5 Best OpsAnalitica Alternatives for Worldwide Restaurant Businesses

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May 12, 2024
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According to statistics almost 80% of general F&B businesses, and restaurants fail or dwindle down to nothingness.

That’s the reality of startups these days. The failure rate is not proportional to the sense of enthusiasm that potential business owners are equipped with.

There’s tough competition out there; someone’s always running a successful restaurant with more or less the same business ideas, and you are caught up with different challenges that weren’t apparently visible at the start of the grand opening day.

If we were to go into the reasons associated with the failure rate, it’d derail us off track. Not saying that it’s a discussion to be avoided, but let’s save it for another day.

Coming back to the restaurant business, we are here to tell you that in a dog-eat-dog world, things eventually DO work out

You just need to be intelligent; use the right restaurant task management software, and have a way to streamline processes - ESPECIALLY if it’s a multi-unit; multi-location setup, which you’re in charge of.

Speaking of restaurant apps and tools, we’re going to talk about OpsAnalitica, one of the coolest restaurant software out there. 

In a nutshell, the program streamlines your ongoing operations, helps managers monitor ongoing processes, and eventually plans & executes toward long-term strategic success.

However, as it turns out, like any other restaurant management app, OpsAnalitica isn’t the ONLY solution to be dubbed as a one-off ultimate program to fulfill all your operational needs. There’s plenty of fish out there my friend, which brings us to highlighting some of the best OpsAnalitica alternatives that’ll do the job for you.

Think along the lines of cheaper but way more effective solutions, better cost management, better restaurant team accountability, improved training, and a centralized way of overlooking things with a minimum amount of micromanagement on your part.

So, let’s get into it.

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Why Having a Restaurant Operations Management Tool Is a Big Deal Right Now?

Predictive analytics is spurring restaurants to look deeper into their operations to become more efficient while providing a better guest experience and decision-making ability. 

But don’t be so quick, there’s a twist

According to a report by IDC, global data volume is predicted to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025, from 33 zettabytes in 2018. This data explosion poses plenty of opportunities and challenges for businesses. This is due to data providing strategic insights that can influence strategic decisions, improve customer experiences, and create innovation that can have serious ramifications. 

Why does it matter?

As a multi-unit restaurant or business, the management and understanding of this data may prove to be extremely challenging without the appropriate expertise.

Wading through spreadsheets and crunching numbers doesn’t have to be the most exciting part of your day. And it isn’t, to be honest.

That paper trail way of managing any business activity sounds good because you’re being “thorough” and all that, as grandpa, or your family ancestors used to do in their time. But things have changed - and they have changed for good!

And that’s exactly where a robust data analytics tool would help you.

As mentioned earlier, we have researched and looked into OpsAnalitica - A leading data analysis and operations consultancy organization. Additionally and most importantly, we’ve got some of the Best OpsAnalitica alternatives to help you avoid data, and information overload for better agility.

Let’s get straight to the point 

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
Good for shift and labor management
Affordable solution with an AIO experience

1. Xenia - Overall Best OpsAnalitica Aalternative To Date

Xenia Restaurant Operations Management Software
Xenia Restaurant Operations Management Software

Hey, that’s us!

Xenia offers everything that OpsAnalitica does and brings more to the table to move the needle. 

The mobile-first solution is designed for food & beverage platforms, restaurant businesses and mobile food business operators - and that too, over a sprawling multi-unit, multi-location setup.

The ease of multi-unit mobile-first operations management platform for restaurants to streamline their day-to-day operations. 

The Most Sought-Out Features In Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant operations aren’t the only aspect of your business that you’re in control of.

Spread it over different locations for the same restaurant, you have a slew of staff members, multiple BOH restaurant processes, alongside a front-ended customer experience going on. It needs to be managed for a better experience and from an overall customer satisfaction point of view.

Unified Operations Templates

Say hello to operations templates; a cetralized hub where inspections, checklists and audits are built.

From the in-app operations templates menu, restaurant managers can lookup checklists for any range of processes, they can select and import a checklist directly in a restaurant work order, and practically do the same for any other process.

Furthermore these templates can be filtered by different industries for a more refined experience.

Digital Restaurant Checklists

Checklists are a critical component of any modern-day restaurant. Especially during rush hour, when your restaurant crew is swamped with different activities, they count on checklists to complete any given activity without extra hoops or steps around it.

So, whether it's your drool-worthy signature Berry Blast smoothie recipe that a new crew member needs to be filled in on, or something critical concerning restaurant cleaning, maintenance, or overall hygiene standards, there's always a checklist that simplifies the process.

Plus, checklists and SOPs are a great way to get things done without the redundant repetition of the same orders or instructions over and over again.

  • Use a pre-shift checklist to ensure that every location is ready to start serving.
  • Use a daily cleaning schedule to keep all the locations clean and safe.
  • Form a training checklist to bring new employees up to the brand's appearance, knowledge, and skill standards. 
  • Create detailed checklists for restaurant opening and closing, kitchen cleaning, amenities upkeep and vice versa.

The platform comes with a multitude of out-of-the-box customization options centered around digital restaurant checklists, operations templates, and SOPs.

Knowing that any restaurant's specific needs aren't the same on any given day, customizable checklists are a great way of kicking off things.

Ai Powered Robust Restaurant SOPs

Create a Multitude of SOPs For Any Type of Requirements

Use our integrated & powerful free restaurant SOP creation tool to digitally create any type of SOP within seconds.

The best part?

Add these SOPs to your active workflow, edit them, and include any additional steps in a hassle-free manner for overall better accuracy and optimal performance standards

SOPs can also be shared with your internal and external restaurant stakeholders through a share link. Plus, you can print them for team members to help them with their ongoing designated activity.

  • Access restaurant SOPs and operational processes anytime, anywhere. 
  • Use AI-powered writing to make quick and easy updates.
  • Apply consistency and enforce compliance across all locations and teams. 
  • Simplify training and onboarding for new staff members

Critical Food Temperature Monitoring!

Unified Food Temperature Monitoring

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that your restaurant's food safety monitoring is seamless, consistent, and reliable.

The program’s automated temperature monitoring and real-time data collection features enable restaurant managers to efficiently monitor critical control points in their food safety systems. 

Got pre-installed temperature sensors that utilize Bluetooth technology in your freezers, handheld probes, or any other critical equipment? Pair it with Xenia’s temperature sensor mobile app module to transmit data reliably to your account. 

These monitors work continuously in a range of 40°C to 125°C and an accuracy of +/- 0.4°C. When a temperature deviates from a pre-set acceptable range, management is notified to investigate and resolve.

Inspections and Audits Across Multiple Locations

Most operations conduct daily inspections on paper while storing them somewhere, hardly to be used again. These inspections are great as a one-off on paper/ on record thing, to conduct. 

But the question is, whether the invaluable operational data associated with these inspections and audits are being stored somewhere online.

Top it off with a very real possibility of conducting the same type of restaurant inspection, or having an audit over a new location that you just opened. Going through the same paper route would be tedious at best when you can instantly conduct these inspections through Xenia’s digitized solutions.

With fully customizable inspection templates, restaurant managers can standardize the inspection process, reducing inconsistencies and enhancing overall operations.

Dedicated Tasks - A.K.A Restaurant Work Orders

Detailed Restaurant Task Overview

As a starting point for your daily restaurant operations, create dedicated tasks on an as-needed basis. Set them up as scheduled work orders, or recurring activities, so you don’t have to intervene and micromanage. 

The choices are endless.

Restaurant workers, regardless of their location, can directly update task processes through multiple completion phases, and even upload photos as evidence of any critical task concerning restaurant asset management on-site inspection completion and vice versa.

Managers can look over these activities, while getting real-time notifications on their Xenia mobile or desktop app, and sign off as needed.

And things don’t end there…

The restaurant task management system takes the hassle out of food audits. 

With a range of features to choose from, you can customize the program to suit the needs of your business in terms of what tasks need to be done and who should do them.

This is just one part of the program; it has many other equally impressive features and benefits. Topping it off with task management tools that are built to help you handle the complex scheduling and assignment situations you're likely to encounter in the industry. 

Moving beyond the surface level, let’s proceed to how Xenia can help you.

Consistency Across Multi-Location With Real-Time Reporting

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the tool is reporting and analytics.

How is it important to you?

It offers businesses valuable information on how the company is running itself. it enables businesses to make strategic decisions based on the information they have about sales and customer satisfaction across many locations and in real-time.

  • Use real-time monitoring to keep track of sales and customer satisfaction at multiple locations.
  • Figure out which parts of your business are working well right now and which are not.
  • Then, make changes to all of the above to enhance your business scalability

Enhanced Team Collaboration with a Unique Mobile First Design

The 24/7 Collaboration feature allows real-time communication and keeps you up to date, regardless of your location. 

You receive real-time notifications on the progress of work, can make immediate adjustments if needed, and can handle any problems that come up right away. 

The end result? Reduced wait times and a more efficient system.

  • Keep team members connected and informed of project progress with up-to-the-minute notifications.
  •  Make rapid changes to your project plan to deal with unexpected situations that arise. 
  • Improve communication and collaboration among team members to make the entire team more efficient. 

Streamlined DocumentationTo Avoid Any Near Misses

Multi-unit operators can safely oversee and allow the use of various file types in a streamlined manner. Information and data sets concerning any operaion can flow in a controlled manner, which is important for companies that are heavily regulated.

  • Efficiently and securely manage and share files, videos, and documents between yourself and others.
  • Streamline the flow of information and near misses by following proper protocols.
  • Ensure compliance by adhering to internal regulations and accepted standards of conduct.
  • Collaborate and communicate with your internal and external teams at a level that is more efficient than traditional means of communication.


  • Free Forever: Free for up to 5 users with access to task & work orders, parent assets, internal chats, template builder, etc
  • Starter: $99 / month for 15 users and comes with a work calendar view, work and template reports, sub-assessments, and sub-locations
  • Premium: $199 / month for 15 users and offers unbound access to all the core features
  • Multi-Location Pricing: Got a thriving restaurant business with multiple locations? Get in touch with our sales team for special pricing.
  • Multi-Location: Got a multi-unit - multi-location restaurant setup going on? Get a flexible pricing plan by contacting our sales team today.
  • Custom: Need something tailored to your organization?

Feel free to Book a Demo today!

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. ShiftBoard

Up next on our list of Best OpsAnalitica Alternatives is ShiftBoard.

The cloud-based, full-featured platform surpasses one thing in particular: employee scheduling and workforce management.

What does that boils down to?

These features are meant to make scheduling and communication within teams easier. Payroll and HR software systems, for instance, can integrate with Shiftboard. This means that once a schedule is created, it can seamlessly pass into payroll and HR systems. Conversely, when payroll or HR systems generate data that might impact scheduling, integration with Shiftboard again ensures that the data is shared, badged, acted upon, and notified in the necessary ways. 

What's more, this system can save you money by helping you to get labor costs under control. It allows a business to get a better handle on who is doing what when and why, and to do so within the constraints of labor laws. And all of that adds up to a labor force that is productive and law-abiding.

Key Features 

  • Simplify scheduling procedures, assign shifts effectively, and simply manage staff availability. 
  • Make use of reporting features to support analytical thinking and data-driven decision-making. 
  • Accurately record employee attendance to help with payroll processing and to make sure labor laws are followed. 
  • Maximize shift coverage to efficiently minimize labor expenses and fulfill varying demands.


  • Contact Vendor

3. Savi (Also Known as Optisolve)

Savi is also worth considering Best OpsAnalitica Alternative. You might wonder why this relatively new platform is on our list. 

Here’s the reason.

This new video analytics company offers a suite of services to the hospitality sector, encompassing loss prevention, operational reporting, and some "wow factor" of its own. Using existing point-of-sale data along with the existing camera infrastructure, Savi's system optimizes all of the above and can sidestep the implementation frustrations you might have with OpsAnalitica.

The platform goes above and beyond analytics,  it provides real directions to restaurant scalability.

Key Features

  • Easily plan and execute restaurant inspections for cleaning quality 
  • Throughout the evaluation process, users may effortlessly monitor their progress. 
  • The software also makes it possible to provide evaluation results in-depth. 
  • Audits and environmental monitoring are also carried out for a comprehensive evaluation.


  • Contact Vendor

4. Iristrace

Another Best OpsAnalitica alternative we found is Iristrace is a no-code platform that can do a lot.

 It's designed to be a straightforward way for companies to have all of their checklists, protocols, and audits in one place. 

By placing everything on Iristrace, a user gains the kind of efficiencies and consistency that can help a business cut back on the time, cost, and quality problems that can come with tasks not done well.

At every step, the platform offers you multiple options for formats, styles, and even logic, if you're the kind of person who likes to include that sort of thing in your forms and checklists. Whether it's for straightforward daily maintenance or a complex set of tasks for weekly setups, with Iristrace, you can create forms and checklists that are as unique as your restaurant.

Key Features 

  • To use the platform efficiently, you must first set up your framework. 
  • Create standardized processes easily with the use of templates and action plans. 
  • Making Plans While preparing for activities or events, checklists guarantee that all essential procedures are considered. 
  • All of the active checklists and their current state are shown in detail via the Checklist Overviews.


  • Contact Vendor

5. Lumiform

Lumiform minimizes human-induced error, trims excess expense, and revs up the velocity of the system—without sacrificing security.

The fundamental reason for Lumiform's gains in all three areas is that it possesses features that cater to its user base's needs. Its user interface is a model of simplicity, which works well for several reasons.

The flexible form builder of Lumiform enables you to effortlessly convert the checklists you use in a super-wide range of circumstances to a digital format. The service can help restaurants with many different types of processes including inventory, food safety, and equipment maintenance. 

And for each, there's a Lumiform template.

Key Features 

  • Manage audits more efficiently with tools for thorough recordkeeping and simplified procedures. 
  • Integrate change management techniques into your restaurant's operations with ease. 
  • Resolve client concerns quickly and effectively by using specialized management tools and procedures. 
  • Enable strict adherence to legal standards with capabilities for effective compliance management.


  • Starter: Free
  • Professional: 16€
  • Enterprise: Custom

What is OpsAnalitica?

OpsAnalitica is one of the leading data analytics and operations consulting firms, assisting restaurants and multi-unit operators in fine-tuning their daily operational efficiencies and enhancing business growth along the way.

The OPM system from OpsAnalitica allows restaurant managers to:

  • Get immediate access to vital operational data that lets you make lightning-fast decisions and take the kind of quick action that can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Keep up with automated workflows and alerts that enable swift, error-free processes and prompt issue resolution.
  • Create dashboards and reports that suit the way you work, and track the key performance indicators that help you make data-driven decisions.
  • Obtain insights and recommendations that optimize your operations with the kind of intelligence that can increase your bottom line.

Seamlessly integrate OpsAnalitica with your existing systems, and pull together a unified operational view that includes point-of-sale and inventory management systems, for example. The operation management system emphasizes the end user. This is important because a user who operates the system smoothly is more likely to perceive its value. 

Pros and Cons of OpsAnalitica


  • Simplified Operations and Enhanced Efficiency: The platform automates several tasks, cutting back the requirement for manual labor and supplying your team with more time for important work. 
  • Informed decision-making through data-driven insight: The information from this tool goes far beyond just performance metrics. It can deliver, giving consumers real insights into issues such as menu engineering, labor, cost optimization, and much more.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Growing businesses need options. Fortunately, this restaurant management tool provides choice aplenty. The platform operates in the cloud, which immediately opens the door to an array of advantages


  • Steep Learning Curve: For some users, the learning experience is quite rapid. This is because OpsAnalitica is equipped with technological advancements and many unique features. Still, the learning curve is very dependent on the user's previous experience with similar systems.
  • Higher Cost Compared to Other Soluton: Compared to other solutions, there is a higher cost associated with the comprehensive feature set and advanced analytics that OpsAnalitica offers for restaurant management.
  • Occasional Data Glitches: Like any data software, occasionally has glitches or downtime, and these problems can potentially affect a restaurant's operations when they occur.
  • Slow Load Times: Real-time map, depending on internet connection and speed takes a significant amount of time to load up.
  • Clunky Interface: Paired with grid sections, bars, and a few responsiveness issues, the interface appears to take over screen space that could have been minimized for a more consolidated experience.

The Predictive Analytics Part In OpsAnalitica

The program’s laced with a predictive analytics module that automatically highlights potential issues before there’s a likelihood of occurrence. 

That way, users can leverage their existing resources to proactively fix these issues, squashing them before anything out of the ordinary happens. As a result, you are looking at better resource allocation, saved time, better sales, and juicy numbers to show for during your quarterly board meetings.

On top of that, OpsAnalitica’s key takeaway lies in two-fold. 

You’ve got:

Checklist Menu

Gives a bird’s eye view of different checklist deployment and execution over a dated timeline grid. 

This is good for as long as you need a gist of regional locations where checklists were most used and areas that need improvement. That way, you can deploy tasks to ensure that such type of friction is reduced if there’s a recurrence of such operations, with a similar nature in the near future.

Scoring and Score Card Module

Then there’s an integrated score card system that identifies stuff, such as completed tasks, overall time spent on these activities, a weighted percentage system that applies to completed vs. pending tasks etc.

Why Should You Look For OpsAnalitica Alternative?

Although OpsAnalitica is a potent instrument, each multi-business has its nuances, rendering a shared solution inappropriate.

A recent study shows that hospitality businesses need a tailor-made program to work for them. 

For instance, when we reviewed the program’s checklist interface in detail, we liked that they had that photo upload feature, allowing any designated restaurant team member to make fixes, should anything be out of order. 

However, the nested comment section and the bloated interface calls for endless scrolling. The bigger your screen is, the more navigational maneuvers you’re looking at.

The nested chat system is also spread over horizontal sections, taking up more real estate when it could be consolidated. 

But then again, that’s just a user experience issue. It can be improved over future product rollouts.

Multi-Location Restaurant Geo Map System

Great for highlighting ongoing regional issues, and pinpointing hotspots of issues specific to that location.

But then again, maps take a significant amount of time to load up, especially when your restaurant workers are on site with a weak internet connection.

These are some of the surface level areas that can be improved over time. However, a fantastic user experience, and a bevy of different features that consolidate everything into a best-in-class application is what makes the difference between product “A” and product “B.” 

It's a good idea to explore the given list of Best OpsAnalitica Alternatives, to make sure you don't end up cutting against your business.

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