Facility and asset preventative maintenance just got easier.

Xenia takes the guesswork out of preventative maintenance procedures and keeps your frontline team on the same page—without the paperwork. Clarify expectations, increase communication, and analyze data around preventative maintenance needs to make more informed decisions. It’ll save your operation time, money, and resources.

Preventative Maintenance

Facility and asset preventative maintenance just got easier.

Create PPM calendars, clarify expectations, collect and analyze data to ensure your facility operates at peak performance, day in and day out!

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Stay on schedule, stay on track with PMs

Xenia allows you to schedule recurring preventative maintenance checklists automatically.  When it’s time to work through PM processes, your team knows what they need to do and when they need to do it to meet deadlines.

Clearly define preventative maintenance goals and procedures

Communicate last-minute questions, clarifications, and updates via instant message

Create, upload, and manage preventative maintenance checklists and instructions

Track and understand asset health to better anticipate large fixes or item replacement

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Preventative maintenance in the palm of your hands

We provide centralized preventative maintenance tools that can be accessed anytime via Xenia’s desktop or mobile application.

Robust digital preventative maintenance tracking for every asset, location, and facility.

Automatic user assignment that prioritizes allocation to actively available team members.

Customizable analytics on process time, asset health, property maintenance status and more.

Communication tools that provide answers to preventative maintenance questions more quickly.

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Keep your facility & assets in top shape.

It’s never been easier to maintain brand and quality standards of compliance. Xenia makes preventative maintenance procedures accessible for frontline employees and streamlines process completion. You’ll be able to quickly assign, visualize, and manage PMs directly from your computer or mobile device, whether you’re overseeing a global deskless team or a small maintenance crew across a large facility.

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