JD Power Survey

JD Power is a company that measures customer satisfaction, started in 1968 to evaluate car quality.

What is JD Power?

JD Power is a company that measures customer satisfaction. The company was founded by James David Power in 1968, who wanted to find an alternative way of rating the quality of cars. Since then, it has expanded its scope to include other businesses such as hotels. JD Power surveys people who have recently stayed at hotels, and ask them to rate their experience on a variety of criteria, from cleanliness to food quality. They then release rankings for different hotel chains and properties based on the average scores they receive for those criteria.

The importance of JD Power rankings is that they are used by many travel sites to sort hotels by quality, which can increase traffic to your website and get you more business. Beyond hotels, JD Power measures a number of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electronics and appliance stores
  • Home appliance purchases
  • Home builders and remodelers

How does JD Power measure customer satisfaction?

JD Power is a company that measures customer satisfaction by conducting surveys. The company sends out surveys to customers and asks them questions about the products they purchased and their experience with those products.

They ask them questions about their experience, including if they would recommend the brand to friends and family, how satisfied they are with their purchase, and what they would change if they had the chance.

The company compiles all of the data from these surveys together, then uses it to calculate an overall customer satisfaction score for each brand. This allows companies to see how well they're doing against their competitors, which helps them make improvements going forward!