Rooms Division Manager

Rooms Division Managers are in charge of all housekeeping, front office, and rooms related issues.

Rooms Division Manager: Role, Responsibilities & Resources

Hotel Organization Chart - Rooms Division Manager

A Rooms Division Manager ensures smooth operations of most of the front of the house including:

  • Valet
  • Concierge
  • Front desk attendants
  • Bellhops
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Guest Services

A rooms division manager speaks for these roles in management meetings and is ultimately responsible for the success of these teams.

What are a Rooms Division Manager's responsibilities?

Rooms division managers are responsible for:

  • Support the General Manager in property initiatives
  • Oversee cleanliness of hotel's public areas
  • Daily staff attendance, training and communication
  • Recruitment for front office and housekeeping divisions
  • Ensure property meets brand standards
  • Ensure security of facility
  • Oversee housekeeping supervisors
  • Oversee inventory and ordering
  • Reviewing guest reviews for improvements
  • Oversee front office operations

What is a Rooms Division Manager's Annual Salary?

Rooms division manager's salary can vary a lot depending the following factors:

  • Is the property independent or corporate?
  • What is the market the property competes in?
  • Where is the property located?
  • How many rooms are in the property?
  • What is the experience level of the applicant?
  • How is the overall job market demand?

There are many more factors that contribute to salary data variation, so most sites provide salary information in a range to ensure that there is proper coverage. The table below shows the latest salary ranges for rooms division manager's across the major salary reporting platforms:

2022 Rooms Division Manager Salaries

What are characteristics of a typical Rooms Division Manager?

Rooms Division Managers are closely related to guest happiness and success as they oversee much of the front of the house. In the end, the Rooms Division Manager is in charge of all housekeeping and front desk operations to ensure guest have a positive experience.  This takes patience, discipline and organization to complete to brand standards each day.

The average age of a Hotel Rooms Division Manager is 47 and average education level is a bachelor's degree. Beyond education, a good rooms division manager has at least 5 to 7 years of industry experience and has managed teams before. Hotel Rooms Division Managers deal with a lot of moving parts, thus are great multi-taskers and critical thinkers who can both plan for and react to unexpected events.

Average Age: 47

Average Education Level: Bachelors degree

Average Salary Range: $55,000-$109,000

Industry Experience: 5-7 years

Management Experience: 2-3 years

Key Traits:

  • Adaptable
  • Patient
  • Organized
  • Proactive
  • Methodical
  • Lead by Example

Top Resources for a Rooms Division Manager

Xenia offers tons of free educational resources for frontline teams. For Rooms Division Managers, we recommend visiting: