"Xenia has been pivotal in optimizing our daily operations, ensuring each location upholds our high standards of service and safety."

Tipsy Putt, a vibrant restaurant and bar chain known for its engaging mini-golf courses, leverages Xenia to enhance daily operations across its establishments. With a focus on seamless operational workflows, Tipsy Putt has effectively integrated Xenia’s digital solutions to ensure efficiency and consistency in its service delivery.
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Use Case
Daily restaurant operations (opening/closing checklists) Multi-unit process standardization & issue reporting
Before Xenia


Manual coordination of tasks was time-consuming, especially in ensuring smooth transitions between shifts.
Variations in training and operational procedures across locations, affecting service uniformity.
Challenges in maintaining consistent safety and cleanliness standards due to reliance on manual tracking.
After Xenia


Uniform procedures and training across multiple locations facilitated by digital checklists.
Enhanced task accountability and real-time issue resolution.
Streamlined communication and documentation, ensuring adherence to safety and cleanliness standards.

Our Story

Tipsy Putt, based in Sacramento, CA offers a unique blend of dining and entertainment, featuring themed mini-golf and a full-service bar at all of its locations. The establishment's rapid expansion highlighted the need for a robust system to manage daily operations and maintain high standards. Implementing Xenia allowed Tipsy Putt to centralize operations, manage compliance, and ensure consistency across all locations.

Searching for Solutions

Initially grappling with manual processes and inconsistent training methods, Tipsy Putt sought a solution that could integrate and automate daily operations. Xenia’s task management platform presented the ideal blend of functionality and ease, offering mobile and tablet-based operations that catered to the dynamic needs of a multi-location business.

Xenia Impact

The introduction of Xenia revolutionized how Tipsy Putt managed its daily operations. With daily operating checklists available in both English and Spanish, Xenia enables complete transparency for restaurant managers and their employees. With features like QR code scanning for quick checklist access and automated task tracking for unresolved issues, Xenia brought a new level of efficiency and precision. This digital transformation enabled Tipsy Putt to uphold stringent quality controls and enhance the guest experience consistently.

40% faster resolution of operational tasks.
100% adoption rate among staff, demonstrating ease of use.
30% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks.

"Xenia enabled us to document our daily processes digitally, making the deployment of consistent operating processes & checklists across our restaurants instantaneous."

Multi-Unit Operator

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