8 Best FSSC 22000 Software For Food Businesses in 2024

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May 15, 2024
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Despite having one of the healthiest food chain supplies in the world, one in every six people becomes sick from eating food that is contaminated, with 128,000 hospitalized and 3,000 dying each year. As a result, adhering to food safety rules is critical for the whole food supply chain. 

That is where the FSSC 20000 certification comes in.

A food safety management system based on ISO 22000:2018, FSSC 22000, or HACCP is a strategic commitment for your business in order to improve overall food safety performance. 

The adoption of FSSC 22000 software provides benefits that allow your business to consistently supply safe food, as well as goods and services that fulfill legal and regulatory standards and consumer needs.

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8 Best FSSC 22000 Software In 2024

Before we talk about some of the most crucial aspects of FSSC 22000, it's important to see how different FSSC 22000 software pan out in terms of real-life use case applicability. Take a look below.

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1. Xenia - Overall No. 1 FSSC 22000 Software

A Safe Place to Eat: Implementing Food Safety Standards For Restaurants

Xenia is acknowledged as one of the leading  FSSC 22000 internal auditor software solutions that enables FSSC, ISO and HACCP compliance altogether. 

Xenia is a robust food safety automation and daily execution platform designed to simplify HACCP and FSMA compliance. It is ISO 22000 compliant, which is a requirement of FSSC 22000.

The platform's built-in data analytics capabilities sweep through temperature logs, identify patterns, and deliver actionable insights. 

Top it off with a straightforward design and user-friendly interface make it easy for your team to understand and follow FSSC 22000 best practices.

The Food Safety Management System (FSMS) documentation is consolidated into a single platform with Xenia. This includes documentation of processes and procedures, hazard control plans (HACCP / PRPO), emergencies and incident management, non-conformities of products or processes, audits, risks, controls, roles, responsibilities and authorities, skills, corrective actions, external communication plan, and more.

Key Features

  • Task and Work Order Management: Assign assignments and work orders to the staff in to solve any food safety violations discovered throughout ongoing process. This feature also helps to guarantee process execution for workflows that directly impact your customers.
  • Reports and Analytics: Track your ongoing process progress over time and discover areas for improvement by analyzing and exporting reports. With the help of these insights, you can continue to guarantee the food's quality and safety for your customers while making data-driven decisions.
  • Digital Checklists: Download checklists for any type of food operations, F&B facility maintenance actitivities, asset & equipment management or just about anything in an instant through our digital checklist library. These checklists can also be customized to suit your particular requirements.
  • Chats: Using DMs, group communications, and work order bsed discussion threads, identify issues promptly and ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Temperature Monitoring: The software allows for real-time temperature monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, and other storage units. It notifies users when temperatures go outside of safe limits, assisting in the prevention of food spoiling and the preservation of quality.


  • Free Forever: Free for up to 5 users with access to task & work orders, parent assets, internal chats, template builder, etc.
  • Starter: $99 / month for 15 users and comes with a work calendar view, work and template reports, sub-assessments, and sub-locations.
  • Premium: $199 / month for 15 users and offers unbound access to all the core features.
  • Custom: Need something tailored to your organization?

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. Effivity

Effivity is an FSSC 22000 software for food safety management that delivers an integrated, smooth, easy, and comprehensive platform for HACCP and FSMS automation.

FSMS and HACCP software allow your business to plan, implement, analyze, manage, and enhance FSMS. Effivity is a complete governance-risk-compliance-based FSSC 22000 2018 lead auditor software that aids in the simplification, automation, and enhancement of food safety and compliance management operations across business in a coordinated and efficient way.

Key Features

  • FSMS Hazard Control: Ensure that the hazard control team manages food safety hazards that are pertinent to the business's FSMS and HACCP in an effective, efficient, and straightforward manner. This includes making sure the team complies with the various requirements of FSMS and HACCP and across the standards. 
  • FSMS Planning:  Establish the FSMS team and team leader in the Food safety team identification submodule to oversee FSMS planning. Describe the properties of components, raw materials, materials that come into contact with the product, and completed items. Make a process flow diagram and note the risks connected to each stage.
  • CCP Management: Manage CCP documentation by identifying key limits, monitoring activities, and CCP deviation plans, as well as preparing for verification and validation activities. Capture data to keep track of the outcomes of CCP monitoring, verification, and validation operations.


  • Starter Price: $187.00 per month
  • Growth Price: $243.00 per month
  • Enterprise Price: $556.00 per month

3. FoodDocs

FoodDocs' Smart Food Safety Management System includes a HACCP plan builder that can help you obtain and maintain FSSC 22000 certification. 

Their program automates all stages of the FSSC 22000 certification process while also boosting food safety procedures for food sector businesses. 

Their smart food safety management solution includes both monitoring and traceability functions. You can quickly record and obtain information about your product and ingredient batches through the Smart Traceability System. 

You'll have rapid access to past data on manufacturing batches, making handling circumstances like food recalls.

Key Features

  • Traceability System: When you require particular product-related information quickly, their Advanced Search capabilities allow for quick document retrieval. 
  • Customized Task Monitoring: One of the key objectives of FSSC 22000 is to develop a strong food safety control system for your food industry. Through our software, you can access essential resources, such as a task monitoring system, to document compliance.
  • Smart Audit Tools: You can additionally utilize the FSSC 22000 internal auditor software to upload or generate checklists on your mobile devices for in-house exams. This helps you to identify areas that need more attention and address any faults in your food processing prior to the FSSC 22000 assessment.


  • Free Trial
  • Basic: €84/mo/ Billed at €999/yr
  • Standard: €167/mo/ Billed at €2388 €1999/yr 
  • Professional: €250/mo/ Billed at €3588 €2999/yr
  • Enterprise: Get a Custom Quote

4. SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture Platform | SafetyCulture

Make use of a powerful tool that has been tried and tested by industry professionals to help make the workplace safer and perform to global standards. 

SafetyCulture (previously iAuditor) can help managers, workers, safety officials, and internal auditors in proactively detecting noncompliance in the workplace and developing remedial steps to preserve FSSC 22000 compliance.

Key Features

  • FSSC 22000 Checklists: To meet your certification requirements, use the FSSC 22000 checklists that you are able to download and modify for free.
  • 1000+ Templates: Access and download food industry best practices templates from our public library using iAuditor, which can be utilized in real-world circumstances.
  • Gap Analysis: Strengthen adherence by doing audits and gap analyses to identify areas in need of development proactively.


  • Free Version: Available for teams of up to 10
  • Pricing: Premium plan $24/month (with a free 30-day trial period)

5. Mango

Mango offers an organized method that reduces the effort of a Food Safety Manager.

It will free up your time, allowing you to focus on value-added tasks for your company.

Auditors are now suggesting Mango to other Food Safety Managers since it is readily auditable and connects the HACCP plan with precursor programs.

Mango features a basic risk management module that organizes the control measures in an easy-to-understand way since HACCP is the core of an efficient food safety management system.

Key Features

  • Pre-requisites: Mango securely stores your rules, processes, and forms. The system grants users access permissions depending on their responsibilities.
  • Incidents: Throughout the procedure, everyone engaged in the event can comment, add actions, and provide proof. There will be no more paper forms, double-ups, or incident records on paper!
  • Risk Management - HACCPs: Put all of your HACCPs into Mango and assign them to a registration using your templates. Then, use automatic events to remind you to examine each register on a regular basis.


  • Contact the vendor for pricing

6. Process Street

Process Street is a collection of supercharged checklists.

Workflows, business processes, and key procedures are documented as templates using our cutting-edge BPM software. Then, if you or another person has to follow an essential step, the template launches a checklist.

All of your FSMS procedures, from food defence to food fraud prevention and from natural resource management to people management, can be built as checklist templates.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Due Dates: Dynamic due dates enable you to change the due date of a task depending on variables that are unique to each of your process runs. You can set deadlines for activities depending on the completion of other tasks, the date the process was run, or other dates form fields you add to your workflows.
  • Task Permissions: Task Permissions enable you to conceal particular tasks from visibility for specified people, thereby making sections of your workflow private.
  • Conditional Logic in Workflows: Conditional Logic in Process Street is a strong tool that enables you to construct really dynamic process runs using if-this-then-that logic. If your processes are more complicated, you can write rules that state if-this-and/or-this-then-that.

7. Pricing

  • Startup: $100/mo or $1,000/yr
  • Pro: Starting at $415/mo or $5,000 billed annually
  • Enterprise: Starting at $1,660/mo or $20,000 billed annually

8. BSI

BSI believes that food produced to an industry-recognized food safety standard should be available to the globe.

They provide a wide variety of food safety certification and risk management services to assist all firms in the food supply chain in achieving compliance and industry best practices in order to expand their businesses.

They are a major food safety and certification supplier with substantial auditing capacity and the ability to perform integrated audits for a broad variety of food safety standards across the food and beverage supply chain, including GFSI-recognized standards.

Key Features

  • Supplier Audits: Second-party audits can help you ensure that your suppliers are following your specifications or processes.
  • Internal Audits: Let BSI review your organizational governance against industry-specific requirements, protocols and standards
  • VerifEye™ Directory: Display your credentials on our worldwide VerifEye Directory to give your supply chain confidence.


Contact the vendor for pricing

What is FSSC 22000?

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has established FSSC 22000 as a Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) certification program.

The Foundation for Food Safety Systems Certification (FSSC) created it in order to eliminate internal and external food safety concerns (such as contaminated food ingredients and pest infections).

For auditing FSMSs, the international standard provides a complete certification method. It also specifies the specifications for a risk-based food safety management system.

Organizations in the food chain that get the FSSC 22000 accreditation demonstrate that they have adopted procedures to minimize or eliminate food safety dangers such as foodborne diseases, contamination, and other internal and external risks.

What are the Three Components of FSSC 22000?

The FSSC 22000 requirements are divided into three parts:

  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems - Refers to ISO/TS 22003, which defines the procedures for auditing and certifying an FSMS that meets the standards of ISO 22000.
  • Sector-specific Pre-Requisite Programs (PRP) - Appropriate technical requirements for industry-specific PRPs, comprising of ISO/TS 22002 publications designed to assist with the management of quality and control food safety concerns.
  • Additional Scheme Requirements - The additional scheme requirements are essential to guarantee consistency and integrity, as well as to promote agility in reacting to emerging food safety issues.

FSSC 22000 Certification - Who Is It For?

The FSSC 22000 standard is intended for food merchants, suppliers, and manufacturers throughout the supply chain. Animal products, perishable goods, extended shelf-life products, food ingredients, and even food packaging materials can all be processed or manufactured.


Many large food businesses need their suppliers to be GFSI certified, such as FSSC 22000. The Worldwide Food Safety Initiative, or GFSI, is a worldwide organization that establishes food safety standards and is supported by a coalition of the world's top food retailers and suppliers.


The FSSC 22000 standard is extensively used across the supply chain and is consistent with the GFSI's statement of "once certified, recognized everywhere." As a result, businesses that achieve FSSC 22000 certification should anticipate their production to be on par with peers in the industry.


Food retailers could benefit from FSSC 22000's framework approach, which can assist businesses of any size in implementing a food safety management system that works best for them while satisfying the criteria needed by business partners.

Another advantage of FSSC 22000 is that it explains how to establish an effective HACCP system. HACCP, or Hazard Assessment Critical Control Point, is the method of proactively determining which points in food production are prone to risks that, if left unaddressed, may make a food product unsuitable for the intended consumer.

Another advantage of FSSC 22000 certification is that firms that are currently using FSSC 22000 2018 lead auditor software will find it simpler to transition to FSSC 22000.

Final Thoughts

In order to streamline the process and minimize paperwork and administrative strain associated with food safety inspections, you should carefully consider which standard best suits your business's needs and the expectations of your customers.

You can also choose the FSSC 22000 software to help in this process. 

You can streamline a lot of the labor-intensive manual procedures involved in food safety inspections by using Xenias' all-inclusive food safety software.

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