Front of House

Front of House (FOH) is the portion of hotel operations that interacts with guests directly.

What Is Front of House?

The "Front of the House" refers to the area and people of a hotel that work directly with guests, completing operational tasks such as check ins and check outs. The hotel employees that work in the front of house tend to work in shifts, with some covering overnight shifts so that there is always someone available to help guests if necessary. 

What positions make up the Front of House?

  • Front desk agents: Front desk agents have the most contact with guests. They handle check ins, deal with any problems or inquiries during a guests stay and check outs. The front desk agents must be able to communicate with every department of the hotel quickly to effectively solve problems.
  • Bellman: The bellmen are the ones responsible for helping guests with their luggage upon arrival and departure. They also assist with valet and transporting luggage to and from their rooms.
  • Concierge: The concierge are responsible with assisting guests with information on things to do during their stay. They often book restaurant reservations, arrange tours or transportation for hotel guests
  • General manager: Oversees all the staff and daily operations, interacts with guests and resolves issues. Has a role that expands front and back of the house.

Resources for Front of House Operations

A thriving front of house directly translates into an overall positive guest experience. Managers of front of the house operations can pick up resources and information that help empower teams to provide better service. Here are a few that may be of interest:

Research Articles:

Checklists, Logs and Calendars: