15 Best FoodDocs Alternatives For Businesses In 2024

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May 10, 2024
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Each year, the food industry develops new methods to make customers' and food business owners' lives simpler and more productive.

Over the last several years, the sector has experienced a lot of growth, particularly with the globalization of food markets and the effects of technology. 

Improving customers' eating habits with the best FoodDocs alternatives and automating food business processes are just two examples of how the sector accepts innovation.

Using efficient and innovative methods to ensure food safety is unquestionably a step forward for a more contemporary organization.

Owing to technological advancements, we've got software, such as FoodDocs, and many others to help with food safety process standardization.

However, FoodDocs isn't the only or the ultimate solution for that matter.

Complex food businesses require advanced software, which is why, we'll be highlighting some of the best FoodDocs alternatives in this post.

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Why is Food Safety & A Food Safety Software Important?

Any food business, whether a café, restaurant, bar, cafeteria, or shop, must acknowledge that ignoring certain food safety procedures presents critical risks and understand how proper safety implementation guarantees a safe experience for customers regularly. 

Good food safety standards provide your clients with a feeling of assurance, which is particularly crucial in these times of crisis.

How many businesses do you know that still utilize paper-based accounting systems? The goal of a digital food safety solution is the same as that of accounting software: to assist the business in creating, monitoring, and managing its daily activities. 

Food safety documentation is a time-consuming procedure, and numerous tasks are often overlooked regularly. Paper-based solutions are obsolete because they cannot provide a high degree of food safety.

Best FoodDocs Alternatives For Businesses In 2024

Here's a detailed look at the best FoodDocs alternatives that you can potentially use to streamline your F&B business safety, and operations altogether.

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
MasterControl Inc.
QMS platform for multi-niche businesses
Good for multi-sized restaurant operations

1. Xenia - #1 FoodDocs Alternative with Enhanced Capabilities

How to Create a Robust Food Safety Culture in Your Restaurant

Xenia, the best FoodDocs alternative stands out from its competitors by taking a comprehensive approach to food safety management. 

The program provides an extensive suite of solutions that cater to every area of food safety, from ingredient procurement to final product distribution. 

The app's straightforward UI and powerful analytics make it an excellent option for businesses of all sizes. Xenia provides a complete solution that integrates everyday operations, facilities, and compliance, simplifying all aspects of food safety management. 

Moreover, as a mobile-first FoodDoc alternative available for free right now, the tool equips you with the resources you need to enhance food safety standards and satisfy your consumers, from maintenance work orders to temperature monitoring, SOP implementation, frequent inspections, and rapid corrective actions. 

Here's a brief look at some of the program's main highlights to help you facilitate with your food safety management activities.

Key Features

  • Temperature Monitoring: The software allows for real-time temperature monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, and other storage units. It notifies users when temperatures go outside of safe limits, assisting in the prevention of food spoiling and the preservation of quality.
  • Food Inspections: Audits and inspections are inextricably linked to safety compliance, and Xenia offers a solution for both. Perform mobile inspections, examine an end-to-end audit trail for accountability, and have a company-branded report sent directly to your mailbox.
  • Food Safety ManagementChecklists and Templates: Round the clock AM/PM checklists, HACCP audits, and temperature checks are something that every restaurant does in some form or another.
  • Seamless Integration: Xenia is designed to fit effortlessly into your existing operational framework. Its ability to integrate with various systems ensures that businesses can transition without disruptions, making the adoption process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Real-time Analytics: Get real time insights into operations through a dedicated analytics and reporting dashboard. Oversee historic trends; identify areas for improvement and do better!
  • Cloud-based Mobile-First Solution: Xenia's cloud-based multi-location engineering means you're not tied to a certain location, branch or vice versa.

Whether you're on the factory floor, at a board meeting, or working remotely, you can access Xenia at any time, from any location, to ensure continuous monitoring and control of food safety measures.


  • Free Forever: Free for up to 5 users with access to task & work orders, parent assets, internal chats, template builder, etc.
  • Starter: $99 / month for the first 15 users and comes with a work calendar view, work and template reports, sub-assessments, and sub-locations.
  • Premium: $199 / month for the first 15 users and offers unbound access to all the core features.
  • Custom: Need something tailored to your organization?

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. MasterControl Inc.

MasterControl Inc. develops QMS software solutions that help regulated industries bring their products to market quicker while also lowering overall costs and enhancing internal efficiency. MasterControl protects a company's important information throughout the product lifecycle.

According to MasterControl, their mission is to provide life-changing solutions to more people sooner by providing a closed-loop eQMS with audits, training, document control, CAPA, SOP, regulatory compliance, validation, and supplier management. 

The platform assists businesses in digitizing, automating, and connecting quality and compliance operations across the regulated product development life cycle.

Key Features

  • Digital Document Management: Cloud architecture and a secure method for digitally vaulting and managing documents.
  • Supported: Change Control: Tools for dealing with regulations, job instructions, and engineering change.
  • Training and Exams: Training duties are automated, from routing and tracking to follow-up and escalation.


  • Ask the vendor for a quote.

3. Jolt

Up next on our FoodDocs alternatives list, we've got Jolt.

It's a household name among restaurant businesses, owing to the versatality and compatibility factor.

The program is a smartphone and tablet-based operations execution software that assists restaurants, retail, hospitality, and other enterprises with team accountability, digital food safety compliance, and staff performance.

It's really easy to use Jolt Digital Food Safety with the cooler/freezer sensors. Whether it's their  Shift Management checklists or their basic lists, the ability to add lists makes this ideal.

Key Features

  • Alerts and Notifications: Important metrics are self-monitored, and alerts are sent to users in-app, via email, text message, or elsewhere.
  • Performance: Is consistently available (uptime) and allows users to complete tasks reliably. 
  • Incident Reporting: Captures food quality issues and communicates them to suppliers for compensation. It also helps with internal audit reports for food safety or quality problems.


  • Contact Jolt for pricing information

4. SafetyChain

SafetyChain is a digital plant management platform used by over 2,000 process industries to enhance company-wide performance. 

By completely helping you to ditch a long paper trail, this one of a kind FoodDoc alternative combines production and quality teams with data and insights, tools, and real-time operational visibility and control. 

SafetyChain, which is used on the shop floor, links operators, FSQA, maintenance, EH&S, and leadership with equipment and supplier performance. SafetyChain is well-suited for enterprises wishing to upgrade their quality management systems and acquire a competitive advantage in their market, thanks to its straightforward design and configurable capabilities.

Key Features

  • Communication: Manage supplier interactions using numerous channels, such as phone or email. 
  • Documents: Capture and save documentation linked to vendors and their goods or services.
  • Conformance Records: Allows users to develop, monitor, and maintain correct, auditable compliance data.


  • Contact SafetyChain for pricing information

5. Wherefour

A contemporary, simple-to-use, and easy-to-implement manufacturing ERP/traceability solution that allows your team to execute batch and lot tracking/tracing, inventory control, formula management, batch and variance pricing, customer orders, and vendor buying.  

Wherefour is compatible with any internet-connected device, including tablets and smartphones. The simplicity of production planning, monitoring, and inventory recording are among our favorite features of Wherefour. 

We are a certified organic company, and having all of our data in one spot makes auditing so much easier. Wherefour is actually designed for traceability, and it never fails!

Key Features

  • Document Management: Manages each vendor's critical papers, such as food safety plans, invoices, and other business paperwork.
  • Incident Reporting: Reports food quality issues to suppliers for compensation. Internal auditing reports for food safety or quality issues are also supported.
  • Visualization Tools: Displays food safety incidents in visual dashboards to track real-time food safety trends.


Contact WhereFour for pricing information

6. SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture is a mobile-first operations platform that provides you with the information, tools, and procedures you need to operate safely, reach higher standards, and improve on a daily basis, so providing a better way to work. 

What began as a digital checklist software has grown into a platform for doing inspections, raising and resolving concerns, managing assets, and educating staff on the move. 

Key Features

  • Conduct Routine Inspections: Using custom checklists or occupational health and safety templates, conduct exhaustive inspections available for download from the Public Library.
  • Heads Up: When hazards or risks are found, announce new or revised procedures so that workers may contact management or relevant individuals and take immediate action.
  • Reports: Create inspection, corrective or preventative actions, and audit reports to be maintained in a secure central repository and retrieved when regulatory offices seek compliance.


  • Free: $0/ user/Up to 10 users
  • Premium: $24/seat/month Premium when billed annually
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

7. Icicle ERP

The Icicle ERP system serves as the backbone of food businesses all around the globe.

Their solution bridges the gap between your company's demands and those of regulators, providing an innovative cloud-based system to manage the complete food manufacturing process in one location.

They started with the idea that food safety should be straightforward, regardless of local legislation, product varieties, or facility count. 

Icicle ERP adapts to suit the specific and developing demands of the food sector via the input of our dynamic user community, giving a full end-to-end solution that evolves with your company.

Key Features

  • Centralized Inventory Database:Using a single unified database, you can manage and monitor all inventory information across warehouses and retail locations.
  • Stock History Reporting: View the history of particular goods and compare the sales performance of new to old stock to influence purchase choices.
  • Asset Tracking: Track inventory assets across warehouse facilities by using barcode or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology with specialist readers or mobile apps.


  • Contact Icicle ERP for pricing information

8. Prodsmart

What is Prodsmart? - YouTube

The last robust tool to be a part of our FoodDocs alternatives list is none other than Prodsmart.

This program is a gateway to digitalization for SMB manufacturers and food businesses online.

It is a full, modular solution that prepares every factory environment for the future of manufacturing. 

Prodsmart provides statistics to SMBs. Prodsmart helps them completely understand their surroundings, improve their operations, and adapt to change rapidly by collecting knowledge on their whole production.

This provides SMBs with the confidence to make data-driven choices, negotiate from a position of power, and accelerate company development.

Real-time shop floor data collecting, operations management, and machine control are used to manage production lines. Alerts for any difficulties or downtime linked to complete machines or machine components may be used to monitor machine status.

Key Features

  • Real-time Dashboards: For networked production, easily arrange moving components with real-time data.
  • Scheduling and Inventory Management: Manage the MRP (material requirements planning) schedule and inventory effectively.
  • Visual Workflows: Seamlessly track performance and stay organized with intuitive workflow view.


  • Contact Prodsmart for pricing information

9. Bluecart

Unlike FoodDocs, which is geared specifically towards the needs of restaurants and bars, Cloud-based BlueCart is designed to meet the unique needs of restaurants, bars, cafes, hotel chains, and fast food restaurants regardless of size. BlueCart offers one of the most comprehensive sets of features available, amping up the efficiency and productivity of your operations. 

One of the compelling elements of BlueCart is its sleek and easy-to-use app that works with both iOS and Android. With the mobile app, restaurant managers can now manage and oversee their inventories, and manage their place of procurement on the go.

Also with one-click ordering, restaurant managers can now place repetitive orders quickly and easily with their favorite suppliers. Nothing seems to be easier than this.

Moreover, BlueCart's user-friendly technology also provides a seamless order management experience. Companies can simply send an order to their suppliers, track shipment progress, and monitor the inventory levels of their warehouse all through a desktop or mobile device. Furthermore, including resume details including BlueCart's features of being extremely innovative, such as its availability to push notifications and cut-off settings. 

With BlueCart, you can eliminate manual code entry for order check-in and inventory updates upon delivery. Our tools automatically populate your inventory based on what shows up at your back door. This not only saves you time but also ensures accuracy, reducing errors and discrepancies in your inventory management.

Key Features

  • Order management: Efficient order management improves the procurement process and productivity.
  • Customer Network: An extensive network of potential consumers and suppliers increases business prospects. 
  • Order check-ins: Order check-ins and inventory changes are automated to assure correctness. 
  • Inventory Management: Robust inventory management tools handle concerns such as broken products and improper delivery. 
  • Real-time data: Real-time statistics and graphs give useful information for making educated decisions. 
  • Food waste reduction: Focusing on food waste reduction encourages sustainability and environmental care.


  • Starting from $10

10. Peachworks

When it comes to restaurant and catering management solutions, PeachWorks is another ideal FoodDocs alternative.

Rather than just offering some of the functionality of FoodDocs, PeachWorks provides a full suite of options for companies in the food service industry. These include inventory management, recipe, POS integration, employee scheduling, forecasting, and analytics — all neatly integrated through the cloud.

The tool gives you full control over inventory management. You can manage supplies for a busy restaurant kitchen or track all the ingredients for your catering events right inside Peach Works. Each process is streamlined from physical counts, invoices, transfers, and waste management. Optimal utilization of resources is shown by minimizing waste.

Users can generate and assign tasks according to the staff members’ availability of flexible hours easily.

This feature not only ensures that the workers are available to get the work done, but it also, facilitates significantly the communication within the workplace making sure that everyone knows the work that has to be fulfilled.

Further making work easier, overtime pay is managed, shared employees, and shift trades are just a couple clicks away if you are using PeachWorks.

Key Features 

  • Stock Management: Improves inventory tracking and management by improving resource use and reducing waste. 
  • Ordering Automation: Automates the procurement process to reduce manual mistakes and increase efficiency. 
  • Import/Export Database: Enables easy data movement and integration with external systems, hence improving interoperability. 
  • Supplier and buy Order Management: Makes it easier to manage suppliers and handle buy orders, ensuring that goods arrive on time. 
  • Cash Management: Offers instruments for measuring cash flow and managing financial transactions, assuring financial stability and responsibility.


  • Contact vendor

11. Push Operations

When it comes to optimizing restaurant labor management, Push Operations makes a good FoodDocs alternative with a complete suite of cloud solutions dedicated to making payroll, time tracking, and task scheduling all work together.

As one of the best FoodDocs alternatives, the platform also goes beyond food inventory and focuses on the needs of HR managers and recruiters in the restaurant industry.

Push Operations' biggest step up is its automation feature, which allows HR managers to automate payroll, time tracking, and tasks.

Push is a platform built for the food industry, and as such has many features that are of great use in the restaurant industry such as the onboarding of employees, remote access, and the ability to forecast sales.

Key Features

  • Calendar Management: Simplifies scheduling, organizes meetings, prioritizes projects, monitors deadlines, and fosters cooperation by sharing information with teammates.
  • Payroll management: automates payroll calculations, such as holiday pay, hourly pay, and premium pay, to ensure accuracy and compliance with labor requirements.
  • Activity Dashboard: A consolidated dashboard for monitoring critical metrics and performance indicators, which aids in informed decision-making.
  • Alerts/Notifications: Sends real-time alerts and notifications to managers and staff about critical occurrences, ensuring prompt reactions and proactive management.
  • customizable Reports: This tool generates customizable reports on many elements of labor management, allowing firms to examine trends, identify areas for development, and make data-driven choices.


  • Starter -$5
  • Pro -$6
  • Premium 0$10
  • Custom

12. Nowsta

Another best FoodDocs alternative is Nowsta which is a complete suite of tools built to refine the whole employee management.

The key difference between Nowsta and FoodDocs is that Nowsta is based on all and every aspect of workforce management for your organization to remain in compliance such as managing work requests, scheduling all your employees, capturing attendance, and processing your payroll. 

Nowsta allows multiple work locations, employees, and devices and allows you to add events like holidays and meetings. All of these components are designed to address the needs and concerns of the entire employee lifecycle at your organization

Nowsta provides managers with a centralized, comprehensive view of their workforce and operations through the Nowsta dashboard, which is their primary advantage. This dashboard is the control center of Nowsta and allows users to create shift schedules, see any conflicts or overtime issues that exist, and see if an employee has checked in for work. 

Additionally, Nowsta facilitates performance management through the ability for managers to rate staff after each shift. This rate the manager gives employees helps them understand what they might have done wrong and what they are doing correctly and the manager can work with the employee to make them better or they can give them positive feedback. 

Key Features

  • Employee Scheduling: Streamlines the process of developing and managing employee schedules, resulting in optimal staffing levels and coverage.
  •  Automated Attendance Tracking: Automatically records working hours, reducing mistakes and assuring proper payroll processing. 
  • Payroll Management: Makes payroll processing easier by connecting with top payroll providers like ADP and Paychex, and exporting required data easily. 
  • Labor forecasting: provides insights into future labor demands based on past data and patterns, allowing for proactive planning and resource allocation. 
  • Mobile Time Clock: Employees may punch in hourly from their field locations utilizing a mobile device, with identification verification via connected photographs. 
  • Performance Management: Allows managers to grade employees' performance after each shift, promoting responsibility and continual development.


  • Contact Vendor


Your back-of-house activities, no matter how big or little, rely on Apicbase. It brings together all the important food and beverage data in one place and sheds light on the processes — like inventory management, procurement, and menu engineering—that affect profitability. It also helps in automating processes, which lessens the burden on personnel and management.

It takes a lot of command and control to grow your restaurant into a multi-unit operation. You really can't have it both ways. Whatever your idea is—casual dining, fast-casual, quick-service restaurant, franchise—you'll need to assign tasks.

They aim to help food service businesses thrive in the face of a cutthroat hospitality industry by advocating for zero waste and a strong bottom line while they face rising competition and complexity.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Menu Analysis: ApicBase provides a thorough analysis of each menu item's performance, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Inventory Management: Streamlined Tracking: ApicBase simplifies inventory management with automated tracking of stock levels, purchases, and usage.
  • Analytics: Data-driven Insights: Utilize ApicBase's analytics tools for informed decision-making based on actionable insights derived from data analysis.
  • Efficient Procurement Management: ApicBase simplifies procurement by managing supplier information, orders, and deliveries in one platform.
  • Data Visualization: Gain valuable insights through visual representations of key performance metrics and trends in the Insights Hub.
  • Menu Planning: Strategic Menu Optimization: Utilize ApicBase for informed menu planning based on insights into customer preferences, profitability, and ingredient availability.


  • Contact Vendor

14. Certdox

Software for managing food safety and quality in the cloud, Certdox, makes a number of tasks easier, including document storage and management, auditing, data reporting, and compliance. 

Using Certdox, you won't have to worry about spending hours sorting and filing documentation. Certdox software is revolutionizing the hotel and food and beverage sectors with its user-friendly interface and emphasis on efficiency.

Benefit from the program's comprehensive system modules' portability and interoperability—that is, their ability to work with the components of other software systems—throughout the software. Rather than starting from scratch, you can make use of the templates that we have created in collaboration with Certdox.

Key Features 

  • DOR CERTDOX Document Control: Access standardized document control register templates tailored to various standards within the DOR CERTDOX system, ensuring compliance and consistency.
  • 17 Default Training Record Templates: Benefit from a comprehensive selection of 17 default training record templates to track employee training and certifications across different areas of operation.
  • Internal Audit Checklist per Standard: Utilize internal audit checklists specific to each standard, facilitating thorough evaluations of compliance and identifying areas for improvement.
  • 36 Configurable Dropdowns: Customize data collection with 36 configurable dropdown options, allowing for flexible and tailored input forms to meet specific requirements and preferences.
  • Management Review and Monthly Food Safety Meeting Agenda Templates: Access pre-designed agenda templates for management reviews and monthly food safety meetings, streamlining meeting preparation and ensuring key topics are covered.
  • 4 Facility Inspection Templates: Implement facility inspection templates to conduct regular inspections of various areas within the facility, promoting compliance with safety and regulatory standards.


  • Contact Vendor

15. Caddy Food Safety Management

Caddy is a platform for food safety management developed with small and medium-sized producers and processors in mind. 

Businesses can easily replace handwritten spreadsheets with our user-friendly, personalized solution, which improves productivity and ensures compliance. 

Take a look at Caddy, the future of food processing and manufacturing, and use your data on food safety to make smarter choices. See the current quantities of all raw ingredients, packing, batches, and completed goods in real-time.

Reduce carrying costs, maximize inventory optimization using FIFO or FEFO, and stay ahead of packaging material shortages with low stock notifications.

Key Features 

  • Digital Forms: Streamline data collection and documentation with digital forms, allowing for easy input and storage of information directly into the system.
  • Inventory Management: Efficiently track and manage inventory levels, purchases, and usage within the system, ensuring accurate stock control and minimizing waste.
  • Traceability: Trace ingredients and products throughout the supply chain, from procurement to distribution, enabling swift and precise identification of sources and destinations.
  • Records Reporting: Generate detailed reports on various aspects of operations, providing insights into performance, compliance, and areas for improvement.
  • QuickBooks Online Integration: Seamlessly sync data between the system and QuickBooks Online, simplifying financial management and ensuring consistency across platforms.
  • Implementation for CADDY: Implement the system tailored to the specific requirements and workflows of CADDY, ensuring smooth integration and optimal utilization of features.


  • Contact Vendor

What is FoodDocs' HACCP-based Food Safety Management System?

FoodDocs offers a Food Safety System with an integrated HACCP plan builder, which is meant to assist clients in becoming compliant faster than the old technique and save time on maintaining compliance.

As a digital food safety consultant, the system can produce complex documents such as flow charts, risk assessments, monitoring sheets, and so on to assist small and medium-sized food firms in managing food safety. The platform includes a solution for producing various plans, such as trash, premises, water, and sewerage plans.

It provides a high-level overview of the user's food safety management system across every department in the company. A sophisticated notification system can be set up using a mobile app to keep you on top of frequent duties. The system can be linked with smart devices and IoT temperature sensors to speed up monitoring.

FoodDocs may not always satisfy your particular needs or the unique requirements of your practice. In such a case, you still have a number of best FoodDocs alternatives to choose from. 

It's also a good idea to read our reviews to obtain a comprehensive understanding of each software and then share your own experiences.

Overview of FoodDocs Benefits

FoodDocs Pros

Quick HACCP Plan

With the help of FoodDocs' AI, you can create an internationally authorized HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Plan that meets all regulatory requirements. There is no previous food safety knowledge required, and the application enables you to create a fully customizable digital HACCP plan in under an hour without the need for piles of paper or hiring a food safety professional. 

Increased Brand Trust

FoodDocs contributes to further appreciation and confidence in the brand by demonstrating to customers and other stakeholders that your food business is managed safely. Quality stamps from FoodDocs are also accessible on delivery apps and take-out, which could help improve sales. 

Training and Team Management

FoodDocs enables you to manage all of your team's training, as well as any necessary food safety certifications and seminars, in one place, enhancing employee understanding of food safety and the necessity of food hygiene.

FoodDocs Cons

Cost Disparity

While not all softwares are created equal, the same holds for their pricing models. Compared to the best FoodDocs alternatives like Xenia, FoodDocs is priced at a relatively higher price point, which isn’t the ideal option, particularly considering you’re a food business that has just started off.

Complicated Multi-step Onboarding Process

One of the most exhaustive steps when it comes to any software is the need for a multi-step sign-up process. FoodDocs requires its users to go through an extensive registration process and provide basic information, which eventually leads to a friction-filled procedure for organizations and ultimately delays access to the platform.

On the other hand, Xenias' seamless onboarding experience is created with ease of use in mind, allowing for quick account set-up.

Limited Visibility in FoodDocs

A lack of visibility in FoodDocs dashboard is a major point of contention due to the fact that it provides information without an in-depth view of features. On the other hand, Xenia is equipped with a dashboard that offers detailed visibility, whether it's access to the menu, operations, communication, or HACCP functionalities.

AI-Powered SOP Writer

Lacking AI-powered functionality for SOP creation, FoodDocs has skipped a significant feature for streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency in the food business. With Xenias’ free SOP writing software tool, managers can access pre-built operating templates and further customize them for their organization’s specific needs.

Final Thoughts

Food businesses that use technology are more likely to understand the demands of the market and provide products and services that are more innovative. 

Artificial intelligence has had a significant influence on the food business. Why not make full use of  best FoodDocs alternatives to make our food safer to consume and food safety easier?

Try Xenias' digital Food Management System for hassle-free and effective compliance with food safety requirements. With our smart software, you can manage your team from your fingertips and remotely monitor food safety tasks.

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