What’s an SOP Document Management System + 8 Best & Free SOP Writing Software

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January 2, 2024
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Let’s be honest— a standard operating procedure (SOPs) can be quite challenging to say the least. 

On top of that, when it’s about incorporating SOP best practices, it can be time-consuming to manually plan and write SOPs, distribute procedural lists and execute them at the forefront of any critical ongoing facility operation. 

But it doesn’t have to be all that much difficult, or challenging anymore.

With the help of the best SOP writing software, you can automate the creation, editing, and updating of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Let's see what it's all about.

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With the help of the best SOP writing software, you can automate the creation, editing, and updating of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

SOP software, nowadays, are usually equipped with AI and other capabilities that can help you save time, streamline operations, streamline processes, and raise quality standards across the organization.

Whether you want to create a centralized and structured platform or want a platform where all your standard operating procedures can be easily documented and stored, you get on-the-go access to all of your business operations, increasing efficiency and team cooperation.  

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) help eliminate mistakes, clarify existing processes, and maintain a minimum degree of quality control in everything from task management to workgroup optimization.

When all of this is combined with job prioritization tools, SOPs can save money for the whole organization.

What Is SOP Software?  

SOPs software is a tool that allows you to generate and manage your SOPs from a centralized platform. 

You can quickly develop content for your SOPs and make it immediately available across devices with professionally designed templates and a sophisticated writing system. 

You can lay out your company's standard operating procedures using flowcharts and diagrams, making it easier for employees to follow instructions and complete jobs with minimal mistakes. 

What Should You Look For In An SOP Software?

The best SOP software makes the creation process easy. It helps your end-to-end process management with a few features you can use in your evaluation process:

  • Ready-to-use Templates: A collection of pre-existing SOP templates that can be quickly implemented.
  • Helpful Tutorials: Simple project and process documentation enables more fluid company operations.
  • Collaboration: Cloud-based sharing of information that provides your knowledge base and a summary of your work processes accessible to all of your staff.
  • Integration: A direct link to your task management software that enables integrations such as automatic task reminders based on your SOPs.
  • Easy SOP Maintenance: The ability to quickly develop operational procedures for personnel onboarding and knowledge management.
  • Price: Before committing to paying plans, use SOP software free features to evaluate functionalities.

Above all, it should make it easy for your organization to adopt and share SOPs. The good news is that most of the best SOP writing software listed below provide these essential capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Software for Your Business?

There are various SOP software options available on the market. Choosing the finest SOP software for your team allows you to reap the advantages of having one in your organization. Companies use these technologies to improve corporate operations and guarantee that all stakeholders are pleased. 

Let’s double down on the advantages of SOP software for businesses.

Save Time and Resources

Eliminating time-consuming and costly manual procedures is a breeze with simple SOP software. Creating and approving documents are two examples of the many tasks that may be automated to help you save time and money. 

In addition, having everything in one place makes it simple to find and use standard operating procedures, which boosts productivity.

Enhance Compliance

If your sector has regulatory obligations, your SOPs software vendor can help you in meeting those standards. 

You can update and convey the most recent rules and standardized processes to your personnel, ensuring that they are aware of and follow the required procedures. Audits and inspections can also be conducted to verify that activities are in sync.

Ensure Consistency in Processes

SOP improves team collaboration and fosters uniformity in corporate processes across multiple teams, departments, and locations within an organization. 

When workers have access to the most recent SOP versions, it reduces mistakes, increases overall productivity, and improves the quality of your goods or services.

Increased Accountability

SOP software can also help in tracking staff performance. The system gives insight into work completion and indicates any problems that need your attention by defining explicit responsibilities and deadlines. 

Whenever your staff is held responsible, they are more focused on their work, reducing the likelihood of mistakes inside the organization.

Foster a Culture of Collaboration

According to Forbes, 12.7% of full-time workers will work from home by 2023, with 28.2% using a hybrid approach. This implies that more businesses will need collaborative standard operating procedure tools. 

SOPs software helps firms to communicate, provide feedback, and collaborate in real-time. Employees from various places may remark, offer changes, and exchange information.

Promotes Efficient Workflow

Notifications, job assignments, and monitoring can assist you in optimizing your workflow. The SOP program offers an organized procedure for document management and job fulfillment, hence removing any bottlenecks. 

Your staff will be given specific instructions and deadlines, putting pressure on them to accomplish tasks on time.

Standard Operating Procedures SOP Best Practices & Guidelines

1. Communicate the Idea to Your Team

SOPs need collaboration to develop. Collaboration enables you to build excellent SOPs and easily implement them once they are complete.

Make your motive apparent while conveying the concept. This project is not about exerting control over your team. It's about all of the advantages of alignment. Draw attention to these possible victories and get comments from team members.

Moreover, it's also critical to consult the whole team, not just the folks you intend to be involved in the process. You have an opportunity at this stage to collect information on process gaps, resolve team issues, and get off to a solid start.

2. Assign Stakeholders

While developing SOPs is primarily the responsibility of operations managers and process engineers, anybody can get involved in the process. Just be sure to include team members who are already familiar with and implementing the process. 

Furthermore, stakeholders do not have to be managers or team leaders. While managers think in terms of the large picture, younger experts usually have hands-on expertise with everyday tasks. 

3. Decide on the SOP format

SOPs come in various formats that fit into three major categories. 

  • Step-by-step guides: Simple operations can be readily explained via step-by-step instructions. 
  • Hierarchical charts: A hierarchical structure should be implemented if the procedure has numerous phases.
  • Flowcharts: SOPs for flowcharts can be used to standardize procedures that include conditional conditions.

Select a format depending on the type and complexity of the processes you want to describe.

Different sorts of SOPs may be appropriate for different formats. Create a clear separation between SOP kinds (for example, operational, administrative, and technical) and allocate one format to each. 

4. Create an SOP Structure

After you've decided on a format, you'll need to sketch up a framework for your future SOPs. While what you add in yours is totally up to you, the most frequent SOP examples often contain the following components:

  • Title: Each process should be given a title that describes what it is about and how it links to other papers. To make your SOP paperwork indexed, establish a naming convention.
  • Identification: Mention the people who worked on the paper with you and when.
  • Scope: The goal and expectations of an SOP define its scope. It will also specify when the process should be deemed finished. 
  • Glossary: If a SOP contains acronyms, terminologies, or industry jargon, add definitions in the glossary.
  • Procedure: This covers every stage of the procedure. Depending on the type you choose, you may make a basic step-by-step tutorial, a hierarchical chart, or a flowchart. 
  • References: Include links to pertinent resources that cover the technique, if applicable. 

Adjust your SOP structure to meet your requirements, but stick to this style across all of your processes. 

5. Create Standards for SOP Writing

Contributors are expected to contribute their particular knowledge to your SOPs rather than their tone of voice or writing style. Keep in mind that your SMEs are likely to need more expertise in content creation. Clear writing guidelines would be really beneficial.

Create easy writing guidelines for stakeholders to follow while working on SOPs. Guide them through the rules of style, typefaces, formatting, punctuation, and other elements. 

Although space and style may seem unimportant, an irregular structure will make your SOPs appear unprofessional and confusing.

6. Decommission Old SOPs

Your SOP documentation will increase year after year. If old SOPs are not removed, you will have an unsearchable knowledge base that no one wants to utilize. 

So, if you're certain that a SOP needs to be updated, feel free to remove it from your knowledge base.

8 Best Free Sop Writing Software in 2024 

1. Xenia - Overall No. 1 Free Online Standard Operating Procedures Software For Businesses 

6 Best CoastApp Alternatives to Use in 2023

Xenia is a customizable mobile-first solution designed to help frontline workers and supervisors optimize their procedures.

With respect to SOP creation, the product includes a dedicated and completely free AI-powered SOP management module to maximize adherence to brand standards. This platform also includes a powerful SOP AI writer, task management engine, and corrective action capabilities, as well as real-time communication. 

Xenia's customized templates, forms, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are used to handle daily operations, inspections and audits, safety and quality assurance protocols, facility maintenance processes, recruit training, and business knowledge bases.

In addition to that, the company provides sophisticated access rights for both single-location and multi-location enterprises with different departments. 

Xenia supports the SOP management, creation, and execution for businesses sprawling over different niches, such as hotels and F&B sectors. This is done through ready-made templates that can be directly imported into your Xenia account and customized as per your process requirements. 

But here’s the best part!

You can then import the said SOP into your dashboard for further editing; you can also export the SOP into a printable PDF file or share it with external stakeholders through the share button.

Key Features 

  • Robust SOP AI-Powered Solution: You can create SOPs on the fly with the program’s (insert keyword here) integrated AI SOP writing solution. This feature works by helping users to automatically create and append SOP alongside process steps, assignees, roles, permissions, and vice versa.
  • Operational Forms: Develop customized operating procedures to standardize work processes.
  • Daily Task Management: Document every work order task with images, notes, and chats. Plus, you can notify employees and complete work on mobile.
  • Work Schedules: Develop customized operating procedures to standardize work processes.
  • Real-Time Updates: Xenia offers real-time notifications and updates, ensuring all team members are synced and aware of the task status.
  • Team Chats: Send company-wide announcements, ensuring team alignment.


  • Free Forever Plan: Free for up to 5 users with access to basic features.
  • Starter Plan: Starting at $99/month for the first 15 users, includes a work calendar view, work reports,  template reports, sub-assets, and sub-locations.
  • Premium Plan: Starting at $199/month for the first 15 users, includes reporting dashboards, time and cost tracking, template branding, public form submissions, automated templates, and more.
  • Custom Plan: You get unlimited users, a dedicated account manager, onboarding and implementation, and integrations. 

For pricing: Book a Demo.

2. Document360

Create an Effective Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Business with  Document360 | Easy! - YouTube

Document360 is a powerful knowledge-based program that can be used to create both internal and external documentation.

With a robust knowledge base precisely adapted to each use case, you can use Document360 to assist your customers and staff.

Document360 can be used to create a variety of help documents, such as product help docs for your SaaS service, technical documentation, online user manuals, FAQs, and Standard Operating Procedures.

This platform does not need a degree in software engineering to understand. With its basic editor, you can get started right away. It's also simple to add team members to your project so you can collaborate on documentation.

Key Features

  • Knowledge Base Assistant: A knowledge base assistant incorporated into Document360 allows users to look up answers without ever leaving your website.
  • Localization: Translate your knowledge base into different languages to cater to global audiences for your documentation.
  • Integrations And Extensions: You can set up powerful third-party app extensions and integrations with Document360 inside your knowledge base.


  • Free Plan: For up to 2 users, lifetime access with limited features.
  • Standard Plan: Starting at $124/project/month for three users
  • Professional Plan: Starting at $248/project/month for five users
  • Business Plan: Starting at $331/project/month for five users
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting at $497/project/month for ten users

3. SweetProcess

standard-operating-procedure-template-39 - SweetProcess

SweetProcess software streamlines the process of developing SOPs by allowing businesses to generate a complete workflow checklist.

It supports the creation of effective SOPs by including images and visuals. 

Team members can work together, given that files are generated, shared, and accessed with ease. It also enables users to specify task due dates and generate follow-up emails to serve as a reminder to assigned workers as the deadlines approach.

SweetProcess offers a 14-day free trial to discover whether the SOP tool is right for your company. When an employee becomes inactive on the platform, you will only be invoiced for active members and will get a prorated credit to your subscription. 

Key Features 

  • Team Collaboration: team members can work together in real-time and work as a team to update procedures, complete tasks, and discuss changes.
  • Task Management: Connect different aspects of your business and their clients using content marketing strategies.
  • Version Control: Track changes in real-time made to every procedure, process, and policy and roll back to the previous version whenever you want.


  • 14-Day Free-Trial Period
  • Monthly Plan: $99/month for  20 active members + $5/month for every extra member.
  • Yearly Plan: $82.50/month/annually and 16.67% + 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Trainual

The Easiest Way to Document SOPs

Trainual is a knowledge management software that organizations use to centralize all of the company's SOPs, rules, and procedures.

You can convert your SOPs into step-by-step training manuals that are simple to assign, amend, access, and manage.

This SOP application includes a standard playbook to help new employees understand corporate practices. 

As a result, you'll spend less time training new personnel. It also includes hundreds of templates to help you design processes in minutes.

Key Features 

  • 250 Built-in Templates: It's simple to get started fast with technologies like AI and industry-proven templates.
  • Integration with Third-party Apps: Seamlessly sync with tons of work apps like your HR and payroll system, messaging app, and thousands more.
  • Customer Support: Experience the best SOP writing software with the fastest customer support with trained reps ready to help you.


  • Small Business Plan: $250/month for 1-50 employees
  • Growth Business Plan: $417/month for 51-100 employees
  • Unlimited Plan: Talk with sales to learn more.

5. MaintainX

Guide to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) [Templates Included]

MaintainX enables businesses focused on maintenance and operations to convert paper-based procedures into digital workflows.

Managers can regulate their rules and procedures in one spot, and cloud storage allows for access and modifications from anywhere. 

MaintainX can help executives maintain track of prior audits, as well as escalations or failures to follow protocols. Furthermore, the direct messaging tool allows managers to convey updates or changes to the team. 

Key Features 

  • Centralized SOP Builder: Centralizes SOPs and policies. Leaders can customize the app to create new SOPs and reports
  • Audit Management: Keeps track of past audits, escalations, and failures
  • Communication and Collaboration: Messaging features allow frequent communication with employees


  • Offers a Free Trial
  • Free Plan
  • Starts at $8.33/user/month

6. ProcessKit

ProcessKit Reviews and Pricing 2023

ProcessKit is a client and project management tool that assists organizations with client onboarding.

Users can generate process and procedure documentation and follow progress along the client's pipeline using built-in templates and automation.

Leaders can additionally develop and assign tasks to their teams, as well as audit completion and verify that the proper protocols are followed. 

Key Features 

  • Repeatable Process: Use one of our pre-made process templates or create your own. Include conditional logic, forms, and automation.
  • Client Pipeline Management: Checklists, intake forms, and dynamic dates are all available. Plus, there is an orderly Kanban view that is automatically updated.
  • Automation: Use “if-this-than-that” logic in your client onboarding process.And set dependencies on tasks.


  • Offers a Free Trial
  • Starts at $49/month for up to 3 team members 

7. Coassemble

Coassemble Lifetime Deal: An E-learning Platform

Coassemble is a platform for creating online staff training programs.

Coassemble develops "course" modules for training campaigns instead of traditional SOP documentation. This is helpful for onboarding, but it is not the best platform for sharing and creating a basic SOP paper.

Share it with anybody on any device via any platform using a simple link, or plug it directly into your preferred LMS using SCORM.

Coassemble enables a variety of sharing methods to ensure that content is delivered to the audience no matter where they are. They can additionally distribute the training via third-party sites via enrollment links.

Key Features 

  • All-in-one Platform: A collection of pre-built campaign templates, analytics to measure each stage of SOP training, a versatile API to integrate with other systems, and Zapier connection are among the features.
  • Customized Interface: Users can personalize the interface by adding their own pieces. A customized workspace and host names are available. Users can upload their own logo and modify the background colour. When submitting a logo, a hexadecimal color choice is presented.
  • Supported Devices: Coassemble can be accessed by almost any device. The platform has a mobile-friendly design. Users can access the site via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. The platform's responsive UI ensures that the experience is consistent across all devices.


  • Pro 10 Plan: up to 10 users, starting at $50/month
  • Pro 20 Plan: Starting at $120/month billed annually
  • Premium 20 Plan: Priced at $160/month billed annually

8. Tallyfy

Tallyfy vs. SweetProcess: The Best Option for Documenting Standard  Operating Procedures - SweetProcess

Tallyfy provides workflow, process, and task automation software to assist organizations in capturing and automating operations. 

It's an excellent solution for automating activities between colleagues and customers in order to keep track of processes, approvals, and documentation. Tallyfy won't help you generate the most extensive SOP documentation, but it will help you keep much more organized.

Tallyfy uses sophisticated rules to reveal or conceal chores rapidly. By automating, you may eliminate the burden of memorizing every detail and every if, but, or when.

Key Features 

  • Amazingly intuitive: Tasks and forms can be freely assigned to automate data collection from external clients. They see your personalized branding and get a "one link for life" with no subscription or login required.
  • Structured Fields: Collecting information via chat, email, or documents is a tangled mix of replies in various forms. Tallyfy's structured form fields codify replies and make data more useful and organized.
  • Approve / Reject: Make decisions so easy that it literally takes one click to move on. Save a ton of wasted time and prevent uncertainty and stress at work.


  • Tallyfying Docs: $5/member/month
  • Tallyfying Pro: $30 /member/month

Streamline Your SOPs with Xenia

With the digital revolution driving businesses into an era where standardization and productivity are critical, the necessity of strong SOPs has never been greater. 

SOPs not only provide operational consistency but also demonstrate an organization's dedication to quality and SOP best practices.

Choosing the correct SOP software free is a strategic decision that may affect an organization's efficiency and development trajectory.

In that order, this SOP online app guarantees that companies aren't only documenting processes but optimizing them for top performance by simplifying complicated procedures and promoting a culture of constant growth. It is no longer adequate just to maintain SOPs in a fast-changing corporate environment; the focus must now be on leveraging them as agents of innovation and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Free SOP writing software?

Xenia is one of the best free SOP writing software that provides a multitude of features in order to assist you in recording and documenting a compelling standard operating procedures document. 

You can create a workflow checklist with Xenia to keep track of all phases of content development. 

By adopting our program's robust AI-powered standard operating procedure tools, businesses can save time and effort while ensuring that their processes and SOPs are thorough, accurate, and up-to-date. AI can also detect possible problems and provide ideas to improve the SOP, making it even more effective.

How to Write a Standard Operating Procedure?

A well-formulated standard operating procedure briefs the steps that are need to be taken for successful task completion and informs the employee of any risks associated with the process. 

The SOP guide should be succinct and simple to read, with an emphasis on how things should be done rather than what must be done. Once developed, the SOP should be reviewed and updated every six to twelve months to ensure it stays relevant to the organization's standards and needs; any modifications should be documented.

Before creating the SOP, the author(s) should conduct a risk assessment of all the stages in the procedure to identify any potential barriers and risks connected with those obstacles.

The following are key questions that should be addressed in the standard operating procedure:

  • Who plays which roles?
  • What does each position entail?
  • What is the purpose or result of each person's role?
  • Is what needs to happen clearly explained?

Who is Usually Responsible for Writing SOPs?

The SOP Writer should be someone who performs the work or task or someone who is in charge of guiding and teaching those personnel who do the job.

Others will examine and contribute to the SOP best practices, but only one person should be in charge of drafting it.

SOPs should ideally be prepared by process owners, team leaders, or supervisors from several departments who are familiar with the processes. The duty for producing SOPs varies based on the organization and the nature of the process being recorded.

What is the Difference Between a Process Map and an SOP?

An SOP is a thorough written document that contains explicit instructions and recommendations for carrying out a certain operation or procedure.

Staff personnel often write SOPs after interviewing persons who conduct the task and then creating narratives of what they have learned.

Therefore, process maps are best integrated into team workshops by including people who perform the work in the diagramming of that task.

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