Active Adult Community

An Active Adult Community is a place where residents can age in place, get the care they need, and also enjoy an active lifestyle.

What is an Active Adult Community?

An Active Adult Community is a place where residents can age in place, get the care they need, and also enjoy an active lifestyle. An active adult community is a place where people can live in retirement, but also have access to amenities that are similar to those of a resort. It's a place where you can continue to be active and enjoy yourself as you would have in your younger years.

The term "Active Adult Community" is used to describe residential neighborhoods designed for adults 55 and over. Residents of these communities have access to a variety of amenities designed to make it easier for them to live independently as they get older. These amenities include medical services, shopping centers, recreational facilities and parks. Active adult communities tend to be gated communities with amenities like pools, golf courses and tennis courts. However, they can also come in the form of apartments or condos that are located near shops and restaurants.

In an active adult community, there are often programs for residents to participate in such as classes at the gym or lectures about topics of interest. There are also opportunities for socialization with other residents at events such as potlucks or happy hours.

How is an Active Adult Community different from Senior Care?

An active adult community is a type of senior living that offers a high level of independence. Unlike nursing homes and senior care homes, active adult communities are designed to allow residents to live as independently as possible while still being able to get the help they need when they need it. In other words, they allow seniors to age in place. Active adult communities are usually located in areas that are convenient for things like grocery shopping and doctor visits, but they also provide on-site amenities like pools, fitness centers, craft rooms and more! Some even offer on-call nurses or doctors who can come over if you’re feeling under the weather or don’t feel like leaving home.

The main difference between an active adult community and other types of senior care facilities is that active adult communities are designed to be independent living facilities, with all amenities required to live on one's own. This means that the housing units can be purchased, rented or leased by residents. It also means that residents have access to social activities, like clubs and events, as well as physical activities like yoga or swimming. Nursing homes and senior care homes are generally for those who require more assistance in their daily lives due to health issues or age-related decline. While these facilities may provide some opportunities for socialization or physical activity, they are not equipped to support independent living—they offer assisted living services instead.