Run a deeply connected operation and deliver a best-in-class guest experience.

Digitize paper workflows, centralize maintenance and inspections. Connect to your teams in real-time, with Xenia.

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Respond to requests faster—increase guest satisfaction

Easily assign staff to guest-requested tasks
Quickly see who is online and available to respond
Track start times and designate due times
Measure time to resolution, improve over time

Empower housekeeping, see measurable improvements

Assign rooms and spaces with ease
Track housekeeping task status in real time
Create recurring tasks for scheduled cleanings
Ensure checklists and SOPs are always accessible

Simplify hotel maintenance management

Reduce process times and track work orders
Create and view preventative maintenance calendars
Streamline inspections and safety assurance checks
Track asset health and access historical work logs

Meet brand standards, exceed guest expectations

Create and access a library of SOPs
Conduct safety inspections and risk assessments
Instantly message team members and departments
Simplify handoffs and task re-assignments

Get a head start with templates

Xenia templates give you ready-to-use checklists for hundreds of different use cases so you can save time and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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