10 Best CoastApp Alternatives to Use in 2024

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April 5, 2024
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While frontline work management is on an upward spike, recent events, like the pandemic, have forced organizations to adopt a technology-oriented solution to streamline their daily operations.

Solutions, like, CoastApp have been a client favorite for a long time, but many users don’t resonate with this application.

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We have compiled a list of the best CoastApp alternatives you can find on the market.

These CoastApp alternatives have been hand-picked from thorough market research and are not ranked or rated in any way.

But before we get into that, let’s see why these frontline work management solutions are essential and why we should use them.

Importance of Frontline Work Management Solutions

Managing your frontline staff is crucial if you want clients to hire your service daily. And the only way to ensure that everything is done according to company policy is to have a work management solution that can oversee the entire operation for you.

This application will also ensure to keep an eye out for how your employees perform their duties. And suppose they are slacking off and not performing at an optimum level. In that case, the application can detect that, and you can make better staffing decisions in the future resulting in an overall increase in productivity.

Let’s dive right in and find out how these frontline work management solutions can improve our lives when remotely tracking and managing our maintenance activities.

10 CoastApp Alternatives To Check Out In 2024

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
All In One Workforce Management Application
Great For Managing Frontline Workers

1. Xenia

Xenia - #1 CoastApp Alternative for Facility and Frontline Operations
Xenia - #1 CoastApp Alternative for Facility and Frontline Operations

Xenia is one of the best CoastApp alternatives you can use right now in 2024.

The application was built with frontline work management in mind, and has a friendly and customizable interface on both mobile and web-app front.

Xenia is one app for your facilities and your frontline. Xenia's platform brings together workforce operations, maintenance management and inspection tools to provide an integrated view of company health. The platform features a robust out-the-box checklist library that can power any task from safety and quality inspections to equipment maintenance and compliance audits. These checklists are customizable and you can even build your own from scratch, allowing managers to quickly standardize procedures and use them in the work assigned to teams. Xenia seamlessly integrates internal chats, directories and other tools such as logs and schedules to power a diverse array of use cases including preventive maintenance, work order management, punch lists, etc.

The app was designed specifically for frontline worker ease of use which allows onboarding to take less than a day. Their primary markets are hotels, property management groups, schools, senior living facilities, and facilities management teams. But they also work with private clubs and associations, construction teams, gyms, security and restaurants.

Key Features

  • Template Library and Builder: Create custom inspections, checklists, logs and SOPs for every team, asset and location. Build from scratch or modify a pre-built template for fast standardization.
  • Work Order Management: Assign, track and measure work orders effectively to speed up resolution time. See available staff and delegate tasks complete with description, checklist, category, location and asset.
  • Preventive Maintenance Calendars: Plan and schedule maintenance tasks with precision across categories, assets, and locations. Visualize your maintenance schedule with easy-to-navigate daily, weekly, and monthly views. Monitor work status in real-time, filtering out completed tasks to focus on what's ahead.
  • Safety Inspections: Create and deploy safety inspections for every asset, process and location. Standardize work protocols to promote correct equipment usage. Mobilize fast response to safety concerns through immediate notifications.
  • Quality Assurance: Design SOPs and checklists tailored to each department and procedure. Carry out quality control inspections conveniently from your mobile device. Require visual proof with photos and descriptive notes for any checklist item
  • Asset Inspections: Streamline regular asset inspections for consistent performance. Keep a detailed record of each asset's history and health status. Detect and respond to potential equipment malfunctions promptly. Create work orders from photo to correct issues fast.
  • Lean Work Practices: Implement lean practices to eliminate waste and enhance productivity. Foster a culture of continuous improvement with real-time performance tracking. Empower employees with a clear view of their tasks and performance metrics.
  • Compliance Audits: Conduct thorough inspections to ensure compliance with regulations (OSHA, ADA, FSMA, etc.). Schedule regular audit walkthroughs of work processes and facilities
  • Reporting and Analytics: Gain in-depth insights from detailed analytics summaries on work execution and staff performance. Use advanced analytics to understand trends, identify areas of concern, and discover opportunities. Export your reports in various formats (PDF, Excel) for easy sharing and further analysis.


  • Xenia provides a 2 week free trial to all users with unlimited access to all features
  • Xenia pricing is team based with a flat monthly rate for up to 20 users
  • Plans start at $39 per month with unlimited usage for 20 users for only $89 per month
Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. Connecteam

Connecteam is another CoastApp alternative that you should definitely check out in 2024. The application is a workforce management tool that allows different managers to put their business processes on autopilot and focus on business growth.

This also helps free up the employees so that they can be more productive, happy and flexible in the work they perform for the company.

The application also helps users to save precious time and increase their productivity levels with the help of custom checklists.

Key Features

  • Appointment Management to make sure that all of the staff members are accounted for and managed properly
  • Assignment Management to make sure that all of the employees/ staff members are correctly assigned to specific tasks related to their skill set
  • Attendance Tracking and management to make sure that no one is slacking off and everyone is accounted for daily
  • Availability Management to make sure that everyone is available to work when they are supposed to, and no client is dissatisfied
  • Alerts/Notifications to notify the managers or the handlers about everything that is being done by the staff members
  • Automatic Time Capture to make sure that the time record for every single employee is recorded automatically and the manager doesn’t have to do it manually


  • The application has a free plan for all of the users that want to use the basic functionality of the tool and don’t want to spend money on a more premium toolkit
  • The Basic plan starts from $29/month when billed annually or $35/month if billed monthly
  • The Advanced plan starts from $49/month when billed annually or $59/month if billed monthly
  • The Expert plan starts from $99/month when billed annually or $119/month if billed monthly

3. WorkJam

Next on the list of CoastApp alternatives is WorkJam. The application was built to revolutionize how the frontline workers and their headquarters work together.

The application perfectly combines task management, two-way communication, scheduling, and learning in a single interface, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for the team members.

Key Features

  • Employee management to make sure that all of the employees are well-taken care of and no one is left hanging
  • Skills tracking to keep track of all of the skills and abilities of your employees so that you can perform better task delegation in the future
  • Employee scheduling to make sure that all of the employees are ready and available to work when they are supposed to
  • Time and attendance feature to make sure that everyone is on time and no one is slacking off
  • Chat and messaging features to keep everyone connected


  • The company doesn’t offer a free version, a free trial, or a standard pricing model, so if you want to avail their services, you can contact the company, and they will sort you out

4. Prospr

The All-in-One Employee Management App | Prospr

Prospr is another CoastApp alternative that you should check out in 2024. The application is a cloud-based workforce management solution that provides many different features like shift scheduling, time tracking, in-app chat, and monitoring.

The application also helps businesses to automate their scheduling process and to keep track of any and every shift swap via SMS.

Key Features

  • Attendance Tracking and management to make sure that everyone is coming to work and no one is neglecting their duties
  • Automated scheduling to make sure that the scheduling process is automatically done daily based on the availability of the staff members
  • Calendar Management to keep track of all of the events that are coming up and whether or not you have the workforce to cover it
  • Audio/Video Messaging to keep everyone connected and to make sure that there are no blank spaces when it comes to communication
  • Availability Management to make sure that the employees are available to work when they are needed


  • There is a free trial on offer for every user that wants to check out the application’s features without paying any money
  • If you want to get a specific pricing package made for your company as per your needs and requirements, contact the company, and they will make a custom subscription for you

5. SafetyCulture

Another CoastApp alternative that is perfect for construction site inspections and safety audits is SafetyCulture. The application is an incredible tool that allows users to convert their checklists into digital forms to access them on-site and get work done quickly.

The application also helps users to conduct all sorts of inspections with the utmost flexibility, resulting in increased performance.

This tool can also be used from any mobile device around the world, and it can be accessed whether you are online or offline.

Key Features

  • One of the best features of this application is its reliability and the attention to detail that it gives to your security
  • Using the application, you can inspect your staff from anywhere around the world while using any phone or tablet
  • The application helps users quickly set up their audits
  • It also provides real-time feedback to the users
  • Overall, the application is versatile, and it can be used from the web portal as well as the windows platform


  • The application is free to use if you are an individual user
  • The price for the Standard version of the application starts at $12/per month
  • The price for the Premium version of the application starts at $15/per month
  • The price for the Enterprise version has not been disclosed by the company. You contact them to get a custom price quote according to your needs and requirements

6. Lumiform

Another CoastApp alternative you can’t afford to miss out on is Lumiform. Probably one of the best inspection and audit apps on the list, Lumiform is a great solution for any and every business, regardless of their industry, to improve its quality and safety management.

The application helps different companies around the work in replacing their obsolete paper-based systems with digital replacement and, in the process, saves them a lot of money and time.

The software has a wonderful feature called a flexible form builder, which converts any paper list into a digital replica so that users can begin conducting their inspections quickly and effectively.

Key Features

  • Activity Tracking to keep an eye on anything and everything that the staff members are doing regularly
  • Appointment Management to keep track of every appointment that the staff members have daily as per the needs and requirements of the client
  • Communication Management to keep track of all of the communication and collaboration that the managers/ handlers and the team members have daily
  • Accident Investigation to find out the causes and the solutions for the accidents that have happened regarding any specific activity
  • Alerts/Notifications to keep everyone informed about everything that is happening regarding any activity or project
  • Another incredible feature of this application is the dashboard which lets you visualize all of the activities that are happening regarding a specific activity or a project
  • It also provides equipment management to ensure that every piece of equipment that the staff is using is accounted for and nothing is missing at the end of the day


  • The application has a free plan and a free trial for all of the users that want to check out the software before throwing any money toward the paid subscription
  • The price for the Professional version of the application starts at $19.59 per user per month, and if you want to pay the bill on an annual basis, then it is $15.67.
  • If you want to get the Enterprise version of the application for your company, you can call the sales department, and they will create a custom subscription for you according to your needs and requirements

6. Maintainx

MaintainX | Software Reviews & Alternatives

MaintainX is a versatile maintenance management software designed to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance communication in various industries. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, MaintainX enables businesses to digitize their maintenance processes, ensuring better organization and productivity.

The platform offers a range of functionalities, including work order management, asset tracking, preventive maintenance scheduling, and safety inspections.

Key Features

  • Work Order Management: Create, assign, and track work orders efficiently, ensuring timely task completion and effective resource allocation.
  • Asset Tracking: Maintain a centralized database of assets, allowing for easy tracking, maintenance history, and scheduling of preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling: Schedule recurring maintenance tasks to prevent equipment breakdowns, extend asset lifespan, and reduce downtime.
  • Safety Inspections: Conduct safety inspections using customizable checklists, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and identifying potential hazards.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access MaintainX on mobile devices, enabling users to view and update information, complete tasks, and communicate in real-time from anywhere.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Facilitate team collaboration through instant messaging, photo sharing, and real-time updates, improving communication and issue resolution.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports and analytics to gain insights into maintenance activities, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for process improvements.


  • Maintainx has a free plan with strict usage limitations to begin tracking work orders
  • Maintainx has a $16 per user per month plan with most features and usage limitations
  • The majority of Maintainx features are unlocked in the $40 per user per month plan

7. IQ Checkpoint

iQCheckPoint: Where Innovation Meets Scheduling – Goodbye Deputy!

Our next best CoastApp Alternative iQCheckPoint offers an all-in-one solution to simplify staff scheduling, reduce labor costs, and streamline time sheets with Army Knife ease. 

With Driver Schedule everything is online so your team's schedule is always accessible & updated and, available from wherever you are (commuting, working remotely), you can make real-time adjustments and update your schedule in one click to drive operational efficiency.

No more messages are lost with multiple people in the same task since iQ comes with real-time conversation built right into the workflow. Messaging and conversation are right alongside tasks, checklists, schedulers, and everything else. Everything is in one place instead of everyone on scattered messages, e-mails, and so on. It’s organized and easy to find.

Getting your team up and running on iQCheckPoint is fast and painless. In as little as 2 to 5 minutes, you’ll be up and running with a solution that conveniently combines the ease of a messaging app with significant work tools and organization. 

The product is easy to use from any device, use iQCheckPoint from anywhere with an internet connection. This ensures your team stays connected and informed regardless of location.

Key Features 

  • Effectively manage and coordinate staff shifts. 
  • Simplify the process of handling staff leave requests.
  • Cut labor expenses by efficiently allocating resources based on location requirements. 
  •  Provide a single platform for employees to view schedules and get updates. 
  •  Built-in monitoring tools help to protect against fraudulent activity. 
  • Integrate communication tools into your workflow to promote transparent communication. 
  •  Create comprehensive reports to track staff performance and adherence to schedule. 
  • Perform audits and inspections effortlessly within the platform to verify compliance and quality requirements are fulfilled.


  • Standard - Free
  • Professional -$1.60
  • Premium -$2.88

8. BlueFolder

Best Field Service Management Software with Powerful & Flexible Features

BlueFolder is a powerful CoastApp alternative for service management in field service providers, maintenance teams, and support organizations. 

BlueFolder is a leading service management software provider that our team picked as an alternative to CoastApp. 

They provide a well-rounded approach to streamline workflow processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and build Unparalleled operational efficiencies.

The tool offers a highly intuitive interface for effortlessly managing work orders so that nothing falls through the cracks. Dispatching and scheduling works are made simple and smart to consequently increase productivity by optimizing resource allocation with minimum turnaround time. 

The level of attention BlueFolder pays to details gives a feel that their ethos revolves around being reliable and being on time which ultimately leads to providing exceptional service experience.

Another area in which BlueFolder outperforms is its customer relationship features. This set of features provides companies with a better way to manage customers to build long-term relationships. 

Key Features 

  • Maintain a thorough database of client information to provide individualized service. 
  • Streamline resource allocation and scheduling to improve efficiency and reduce downtime. 
  • Manage and track inventory effectively to ensure that resources are available when needed. 
  •  Effectively organize and prioritize work to improve efficiency and service delivery. 
  • Use preventive maintenance routines to extend equipment life and reduce interruptions. 
  •  You may easily schedule and manage repeated appointments, assuring service continuity and reliability.


  • Pro -$100
  • Pro Plus -$210
  • Enterprise -$440

9. Twimm

Twimm : Reviews, Test & Pricing | Appvizer

Twimm is another ideal CoastApp alternative with next-generation GMAO software. 

This powerful tool goes beyond traditional maintenance management, offering a complete range of tools that allow you to boost your productivity and organize your team. Twimm was developed to enable you to optimize your profitability, whatever your business sector.

The platform allows you to have better control and overview of your assets and be able to track your contractual obligations through its management maintenance contracts tooling. Whether it’s an HVAC system, an elevator, fire detection equipment, or anything in between, the Twimm ranges of maintenance are adapted for any kind of equipment, in any kind of industry: retail, healthcare, office automation, education, etc.

Twimm covers many areas of maintenance starting from the management of electricity and green spaces to the closing of the sites and the security, to offer maintenance departments a global solution. 

It’s about multi-technical services, cleaning, plumbing, sanitation, and fulfilling the needs of the managers of real estate/facility managers, site operators, or maintenance professionals.

Key Features 

  • Track and maintain a thorough inventory of assets to ensure peak performance and lifetime. 
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime by streamlining resource scheduling and allocation. 
  • Ensure that safety standards and regulatory requirements are met through routine inspections and compliance checks. 
  • Efficiently manage inventory levels and procurement procedures to guarantee that resources are available when needed. 
  • Maintenance tracking allows you to monitor maintenance tasks in real-time, measure progress, and discover areas for improvement. 
  • Set up preventive maintenance routines to solve issues before they arise and save downtime.


  • Contact Vendor

10. UpKeep

CMMS, EAM & IIoT Software by UpKeep Asset Operations Management | Try Free

Finally, UpKeep rounds out our list as the last best Coastapp alternative. What sets UpKeep apart is the mobile-centric maintenance management features that have earned it rave reviews from large businesses all around the globe. 

UpKeep has an excellent reputation for a reason: asset and facility managers have easy access to the data they need when they need it, and they can share information with other interested parties with ease, boosting productivity across the board.

The robust CMMS features are built to streamline your maintenance tasks. To keep your team efficient on-the-go you can just as easily create work orders from your phone as you can from your desktop. 

This ensures any time spent in UpKeep directly contributes to getting issues resolved and equipment back online. Further, you can keep tabs on all your current and upcoming work requests in one place by easily tracking all of your work orders. 

UpKeep gives you unparalleled visibility into your work activity happening at all locations.

Key Features 

  • Allocate resources efficiently and plan maintenance jobs to maximize staff utilization and reduce response times. 
  • Precisely manage and track inventory levels to ensure the timely availability of goods and supplies.
  •   Effectively organize and prioritize maintenance jobs, resulting in streamlined processes and increased operational efficiency. 
  • Set up preventive maintenance routines to handle anticipated issues ahead of time, extend asset life, and reduce interruptions.


  • Starter -$35 
  • Professional -$60 
  • Business Plus -$100 

While CoastApp is a popular solution for task management and communication, exploring alternative options can provide businesses with a range of features and capabilities that better align with their specific needs.

Competitors such as Xenia, Lumiform, Maintainx and SafetyCulture offer robust task management platforms that streamline workflows, improve team collaboration, and enhance productivity.

Each alternative brings unique strengths, whether it's visual project management, customizable workflows, extensive integrations, or advanced reporting and analytics.

By considering these alternatives, businesses can find the perfect fit for their task management requirements, enabling them to optimize operations, improve communication, and achieve their goals more effectively.

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra

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