School Secretary

The role of a school secretary is to make sure that the students and teachers have everything they need to succeed including student attendance, grades, school activities, and answering visitor questions.

What is the role of a school secretary?

The role of a school secretary is to make sure that the students and teachers have everything they need to succeed. They keep track of student attendance and grades, help out with after-school activities, and are there to answer any questions from parents or students.

Other examples of what school secretaries are there for is answering phones and taking messages for teachers and office staff, coordinating phone calls and meetings for administrators, sending out announcements to parents, and managing calendars for staff members. They are also sometimes responsible for making sure that the school's budget is balanced, which means they will need to keep track of all expenses related to running the school.

What are the qualifications of a school secretary?

The qualifications of a school secretary are varied, but they all include the ability to work with people.

A school secretary is often the first person that new families encounter at their child's new school, so it is important that they be able to help parents feel comfortable and confident. They should be able to answer questions about school policies and procedures and help parents navigate their way around the school's website.

They also need to be able to keep track of important information about each student, such as their birthdays, allergies, and other medical conditions. A good secretary will always have an up-to-date list of all students' contact information, including addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

The right candidate will also know how to use a computer effectively — they will need strong typing skills! This includes experience with Microsoft Office and any other software their school might use, as well as generally having good organization, multitasking, and time management skills. General skills also include the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with frequent interruptions, to communicate clearly and professionally both verbally and in writing, and to follow instructions precisely while completing tasks on time.

How much does a school secretary make per year?

There are several factors that can affect how much an school secretary earns. The first factor is the number of years of experience the person has. Second, is the level of degree the individual has. Other factors that impact how much an school secretary makes include:

  • The size of the school district
  • The number of students in the district
  • The cost of living in their state or city
  • The amount of public funding for education
  • The number of schools in their district

Below is a the range of school secretary salaries from leading websites:

2022 School Secretary Salary Range