Run of House

Run of House (ROH) room is when the guest allows the hotel to choose the room type based on availability at check in.

What is Run of House? 

A Run of House (ROH) room is a (typically) discounted offering where the guest does not select the room type upon booking. When one selects a run of house room, the hotel is in charge of determining the actual room based on their current availability at the time of check in.  Commonly, this ends up being the most standard room category in a hotel with basic amenities, and the guest has no say in the bed size.

When are Run of House bookings generally used?

Run of House bookings are generally used for groups and not for transients. When a hotel is working with a group, the group may not pay much attention to the type of room they are assigned, as long as they are able to reserve the number of rooms they need. However, if the hotel has a deluxe suite or bigger room available, you can get a nicer room than you would have if you had requested a specific type of accommodation.