Xenia has streamlined property management tasks, work orders, and repairs, signfiicantly enhancing efficiency & transparency.

Aspen Management leverages Xenia to streamline property management, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs through digital task management and real-time communication.
Business Highlights
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Use Case
Operational execution & maintenance management Multi-location consistency & issue reporting
Before Xenia


Inconsistent adherence to operational procedures across multiple locations.
Lengthy maintenance response times impacting tenant satisfaction.
Manual tracking of maintenance and compliance, prone to errors and delays.
After Xenia


Standardized operations ensuring consistent adherence to company policies.
Reduced maintenance response times by 25%, improving service delivery.
Streamlined reporting and real-time updates enhancing operational transparency.

Our Story

Aspen Management specializes in managing hotel properties across Alaska. With a commitment to excellence and guest satisfaction, Aspen has grown to manage a significant portfolio, prioritizing efficiency and reliability in property management. The adoption of Xenia has marked a significant step forward in their ability to manage properties effectively.

Searching for Solutions

Aspen Management sought a solution to enhance their property management processes, particularly to address inefficiencies in maintenance handling and procedural inconsistencies across various locations. Aspen was looking for a robust maintenance & work order tracking system, with advanced multi-location reporting capabilities that is easy to use by maintenance technicians. The need for a robust system that could offer real-time communication and task management became apparent as the company expanded its portfolio.

Xenia Impact

Implementing Xenia transformed Aspen Management's operations. Xenia is currently being used across 7 Aspen hotel properties. The platform's ability to facilitate instant communication and efficient work order management across locations has significantly reduced response times and improved operational consistency. Moreover, Xenia's comprehensive analytics and customizable reporting tools have enabled Aspen to make data-driven decisions, optimizing property management strategies and procedures.

40% Increased Efficiency: Operational processes streamlined by 40%.
25% Faster Response: Reduction in maintenance response times.
Enhanced Reporting: Real-time insights into open work orders, employee performance, completion rates.

"Xenia has significantly streamlined our maintenance operations, enhancing our ability to manage work orders and bridge operational gaps across all properties."

Director of Information Technology
Manages IT across Aspen Management's property portfolio

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