9 Best Facilities Management Software for Schools In 2024

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May 7, 2024
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A large percentage, almost 45.1%  of all facility managers express a desire to improve efficiency. With the ever-changing dynamic landscape in educational institutes these days, the need for facilities management software solutions for schools has never been more apparent. No longer are the days that safety is handled by the occasional flyer or intermittent assessment. Now, in an era marked by technological advances and an increased importance on safety, schools must embrace innovation to come up with ways to make their students, staff, and visitors safer.

Facilities management software for schools streamlines processes enhances safety protocols, and helps your facility optimize operation from your desktop or mobile device. These tools have evolved from traditional methods of manual inspections and reactive measures to modern processes that now allow colleges to not only keep tabs on their facilities but to proactively manage them by identifying trends and responding correspondingly in real-time.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best facility management software for the next decade. We will be focusing our reviews on facility management apps that help schools specifically. These applications will not only help schools cut costs but will also save lives. Some of these software are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of modern schools.

Also, by the end of this post, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of 

  • What facilities management software entails
  • The benefits of Facilities management software for schools 
  • The key features that distinguish exceptional solutions in this rapidly evolving landscape
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Best Facilities Management Software for Schools in 2024

Here's a quick look at some of the best programs (*to date) that schools reportedly use for end to end facilities maintenance management purpose. Read on...

Our Top Picks
The Workforce Operations Platform for Frontline Teams
IBM Maximo
Dedicated solution for facilities
Good for small to medium businesses

1. Xenia - Overall No. 1 & Best Facilities Management Software for Schools

Facility Maintenance Software | Try Xenia Today

Maintaining safety and ensuring operational effectiveness in educational facilities goes far beyond just compliance. It is about the welfare of your students, staff, and faculty.

Xenia is the proven market leader in facilities management software for schools, offering an extensive range of features and modules that will streamline your processes, and promote greater compliance across the board.

The best part of Xenia is that it is simple to use.  Xenia can be utilized on a desktop or mobile application, so whether you are doing an inspection or work order or simply doing scheduling, you can do it through Xenia and all is super user-friendly. So if you have a company policy to conduct daily inspections, you would just do your inspection on your smartphone or tablet every day so it is fresh in your mind and you can get all inspections and safety measures done even when you are in the busiest of days.

To further enhance safety protocols, the SOP tool uses artificial intelligence to automate the creation and disbursement of standard procedures ensuring consistency and compliance among the institution.

Preventive Maintenance and Equipment Management are critical components of a comprehensive school safety strategy. Properly maintaining equipment not only extends the useful life of the equipment, but it also reduces the potential for accidents and disruptions. The preventive maintenance features in Xenia help educational institutions get ahead of required maintenance, which dramatically reduces downtime and keeps the institution operating smoothly.

Key Features 

  • Work Orders: Simplifies work order tracking by allowing users to generate, allocate, and manage jobs seamlessly. Real-time notifications keep everyone informed without requiring repeated follow-ups. After completion, users may simply assess and analyze the results, as well as share reports by PDF, CSV, or URL export.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Enables users to manage, distribute, and monitor comprehensive maintenance schedules across the organization, reducing the risk of workplace accidents caused by faulty equipment.
  • Inspections & Audits: Facilitates thorough audits and inspections, which are critical for ensuring safety compliance. Users may conduct inspections using mobile devices, document evidence with images and notes, and produce company-branded reports to ensure responsibility. During inspections, immediate remedial steps may be taken to ensure that any concerns discovered are resolved as soon as possible.
  • Corrective Actions: Failed inspection steps result in urgent actions that can be easily tracked on the dashboard. Smart logic automation enables a strong corrective and preventative action (CAPA) procedure, reducing the likelihood of reoccurrence.
  • Asset Management: Xenia's asset management tools allow customers to retain full records of all assets, such as serial numbers, purchase dates, and manuals. QR codes may be placed on each asset to provide easy access to maintenance history and essential information, speeding repair operations and reducing downtime.


  • Free Forever: Starting at $0 for up to 5 users, with unlimited access to all the basic features.
  • Starter: $99 per month for the first 15 uesrs with access to advanced options, core features and vice versa.
  • Premium (Best Value): $199 per month for the first 15 uesrs with unrestricted access to all the core + advnaced features, functionalities and more!
  • Custom: Do you require anything specifically customized to your organization?

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Free Version:
Supported Platforms:
Available for up to 5 users
Starter for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Free Version:
Available for up to 5 users
Premium for $99/month for the first 20 users (with free trial period)
Supported Platforms:
Available on iOS, Android and Web
Download Xenia app on

2. IBM Maximo

The IBM Maximo Intelligent Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance Solution has emerged as one of the top contenders because it has a comprehensive suite of integrated features, designed specifically for the unique demands of educational institutes.

Educational platforms are striving to increase the effectiveness of their facilities.

As a result, IBM Maximo can help these institutions get the most out of their facilities in several ways including predictive maintenance capabilities, real-time visibility, and intelligent asset management.

With that said, by using IBM Maximo, schools can make sure their environments are the safest and the most effective for learning and innovation.The platform increases operational efficiency and enables immediate response in the case of a potential problem, decreasing downtime and ensuring operational continuity.

Key Features 

  • powerful AI capabilities to efficiently manage high-value assets, ranging from facilities to inventory items. 
  • Advanced predictive maintenance analytics, allows schools to handle maintenance issues before they become costly interruptions. 
  •  provides schools with real-time visibility into remote assets, enabling them to monitor critical infrastructure and facilities from anywhere, at any time
  • IBM Maximo's powerful computer vision, powered by machine learning, revolutionizes asset management by enabling automated inspections. 


  • Cloud version- starts from $13,248/monthly
  • On-premise- contact vendor

3. Procore

When it comes to facility management software for schools, Procore is one of the leaders in the field.

They offer an organization-wide platform that covers all the bases in operations, brings an organization together, and ensures the successful construction of projects. 

Acting as a hub of information, project data can be centralized in the cloud-based construction management platform for seamless communication and collaboration between all the teams in the facility management and construction process in education.software allows users to create, edit, and update project schedules with ease to ensure tasks are completed on time.

With Procore, universities and colleges can create project schedules, and manage projects and maintenance tasks efficiently and on time to maintain optimal facility functionality. All of this is done with easy-to-use and intuitive scheduling tools.

Key Features 

  • Scheduling tools let you develop, maintain, and update project schedules. 
  • Document Management for secure storing and exchange of project documentation. 
  • Financial management includes tracking and managing project budgets, expenditures, and change orders. 
  • Quality and safety modules for monitoring safety events, inspections, and quality control procedures. 
  • Resource Management tools for controlling labor, equipment, and supplies.


  • Contact Vendor 

4. Corrigo

Corrigo is the industry’s leading facility management platform designed to optimize the functionality of your facility’s maintenance operations.

Corrigo’s comprehensive toolset, purpose-built for facility managers and maintenance teams, enables educational institutions to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase performance.

With an unparalleled focus on work order maintenance management,data-driven asset tracking, and vendor management, Corrigo ensures that an educational institution will have the best functioning facility.Corrigo’s package is anchored by its flexible, strong work order management system, which allows people to produce, dole out, and trail work orders promptly.  

This facilities management software for schools also ensures that the challenges are taken care of promptly, which ultimately diminishes the amount of time a facility could be shut down, or a facility

Key Features

  • Corrigo's user-friendly interface enables users to easily generate, allocate, and track work orders, easing maintenance activities and allowing effective team communication. 
  • Enables educational institutions to keep a thorough inventory of facility assets while monitoring their performance and maintenance requirements. 
  • Corrigo simplifies the maintenance process and guarantees that service agreements are followed by centralizing vendor connections.
  • Corrigo's mobile accessibility offers on-the-go job management, allowing maintenance staff to respond swiftly to maintenance needs and handle issues as they arise. 
  • Allows users to schedule and automate routine maintenance procedures, preventing problems before they arise and extending the life of facility assets. 


  • Starts at $1000

5. Oracle Primavera Cloud

Oracle Primavera Cloud has powerful features for project control and asset management making it a best suit for facilities management software for schools.

The software is designed for big enterprises and industries with a focus on detailed project management, offering a range of advanced tools to drive project accuracy and ultimately, success, by optimizing project implementation, boosting cost control, and ensuring accountability across the board.

Moreover, this tool offers a Project Portfolio Management feature, enabling organizations to effectively manage multiple projects in parallel.

This is done using central management of project and program data, real-time view of information to make informed decisions, resource prioritization and optimization across projects and programs, and central budget management.Organizations can make informed choices, reduce risks, and improve project performance by simulating various scenarios and assessing their ramifications.

Key Features 

  • Provides a comprehensive platform for managing material resources, equipment, and labor, enabling more effective resource allocation and usage. 
  • Organizations can simply arrange and match activities with their budgets. This integrated strategy guarantees that project deadlines and financial resources are aligned, allowing stakeholders to monitor progress.
  • Oracle Primavera Cloud uses cognitive risk identification and analysis capabilities to predict possible threats to project success. 
  • From prioritizing initiatives to optimizing resource allocation, Oracle Primavera Cloud gives stakeholders the tools they need to connect projects with strategic goals and promote overall business success.


  • Starts from $100/user/month

6. TOPdesk

TOPdesk is our next industry-leading facility management software for schools, offering a full suite of features that will streamline your maintenance, asset management, room booking, and other facility management needs.

Their facility management solution allows schools to stop using spreadsheets to manage their maintenance requests and work orders, and the asset management solution offers scalability and flexibility.The tool offers incident and request management products.

With these, institutions can centralize the management of their maintenance issues, incidents, and service desk requests and streamline all communication and workflow processes, ultimately allowing them to address maintenance issues promptly, reduce downtime, and improve the satisfaction of end users.

Key Features 

  • TOPdesk allows educational institutions to solve maintenance concerns quickly and efficiently by streamlining communication channels and automating workflow procedures, resulting in optimal facility operation. 
  • The tool allows schools to track and manage assets such as equipment, buildings, and inventories, which simplifies maintenance and replacement.
  • Assists educational institutions in minimizing interruptions and ensuring optimal facility performance by proactively addressing maintenance needs and executing preventative maintenance initiatives. 
  • Enables effective resource allocation, allowing schools to manage workloads and plan tasks for optimal facility functioning.
  • Enhances user satisfaction and reduces administrative expenses for educational institutions by offering a simple and convenient platform for acquiring maintenance services.


  • Contact Vendor

7. Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS is not just another maintenance software solution, but a game-changing platform that will take your facilities management operations to a whole new level. 

The platform comes with an easy interface . But that’s not all, beyond its accessibility, the software is a powerhouse when it comes to functionality. It is particularly skilled in simplifying complex maintenance processes, from scheduling preventive tasks to keeping track of assets. 

Maintenance managers can transform spreadsheets and manual tracking systems as the software centralizes maintenance data. This not only magnifies their efficiency but also decreases their chances of making mistakes and overlooking something since there isn’t anything that slips passed the system - allowing them to rest easy knowing no task is too minute to be forgotten.

Key Features 

  • Preventive Maintenance: Easily create, assign, and track maintenance tasks for your assets. 
  • Work Order Management: Streamline work request submissions, and automatically assign work orders and tasks. Update maintenance technicians with all the information they need to get the job done on the work order. 
  • Equipment Management: Keep track of all your assets, including equipment details, maintenance history, and service schedules. Keep track of all your equipment PM tasks and parts inventory.
  • Calendar Dashboard: The Dashboard calendars allow you to view monthly or daily maintenance schedules and workload efficiency or gaps in your schedule.
  • Mobile App: With the app, you can create and edit work orders, assign work orders, and track real-time reports. With the app, you will also receive push notifications for work orders. 
  • Interactive Floor Plans: Use interactive floor plans to locate assets and improve the spatial organization of specific assets.
  • KPI Dashboard: Monitor maintenance effectiveness by viewing important Key Performance Indicators. Maybe it is a reactive maintenance project indicator or detailed time spent on preventive maintenance for the plant.


  • Contact Vendor

8. Bluefolder

The next best facility management software for schools, BlueFolder streamlines school maintenance operations.

The work order tracking management system allows maintenance teams to easily create, assign, and track work orders, promoting better coordination between team members. Maintenance managers can get status updates for any maintenance tasks, making sure they are completed on time and that the best resource is being used.

Additionally, BlueFolder is robust when it comes to equipment/asset management. BlueFolder provides maintenance teams with the ability to effectively monitor and maintain all of your most important assets. 

Whether it’s HVAC systems in the schools or the machinery in the industrial facilities, BlueFolder allows you to track the health and performance of all of your critical assets. This approach lets manager to proactively respond to potential maintenance issues before they become much bigger problems.

Key Features 

  • Create, assign, and track work orders with ease to streamline your maintenance operations. 
  • Monitor the health and performance of your assets to prevent downtime and costly repairs and prolong the lifespan of your assets. 
  • Efficiently allocate resources, track execution, and prioritize tasks for optimal efficiency with intelligent planning tools. 
  • Simplify invoicing and contract management processes with one single platform and get accurate and efficient billing processes. 
  • Stay connected with the mobile app and get real-time updates and task management on the go.
  • Generate comprehensive reports to gain insights into your maintenance performance, identify trends and improvement areas, make better-informed decisions, and keep track of your KPIs.


  • Pro: $139 
  • Pro Plus:$179 
  • Enterprise:$325 

9. LandPort

Landport is another premier Facilities Management software offering the best value proposition in the industry.

The tool offers a powerful maintenance, work order, preventive maintenance, and asset management system, enabling all members of the administrative team, faculty, janitorial, maintenance, technicians, and grounds-keeping workers to more efficiently work together in the effort to maintain their campus.

Being able to easily and instantly create, assign, and track work orders is critical to efficient maintenance operations. Whether a midnight faucet repair or a thorough quarterly HVAC inspection Landport allows work orders to be created and quickly distributed so facility management departments can quickly and efficiently address and correct issues that may disrupt daily operations.

One of Landport’s strengths is in preventive maintenance, which allows educational facilities to find a problem before it becomes costly. The ease of use and scheduling of routine maintenance such as equipment inspections, and filter replacements, will help the school keep the facilities and the equipment running at peak efficiency and extend the life of the facilities and equipment.

Key Features 

  • Create, assign, track, and report on service requests with the industry’s most seamless facilities maintenance software.
  •  Optimize the life cycle of your assets, control maintenance costs, and improve labor utilization with real-time visibility into all of your maintenance activities.
  • Effectively plan for preventive maintenance (PM) and keep up your equipment to help extend its life and avoid costly, unexpected breakdowns.
  • Get real-time updates on maintenance requests and easily prioritize them for your team based on the information you receive.
  •  Create and process maintenance orders with step-by-step processes tied together with deep visibility and traceability.
  • Gain access to complete and transparent reports around your maintenance, helping ensure regular compliance and giving you deep insights into your team’s efficiency.
  • Combine all of your maintenance details into one dashboard for increased visibility into all facets of maintenance work that is performed at your properties.
  • Monitor visitors' activity to enhance security and safety measures within the institution.


  • Contact Vendor

Challenges in Selecting Facilities Management Software for Schools

Several challenges stand in the way of educational institutions finding the most appropriate facilities management software for their specific needs. Understanding and overcoming these obstacles is essential to ensure that the right purchasing decision is made.

Here are some of the key challenges that those considering purchasing facilities management software are likely to encounter.

Pricing: One significant hurdle when it comes to facilities management software is cost. The price tag for some of the most popular tools in the segment is significantly high and universities need to make sure the solution is worth the money in terms of their specific needs.

Regulatory Compliance: Both public and private schools must comply with any number of regulations and safety standards at local, state, and federal levels. It is crucial to choose a software solution that will allow you to adhere to constantly shifting high-stakes testing and reporting requirements. The right software should allow you to set up customizable checklists and workflows that can be automatically adjusted to meet all regulatory criteria.

Specificity: Schools have unique safety concerns and operational needs so finding a solution that addresses these issues is essential but difficult. Schools need to look for a software solution that can be tailored to their facilities' specific safety needs.

User-Friendliness: The user-friendliness of an application has a substantial impact on its success in the school environment. Excellent functionality may be rendered useless by unclear instructions or a complicated interface. To ensure maximum software adoption and the highest usage of the application, attention should be paid to a user-friendly interface and an intuitive design.

Integration: Educational institutes generally use several systems or software applications to carry out a varied range of activities across the organization. In this case, compatibility issues that might occur between the new facilities management software and systems that are already in place can obstruct the seamless integration of safety processes. Therefore schools should consider the compatibility and integration capabilities of any prospective safety software to ensure no disruption is caused to the efficiency of work processes.

Real-time Updates: When a safety issue arises, the ability to respond immediately is vital. According to statistics, data analytics is used by 81 % of manufacturing facilities to enhance productivity. However, if a software system lacks real-time monitoring or alert features, it may not be effective in addressing an urgent need for safety. Find tools that allow you to monitor in real-time and feature proactive alerts to quickly mitigate your risks.

Training and onboarding: Adequate training and onboarding resources are important to ensure that staff can effectively use the facilities management software. If we do not have adequate training resources and guidelines it will be very difficult to run the facilities management software and the safety will not be there in the long run which is not good. Look for vendors that provide staff training programs for the product and ongoing support to assist with staff onboarding.

On-The-Go Access: In today’s fast-paced world, having great safety protocols, checklists, and plans are crucial but they are not any good if your staff can not get their hands on it when they need it. For instance, if the safety app software doesn’t have an app, or if the software’s app doesn’t have the features you need, it won’t help you much during busy workdays or an emergency. Schools should shoot for great mobile functionality that works: so that staff can easily look at and access their plans from anywhere, at any time on their mobile devices.

FAQs: Facilities Management Software for Schools

What is Facilities Management Software?

Facilities management software is a web-based solution that helps people to streamline their facilities and buildings. This software is used to centralize, track, and organize everything needed for effective facility management, including work order management, preventive maintenance, asset management, cost control, resource scheduling, moves, and more.

Facility management software is a powerful application used by a wide range of organizations to manage their facilities and assets in an improved, more efficient, and cost-effective way. It lets you streamline your facilities management process by organizing all of your reactive and planned maintenance, or any job, in one place in one system.

What are the key Benefits of using Facilities Management Software for Schools?

A properly functioning facility is critical for a school to run effectively and efficiently, and many facilities show signs of decline and underperformance rather quickly without maintenance. Schools are full of moving parts, and finding the best way to manage it all is to leverage facilities management (FM) software. Finally, FM software makes complying with state and local regulations easier, as many solutions have built-in compliance management functions.

Can Facilities Management Software Integrate with Existing Systems Used by Schools?

Many facility management software solutions can integrate with systems already in place at schools.

For example, if your school already uses accounting software, you can often get facility management software that can be customized to work with your accounting software package. 

A facility management software might also be able to be integrated into a building automation system, which allows for seamless integration, allowing for real-time transmissions of data. The idea is to make systems talk to each other and streamline processes to eliminate redundancy and improve a school's efficiency and productivity.

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