Assisted Living Activity Calendar

What is an Assisted Living Activities Calendar?

An assisted living activities calendar is a tool that assists the residents of an assisted living facility in keeping track of their activities and appointments. It helps caregivers, staff members, and other residents keep track of upcoming events, so they can prepare accordingly. The calendar can be as simple as a wall-mounted board with magnets or pins, or it can be more complex, with digital features such as reminders and notifications.

The activities calendar in assisted living facilities is designed to keep residents active and engaged. Some activities are designed to improve physical health, like exercise classes or group outings to community events. Others are intended for socialization and mental stimulation, such as bingo games and book clubs.

The assisted living activities calendar helps residents stay focused by providing them with a clear view of each day's events, as well as the days leading up to those events. This is important because it provides a way for seniors to remain active and engaged in their lives, which can help them feel more fulfilled and improve their quality of life.

To make activities planning a breeze, Xenia provides a free Google Sheet based calendar tool to track operations. For a more comprehensive, mobile-friendly solution, start your free trial of Xenia today!

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