchedules allows you to design and allocate shifts more efficiently, recovering up to 75% of the time generally spent on these tasks.
  • Restaurant managers or owners can improve team communication by immediately updating schedules, switching shifts, and dealing with urgent scheduling changes inside the platform.
  • The financial side of workforce management is crucial. The app allows you to produce complete data on labor expenditures and sales to evaluate overall labor practices 
  •  Increase staff engagement by giving employees instant access to schedules via the mobile app. 
  • Configure labor rules to track shift transactions, regulate labor expenses and maintain industry, state, and federal compliance.
  • The precise forecasting feature of this restaurant staff management software allows you to save operational expenses, boost sales income, and improve customer experience.


  • Starting from $70.

4. GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck provides features for both a restaurant inspection app and a mobile task manager, effectively creating restaurant management software.

To handle health and safety inspections with GoSpotCheck, you don't need to be a tech genius with this software.

The user-friendly interface of the tool makes sure it works not only for seasoned inspectors but also for newbies.

Key Features

  • Everything from new menu rollouts to signage can be controlled straight from the app, allowing you to create a brand experience that your consumers will love.
  • Effortless In-App New Hire Onboarding guarantees that your employees are well-equipped and informed from the start.
  • For health and safety standards, GoSpotCheck ensures allergy warnings and adequate food safety measures to keep your operations compliant and secure.
  • Use detailed checklists to stay on top of your restaurant's operations. 
  • Visual data reporting provides you with quick insights into your restaurant's performance, allowing you to make educated decisions.
  • With real-time alerts and notifications, the software keeps you in the loop at all times, allowing you to resolve issues quickly and uphold the highest standards.


  • Contact GoSpotCheck For Customized pricing quotation

5. FoodCode-Pro

This restaurant management software,  adapted to the unique needs of restaurant owners, offers a comprehensive solution to the problem of optimizing food safety.

The tool not only empowers you to follow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  standards and regulations, but it also aids you in developing and executing the best processes for your business. FoodCode-Pro is more than just software; it's a strategic partner in ensuring that your facility meets and exceeds the highest food safety requirements.

Key Features

  • Food safety dashboards provide a comprehensive perspective of your restaurant's performance. Managers can readily assess overall performance and follow progress 
  • Extensive Compliance Checklists, including an abundance of information for every member of staff. Everyone, from the culinary staff to the servers, is trained to uphold the highest standards.
  • FoodCode-Pro simplifies health and safety laws by providing complete information on restaurant health and safety codes, divided by country and state. 
  • The 3D Violation Search function enables your staff to comprehend and participate in the inspection process more intuitively and intelligently.


  • Contact FoodCode-Pro for Customized Pricing quotation

6. Connecteam

Connecteam enables managers to put their company operations on autopilot, freeing them their time to focus on business growth.

Simultaneously, it liberates employees, allowing them to be more effective and fulfilled in their fields.

Key Features

  • All inside one app, simplify staff communication, improve professional abilities, and manage everyday duties. 
  • Using Connecteam's digital checklists, you can verify that your staff follows processes consistently and adheres to the highest standards of food safety on every shift.
  • Employee Training and Onboarding Tools to keep your employees up to date on the updated local health inspection criteria. 
  • Use the Maintenance feature to ensure that food is always stored appropriately using Connecteam.
  • Connecteam's chat feature assists you in fostering a healthy work culture that goes beyond the digital environment.


  • Premium plans start from $29.

How To Choose the Best Restaurant Management Software?

Addressing this query depends on your business's specific needs and standards.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing the right restaurant staff management software.

The aforementioned options that we shortlisted for you in post, have earned their spot.

Some are designed just for the restaurant and hotel industry, while others serve a wider spectrum of businesses.

for an insightful comparison, let’s go through the key areas to aid you in the decision-making process.

Cost factor: For most people, money is the primary force behind decisions.

When in search of operation management software, there are numerous choices available on the market, and while many of them are paid for, we've also covered ones that provide free trials or the chance to start with a much less initial investment.

Compliance: The challenges associated with food and beverage compliance are considerably more daunting. We'll see how each tool facilitates an effective, if not effortless, navigation of this complexity.

Customization Requirements: Business software must be adaptable to innovation. We'll evaluate each option's adaptability to the constantly changing needs of the food and beverage sector.

Integrations: For some restaurant business owners, optimizing value and fostering synergies depend heavily on smooth integration.

User-Friendly Interface: Avoid spending money on a program that is too complicated and that your staff finds difficult to use. We'll point you in the direction of choices with visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

Real-time Reporting and Analysis: Although digital data collecting is valuable, you can gain guidance for future business decision-making via real-time reporting dashboards and result analysis.

The Bottom Line 

Choosing the best restaurant inventory management software might be difficult. Xenia is not just the best restaurant software option; it is also a significantly more feature-rich solution for transforming how you run your restaurant operations and providing you with a seamless experience.

But enough from us; we invite you to try Xenia - or some of the mentioned options - to see which one is ideal for your team.

Schedule a demo to see how Xenia can optimize your maintenance operations and work order management procedures.

We hope these insights help you while choosing the best fit for your back of the operation activities of your restaurant.

Restaurant Management Software - FAQs 

How a Restaurant Management Software Assist me in Running a Business Effectively?

Restaurant management software can automate order processing, inventory tracking food compliance, and staff scheduling. This automation improves efficiency, reduces errors, and raises total productivity.

Can Restaurant Management Software Help Ensure that Health Compliance?

Yes, many restaurant management software like Xenia provide features like as digital checklists, compliance tracking, and reporting capabilities that aid in assuring compliance with health and safety requirements.

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Operation Management Software for My Business?

Consider variables such as your restaurant's specialized demands, features such as inventory management and staff scheduling, ease of use, scalability, and integration with current systems.

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