"Xenia's inspection and audit tools have streamlined ServiceSource's compliance efforts, boosting efficiency and accuracy while streamlining site audits and ensuring employee adherence."

ServiceSource, a leading provider of outsourced business support services, leverages Xenia's inspection and audit features to ensure compliance, safety, and operational excellence across its diverse sites.
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Before Xenia


Manual Inspection Processes: ServiceSource relied on manual inspection processes, leading to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and delays in identifying compliance issues.
Lack of Centralized Data: Without a centralized platform for inspection and audit data, ServiceSource struggled to track compliance trends, identify recurring issues, and take proactive measures.
Inconsistent Standards: The absence of standardized inspection protocols across sites resulted in inconsistencies in compliance adherence and safety practices.
After Xenia


Automated Inspections: Xenia's automated inspection feature has enabled ServiceSource to schedule, conduct, and track inspections efficiently, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency.
Centralized Data Management: With Xenia, ServiceSource now has a centralized repository for all inspection and audit data, allowing for real-time monitoring, trend analysis, and data-driven decision-making.‍
Standardized Protocols: ServiceSource has implemented standardized inspection protocols across its sites, ensuring uniformity in compliance adherence and safety practices.

Our Story

ServiceSource, a leading provider of outsourced businesssupport services, operates multiple sites globally, each subject to stringentcompliance requirements and safety standards. Prior to implementing Xenia, ServiceSource faced challenges in maintaining compliance, ensuring safety, andconducting efficient site audits. Manual inspection processes, lack ofcentralized data management, and inconsistent standards hinderedServiceSource's ability to achieve operational excellence across its sites.

Searching for Solutions

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive inspection andaudit solution, ServiceSource evaluated various options and selected Xenia forits robust features, user-friendly interface, and scalability. Xenia's dedicated inspection and audit module offered the capabilities ServiceSourceneeded to streamline compliance management, enhance safety practices, andimprove site audit efficiency.

Xenia Impact

Since implementing Xenia, ServiceSource has experienced a transformation inits inspection, audit, and compliance management processes. Xenia's automatedinspection scheduling, customizable templates, and mobile accessibility haveempowered ServiceSource to conduct inspections with ease, accuracy, andconsistency. The centralized data repository provided by Xenia has facilitatedreal-time monitoring, trend analysis, and proactive decision-making, enablingServiceSource to address compliance issues promptly and minimize risk.Additionally, Xenia's standardized protocols have ensured uniformity incompliance adherence and safety practices across ServiceSource's diverse sites,fostering a culture of operational excellence and employee well-being.

Service Source is seeing Xeniabeing adopted for additional use cases outside of inspections includingfacility maintenance and cleaning/sanitation process tracking. Xenia’s flexibleoperation templates and automations have been quickly adopted into employees’daily workflows.

30% Reduction in Compliance-Related Incidents
40% Increase in Efficiency of Site Audits
25% Decrease in Manual Inspection Time

"Xenia's inspection and audit tools have revolutionized our approach to compliance and safety. With Xenia, we've seen increased adherence to company policies reducing compliance-related issues and incidents."

SVP of Operations
Operations leader and inspection expert

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