10 Best Facility Management Apps for Android in 2024

Facility Management
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May 30, 2024
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Facility management apps are widely used by organizations to schedule, manage, and track repair & maintenance processes.

Android devices have enabled users in the field to identify issues on the go, receive tasks, and track their progress on daily work assignments.

Features like issue image capture, messaging, digital checklists, and forms are easier to use on a handheld device. IoT sensor integrations sync information in real-time with mobile devices.

With mobile-centric facility maintenance, you get all the benefits of managing work orders and recurring tasks (including preventative maintenance, routine inspections, and more), without being tied to your desk.

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While web facility management tools provide many benefits for managers to manage and track their teams’ work schedules, a strong mobile experience that complements the Web app is table stakes for field engineers, technicians, and maintenance workers. Managers should not consider Web-only facility management software tools when evaluating vendors.

After implementing a facility management app for your organization, facility managers must train & guide their employees to utilize mobile features directly in the field.

Without the inbound information generated from mobile work completions and checklist submissions, managers do not have enough data to track day-to-day operations and generate insightful reports and analytics.

Online Facility Management Android App Features & Must-Haves:

For the Employee

  • Issue capture & assignment via mobile camera
  • Mobile & tablet responsive digital forms with step-based photo/comment capabilities.
  • Advanced task creation - recurring, checklist attachment, etc.
  • QR Codes for checklist submissions & asset work order creation
  • Standard operation procedure (SOP) viewer for training instructions, video guides, and other files
  • Geolocation
  • IoT sensor integrations (for example: temperature sensors)

For the Manager

  • Overdue notifications for assigned work orders (preventative maintenance)
  • Multi-site access/task organizer with view/creation permission restrictions
  • Mobile reports & PDF/Email
  • Separate viewpoints for request creation/management and work order assignments
  • Instant Messaging
  • User management, asset/site creation, access/permissions, etc.

Cost Drivers

  • Increase the useful life of your assets with automated work schedules
  • Prevent large swing repair & maintenance costs by identifying equipment defects before they become larger issues
  • Manual labor downtime can be measured and optimized
  • Capture & escalate issues with a mobile device
  • Track & manage equipment, asset, and other facility costs with streamlined reporting

Revenue Drivers

  • Facility managers generally see facility management apps as tools for driving optimization on the cost side of executing asset maintenance & repair programs, there are a few revenue value drivers.
  • If your facility relies on guests and consumers, a strong facility management mobile platform can greatly improve client reputation, retention, and general satisfaction.

10 Best Facility Management Applications For Android Devices

Here is our shortlist of the top 10 facility management apps for Android devices that you must choose from:

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
Multi-functional app for frontline workforce and facilities management
Great for managing and completing work orders

1. Xenia - Overall No.1 Facility Management App

Facility Maintenance Software | Try Xenia Today

Xenia is an all-in-one maintenance and operations platform for teams to manage work orders, track preventative maintenance schedules, build simple checklists, and more.

This facility management free online tool has an Android app and is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions on the market. 

Key Features:

  • Smart Maintenance & Inspections: Streamline inspections and automate corrective tasks.
  • Digital Forms for Remote Data Collection: Create and submit mobile maintenance checklists & logs. Export as reports & receive email notifications for completed submissions.
  • Geolocation: Required/optional geostamp responses for multi-site operators and employees.
  • Scheduled Work: Improve productivity with clear task schedules and mobile notifications. Distribute daily responsibilities and task assignments automatically.
  • Task & Cost Management: Ensure accountability with status-tracking, required images, responses, and templates. Add costs associated with tickets. Summarize, report, and export CSV/PDF.
  • Work Requests and Approvals: Centralize request management, expedite approvals, and monitor resolution.
  • Photo-Centric: Capture images when creating an issue and responding to checklist steps.
  • Notifications & Reports: Optimize incident handling with mobile reporting and live progress tracking.
  • Instant Messaging: Enhance teamwork with quick chats and announcements.

With plans built for everyone from small businesses to global enterprises, Xenia has the tools you need to succeed.

Thr program also offers team-based pricing with one flat monthly rate for the first 20 users. It has a free trial as well as a free forever plan to get started risk-free.


  • Free Forever: Everything free with limited access to features for up to 5 users
  • Starter: $99 / month for 15 users
  • Premium(Best Value): $199 / month for 15 users, and access to advanced features
  • Custom: Need something tailored to your organization?

Book a free demo today!

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. LLumin

The LLumin Android app allows users to carry out various functions of the standard CMMS suite in an on-the-job setting. The app provides users the ability to open and view work order details, create new work orders, and enter parts, procedures, and inspections for those work orders. Open and view asset details, create new assets, and complete asset inspections all from your phone.

Key Features:

  • Streamlines maintenance workflows, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Optimizes maintenance operations, extending asset lifespan.
  • Reduces maintenance costs, improves asset performance, and increases uptime.
  • Facilitates informed decision-making, resource optimization, and enhanced efficiency.
  • View work order details, create new work orders, and input parts, procedures, and inspections.
  • Open and view asset details, create new assets, and complete asset inspections.
  • Data input syncs seamlessly with the central system.

Llumin offers a starting pricing of $45 per user per month. With premium & enterprise plans at $80/user/month and $110/user/month.


  • Professional: Starting at $45 per user per month
  • Premium: Starting at $80 per user per month with automated maintenance and engineering procedures
  • Enterprise: Starting at $110 per user per month

3. Yardi Facility Manager

Facility Manager - Yardi

With the Yardi Facility Manager Android app, you can manage and complete work orders, inspections, and preventive maintenance checklists.

Yardi enables technicians to oversee all facilities management tasks while in the field through the Facility Manager mobile app. Automatic synchronization ensures real-time data access, facilitating confident decision-making, notifications, and information sharing among technicians, vendors, and tenants.

You can update work orders, and conduct preventive maintenance, and inspections on the go.

Key Features:

  • Work Orders: Assignment of unclaimed work orders. Attachment of photos and notes.
  • Assets: Asset management, creation of work orders, status and time tracking
  • Checklists: Generation of inspections and submission reports
  • Access: Vendor management for work orders

Yardi Facility Manager pricing is not publicly available. To learn more, check out the links below:


  • Demo required.

Available on Android Mobile/Tablet

4. FacilityForce

AssetWorks Facilities Launches FacilityForce

FacilityForce provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for facilities management. While focused on public sector facility management, this platform offers robust facility management software features across mobile, tablet, and Web apps.

Key Features:

  • Request Management: Capture comprehensive details using a sophisticated online request engine.
  • Geo-centric Asset Management: Facilitate map-centric asset tracking and management.
  • Workflow Management: Efficiently route work orders based on business processes, including approval, scheduling, and resource allocation.
  • Mobile Workforce Dispatch: Dispatch field personnel through mobile apps for job location, parts ordering, time tracking, and task completion.
  • Financial Tracking: Monitor total costs and performance metrics organization-wide.

FacilityForce pricing is not publicly available. To learn more, check out the links below:


  • Pricing: demo required.

Available on Android Mobile/Tablet

5. Snapfix

Snapfix is a digital solution for work orders, planned maintenance, and fire safety. It includes flexible checklist features that allow you to manage maintenance inspections and create work orders on the go.

Their software is photo-centric, making it easy to snap and fix anything anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Work Order Management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Data Analytics

Snapfix’s solution is popular in the hospitality industry. Snapfix offers per user per month and unlimited user pricing plans. Snapfix starts at $9.99 per user per month and $99 per month for unlimited users.


  • Free: 7 day trial of all Snapfix features
  • Self Serve Per User: $9.99 per user/per month
  • Snapfix Pro: $99 per month
  • Enterprise: Starts from $199 per month

Available on Android Mobile/Tablet

6. ArcGIS

What is ArcGIS?

To help facility managers access and display critical data, ArcGIS provides a state-of-the-art location-based analytics solution. 

It can be used by facility managers to see the whereabouts of their assets, employees, and facilities in real-time and to track their movements.

Key Features:

  • Track and Manage Assets: Utilize location-based data to monitor the movement and status of assets across different sites or facilities.
  • Predict Service Needs: Employ predictive analytics to anticipate maintenance requirements and optimize facility upkeep.
  • Coordinate Quick and Appropriate Responses: Establish efficient communication channels and protocols to swiftly address emerging issues in real-time.


  • Contact the vendor for pricing.

7. Maintenance Connection

Multi-site, multi-industry CMMS software | Maintenance Connection

With Maintenance Connection's preventative maintenance module, site managers can extend the life of their equipment and decrease the frequency of emergency repair orders. 

This software can help you save money on inventory and maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Monitor all aspects of Facility Management with Ease: Utilize intuitive monitoring tools to oversee all aspects of facility management, including maintenance, operations, and resources.
  • Organize Workforce for Higher Efficiency: Implement workforce organization tools to optimize staffing schedules and assignments, fostering greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Schedule and Track Maintenance on Different Kinds of Assets: Utilize comprehensive scheduling and tracking systems to manage maintenance tasks across a variety of asset types, ensuring timely upkeep and prolonging asset lifespan.


  • Professional: $110/month per Named User Subscription
  • Add-On: $58/month per Professional

8. Fiix

Optimize Your Maintenance with Fiix CMMS

With Fiix's user-friendly reporting and analytics, facility managers can maximize asset performance.

Improve your maintenance processes with the help of Fiix Foresight, an AI engine that provides deeper insights and data-driven actions.

Key Features:

  • Track Metrics with Multiple Dashboards: Utilize multiple dashboards to monitor and analyze key metrics across all facilities, providing a comprehensive overview of performance.
  • Integrate Data from Production and Business Systems: Seamlessly integrate data from production and business systems into the CMMS platform for enhanced visibility and insights.
  • Tag Assets and Parts using QR Codes and Barcodes: Efficiently manage assets and parts by tagging them with QR codes and barcodes, enabling easy identification and tracking.


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $45 per user, per month
  • Professional: $75 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

9. Maxpanda

CMMS Software for Maintenance and Operations | Maxpanda Free CMMS

It is easy for facility managers to keep tabs on scheduled maintenance using Maxpanda, a CMMS that is both simple and efficient.

Work in sync with your team, suppliers, and clients by using Maxpanda.

Key Features:

  • Scan QR Codes: Enable users to conveniently initiate work order requests by scanning QR codes associated with assets or equipment, facilitating efficient submission from the field.
  • Manage Integrated Resource Library: Utilize an integrated resource library to effectively organize and maintain assets, providing a centralized repository for storing crucial asset information and documentation.
  • Add Both Invoice Item and Tax Types to Invoices: Customize invoices by incorporating various item types to offer detailed breakdowns of charges and services, ensuring clarity and accuracy in billing.


  • Contact the vendor for pricing.

10. Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials by Brightly Reviews 2024: Pricing, Features & More

Apply Asset Essentials to a variety of maintenance tasks. A

dditionally, it allows facilities managers to control assets with facts rather than speculation. Asset Essentials makes it simple to measure the efficiency of maintenance and how well it aligns with company objectives.

Key Features:

  • Monitor the Use of Parts and Equipment: Track the usage of parts and assess equipment reliability over time to optimize maintenance schedules and inventory levels.
  • Capture Information and Add it to a Digital Database: Digitally capture relevant information about equipment, maintenance activities, and part usage to maintain accurate and accessible records.
  • Integrate with ArcGIS: Integrate with ArcGIS for spatial analysis and mapping, enabling visualization of asset locations and facilitating informed decision-making based on geographical insights.


  • Contact the vendor for pricing.

Try Xenia, or Try them All to Find the Right Fit for Your Team.

Every facility management Android app has different focuses and capabilities, even when they include similar offerings—what’s important is that you find the solution that works best for the way your team works and centralizes data in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Check out the software above and take the time to weigh out the pros and cons, and if you need additional insights consider signing up for a trial or demo.

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Unify Operations, Safety and Maintenance with Xenia
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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra

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