8 Best Work Request Tracking Software Solutions for Efficient Management in 2024

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June 21, 2024
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The use of tracking software has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of tracking work requests, which is a crucial component of work order management. 

A well-designed maintenance strategy revolves around work requests. The activities and routines that power maintenance operations are triggered after a work order request is submitted. 

Work request management refers to the steps businesses take when they manage the creation, allocation, and monitoring of work requests allowing work to be completed more quickly and efficiently as a result. 

Businesses can make that happen by converting those requests into actionable work orders and assigning them to the appropriate employees. By transforming work requests into structured work orders to effectively communicate the details, priorities, and expectations associated with each task.

Using work request tracking software is another great way to keep tabs on how things are coming along and finish each assignment on schedule.

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Best Work Request Tracking Software Solutions

Let's dive into the best work request tracking apps to see how these solutions pan out in real-life use case scenarios. Read on...

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
AIO solution for multiple platforms
Good for small to medium scale businesses

1. Xenia - Overall Best Work Request Tracking Software

Xenia: The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
Xenia: The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams

Tired of drowning in a sea of emails, spreadsheets, and endless paper trails? Say hello to Xenia – your ultimate work request software! 

Our centralized and integrated CMMS solution streamlines the entire work request lifecycle, saying goodbye to lost requests and wasted time chasing approvals.

Control who sees what with granular requester permissions to manage work order request processes.w Empower anyone to submit requests through a user-friendly mobile app or dedicated inbound request portal.

You'll have complete control, allowing you to approve and assign requests to teams, communicate directly with requesters, and leverage automated email updates to keep everyone in the loop.

Submit detailed work orders with ease, attaching files, specifying priorities, and triggering automated workflows. Intelligently assigns tasks to the perfect teammate based on skills and availability.

Real-time progress tracking keeps everyone informed, while automatic notifications ensure clear communication and accountability.  But Xenia doesn't stop there. 

Powerful workflow automation eliminates repetitive tasks and data entry, freeing your team to focus on what matters.


  • Work Orders & Requests: From a single dashboard, you can create, assign, and manage work orders for as many teams as you like. You will never have to ask since you will always be informed with real-time alerts and updates.
  • Inspections & Audits: Whether you're on the move or not, you can conduct inspections, track responsibilities with an audit trail, and get a report branded with your company's branding.
  • Corrective Actions: Improve the efficiency of inspections and audits by reusing unsuccessful stages to create short jobs. Then, keep track of the progress of the outstanding work by quickly and easily monitoring those corrective actions on your dashboard.
  • Reports and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into team performance with built-in reporting tools, allowing you to optimize workflows for maximum efficiency.


  • Free Forever: Free for up to 5 users with unlimited access to all the basic features.
  • Starter: $99 / month for the first 15 users with access to all the core features.
  • Premium: $99 / month for the first 15 users with access to all the core and advanced features.
  • Custom: Need something tailored to your organization?

Book a free demo today!

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is a proactive work request tracking software that helps you reduce problems and eliminate pileups before they start.

This omnichannel support desk ticketing system combines requests into a single agent workspace. This interface offers agents with the customer or employee conversation history, data, and context they need to give help. 

This request management platform, which also incorporates AI, can automatically route ticket inquiries to the most appropriate agent. The ticketing system prioritizes escalated, older, and high-value tickets so that your staff can resolve them first. You can additionally group incoming requests by type.

Zendesk has extensive reporting and analytics capabilities that give both historical and real-time measurements for team and operational success. 


  • Omnichannel Ticketing System: Integration with multiple communication channels such as email, phone, chat, and social media.
  • Self-Service Portal: User-friendly interface allowing customers to submit and track their tickets independently.
  • Workflows and Automation: Customizable workflow templates for different types of tickets and service requests.


  • Suite Professional: $115 per agent/month or $1,380/year for 1 agent. Free trial available
  • Suite Growth: $89 per agent/month or $1,068/year for 1 agent. Free trial available
  • Suite Team: $55 per agent/month or $660/year for 1 agent. Free trial available
  • Suite Enterprise: Customized solution; contact sales for pricing and details

3. Axonator

Axonator is a comprehensive work request tracking software that automates workflows and handles inspection and maintenance activities, service requests, and more. It is designed around a no-code architecture. 

No matter what kind of work order you're planning, assigning, tracking, or optimizing, Axonator has you covered. It gives employees complete control over the execution of their daily duties, from assignment to fulfillment. 

Reviewers have raved about the intuitive design of the mobile-first work order management app. Its digital checklists, asset management, inventory management, and facilities management features have also received a lot of praise.


  • Digital Checklists: Work through digital checklists to effectively execute inspections using a mobile app. Use highly customizable, user-friendly forms to improve data collection and inspections.
  • Asset Management: Easily keep track of assets using a variety of criteria, including location, historical purchase date, condition, maintenance history, and much more.
  • Mobile Workflows: Discover the potential of parallel processes by handling real-world situations and seeing them precisely displayed using our builder.


  • Free: for up to 5 users
  • Essential: USD 35 per user per month
  • Enterprise: USD 45 per month per user

4. UpKeep

Upkeep positions their product as a work order management system (WOMS) that can also be used as a CMMS.

Organizations can generate, evaluate, rank, and track maintenance orders all in one location with the help of this software.

You can quickly assign professionals to do reactive or preventative maintenance tasks using UpKeep's work order software. Examine each job order in a calendar or list style. Sort orders according to the priority level, location, assigned technician, and asset.

The renowned work order software from UpKeep is now responsive to mobile devices! Use this mobile app to see and manage any work order at your fingertips.


  • Work Order Filters: Users can conveniently filter work orders by technician, location, due date, status, and priority level, enabling efficient task management and organization.
  • Mobile Push Notifications: The system automatically sends mobile push notifications to assigned technicians upon the creation of work orders, ensuring timely communication and task assignment.
  • Multimedia Attachments: Users have the option to attach photos or videos to work orders, facilitating better communication and documentation of job requirements or issues.


  • Starter: $40 per user, billed monthly or $35 per user, billed annually
  • Professional: $75 per user per month or $60 per user per month, billed monthly and annually respectively
  • Business Plus: $100 per user per month, billed annually for a minimum of 5 users

5. MaintainX

MaintainX is an online maintenance management system (CMMS) that assists companies in overseeing daily work requests and orders related to maintenance.

The software streamlines the work order management process by doing away with papers entirely. 

It lets businesses take maintenance requests, automatically generate and assign work orders to people or teams, and monitor their progress in real-time. 

MaintainX's infinite features make it suitable for companies of all sizes. Regardless of the size of your organization, MaintainX has a suite of capabilities that can help you simplify processes, improve communication, and increase overall efficiency.


  • Create, Assign, And Monitor Work Orders: Users can effortlessly create work orders within the system, assigning them to specific technicians and monitoring their progress through intuitive dashboards.
  • Automatic Work Orders From New Requests: The system automatically converts incoming service requests into corresponding work orders, ensuring swift response and task allocation without manual intervention.
  • Tracking Parts & Inventories: A dedicated inventory management module allows users to monitor parts and inventories associated with work orders, ensuring availability and facilitating timely replenishment when necessary.


  • Basic: Free
  • Essential: $10 per user monthly
  • Premium: $39 per user monthly
  • Enterprise: $115 per user monthly

6. Asset Panda

Maintenance monitoring, tool tracking, and mobile audits are just a few of the features offered by Asset Panda, a cloud-based platform for tracking work requests.

All employees, from executives to warehouse workers, can utilize the work request tracking software

Integrating work request administration, preventive maintenance scheduling, and real-time asset data, AssetPanda simplifies and optimizes facility management.

By using Panda's cloud-based asset monitoring software and mobile app system, your company and its employees might potentially save costs and increase efficiency.

On top of that, their approach is simple to implement, allowing you to resume your tasks without delay.


  • Consolidate Asset History: The system provides a consolidated view of asset history, allowing users to track all relevant information and activities associated with each asset over time.
  • Built-in Barcode Scanner Support: Users can conveniently scan asset barcodes directly within the system, streamlining asset management processes and reducing manual data entry errors.
  • Custom Notifications: Users have the flexibility to set up custom notifications based on specific criteria, ensuring timely alerts for important events or actions within the system.


  • Contact the vendor for pricing.

7. ServiceMax

Although its primary use is in field service management, ServiceMax also has a built-in system for creating and tracking work requests. 

The field service business is the company's main goal. The work request tool is designed with a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for workers to generate, assign, manage, and monitor work orders. 

You can be certain that your field crew is using and productive to their fullest potential with ServiceMax Work Order Management Software.

Keep tabs on all of your work orders and make sure they're finished by the due date. Meeting client demands, increasing cash flow, and establishing partnerships that generate additional service income are all possible with efficient work order administration.


  • FSM, CRM, and Work Order System Combination: The software seamlessly integrates Field Service Management (FSM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Work Order Management functionalities into a unified platform, providing comprehensive support for service-oriented businesses.
  • Drag-and-Drop Work Order Creation: Users can easily create work orders by simply dragging and dropping relevant information, such as tasks, technicians, and schedules, onto an intuitive interface.
  •  Schedule, assign, and Track Work Orders: The system allows for the scheduling, assignment, and tracking of work orders of any type or status, ensuring continuous visibility and management of all service-related tasks and activities, regardless of their current status.


  • Contact the vendor for pricing.

8. SuperOps

Businesses can handle requests more efficiently using SuperOps, a platform that combines professional services automation (PSA) with remote monitoring and management (RMM).

Management of IT services, clients, assets, and projects are all part of the scope of these demands.

The technology developed by SuperOps transforms requests into a chat-like interactive workplace.

To provide further context, you're able to attach material such as photographs, videos, and documents to the requests.

To help with routine activities and ticket routing, there are automation tools, triggers, and prefabricated replies. Custom workflows are also available. The Kanban view also provides a visual aid for agents to use while managing tickets.


  • Reporting: The software offers robust reporting functionalities, allowing users to generate detailed reports on various aspects of operations, performance, and trends. 
  • Ticketing: Within the system, there's a dedicated ticketing module providing a centralized platform for managing customer inquiries, service requests, and support tickets. 
  • Intelligent automation: The software incorporates intelligent automation capabilities aimed at streamlining repetitive tasks, optimizing workflows, and reducing manual intervention.


  • Standard (PSA only): $59 per tech/month
  • Standard (RMM only): $79 per tech/month
  • Pro (Unified basic): $99 per tech/month
  • Super (Unified advanced): $129 per tech/month

What is a Work Request?

The term "work request" refers to the formal request for a service or product from the customer to a supplier.

Depending on the nature of the work, work requests might be for one-time fixes or ongoing projects. A work request is a formal document that either asks for or authorizes the completion of a certain service. Repairs, installs, and modifications are just a few of the many services for which work orders may be generated.

When making work requests, keep in mind the following:

  • Who needs the service?
  • What needs to be done?
  • What are the details needed?
  • When is it due?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Who will do the work?
  • How will we keep track of progress?

Though it may seem difficult at first, know that work order creation becomes simpler with practice.

Also, if you're looking to simplify your record-keeping, there are plenty of options available, including schedule management applications and solutions with templates.

Main Key Parts of A Work Request

  • Requesting Party: a person or department
  • Issue: These may include faulty faucets, carpentry work, snow removal, gardening, internal lighting renewal, equipment changeover, and vehicle maintenance.
  • Priority: Low, medium, or high; due dates should be indicated if known.
  • Location: Unique region of the building and specific plant if there are several
  • Budget: Critical for job planning and negotiating, accounting and finance records, and management approval.

The more specific a job request, the better. Detailed work requests allow maintenance supervisors and managers to quickly convert a work request into a work order.

In a Nutshell

When it comes to work request tracking software, all of the aforementioned software have one goal in mind: to make businesses as efficient and productive as possible. And it is where they all excel.

On the other hand, they all have their strengths and areas for improvement, so they may meet the needs of various types of businesses and managers.

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra

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