12 Best Yoobic Alternatives For Businesses In 2024 & Beyond!

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May 8, 2024
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Task management in retail has been around for a while.

Top it off with end-to-end operations management and accountability, you're looking at a different set of challenges!

That's because it's what it takes to scale your retail business these days - and that too, when you're looking at a multi location platform that has simultaneous back of the house, and front-end processes going on.

Only 16.8% of teams accomplish more than 70% of their planned tasks every week. Retail headquarters must communicate with businesses daily on operational choices.

These tasks may involve determining which goods to remove from shelves, how to clean the space, which products need to be removed from the shelves, and how to arrange the display racks. 

Retail task management entails communicating these instructions to store teams, outlining precisely what they are required to do and the time limit within which they must do it.

However, there are times when it becomes more complex. Problems including data loss, misunderstandings, and improper or forgotten job completion occur often. 

Anyone who has ever been in charge of retail operations knows the pain of repeatedly emailing different outlets to check on the accuracy of a job. Planning ahead of time seems like an insurmountable task when you lack complete visibility into how shops are doing right now.

Right now, one of the most important types of software you require is retail execution software. Yeah, that's right!

And finding the best Yoobic alternatives could be challenging due to the abundance of options now readily available. Therefore, we poured several hours into researching and assessing every software we could lay our hands on.

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Why is Task Management Software Essential?

Whether it's retailers, or frontline managers, one thing's for sure - i.e. they can no longer rely on the outdated ways of operations management.

Standardized daily checklists and paper or spreadsheet instruction manuals cannot ensure that every customer has a consistent shopping experience when a business has several shops or sales channels. 

Even though 69% of customers would rather buy from businesses that consistently provide good customer service, most frontline workers are still using inefficient and prone-to-error methods of job management, such as email and paper forms.

This might lead to problems for retailers if their stores do not adhere to regulatory requirements or do not adequately apply health and safety measures, as well as the possibility of uneven brand standards across in different locations.

The best software for keeping track of tasks:

  • Lowers the possibility of errors and increases uniformity
  • Cuts down on tedious administrative work
  • Allows frontline staff to concentrate on consumers with high expectations for the in-store experience and growing product knowledge
  • Gives management a glimpse of what's happening in the shop
  • However, it could be difficult to choose the correct software

To help you choose the best software for your business, this post will go over some of the best Yoobic alternatives to consider.

What is YOOBIC?

YOOBIC facilitates better coordination and information sharing by providing a central platform for communication among regional representatives. 

It's a complete suite of operational efficiency for retailers and plenty of different business types.

Those who have used the software say it has improved their productivity by making tasking and communicating easier. 

Encouraging team members to take responsibility, it serves as a central repository for action items, operational KPIs, and communication engagement.

In addition to streamlining field operations, Yoobic facilitates training modules for sales professionals and provides essential information for commerce-related tasks, boosting learning experiences. 

People love it since they can simply report on store activity and get images of stores in a flash. Yoobic provides an all-inclusive answer to the problems of managing operations and task reporting thanks to its capacity to consolidate data collecting and enable quick communication between headquarters and outlets.


  • Easy Navigation and Use: YOOBIC's users have complimented the app's straightforward and user-friendly UI. The platform's straightforward design enables smooth interaction and quick execution of activities, according to many reviews.
  • Friendly Customer Service: YOOBIC's customer service team's availability and helpfulness have been well appreciated by reviewers. Some have even gone so far as to say that the support staff has been important in helping them with data processing, mission creation, and dashboard setup—not to mention how much they appreciate how quickly and honestly the team responds to criticism.
  • Broad Functions: YOOBIC's wide variety of functions has been praised by many users. For many critics, the platform's adaptability to individual demands was its most appealing aspect. As a result of its adaptability, YOOBIC may be fine-tuned to meet the specific demands of each user.


  • Complex Platform: The YOOBIC platform's complexities have caused some users, and by extension, their teams, to get confused. This has been brought up by more than one reviewer.
  • Lack of Intuitiveness: According to reviews, the YOOBIC platform is not sufficiently intuitive and needs to be well-trained before using. They think there's room for improvement to make it easier to use.

Keeping these important points in mind, let’s take a look at the best Yoobic alternatives!

Best YOOBIC Alternatives

Having said that, let's take a detailed look at some of the best and free Yoobic alternatives that you can potentially use to scale your processes, and business, altogether! Read on...

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
Good for multi-sized businesses
Good for general task management purpose

1. Xenia | Overall No. 1 Yoobic Alternative With End to End Operations Management!

As one of the best Yoobic alternatives to date, Xenia is a powerhouse of a mobile-first app that offers a bevy of solutions to standardize, measure, and assess a plethora of processes across teams, platforms and businesses.

That's just the tip of the ice-berg though.

One of the program's biggest asset is a wide sense of customizability; a whopping respository of peronalized templates library that you can potentially use for any number of use cases, and plenty of other features.

As an end-to-end operational efficiency app, this Yoobic alternative also offers ability to manage assets and locations, while seamlessly integrating daily task management and other activities in a central hub. 

Users can simplify their operations, enhance profitability, and stimulate development with Xenia. With powerful real-time communication module, and a dedicated reporting & analytics dashboard, managers get to drill down on insights that matter the most for business safety and scalability. 

Our intuitive frontline facilities and work order task management software revolutionizes all sorts of operational processes - and that too over different industry verticals.

As a result, this feature centric approach helps users with leaving no detail overlooked making it one of the best Yoobic alternatives.

Feature Highlights

  • Task Management: Improve task accountability and transparency by making it easier to monitor progress and remove extensive note-taking through photos, notes, and templates.
  • Operations Template Builder: Simplify work procedures, inspections, and compliance with the use of a robust builder and editable pre-built templates.
  • Scheduled Work: Streamline workflow with well-defined deadlines and mobile team alerts to boost efficiency.
  • Work Requests and Approvals: Improve supervision by centralizing request management, speeding up the approval process, and keeping a close watch on related expenses and resources.
  • Team Communication: Make it easier for team members to work together by mentioning tasks, making company-wide announcements, and having quick talks.
  • Analytics Reports: Utilize comprehensive work analytics, sophisticated filters, and the flexibility of the data exporting to get greater decision-making skills.


  • Free Plan Forever: Up to five users: Get full unlimited access to all the basic features!
  • Starter: $99 per month for up to 15 users, with access to all the core features & perks
  • Premium: $199 per month for up to 15 users with access to advanced features, alongside a dedicated account manager!
  • Custom: Request a Quote.

Feel free to Book a Demo Today!

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. Zipline

Zipline is a web-based tool that facilitates efficient task management and provides comprehensive visibility into your organization's processes and activities. 

With it, you can monitor the progress of your team members' training and development. The software makes it easy for you to delegate duties to your team members and respond quickly to their inquiries and concerns. 

This versatile software applies to many businesses, including supermarkets, hospitals, banks, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, and more. It gives you templates that you can utilize for soliciting your staff for feedback and performing surveys. 

In addition to the aforementioend functionality, you can view every detail of the data and evaluate the employee's efficiency as it happens. 

Feature Highlights

  • Employee Communication: Enhance the efficiency of store operations by facilitating communication and engagement between business and store executives and their frontline staff.
  • Task Management: Make sure that the frontline workers can simply comprehend, prioritize, and finish their daily activities to improve operations and drive consistency.
  • Store audit: Make it simple for everyone, from frontline workers to executives, by standardizing execution and streamlining shop visits.


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details


Opterus's OPSCENTER is a web-based retail management software that automates complex retail processes, improves team communication and collaboration, tracks customers' journeys and helps them be satisfied by removing obstacles. 

The software is easy to use and can be trained by team members. OPSCENTER offers a wide range of features, including a message center, task manager, document library, ticket, calendar, knowledge base, audits, dashboards, survey forms, and many more. 

Feature Highlights

  • Automated Data Synchronization: OpsCenter makes it simple to monitor and task management operations with its user-friendly interface.
  • Tickets: Get a 360 degree view of the organization. HQ supporting store inquiries via category based configured work-flow.
  • Calendar: A unified view of all personal, allocated store, and ad hoc appointments and entries.


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

4. Storeforce

With Storeforce, you can manage your team and workers more effectively and raise performance levels.

Storeforce is a cloud-based workforce management software solution. You can create hourly and daily objectives for your teams by using this tool to improve the scheduling of tasks and assignments. The software allows you to define the KPIs for your team members and manage performance.

It makes it simpler for you to track the customer experience and keep an eye on how things are running across your businesses. Additionally, you may improve employee engagement by getting them involved in enjoyable and imaginative activities. 

With the help of this software, you may create sales leadership programs and assess the overall effectiveness of your company.

Because of its capabilities, Storeforce is the greatest software available, and it functions flawlessly for any kind of team-oriented business.

Feature Highlights

  • Retail Workforce Management: To maximize your sales prospects and position the appropriate people in the right places at the right times, and create optimized schedules.
  • KPI Performance Management: Use real-time data and insights to generate profitable company top-line outcomes. Adjust tactics and actions as needed to continuously meet and surpass sales goals.
  • Retail Execution: By applying your tactics uniformly across all of your businesses, you can provide a consistent brand promise and consumer experience.


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

5. Retail Workflow Management

Moving on with our best Yoobic alternatives recommendations, we've got Retail Workflow Management on the list.

It's a web-based software offered by ANT USA, businesses can automate and simplify their processes. The various capabilities it offers can significantly improve the communication and cooperation among your different teams. 

You can keep tabs on how well your team is doing and motivate them every day by setting a goal. Improving your team members' skill sets and analyzing their performance in real-time are both made easier with this tool.

In addition to being able to track operating data in real-time, its dashboard is quite detailed. Even better, you can quickly sort assignments and tasks by significance and give each one to the appropriate staff. 

You have the choice to provide comments or take a survey, and the findings are instantly available for analysis. 

Feature Highlights

  • Buyer’s Toolbox AP: The go-to, reliable, and extensible platform for all things related to merchandise financial planning, item and attribute planning, and location and channel planning.
  • Buyer’s Toolbox BAR: One practical, easy-to-use, and fast-to-deploy option for Unit Open To Ship into the DC and/or Channel, as well as DC-to-store, is included with Basic Allocation and Replenishment. 
  • Buyer’s Toolbox FC/Data Science: Forecast Analytics provides a plethora of seasonally sensitive insights in areas such as price elasticity, margin, and price optimization, lost sales analysis, cannibalization and collection, and more.


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

6. Reflexis Task Manager

Also known as Zebra Reflexis, the software's a nifty substitute to Yoobic due to a multitude of different features.

With Reflexis Task Manager, you and your team members can interact and cooperate in real-time while efficiently managing tasks.

You can assign and prioritize jobs with the help of the powerful software. Not only can you see how far along you are in the completion of each assignment, but you can also direct your team members. 

It has an intuitive design and allows you to tailor the dashboard to your needs. In addition, you have access to its powerful analytical features, which you can use to create reports and personalize them using the drag-and-drop interface.

Customer involvement, digital help, Internet of Things (IoT) tasks, notifications, emails, and an extensive list of other capabilities are just a few of the many reasons that make Reflexis Task Manager one of the best Yoobic alternatives.

Feature Highlights

  • Workload Distribution: Maintain balanced workloads and cut down on overtime by automating the assignment of tasks with equal distribution.
  • Role-Based Assignments: Assign tasks to associates automatically based on their preferences, availability, and skill sets.
  • Task Prioritization and Completion Tracking: Employees on the front lines can see what's happening throughout the day and prioritize their tasks accordingly.


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

7. Quorso

Up next on our best Yoobic alternatives list, we've got Quorso, a cloud-based tool for managing tasks.

With this handy tool, you can establish and oversee projects across all of your organization's locations with ease.

It helps in lowering operating costs and increasing staff productivity via better engagement. You can effectively establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for every team member and use them to evaluate their work. You can keep tabs on how hard every team member is working with the help of the track feature.

Notification alerts are sent to keep you informed in the event of an emergency or an unfinished task. Your team members can receive comprehensive instructions and direction from you regardless of where you are. 

Quorso also let's you have the option to create and distribute performance reports. Members of your team can send supporting documentation and images for your perusal. With Quorso, you can receive all the capabilities your company needs, and they're both versatile and simple to use.

Feature Highlights

  • Central Store Ops: Get everyone on the same page quickly by tracking their progress on your key performance indicators.
  • District Manager: Make daily improvements to all stores. Consider the store's priority as you plan your week.
  • Store Manager: Get whatever you need done quickly and easily in one spot. Learn what's most important for your shop every day. Prioritize doing rather than analyzing.


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

8. ZetesAthena Retail Task Management

Delivery management software for correct deliveries | Zetes

You can efficiently run your retail businesses with the assistance of ZetesAthena Retail Task Management, an online app that also helps in task planning based on demand predictions.

As a robust Yoobic alternative, the program also helps you to manage full retail supply chain - starting from concept to execution, and all the way to overseeing incoming and outgoing logistics.

The software does the heavy lifting for you in terms of keeping track of stock and alerting you when it gets low. The software is easy to update, and both installing and maintaining it are straightforward tasks for your IT staff.

Your customer service staff can reply to questions and comments from customers in real time using this feature.

Feature highlights

  • Performance Review: Gain insights into your store's performance metrics, allowing you to track progress against targets, service level agreements (SLAs), and benchmarks set by other stores.
  • Employee Engagement and Productivity Management: Implement strategies to foster employee engagement and boost productivity levels within your store environment.
  • Consumer-staff Interaction: Facilitate seamless consumer-staff interaction to ensure uninterrupted sales transactions, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.


  • Ask the vendor for pricing details

9. Brosix

For retailers seeking a viable and robust substitute to Yoobic, Brosix is another strong contender. 

This application offers several retail-specific templates and commercial procedures. It could also function as your major internal communication platform in retail and other work processes.

For several reasons, Brosix is superior to Yubico in terms of robustness. It offers comprehensive employee activity monitoring, enabling managers to monitor the progress of tasks and the degree of productivity of their staff in real-time. This functionality will enhance the company's efficiency and ensure seamless operation. 

Secondly, Brosix provides a wide range of communication tools, such as instant messaging, video calls, and screen sharing, making it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate effectively. This feature promotes teamwork and improves overall productivity within the organization.

Moreover, with remote access, you can manage your workload easily. This feature is really useful, as rather than commuting to work if there is a change of circumstances, employees can still work from home. 

Feature Highlights 

  • Staff Activity Tracking:  supervisors can keep tabs on what their employees are up to while on the clock.
  • Remote Access:  Enables users to work from anywhere by letting them remotely access and manage their work machines.
  • Chat Live: The integrated support for instant chat keeps team members engaged in real-time discussions to collaborate and make decisions fast.
  • Video Conferencing: Remote teams, in particular, might benefit from video conferencing features, which allow users to have face-to-face interactions and improve collaboration.
  • Meeting Scheduling: Help you plan and run meetings well, so everyone stays on topic and gets their work done.
  • Remote assistance: Users can remotely debug and assist others, making service simpler even when users are far away.


  • Free
  • Business-$5
  • Premium -$8

10. SkyStreet Retail

Another leading Yoobic alternative SkyStreet Retail provides a cloud-based retail operating software that helps reduce costs, increases efficiency, and enhances sales growth.

The sole aim of this software is to provide retailers with an accurate and real-time depiction of their business operations thus facilitating everyday careful decision-making.

One major benefit of SkyStreet Retail over YOOBIC is its extensive retail offering, including in-store and mobile point of sale (PoS), alongside back office functionality and stock control features, and its seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, giving all retailers a single method of managing their combined online and offline operations.

Feature Highlights

  • Customer Management: Comprehensive customer information records and purchase history enable you to provide even more personalized service.
  • In-Built Email Integration: The tool’s built-in email lets store executives interact with customers, suppliers, and staff from one piece of software without having to export and import contact files.
  • Inventory Management: Auto Replenishment and Allocation across multiple locations enable lower stockholdings, out-of-stock occurrences are reduced, and stock turn increases as overstocks are minimized.
  • Multilocation: Monitor and manage your operations from one site to ensure scalability and consistency across sites.
  • POS Integration: Efficient transaction processing and inventory management occur with POS integration.
  • Sales Management: Monitor performance, identify trends, and implement higher revenue and profit strategies.


  • Contact Vendor

11. Squadle

While YOOBIC is a bit more broad, being able to be applied to many industries and needs types, Squadle specializes in the needs of multi-unit operators, restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery.

What stands out on Squadle is its heavy emphasis on digital checklists. Their digital checklists are built to handle issues, compliance, inspections, maintenance, pre-shift checks, or anything else.

Moreover, one strong advantage that Squadle has over YOOBIC is its full comprehensive workflow automation platform. This visibility gives businesses the ability to see and address issues about the store in real time ensuring the activities at the store remain consistent and meet the operational standards.

Feature Highlights

  • Inventory Management: Manage stock levels efficiently, track inventory movement from production to warehouse to sales identify optimum inventory levels, and reduce carrying costs.
  • Supplier and Purchase Order Management: Streamline supplier interaction and improve the purchasing process through effective management of purchase orders.
  • Vendor Management: Streamline vendor interaction and improve vendor interaction and collaboration by maintaining vendor information and vendor discussion.
  • Warehouse Management: Manage inbound and outbound operations and optimize storage of inventory.
  • Barcode Scanning: Use barcode scanning capabilities to expedite data entry in the various operational tasks and improve data accuracy.


  • Contact Vendor

12. Candela RMS

Candela RMS is a complete retailing software solution that offers comprehensive and end-to-end solutions for all types of industries which includes startups and large-scale Enterprises.

The platform is highly efficient in streamlining retail operations, with ample functionalities to boost productivity and increase gain. It has more functionality and benefits compared to YOOBIC. Some of the many functions of Candela RMS include commission management, returns management, employee management, order management, and location management.

With Candela RMS, retailers gain access to an entire suite of comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, enabling them to make smarter business decisions that drive increased revenue and business success.

Feature Highlights

  • CRM: Organize and manage customer relationships and events to make the customer happy.
  • Commission Management: Help properly compensate employees and retain the best performers.
  • Employee Management: Properly schedule employees track their performance and pay compensation.
  • Multi-Location Support: Easily manage and control all of your retail locations.
  • Order Fulfillment Management: From receipt of a customer order to delivery.
  •  Return Management: Makes handling returns and exchanges an integrated part of the sales process maximizing customer value and ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.
  •  Reporting/Analytics: Efficient reporting capability gives you access to vast amounts of data and information to help you understand your business performance and better plan future objectives
  • Purchase Order Management: Purchase Order Management enables you to streamline and effectively manage the purchase process. 


  • Contact Vendor


With all the necessary information and criteria in hand, selecting the best Yoobic alternatives becomes easier than ever. The capabilities of the aforementioned Retail Execution Software are generally remarkable and easy to use.

It is now entirely up to you to decide which program best suits your needs.

Evaluate the features and capabilities of all the Yoobic alternatives, their efficacy, and efficiency. Before settling on the best Task Management Software of 2024, you should take stock of your goals, necessary features, and available money. 

Choose the one that offers the most value.

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