7 Best Brightly Alternatives For Businesses in 2024

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February 26, 2024
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Nowadays, with voice-activated virtual assistants, self-driving cars, and smartphones, it is pointless to do such an important function as maintenance manually.

When it comes to keeping ahead in your game, you know that every second matters. After all, it's all about increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. 

Surprisingly, by using CMMS, businesses like yours can save up to 20% on maintenance expenditures while reducing equipment downtime by 60%. These numbers don't lie, and the effect is simply remarkable.

Brightly, a user-friendly platform enables businesses to reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, and make better operational choices. 

But then again, at the same time, Brightly isn't the only solution for facility and operational management processes.

This post highlights some of the best Brightly alternatives to help you get started with different, and better, feasible options with plenty of featurs to offer.

Let's get started.

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The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
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Top 7 Brightly Alternatives

Here's a detailed look at some of the best Brightly alternatives to help you with operational efficiency. Take a look below.

1. Xenia: Overall Best Brightly Alternative Online

Xenia: The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
Xenia: The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams

Xenia is a facility maintenance and front-line worker management software that includes a dedicated desktop and mobile application to address a broad range of applications in maintenance, operations, and people management.

Not only it's the best Brightly alternative to date, but it's also a mobile-first solution that can handle process standardization, work order administration, preventative maintenance, inspections, meter logs, and basic asset management. 

Xenia assists other frontline departments such as cleaning, sales, customer service, security, and more with integrated conversations and adaptable tools.

Overall it's a lightweight, fully customizable solution that provides streamlines all your facility maintenance management, asset management and such other issues through a multitude of features at a far lower cost than the competitors.

In fact, the monthly cost of Xenia is less than half that of many such software solutions out there.

Key Features

  • Checklists & SOPs: Create checklists, standard operating procedures (SOPs), inspections, and data logs to help with accountability, training, and staff clarity on every activity.
  • Work Orders: Create work orders by associating them with a team, asset, location, priority, category, and due date. View real-time progress updates on each work order, engage with teams, and analyze template submissions, pictures, and comments to enhance processes.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Make a preventative maintenance schedule to guarantee that asset uptime is not compromised. Attach photos, templates, videos, and comments to each assignment and assign completion to a team or person.
  • Smart Inspection Workflows: Each stage in Xenia's operations template builder includes conditional logic. This enables you to do actions depending on a form answer, such as initiating a remedial action for a failed inspection step, sending a notice to management for out-of-range meter readings, and much more.
  • Corrective Actions: Inspections can be quickly operationalized with the issuance of a work order resulting from a failed inspection phase. For auditing and accountability, all remedial data is saved in the checklist submission.


  • Starter Plan: Starting at $99/month for the first 15 users, includes a work calendar view, work reports,  template reports, sub-assets, and sub-locations.
  • Premium Plan: Starting at $199/month for the first 15 users, includes reporting dashboards, time and cost tracking, template branding, public form submissions, automated templates, and more.
  • Custom Plan: You get unlimited users, a dedicated account manager, onboarding and implementation, and integrations. 

For pricing: Book a Demo

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. Fiix

Fiix is a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) platform created by Rockwell Automation.

It enables organizations to examine their equipment, produce repair orders, and follow the completion of those work orders. Fiix also has several capabilities to assist firms in simplifying their operations, such as work order management, preventative maintenance, inspections, audits, and asset management.

Fiix provides AI-powered analytics that ensures 99.5% uptime on every piece of equipment covered by their service agreement. Their data security is exceptional, with Soc 2 Type 2 compliance and frequent cloud data backups. Their software also includes in-app training films to assist with onboarding.

Key Features

  • Asset Risk Predictor: Set up predictive maintenance in as little as two weeks to save downtime, avoid wasteful inspections, and keep production going.
  • Asset insights: The asset insights dashboard automatically warns you if you're spending too much time or money on maintenance, allowing you to identify and resolve issues before they cause downtime.
  • Work Order Insights: The work order insights report identifies which work orders are generating breakdowns, delays, and compliance concerns, allowing you to focus your time fixing problems rather than hunting for them.


  • Free 
  • Basic: $45/ Per user, per month/ 1 month free with annual billing
  • Professional: $75/ Per user, per month/1 month free with annual billing 
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

3. Upkeep

Upkeep is a cloud-based service that automates asset care and management for small, medium, and big enterprises.

It is a strong and capable platform that can give a thorough picture of asset health.

Upkeep can assist maintenance teams in managing their daily maintenance life cycle operations, maximizing asset vs. cost usage, and obtaining insight into continuous performance data reports. 

This utility is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, and it comes with a strong cloud data backup strategy that ensures remote access to the app from anywhere in the globe. Upkeep is a more powerful but more costly maintenance management tool than Brightly and Xenia. 

Key Features

  • Work Order Management: View every work order from a list or calendar format. Filter orders by assigned technician, asset, location, and priority level.
  • Asset Management: The reliability dashboard from UpKeep gives information on asset performance, total downtime, mean time between failures, and mean time to repair.
  • Preventative Maintainance: Make any work order repeat depending on the number of days, weeks, or months that have elapsed. The rescheduling depends on the completion date of preventative maintenance or a certain time period.


  • Lite: $20/month per user
  • Starter: $45/month per user
  • Professional: $75/month per user
  • Business: Custom Pricing

4. LLumin

While most CMMS vendors spend a lot of time and effort trying to understand, LLumin created a system that real maintenance workers find helpful.

Their team of IoT experts knows what they're doing — and they know that any old CMMS, no matter how "cute" or "fun" it seems, will not suffice.

LLumin can help you incorporate compliance into your daily procedures. Safety measures are followed and monitored, and you will get immediate warnings if anything goes wrong. When an auditor calls, you can quickly review your record of previous maintenance work, purchases, alerts, and approvals.

Key Features

  • Sensor-Driven Asset Monitoring: Add a machine to LLumin's CMMS+, and LLumin takes care of the rest. LLumin's CMMS+ will monitor machine characteristics and performance while automatically scheduling inspections, repairs, and work orders.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Machine learning solutions can detect patterns that people cannot, as well as forecast breakdowns and failures with remarkable precision. With lightning-fast AI insights, you can reduce your MTTR and increase your ROA.
  • Paperless Control: Stop wasting time dealing with messy paper systems. Instead, use a mobile-first solution to handle your work orders, logs, and machine manuals.


  • Professional: $45/mo Price per user
  • Premium: $80/mo Price per user
  • Enterprise: $110/mo Price per user

5. Nexgen

Up next on our Brightly alternatives list, we've got NEXGEN.

It is a powerful computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with advanced asset management planning features. As a result, operational efficiency improves, asset performance becomes more understandable, and a thorough risk analysis yields prioritized repair.

This CMMS platform provides actionable insights and foresight to drive real, strategic change throughout the enterprise via lifecycle planning and risk reduction. 

Users can record and manage every part of the asset inventory using NEXGEN's enterprise-wide asset management software, design a compelling maintenance schedule, and prearrange maintenance funds based on criticality and risk.

With its strategy-led solution, NEXGEN CMMS is a critical tool for asset managers in conserving budgets, converting risk into growth, and blowing up silos.

Key Features

  • End-To End Asset Inventory: The CMMS software from NEXGEN provides real-time insights into every facet of every item in your inventory. You can create customized asset hierarchies with no constraints.
  • Compliance And Safety: All audits and inspections are integrated with your maintenance data by NEXGEN, allowing your safety processes to be proactively monitored, displayed, and shared in real-time throughout the whole business.
  • Comprehensive Asset Management: The fully integrated Asset Management Planning system from NEXGEN includes modules for life cycle planning, financing forecasting, risk management, and capital planning priority.


  • Free Trial
  • Quote-based plan

6. MaintainX

As one of the best Brightly alternatives, MaintainX is regarded as a household name in various industries.

The program provides all the capabilities of Brightly's platform, as well as some extras, including asset management and parts inventory modules, IoT sensors, and better data analysis dashboards. However, in order to use these capabilities, organizations must be on the premium pricing plan ($49 per user each month).

Their free and $16 per user per month plans have very limited data storage and picture attachment restrictions, which are readily exceeded by any typical commercial usage. MaintainX's $49 pricing point is modest in contrast to other CMMS systems with comparable functionality, and it provides excellent value for money.

The business just released 'Maintain 3.0,' a much-needed upgrade for mobile device customers who want real-time field information. 

Key Features

  • Work Orders: Work Orders and Work Requests may be created, assigned, and tracked. MaintainX is used by 95% of maintenance teams to enhance how they plan, organize, and execute work.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Preventive and predictive maintenance reduces downtime. Schedule PMs and automatically initiate Work Orders based on meter readings, IoT data, and other factors.
  • Checklists & Inspections: With digital checklists, process scoring, and automatic corrective actions for OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory compliance needs, you can ensure technicians do the appropriate procedures.


  • Basic: $0 per user/month
  • Essential: $16 per user/month
  • Premium: $49 per user/month

7. Snapfix

Finally, Snapfix is excellent mobile CMMS software on which savvy teams can rely.

The app is used for both planned and reactive maintenance, with a special focus on becoming the world's first photo-first platform. 

It's similar to Instagram, except it's designed specifically for integrated teams and the task management part of CMMS.

Snapfix keeps teams engaged and organized by using tags, images, and visually attractive traffic signals. The platform provides a plethora of other capabilities for completing fire safety inspections, security and health checks, pest management, meter readings, and so on.

Snapfix can be a costly alternative for small organizations, with subscription plans beginning at $99 per month for unlimited users. Snapfix, on the other hand, is the ideal solution for lightweight, photo-driven CMMS software for teams greater than 5.

Key Features

  • Dashboard & Reports: Monitor your team's performance and find areas for improvement using the dashboard and reports.
  • Work Orders & Tasks: Create work orders using photos or your voice. Prioritise, assign and track to completion simply.
  • Fire Safety & Inspection: Custom checklists and smart tags let you schedule fire safety assessments and ensure compliance.


  • FREE
  • Per User: $9.99 per user per month
  • Snapfix Pro: $99 per month or $999 per year
  • Enterprise: From $199 per month or $1999 per year

The Purpose of Maintenance Management Solutions

Computerized maintenance management solutions are essential to centralizing and streamlining maintenance tasks.

In thrat order, a CMMS basically facilitates the management of available equipment and assets such as vehicles, machinery, communications, and infrastructure.

EAM software (enterprise asset management), CAFM software (computer-aided facility management), and facilities management software are examples of computerized maintenance management systems. One of the benefits of CMMS as a system is that it keeps track of an organization's maintenance operations and activities.

Facilities management and maintenance teams can use CMMS software to plan work orders and maintenance, as well as find equipment, parts, and supplies inside your business. 

Inventories management skills enable users to control inventories, while labor management facilitates the administration of labor resources.

Maintenance and technician scheduling, preventative maintenance, work order management, inventory management, and asset management are some of its strongest features.

As the scope of CMMS expands, the two could be used interchangeably – many of the Brightly alternative solutions featured in our maintenance management software list are categorized as CMMS/EAM software solutions.

What is Brightly?

Asset Essentials by Brightly Software (formerly Dude Solutions) is a next-generation work and asset management platform designed for smarter, more efficient maintenance and operations. 

This user-friendly platform empowers organizations to cut maintenance costs, improve productivity, and make smarter operational decisions. 

With Asset Essentials, users initiate, assign, and track the progress of existing maintenance work orders, as well as create advanced workflows with preventative maintenance (PM) scheduling to improve long-term asset health. 

Users set and monitor asset thresholds with predictive maintenance (PdM) utilizing IoT sensors to reduce asset downtime. 

The free mobile application allows technicians to capture parts transactions or quickly issue work orders during a failed task – even in poor connectivity areas – enabling them to accomplish more out in the field or off-site. The solution also allows users to easily track and manage inventory of frequently used parts, streamlining just-in-time maintenance to ensure they have what they need – when they need it. 

The solution is packed with analytical and reporting capabilities, with 100+ predefined reports, dashboards, and KPIs, empowering users with real-time data and analysis at their fingers to make and justify critical operational and budget decisions.

Asset Essentials integrates with your software ecosystem through our open APIs – as well as other Brightly products – ensuring a continued 360-view of your operations. 

Digitized Solutions' Benefits That Will Improve Maintenance Operations

1. Efficient Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance schedule efficiency is a crucial advantage of CMMS software, and employing an innovative solution will guarantee that maximum levels of maintenance operations are done with the least amount of time and resources invested. Maintenance scheduling, work order management, and real-time asset monitoring can all be supported by CMMS software, resulting in quantifiable gains in productivity and asset performance levels.

2. Work Order Management

Work order management is an important feature of CMMS software. The top CMMS systems provide extensive work order management features that enable users to quickly manage, monitor, plan, and manage work orders in real-time and make educated choices on the fly.

Many businesses do not have a consolidated source of asset and maintenance data. Using different systems or manually recorded techniques to manage work orders can make appropriate equipment maintenance, scheduling maintenance, maximizing resource usage, and assuring safety and compliance difficult, if not impossible.

3. Real-Time Asset Information

Knowing the state of a machine, when equipment has failed, and where that equipment is situated is crucial for major firms that handle heavy equipment across several sites. Without a CMMS system, maintaining real-time visibility and control over facility maintenance activities may be difficult.

CMMS software allows users to monitor all firm assets and facilities as well as their current health statuses. Plant managers can use the software to conveniently schedule work based on proximity and location, see, find, and manage essential equipment across numerous facilities, and analyze facility performance. 

4. Automated Compliance & Reporting

Another key benefit of CMMS software is its automatic compliance and reporting functions. Many businesses demand data from machine operations, maintenance work orders, supply chain suppliers, and contractors to be recorded. 

A CMMS also enables you to automatically enforce and record regulatory compliance procedures for OSHA, EPA, FDA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and ISO, allowing you to save time, reduce errors, and enforce compliance requirements.

5. Increased Uptime

Another key advantage of such software is its potential to expedite maintenance operations and boost machine uptime (the average length of time that machines are continuously functioning). 

When machines are not running at optimal performance or face greater levels of scheduled and unexpected downtime, output levels and profitability suffer.


One of the primary advantages of CMMS software is that it assists management in tracking the operations of their maintenance staff, calculating expenditures, and allocating resources. 

CMMS enhances accountability, minimizes downtime, identifies root causes of issues, and provides remedies. The systems also manage inventories, allowing organizations to save money and prevent losses.

To choose the best system for your business, you must first determine your needs and then compare them to the available features. 

Create a selection of the best matches by comparing items based on how well they meet your requirements. You should be able to locate a variety of items at various pricing ranges, so the next step is to check them out!

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