Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP)

A certified hospitality technology professional is a person who has been recognized by their peers and the industry as having a deep knowledge of the field of hospitality technology.

What is a Certified Hospitality Technology Professional?

A certified hospitality technology professional designation is a degree attained by completing courses related to hospitality technology. These types of technology can include:

  • Back office systems
  • Guest facing technology
  • Hospitality systems infrastructure
  • System security
  • Property management systems

This person is poised to be recognized by their peers and the industry as having a deep knowledge of the field of hospitality technology. They are able to work with clients to understand their business needs, and then provide solutions that will help them meet those needs. A certified hospitality technology professional has completed a course of study in hospitality technology, which includes both classroom time and hands-on experience. They must also pass an exam demonstrating their knowledge in areas including: Software development, Database management, Network security and Project management. 

What jobs does a certified hospitality technology professional qualify for?

As a certified hospitality technology professional, you'll be able to find employment in any number of hospitality-focused jobs. By leveraging technology, you can improve operations in a property in both the front and back of the house. You can work as a front desk agent at a hotel or motel, where you'll assist guests with their inquiries and needs during their stay. You can also serve as an information technology technician or help manage the maintenance of the property's technology systems. You could also enjoy working as an event planner at a conference center or venue. Your job will be to organize large events like weddings, conventions, and meetings—whatever your clients need done! You'll work closely with clients to plan out every detail of these events, from booking the venue and catering services to setting up decorations and planning entertainment for attendees. And if you're more interested in working behind the scenes than on customer service teams, consider becoming an IT manager or technical support specialist. These positions require experience working with computers and software systems that are used in hotels or other hospitality venues (like restaurants).