Unlocking the Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software Across Industries

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April 19, 2024
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Are you concerned about your privacy at work? 

Employee monitoring has become a hot topic in modern workplaces, with employers using advanced technology to track and monitor their employees' every move. But is it a privacy violation or a necessary practice to ensure productivity?

Here are some key statistics on employee monitoring. According to a survey conducted by the American Management Association, 43% of companies in the U.S. monitor their employees' email and other electronic communications.

Monitoring also affects employee productivity, as research shows that productivity among employees increases by 7% when they are aware of being monitored, resulting in higher profits.

Let’s take a look at the many benefits of employee monitoring software and how it can be leveraged to boost team productivity.

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What Does an Employee Monitoring Software Platform Do?

To maintain high productivity and ensure compliance, several businesses are turning to employee monitoring software also known as employee accountability software. It provides supervisors with insights into employees' routines, communication, and more.

The software offers crucial data to assess employee effectiveness, for example, a software for remote workers may perform employee monitoring by measuring and meticulously documenting keystrokes. It plays a vital role in identifying productivity barriers, protecting data security, and fostering transparency and responsibility, particularly in remote work settings.

Moreover, the software effectively tracks and documents all aspects of computer use, including programs used, websites visited, and time spent on different activities.

In addition to the aforementioned details, this software assists in adhering to all rules and regulations set by the business. Employee Monitoring Software that functions as intended increases output, ensures compliance with company policies, and cultivates an open and honest work environment.

Why Employee Monitoring Is So Important?

Effective workplace monitoring is an important facet of the business' management to make sure that the employees in a given firm have adhered to the policies and the code of practice. 

Managers and companies can employ this system to keep tabs on their workers' whereabouts and actions, learning more about the dynamics of their staff, identifying problem areas, and fixing them before they ever arise.

Bsides helping businesses stay in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, protecting sensitive data, and preventing reputational harm from insider dangers and data breaches, monitoring workers using tools and software like employee check-in templates is a smart move.

The Difference Between Monitoring, Tracking and Surveillance

Overly controlling bosses are often the targets of accusations leveled against employee monitoring and tracking software. However, managers can actually leverage this software to their advantage by helping their staff identify wasteful processes and symptoms of burnout. 

As an alternative to invasive monitoring, it allows managers to provide individualized support to overcome obstacles, which is beneficial for both business and workers alike as it boosts productivity and morale. 

Maintaining a positive working connection between employers and employees is facilitated by using employee productivity monitoring software.

What Does Employee Monitoring Include?

With the rise of remote work and hybrid models, there has been a surge in employee monitoring. Approximately 78% of companies utilize software to monitor performance and online activities, while 73% rely on stored recordings for performance evaluations.

Moreover, 94% track emails, with an overall 94%, 75%, and 59% monitoring time, screen captures, and keyboard/mouse movements, respectively.

With the use of employee monitoring, businesses can keep track of their workers and collect data on how well they're performing their jobs. Information such as location, URLs, app usage, and device activities may be included in this.

Typically, software that tracks employees' internet use serves to enforce company regulations. Additionally, it enables managers to monitor employee progress and ensures that tasks are completed, adding an extra degree of security.

GPS Tracking Software

Keeping workers insured and on schedule when they travel for business is a major challenge.

Using GPS tracking software, supervisors can track the whereabouts of field team employees. Everything they need to know about a team's whereabouts, routes, and distance, and work hours can be found in one convenient place.

With the use of GPS monitoring, safety rules can be reinforced for staff who work or travel under risky conditions. It is also useful for locating misplaced, broken, or stolen equipment.

Monitoring Internet Usage

With the use of employee monitoring software, businesses can keep tabs on their workers' online activities.

Typical monitoring features include the ability to record employees' browser histories, social networking site visits, and the frequency with which screenshots are taken from their displays.

Additionally, to ensure that workers aren't accessing inappropriate websites or apps, certain employee monitoring programs can gauge internet bandwidth.

Email Monitoring

Email monitoring is a common measure used by employers to safeguard their companies against spyware and malware. The same monitoring program ensures that employers respect their employees as well as their clients.

Overall, email monitoring assists in preventing harmful file sharing and other forms of improper or insulting language from reaching their intended recipients.

Monitoring Software and App Usage

Monitoring software and app usage offers businesses valuable insights into their employees' daily activities. By assessing the usefulness or redundancy of certain tools, employers can make informed decisions to optimize productivity and streamline operations. 

This data-driven approach not only helps in saving costs but also in enhancing team efficiency.

Tracking Employee Time

Monitoring employee time is easy thanks to employee monitoring software. The right employee time monitoring software will allow you to view any shifts that were either abandoned, missed, or started late. 

Not only that, you can monitor team members' levels of burnout, see how much time was spent on each task, and create timesheets to pay them.

Keylogging Solutions

Keyloggers capture all of a device's keystrokes. With this information, businesses can assess the efficiency of their workers in terms of computer usage. While monitoring keystrokes can provide useful information, it can also record private details such as login credentials, credit card numbers, and passwords.

If all you need is a measure of productivity, a device that monitors keystrokes could be a more suitable (and safer) option.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance is common in workplaces and is usually used for security purposes. In most cases, the risk management team utilizes footage to ensure no theft, sabotage, or violence occurs.

While video surveillance is widespread, read up on the laws in your area to check what is allowed. For instance, numerous U.S. states require proper signage for legal video surveillance.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

  1. Monitors Attendance Efficiently

Without monitoring, businesses could struggle to ensure that workers are consistently present and productive. 

A common issue is time fraud, where employees falsely report hours worked. Employee monitoring software offers options such as detailed productivity reports, highlighting websites, and appointment scheduling software used during work hours. 

Managers can then assess computer use, identify time-wasting activities like social networking or online shopping, and take appropriate action.

  1. Identifies Mistakes Promptly

Errors can be quickly detected with ongoing employee monitoring. Whether it's for instant intervention or noting for future performance assessment, managers have the option to step in when employees make unintentional mistakes. 

A system that tracks employee behavior can assist those workers committed to self-improvement to enhance their performance. They'll have a better grasp of their abilities and be able to improve their performance without constant supervision. 

When employees struggle to find effective ways to complete tasks, managers can step in and help. Additionally, supervisors can observe how workers rectify their own mistakes using this approach.

  1. Has Real-World Application

Let's say a certain task takes longer than expected to complete. In such a scenario, it's important to understand the reasons behind the delay. 

Staff monitoring and time tracking software can assist by compiling a comprehensive report detailing your login hours, the tasks you worked on, the duration of projects, and the time allocated to analysis or research. These metrics can help managers review your work and provide evidence to support your explanations.

  1. Boosts Productivity Levels

Despite having a large staff, many organizations struggle to achieve the desired increase in productivity.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, it's worth considering implementing efficient staff monitoring. This can help identify areas where your staff are wasting time, allowing you to pinpoint inefficiencies. 

Furthermore, time theft is a significant concern in today's remote work landscape. Implementing a performance hour tracking system can deter employees from wasting time. To further support your staff in maximizing their productivity, consider scheduling regular meetings.

  1. Facilitates Effective Management of Project Timelines

Before delegating responsibilities, managers typically create a project timeline. With the help of employee monitoring software, supervisors can keep track of how much time workers spend on various tasks and their activities within those tasks. 

By doing so, they can assess whether these tasks are progressing according to the planned schedule. To ensure that their staff is working efficiently, managers can utilize this data to adjust deadlines or provide coaching as needed. 

Managers can monitor the output of their remote workers and offer constructive criticism using this program, which boosts morale and productivity, ultimately contributing to the company's expansion.

  1. Aids in Identifying Potential Security Breaches

Many companies have adopted employee monitoring software as standard practice in recent decades. 

Despite having several security precautions in place, important files and information may still be vulnerable to hacking. Software that tracks employee activity and provides insights into their performance can help identify security breaches. 

Since organizations often store highly sensitive information on their computers, it is crucial to quickly detect any hacking incidents.

  1. Assesses Employee Performance and Career Advancement

Keeping tabs on workers can be an effective way to assess their job performance and even support their career growth. Managers can evaluate the performance of both individuals and teams using software specifically designed to measure and quantify productivity metrics and analyze work habits. 

By employing this practical approach, we can ensure that performance appraisals are fair and objective, that top performers receive recognition, and that opportunities for advancement are identified. 

  1. Saving Grace for Working Remotely

There are numerous benefits of employee monitoring software as a solution to the challenges associated with managing remote work. 

Time monitoring software has demonstrated that maintaining an effective workflow without direct supervision is far from an insurmountable challenge. By enabling employers to observe the activities of their remote workers, this software instills greater confidence in the remote work arrangement.

Why Use Xenia for Employee Productivity & Accountability?

Tired of wondering how your employees are delegating their time at work?

Well here’s some good news because Xenia has got you covered and you'll never have to guess again!

With our intuitive software; not only do you get a clear overview of the activities of your team; you get to know how your colleagues are spending their time and how work is done.

Think of the solution as an end-to-end employee monitoring and accountability solution.

As a result, you're looking at a clear picture of hours spent, improved performance and better business scalability prospects.

Xenia's simple user interface makes it easy to track tasks and projects in real time. With detailed reports and analytics, you'll know exactly where your team's time is going and how much each task/project is costing you.

Need to ask a quick question or clarify a task? Simply hop into the chat and get an instant response from your team members, no matter where they are.

Xenia doesn’t just track time, it focuses on increasing efficiency and improving the way your business works. With insight into your team’s performance through dedicated task management module, automated checklists to avoid any near-misses and much more, the software uncovers areas for improvement and helps you simplify crucial workflows.

So why waste another minute? Try Xenia today and see how it can revolutionize the way you monitor employee tasks. Book a demo.


Over time, employee monitoring tracking software has evolved from a mere surveillance tool into a valuable asset for boosting productivity at work.

In order to establish a culture where people can thrive, businesses must prioritize accountability, encourage open communication, and make use of data-driven insights.

Applying a robust solution whle bearing in mind the benefits of employee monitoring software and drawbacks, could result in a more effective and successful team output.

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