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Active Learning

Active learning is a teaching method that involves students in the active process of learning through engaging problems or activities.

What is Active Learning?

Active learning is a teaching method that involves students in the active process of learning. In active learning, students are actively engaged with the material they're learning and working through problems on their own, as opposed to listening to lectures or watching videos. This can be done through discussion, group projects, role-playing exercises, simulations, and more. This approach is thought to have a number of benefits: it helps students retain information better because they've worked to acquire it themselves; it allows them to practice skills and techniques; and it makes them think critically about what they're learning.

What are ways to improve active learning?

Active learning is a great way to get students engaged in the material and to help with retention. Here are some ways to improve active learning in your classroom:

1. Use active learning strategies like having students summarize key points or explain the major concepts of the day's lesson.

2. Create activities where students have to apply what they've learned, rather than just memorize it. For example, instead of asking them to copy down what you're saying in class, ask them to write an essay about how the material applies to their lives.

3. Make sure you're actively engaging students during lecture time as well -- make eye contact with each student when you're speaking; use plenty of visuals and diagrams; and pause periodically so that students can ask questions or clarify things before moving on with the lesson plan.

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