7 Benefits of Assisted Living Facility Management Software

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January 17, 2024
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Managing an assisted living facility is no child’s play and you know that better than anyone. There are so many moving parts, that it's easy to lose track of your time, resources, manpower, and reputation.

As a senior living facility manager, it falls on your shoulders to keep the machine moving smoothly and we are here to help you ace it. 

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Technology has changed the way assisted living facilities are run. You can now organize operations at your facility, consistently meet quality living standards, give a more personal touch and ensure the comfort of your residents at all times with the help of maintenance software. It is built to combine assistance with autonomous living. To know the benefits of using assisted living facility management software in its various aspects, let's read on.

To continue your learning, check out our comprehensive Senior Living Operations Management Guide.

What is Assisted Living Facilities Management?

Assisted living facilities management is the process of organizing and coordinating the communication, maintenance and activities of an assisted living facility. It includes ensuring that the facility operates safely and efficiently, providing quality care and services to residents, and maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Assisted Living Facilities Management Pillars

Facilities management focuses on all the aspects of running a facility. People, place and process are the three pillars of managing an assisted living facility. It includes making sure that the funds are redirected to achieve the needed outcome. Assisted living facilities management takes care of managing the facility and helps the organization manage the people doing the work. It includes maintaining the place where the organization operates. 

Who is responsible for Assisted Living Facilities Management? 

A facility manager is appointed to take care and manage all the operations and upkeep of a facility. The responsibilities of a facility manager vary depending on the organization but can include overseeing building maintenance, security, safety, coordinating events, meetings and managing office services. A facility manager’s role also includes meeting all regulatory complaints and local laws.

The responsibilities of a facility manager in an assisted living facility include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Supervising the staff and ensuring that they are providing quality care to the residents 
  • Ensuring that the facility is well-maintained and clean 
  • Ensuring that the residents have access to the services and amenities they need 
  • Handling complaints and concerns from residents or their families 
  • Coordinating with other health care professionals to provide the best possible medical care to the residents 
  • Overseeing the budget and financial operations of the facility

In addition to the facilities manager, every staff role on the ground is responsible for the execution of facilities management. In order for a facility to maximize the value to residents, every staff member must understand the significance of their contribution. No effort is too small for a high functioning facility. In order to activate all of your staff towards a common goal, managers can use checklists and standardized operating procedures to empower their staff. Xenia provides a comprehensive free template library to get started.

How were Assisted Living Facilities Managed traditionally?

Traditionally, assisted living facility management has been a tedious and time-consuming process. The staff had to keep track of all the residents and their activities. Tracking was hard, especially in large facilities. There were often errors in the records, and it was hard to optimize the resources and time. 

📝Paper Work Records

Before we entered the digital age, facilities management was organized in a series of forms, folders and binders. This led to many issues for management. For example, paper orders make the work management and audit trail difficult. They are prone to damage easily and have a lack of accountability if someone tries to falsify the records. This makes it difficult for the facility to identify problems and respond to emergencies. 

🎙️Radio communication

Along with paper work orders, assisted living facilities utilized radio communication to connect team members. Facility managers face challenges with radio communication, including the difficulty of contacting staff in a noisy environment, and the lack of record of communication. Radios also have a short range of efficacy and are not on private communication lines to ensure communication security. Radios can be allso be a burden to carry around and difficult to operate correctly.

📊 Spreadsheet Tracking

Many facilities have moved away from paper based processes and have replaced them with Excel Spreadsheets. These tools are are used to manage records more easily and offer paperless data storage. Spreadsheets allow for easy tracking of the activities and the staff can easily enter data, but it can turn into a hassle pretty soon with multiple spreadsheets for every different process. Because one spreadsheet cannot cover all facilities operations, the spreadsheets can stack up in a similar manner to the paper processes. This increases risk of lost and incorrect data.

Seven benefits of Assisted Living Facilities Management software

There are many benefits of using management software in your assisted living facility. Let’s take a look at them : 

⏰ Increased efficiency

The most obvious benefit is increased efficiency which means less time spent on administrative paperwork and more time spent with your residents doing what matters – caring for them! With an online platform, all information can be stored in one place making it easier to find when needed. Also, everything can be accessed from anywhere at any time which makes it easy to work remotely or from home during business hours if needed!

📈 Automate maintenance analytics and cost accounting

Software that assists with living facility management can create an automated maintenance analytics and cost accounting system. Tracking all repairs made to the facility can give you insights into due repairs and a maintenance graph, identifying areas for improvement. That'll help you reduce maintenance costs by implementing better processes and tools for management. 

👴🏼 Greater visibility into resident needs

Another huge benefit is greater visibility into resident needs. You’ll be able to see who needs what care and when they need it, so you can provide better service to your residents. You’ll also be able to schedule their visits with the right caretakers at the right time, making it a seamless process!

🗑 Less paperwork and fewer errors

Paper is a great way of keeping track of information, but it can also be a pain if you need something fast or that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your filing system. Assisted living facility management software will help eliminate paper-based processes, which means less paperwork for you and less chance of making mistakes. It also means less time spent trying to decipher handwritten notes by residents or staff members, as well as less time spent looking for lost documents and files!

📲 Improved communication

As a manager or director, you may oversee multiple facilities at once, and it can be difficult to stay on top of everything that’s going on in each one. Using assisted living facility management software allows you to easily communicate with other staff members across different locations or within one location through instant messaging. You can also use this type of software for training purposes by sending out documents that need review or approval from other locations.

🛠 Simplify and Track Preventive Maintenance

Assisted living facility management software simplifies tasks and tracks progress across teams. Tracking helps chart a preventive maintenance plan. A proper preventive maintenance plan helps your facility avoid crises and reduces the chance of discrepancies in maintenance standards of the assisted living facility. Download your free preventive maintenance checklist to get a headstart in identifying maintenance issues in your facility. 

📃 Reliable Audit Trails for Compliance

Assisted living facility management software will help create reliable audit trails by allowing you to easily track all of your expenses in one central location instead of having multiple spreadsheets floating around on your laptop. The software can also keep track of the payments made to the staff members. This will help you maintain a clean record of all your transactions and make it easier for you to comply with any regulations or standards set by government agencies or private organizations.

Common objections assisted living facilities have in using a management software 

Common objections to using software for assisted living facility management can include concerns about user-friendliness, the accuracy of data, and time and resource requirements. Let's explore some of the objections that become a roadblock to using software for facility management.

🧮 Bad experience with complicated software

Complicated software can be a turnoff for most of us. If the software is clunky with a complex onboarding process you are going to find it overwhelming to make the switch. For all of your team members to feel comfortable with maintenance software, you’ll want it to be easy to understand and operate. 

🤹 Difficulty with employee adoption

Organizations often face a long and difficult process when implementing new software, as employees must first learn how to use it. This learning curve can be a challenge for both the organization and the employees, as they must ensure that everyone is comfortable with the new software and understands how it works.

💸 It costs too much

While the cost of assisted living facility management software is certainly not cheap, it can be much less expensive than hiring multiple full-time employees and it's definitely cheaper than paying out of pocket for all of your employee's benefits.

🩹 It doesn't do enough

Assisted living facilities are complex businesses with many moving parts, from billing and accounting to clinical care. There's no one tool that can handle all aspects of running an assisted living facility — but there are systems out there that can do more than one thing very well. Look for software that allows you to move easily between features or modules as needed instead of requiring you to jump back and forth between multiple programs or applications.

💪🏻 It requires too much work 

It's true — assisted living facility management software does require some work up front in order to set things up correctly, but once those initial steps are complete it becomes much easier than doing everything manually (and much more accurate). You may need an expert at first if you don't have any experience using this type of software at all — but once you get past that initial learning curve it will become second nature.

🤸🏼 The software isn't flexible enough for my needs

Again, this might be true when you first start using the software, but as time goes by and you become more familiar with its features you'll realize just how flexible it really is.

Xenia is the Assisted Living Facility Management Software for You

Xenia has been built from scratch to support small as well as large centers with thousands of residents — without sacrificing usability or functionality! If you're an established center looking to expand or start fresh with a new software solution, then Xenia is the right choice for you! 

Xenia Assisted Living Facilities Software
Xenia Assisted Living Facilities Software

Xenia is an integrated software solution that helps facilities management professionals manage their assisted living business all from a simple centralized dashboard. Xenia’s software helps you manage your facility by automating routine tasks like payroll and employee scheduling. It also streamlines other tasks like maintenance, management and accounting.

🥳 Easy-to-use interface designed for deskless teams

Xenia makes it easy to manage your facility, even if you have a desk-less team. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use the system, regardless of their skill level or experience with technology. The intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate through the system and access information when needed. With our mobile app and web interface, you can access your data anywhere at any time. You can also share information with other members of your staff or family members who help out at the facility.

Easy implementation, Onboarding support and customer service 

You'll be up and running quickly with no major hurdles to overcome during implementation because we've already done all the hard work for you! A Xenia consultant will help guide you through the process so there are no surprises along the way. Once your initial training is complete, maintenance is easy because all changes are made through an online portal that allows users with proper permissions access at any time from anywhere on any device with internet access!

Xenia offers 24/7 customer service that is available to help you with any issues that you may have with the software. The company also has a team of experts who can help you with the installation and configuration of the software. This means that you do not need to worry about being left alone to figure out how to use the system on your own. 

🤑 Affordable upfront cost that pays for itself by saving time and money

When you subscribe to Xenia, you are not only getting great facility management software, but you reap the long-term benefits like a good reputation and great resident service. Xenia can help you save time and money by identifying and correcting issues before they become disruptive. 

🤯 Flexible, multifunctional and scalable for facilities of all sizes

Xenia is flexible enough to meet your needs while staying true to its core values as a comprehensive software solution for assisted living facilities.

Xenia combines facilities and operations management for an all-in-one platform. It includes everything from scheduling, staffing, and asset management to communication and event tracking. Xenia has a cloud-based architecture that makes it easy to access from any device. 

Xenia is truly scalable. You can start small with basic features and then add advanced capabilities as your needs grow over time. We can help any part of your organization with the same simplicity and ease of use.

If you're currently using paper records and spreadsheets to manage your facility and want to replace them with a system that's modern and efficient, consider giving Xenia a try. We've been a popular choice for assisted living facilities for years for a reason: we deliver powerful, easy-to-use solutions developed with the needs of the industry in mind. Try us out today and see how quickly you can get things running smoothly. Hop on a quick product tour here.

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