8 Best Restaurant Checklist Software For Businesses In 2024

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May 10, 2024
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Does your restaurant require a comprehensive and more of a complete back-of-house optimization? Recent stats show that there has been an increasing shortage of restaurant staff for BOH activities during the last few years. Although managers have attempted to solve this problem by offering higher pay and recruitment incentives, these strategies are insufficient to make up for the lack of a positive atmosphere at work. 

With the use of digitized restaurant checklist software, managers can lessen the overall burden of managing back-of-house operations without sacrificing team productivity or operational front-end efficiency.

Having said that, this post addresses the primary restaurant management issues as well as the benefits of utilizing the best restaurant checklist software for every type of business. 

Moreover, one of the main areas we will discuss in this essay is how these solutions' efficacy affects overall operational efficiency.

Let’s start...

According to a recent study, labor expenses increased for two-thirds of restaurants in areas where the minimum wage increased by 3%–9% and for an additional 16% of them, by 9%–12%.

Even if you have little influence on the broader labor shortage in BOH, you can still build a sustainable BOH team. 

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8 Best Restaurant Checklist Software In 2024 

Let's look at some of the best options that can effectively handle the most varied tasks in your restaurant.

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
Good for multi-niche businesses
AIO solution for food operations platforms

1. Xenia - Overall No. 1 Best Restaurant Checklist Software

Xenia Restaurant Operations Management Software
Xenia Restaurant Operations Management Software

As one of the best and complete restaurant checklist software, Xenia is a mobile-first solution with custom features that enable restaurant managers to streamline their activities. 

The program offers out-of-the-box templates that you can customize / tailor-made solutions, ready to be customized to fulfill your business requirements. 

What does that mean?Restaurant managers don’t want to go through the hassle of individually setting up work orders to address every solution concerning back-of-house activities or vice versa.

Ideally, they need a digitized solution that can offer a centralized approach to resolving such issues, while effectively logging everything and maintaining documents and records simultaneously. 

That’s just one of the many things that this program comes with.Moving on, restaurant managers can use Xenia to create SOPs; they’re a unique AI-powered solution that instantly creates SOPs of any nature – and that too, with work order/activity-related roles, assignees, and overall team members’ efficiency.

Use your temperature and humidity sensors automatically to guarantee continuous monitoring.

To ensure seamless compliance, create templates for food safety inspections and maintain detailed documentation.

The software uses real-time temperature sensors to detect issues before they endanger your food inventory, triggering warnings and corrective actions.

It shields you from near misses or such incidents.Xenia's work order management and preventative maintenance strategies streamline asset prevention. Prevent or address issues swiftly to save your team money on needless repairs. 

Key Features 

  • Digital Restaurant Checklists: Create customized checklists to coordinate your everyday operations, whether you're in charge of staff shift scheduling, kitchen prep, or daily cleaning.
  • Food Temperature Monitoring: Record data from sensors in freezers, refrigerators and food probes to not only monitor critical food temperature but also receive instant notification if something goes beyond or below the desired temperature threshold.
  • Real-Time 24/7 Collaboration: The app provides real-time notifications on work progress and keeps you connected around the clock. It enables you to quickly make modifications to ensure everything is operating well while keeping a close eye on your business.
  • Restaurant SOPs On The Go: SOP & AI-powered writing to create policies and operational processes.
  • Inspections & Audits: Carry out efficient inspections using insightful reasoning and efficiently carry out remedial measures.
  • Analytics & Reports: To gain deeper insights and promote better operations, access analytics dashboards, and reports.
  • Documents & Records Maintenance: Streamline information flow by managing and sharing files, videos, and documents, avoiding near misses!


  • Free Forever: Free plan for up to 5 users with access to basic features.
  • Starter Plan: Starting at $99 per month for up to 15 users, with access to core features.
  • Premium Plan:  Starting at $199 per month for up to 15 users, with unlimited access to all the core features and advanced features.
  • Custom Plan: Looking for custom solutions with enterprise-level requirements?

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture, previously known as iAuditor, transforms your ongoing restaurant processes with ease. 

With the efficiency of cloud-based data storage, you can access and create checklists with SafetyCulture from any location.

The software empowers you to sustain operational excellence, whether at the restaurant or on the move.The tool provides the option to utilize pre-existing checklists in Word, Excel, and PDF formats.

Alternatively, you can choose the Public Library template and alter it to suit your requirements.With an easy-to-use digital checklist builder, users can create interactive checklists without any programming experience.

Paper waste is one of the main issues this restaurant checklist software addresses. Using any mobile device, staff workers and designated inspectors can conduct inspections, simplifying workflows and standardizing processes.

Key Features

  • Make changes to your checklists so that relevant fields appear in response to your query.
  • To ensure safe recordkeeping, store digital records in one location with role-based access.
  • Quickly identify problems and assign solutions to improve operational effectiveness
  • Assure adherence to food safety regulations by producing reports with deep insights.
  • Train employees on hospitality management, safe food handling, kitchen safety, and other relevant skills. 
  • Connect with business intelligence systems like Tableau, Power BI, and Excel Online to automate workflows.

However, compared to its competitors, safety culture is often more expensive.


  • The premium package is $24 a month (free for a 30-day trial)

3. Hubl

Hubl is a hospitality checklist app that aims to make food safety due diligence easier by keeping track of food temperature records.

This cost-effective and easy-to-use software has calendar functions for delegating work to team members. If you're a small restaurant manager seeking to digitalize your daily work operations at a reasonable price, it's a great option as any.

Key Features

  • Hubl's basic operational checklists are exceptional, including temperature checks and alerts.
  • Its dashboard allows you to monitor procedures, and its calendar feature will enable you to review past inspections and remedial measures.
  • Hubl is an excellent choice for people on a limited budget because of its low cost.

Although Hubl is a relatively easy checklist software, it lacks some of the more advanced functionality seen in other options.

It doesn't offer a knowledge base for keeping track of recipes and crucial health and safety records or a channel for team communication. This makes it less suitable for larger restaurants aiming for consistency, collaboration, and total compliance.


  • Starts from $29

4. Trail

We have put Trail next on our list of best restaurant checklist software because it possesses quite a lot of features.

The software is intended to support teams that operate in the restaurant and leisure industries by aiding with daily operations. 

Trail is more suitable for you if you're looking for a tool that can optimize the majority of your daily operations because it contains even more functions than Hubl. It will guide you through all the proper processes, from opening procedures to doing the necessary food safety inspections.

Key Features

  • Integrate easily with reporting and performance logs to produce a coherent picture of your business.
  • Utilize a collection of templates for various tasks to guarantee speed and uniformity.
  • Following HACCP guidelines guarantees that your food safety inspections satisfy industry standards.
  • With thorough notification settings, you can be informed and up to date.

However, a drawback is that managers cannot observe task status; they can only monitor if a task is written, published, or archived.

Furthermore, because Trail is a UK-based firm, live customer support is offered during UK business hours, except in emergencies.


  • Starting from $17/month

5. Connecteam 

Connecteam is a robust all-in-one restaurant inspection, auditing, and BLAH BLAH tool that multi-sized food businesses can reportedly use.

Additionally, Connecteam can help you with assigning restaurant checklists to your front and back-of-house workers.

Employees are kept updated on opening and closing procedures and are never left behind when cleaning the kitchen.Through Connecteam, digitizing manual activities provides an easy-to-use solution that ensures your restaurant's operations are as efficient as possible.

You can also ensure that all applicable rules and regulations are defined and followed accordingly to guarantee a delightful user experience for everyone onboard.

Key Features

  • Easily create Custom forms and checklists with attachments.
  • Customize your checklists to meet the particular requirements of your restaurant.
  • Ensures that everything is finished on schedule so that your operations run more smoothly overall.
  • Minimize errors in timekeeping while advancing transparency
  • Optimizes your workforce by ensuring you have the appropriate people on your team when needed.
  • To increase collaboration and team spirit, the software Encourages team communication. 

Managers can create calendars, create training materials, upload and save documents, handle all HR procedures, and communicate with the team through in-app chat and a social media-like news feed.One major issue with this software tool is that it may lag for around an hour following an upgrade.


  • Free plan at $0 for basic level users
  • Paid plans start at $29

6. MeazureUp

MeazureUp makes the cut as this mobile-free audit program greatly improves your restaurant's performance, standardizes it, and holds you accountable for it.

MeazureUp emphasizes real-time reporting. Users can access instant information on their restaurants' operations using the app available on any device.

Moreover, the program lets you track the progress of your projects over time with the calendar tools. It contains templates for particular forms that cater to specific demands in the restaurant industry, such as a checklist for cleaning kitchens or rooms.

Key Features

  • Customized checklists to match your specific operating needs.
  • easily assign tasks and create achievable goals for your business
  • Real-time progress monitoring gives you the visibility you need to maintain the efficiency of your business

MeazureUp is excellent in managing tasks and checklists, but the program has been reported to slow down periodically, and some users have experienced difficulties deleting or changing entries. Moreover, employees may find it more challenging to interact in real-time without the team chat feature.


  • Free
  • For paid plans, Contact the Support team.

7. Fusion Prep

FusionPrep is a kitchen-focused platform that unifies papers and recipes into a single area.FusionPrep is a helpful solution for companies that prioritize back-of-the-house activities.

It simplifies kitchen operations with capabilities like recipe organizing, inventory management, and compliance scheduling.

Beyond the fundamentals, FusionPrep includes line checks, temperature logs, and other crucial restaurant procedures.

FusionPrep doesn't end there; it also helps with staff screening and acts as a storehouse for training resources.

Key Features

  • Use pre-established corrective measures to maintain compliance and quickly resolve problems.
  • Easy Dashboard for Compliance and Centralized Reporting to evaluate operational status in one place.
  • Kitchen procedures may be streamlined by efficiently managing recipes and inventory within the platform.
  • Use FusionPrep as the leading center for staff screening procedures and training resources.

Even though FusionPrep excels in several areas, it has limitations. Tasks cannot be tracked, and reminders cannot be sent when completed.

The limited template library further restricts the range of documents and checklists that may be created.


  • Free
  • For paid plans, contact Support.

8. FoodReady

Finally, on our round-up of the best restaurant checklist software, we finish the list with the FoodReady which offers complete visibility and control over restaurant operational activity.

FoodReady Restaurant Quality Management Software simplifies daily, weekly, and monthly tracking with built-in checklist templates (or simply build your custom checklists with drag-drop checklist builder) and simplifies your hassle of tedious manual spreadsheets.

Key Features

  • With this user-friendly builder that includes a template library, create checklists easily.
  • Resolve deviations with assurance by working with a guidance builder to ensure the right steps are followed for correction.
  • Get remote access to real-time data, along with notifications for deviations that need to be addressed right away by managers.
  • With timers to ensure focused work completion, the Task Manager keeps you on track with impending check alarms.
  • Easily retrieve checklist task guidelines and work instructions to ensure smooth job completion.
  • Auto signatures based on mobile user sign-ins help to ensure accountability.


  • Pricing starts at $89 per month.

What is a Restaurant Checklist Software?

Restaurant checklist software is an efficient tool for reducing the complex chain of tasks connected with running a restaurant.

These apps go beyond typical to-do lists with features like customization, task reminders, order tracking, and easier inventory management.

From everyday cleaning tasks to health inspections, it lets you communicate with your staff in real-time and facilitates immediate collaboration, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Furthermore, the program enables effective employee management, ensuring your restaurant is sufficiently handled for each shift.

How Restaurant Checklist Apps Can Help Your Bussiness?

Easy Task Delegation

By resolving task management issues, restaurant checklist software helps you save time and money. Delegation and maintaining organization are made simple when everyday chores are arranged into well-structured checklists. Specifically, as a restaurant manager or owner of a restaurant you can more effectively oversee operations and standards.

Enhanced Productivity

Managers can decide ahead of time which duties their staff members should be given in advance by using a restaurant checklist app. How? It helps you set priority for different tasks thus making the process easy for you especially if you have strict financial and staffing requirements. Alternatively, they can make information instantly available, which would accelerate the response time of stakeholders including managers, suppliers, employees, and owners of restaurants.

Improved Management Structure

 Using checklists is a simple way to categorize procedures and make sure nothing is overlooked. It keeps employees and managers on the status of tasks thus streamlining the operational activities. Additionally, this eliminates needless and time-consuming back and forth between staff members and restaurant management.

Significant Cost Reduction

By reducing the amount of resources wasted, restaurant checklist apps can save money. For example, incorrect orders from vendors or food deterioration can result in significant losses. This is solved by checklist applications, which provide workers access to the most recent industry laws and enable them to complete all essential processes.

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Checklist Software?

For managers, there are several Restaurant checklist applications available. Usually, they include a variety of editable forms and checklists, such as food safety inspection sheets and employee restaurant cleaning lists.

Nevertheless, given the abundance of available options, choosing the suitable checklist software for your restaurant might be challenging.

So, How do you choose the best from this vast array of options? Let's break it down.

Key Elements of Restaurant Checklist Software?

  • Flexibility ensures the app fits your business's unique requirements. The first logical step is to assess whether the checklists are adaptable to the specific needs of your restaurant. 
  • While running a restaurant, You cannot compromise on real-time communication. Your team's capacity for smooth collaboration directly affects how well your daily operations run. A complete restaurant checklist software ensures seamless real-time communication.
  • Check for the Task delegation feature.  Clearly defined work allocation and accountability are essential for efficient operations.
  • A restaurant checklist software should integrate a user-friendly interface. An app that is easy to use for every employee increases productivity.
  • Being accessible is critical for entrepreneurs. You can take control from anywhere at any time with the help of mobile and cloud-based access.
  • Access to dependable customer service guarantees you won't get stuck when technological glitches happen.

Some Additional Features to Look For In a Complete Restaurant Checklist Software

  • On-time task fulfillment offered by these tools helps your staff stay on task and ensure uniform service standards.
  • Reporting and Analytics comprehend the success of your business. Robust reporting provides valuable insights that inform data-driven choices and required improvements.
  • Real-time Updates keep you informed in the ever-changing restaurant environment, which can give you a competitive edge. It enables your team to quickly adjust and stop possible problems before they become more serious.

Based on these parameters, we have handpicked the best restaurant checklist software to help you optimize your daily operations.

The Bottom Line

When Choosing the best restaurant checklist software, Consider the effect a robust checklist app can have on your business. Finding a tool that meets your demands and surpasses your operational standards is essential.Nonetheless, the simplicity, frequent training, and convenience of use of Xenia make it the most competent contenderXenia isn’t just a checklist software but a solid solution to the daily operational challenges that restaurant managers and owners face. It is more than technology, it is a trusted partner helping you in menu engineering, facilitating your operations, ensuring you are compliant, and improving your restaurant performance.Restaurant opening and closing checklist software


What is the Purpose of Resturant Checklist Software?

A restaurant checklist tool helps managers make sure every operational activity is organized.

A summary of the several aspects that a restaurant is assessed on is included in the restaurant checklist. This encompasses employee performance, everyday operations, and comprehensive food standardization.

Which is the Best Software for Creating Restaurant Checklist?

Xenia handles everything for you including quality control, employee rotation, health and safety inspections, and inventory control.

Moreover, the tool empowers you to monitor every aspect of your restaurant's operations and ensure that all tasks are completed within time.

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra

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